Yesterday, an old video of upstart Chicago rapper Lil Reese hit the web and immediately went viral. The grainy cell phone clip showed Reese, friend and crew member of Chief Keef’s GBE clique, brutally beating a young woman after she apparently asked the rapper and his friends to leave her home.

Despite the heinous nature of the video, Lil Reese took to Twitter to blame it on “the haters.”

He wrote: “The haters tryna see a mf Dwn lol Dey gotta b broke and bored wanna upload sum sh– from years ago damnn we winnin it’s 2 late…#3hunna.”

Lil Reese and the video were the talk of the Twitterverse yesterday, and an overwhelming number of the comments either joked about the assault or waxed poetic about “hoes” needing to be beaten.

Here’s a sampling:


“Whatever that girl did to Lil Reese she had to do it more than once and she deserved that beating #LilReeseForPresident”


“Lil Reese fucked her ass up . hahahaha . im weak af. hoes gettin beat tf up now’a days .”

“Lil Reese a real nigga shout out for stomping a mud hole into a messy ho LMFAO”

Ironically, many chastised the woman for “fighting” a man, despite the fact that Lil Reese clearly instigated the attack.

One woman wrote:

“Okay. So that Lil Reese video is a perfect example of why females need to stop acting like they can take on niggas in fist fights.”

The woman seen beaten in the video also took to Facebook to speak out:

Lil Reese attacks woman

While many disavowed Lil’ Reese and his violent act (peace to @LeftSentThis), several others found the situation humorous.

And that’s sickening.

Though the brutal violence displayed in the video was disturbing, what was even more troubling was that most, if not all, of the young men in that room simply watched the woman get beaten up.

From the online clip, it appears that only the woman’s friends jump in to save her while Lil Reese’s crew and the other men simply laughed.

This inaction is sadly becoming more and more commonplace, especially since many seem more concerned with filming a dramatic scene than helping someone, especially a black woman, in need.

Between the passengers that stood by and watched the bus driver and the passenger altercation turn violent and the men in the room laughing while Lil Reese stomped the woman out, to the criticism about Sandra Fluke and the recent lackadaisical discussions of rape, I’m troubled by the growing culture of voyeurism and violence that seems to be permeating our communities (and, especially, our young men).

I experienced this very thing first hand last year when I witnessed a man punch a woman while his friends laughed and filmed the incident. Although my friends and I didn’t know the woman, we rushed to her aid when she ended up unconscious in the street, and while the man simply stepped over her and walked away.

In that moment, the young woman and her friends were on their own. The police we flagged down didn’t seem to care she had just been assaulted, and the men who watched her get punched certainly did not value her existence. I suppose they felt like several in the Twitterverse who think “beating hoes” is the thing to do.

While many write Twitter, Facebook, and other social networks off as a breeding ground for idiots, it can give us a rare glimpse into how people really think. It also shows how quickly and easily violence and other negative behaviors can become normalized.

Think about it. Just as fast as #FML (f—ck my life), LOL, Yolo, and ‘Kanyed’ became a part of our collective lexicon thanks to social media, the normalizing of real violence that has taken place over the past few years has also been just as swift.

Although it was once easy to brush off the fictionalized brutality we saw in films, TV, and music videos, these days we watch real life violence as if it were fake. And the continual consumption of “reality” has, in my opinion, desensitized many to these heinous acts, lessening their ability to be empathetic.

Instead of roundly criticizing someone for reacting violently or offensively, we turn their actions into a joke. And instead of holding people accountable for their actions, we excuse the perpetrator and blame the victim.

The way we interact on social media doesn’t end simply because we close our laptops and put away our phones; it spills over into our everyday lives. And if we don’t call out these troubadours of violence when they rear their heads, then prepare to be continually shocked at the level of disconnect between how people should react and how they actually do.

  • W

    OMG!!!!! Arrest his ass now. Really….should he not be arrested.

  • BMW

    I literally just watched this video with an amount of horror and shock in my face that I haven’t experienced in a while. It was surreal that this situation happened to someone. This wasn’t a movie…this wasn’t a game…this was real life. There is absolutely no justification in the world to make it okay for that young boy to beat that girl, ever. I am so disgusted with the major events coming to light in our community right now. Whatever needs to be done, must happen now. Things are getting way out of hand.

  • so sad

    The white man made him do it? Didn’t you see the white man direct the misguided youth to stomp the utter f*ck out of her.

  • YiaYia

    I really hope he gets charged for that assault. I don’t care how long ago that video was made.

  • The Comment

    This stuff happens everyday, everywhere to a lot of women. I’m beyond trying to rally for women’s rights when homegirls like this invite/know/have conversations with sewer rats like these gutter n*ggas. I mean…….chicks nowdays get beat and keep it movin. Like she said….this was last year. LMAO!!!!!

  • rob

    I will not even watch it. This was subhuman.

  • Erin

    I had to report several people for spam the other night for finding this video hilarious. It’s extremely disturbing how men in this society think of women. Instead of trying to protect us from violence and abuse, they try to blame us for their actions or inactivity. This guy I went to school with had the audacity to say that if women didn’t allow most men to do and say certain things, then they wouldn’t do them, basically blaming all women for their violent actions and cruel treatment against us. It’s extremely troubling. And it’s not just the young generation that feels this way either. Adult men won’t step in during cases of domestic abuse either. I’ll never forget when my friend and I were on vacation and we witnessed a man put a woman in a chokehold and punch her in broad daylight in the middle of the street. The men around that saw as well did nothing. An older white woman that was close by came to the victim’s defense. I’m confused as to why violence towards women is so accepted in this society, domestically and sexually we’re treated as less than by the men who were created to protect us from such incidents. And then from men who were raised primarily by women, it’s heartbreaking. I can only pray that if I have a son, he and his friends will be different.

  • Starla

    I didn’t watch the video. But how are you going to beat up someone because they asked you to leave their house?

  • c0c0puffz

    It’s disgusting and I think the younger generation has this attitude of not caring for human life. They would rather watch, post it online, or make a joke out of people getting hurt.

  • The Comment

    @Starla…..*with tears n my crusty eyes*…girl I was wondering the same thing… I was like…..but you n HER house? Why YOU MAD?????? Did he snap? LMAO!!! I know I’m not supposed to laugh at this ‘subhuman* f*ckery like @ Rob said but damnit these people are not people….these are monsters. St8 up monsters that I can not conjure up any humanity for.

    LMAO…..”its old its dumb and it was last year.”

  • OSHH

    This is a sad sad society we live in, where instead of protecting women or even upholding their position and value as a woman, so many feel violence against women is ok.

  • The Comment

    Girl the Klan would have done the same thing. Hitler would have had a blast and the Crusaders would have made the Taliban looked like wussies if they had they had Twitter, Youtube and FB.

  • The Patient One

    That is ‘Black Twitter’ at work.

  • hmmmmm

    Did she press charges? if not why?

  • Hmm…

    Absolutely disgusting, and I don’t care if he was hitting another man like that. What in the world would possess you to lay hands on another living, breathing, thing? This is ridiculous, and these kids think it’s cute.

  • The Patient One

    He was trying to show his boys that he wasn’t going to let a ‘female’/b@tch tell him what to do.

    *That is the kind of mentality those guys have.

  • ?!?

    So sick. It’s funny because we have an article on this site about a woman who went through childhood sexual abuse, an article about being bitter, and another article of a man calling black women crazy. It’s not shocking to me why black women might be bitter and crazy.

    And the supporters…. Black folks act like darn fools all over the Internet. It’s so stupid all of these fight videos. Black folks wonder why they can’t have safe neighborhoods. It’s because they laugh at subhuman stuff like this. They dance to misogyny to a beat. They think raps about killing other men are just entertainment. They hide sexual abuse, and they make excuses for the men who do it. Find me another community where this type of stuff is common and they have safe neighborhoods. People can pretend like this isn’t a problem all they want or come around trying to victim blame, but violence and misogyny is a problem and all of these fight videos show that.

    All of those men just standing around….and this is why I thought that bus driver deserved to get suspended. These men go way above and beyond with their violence.

  • Lady P

    These men have been raised not to respect women as well as the spectators. And they are so bold. Some men act as if they have been given a pass that it is okay to hit a woman. Taking full advantage b/c they may already be aware that the young lady doesn’t have any protection.

    Ridiculously sad. .

  • ?!?

    Probably not. Don’t snitch and stuff I guess. Some black folks think they don’t need to involve the law. They’ll fight each other like it’s the wild west and never press charges.

    There are estimates that 13/14 black women never report there sexual assault. I’m pretty sure incidents like these are underreported as well. The black community likes to victim blame.

    I’m sure men will comment on this article and say but feminism killed chivalry, so now it’s okay for men to beat women. Or she wanted to act like a man, so he treated her like a man.

  • pe.riche.

    ALL of THIS!

  • ?!?

    What’s so bad is that this is just unacceptable on all levels. If a man had asked him to leave his house, he would beat him up too. What the heck is wrong with people they think they can fight over stupid things like that? Why does he think he has the right to just sit up in her place like that? I just don’t even understand the point behind the majority of fights these days. It’s just a bunch of stupid people who don’t know how to act like adults. He decided to throw a tantrum when he couldn’t get his way, and he knew that he could win because she was a woman.

    And the title of the video using female. These types of men call us b***s, hoes, and females. Females this, females that. I get so sick of seeing that. They know exactly what they mean when they say female. These men have always been violent towards each other. It was a problem then that they didn’t speak out against. Now they’re violent against women and people are starting to normalize that too.

    Black communities are headed towards Rwanda civil war, Congo-like behavior and people laugh. People like Hitler probably laughed when this happened to Jewish women. The Klan probably did this kind of stuff to black women. People say black people learned this stuff from white people. I disagree. Humans are a bit evil I think. You have to have a culture that keeps these things in check. Black people have a screwed up culture that promotes violence and misogyny.

  • Cocochanel31

    It’s so disgusting…men are so loyal to their friends to the point of turning a blind eye to their foul behaviour.

    I witnessed a friend get verbally attacked in a very public place in Miami recently and I immediatley intervened, even asking his boys to please stop him from going “off” on my friend, and they laughed or ignored me and said it was none of their business. I was sooo disgusted not only by my friend’s rude ass man, but by his “boys” who refused to diffuse an escalating and potentially very ugly situation. I shudder to think what would have happened had I not been there to jump between my friend and her dude.

    All that to say – Instead of being a follower, how about we start holding our male and female friends accountable for their unacceptable behaviour.

  • cocopuffs

    :/ men …….. acting like little girls when they get upset annoys me

  • lol

    where are all the black men that usually comment on here?





    too embarrassed?

  • kc

    I don’t think this is simply a question of Reese being arrested. He needs to be dropped from him record label immediately. Reese brutally assaulted a women. Keef–that name, ugh–is liable for the murder of a local rapper. Why are these kids still getting radio play when we know that they are criminals? Why is Universal Records empowering these buffoons who make a fool of our people? In what other profession can you be recorded committing a crime and still get paid in the morning? This makes me sick that their label hasn’t cut these kids off.

    I really think it’s like Kanye said: “drug dealer by Jordans, crackhead by crack, and the white man get paid off all of that.

  • lol

    don’t buy or consume anything they produce , period.

  • MsLady

    this is why i will always be pro-choice. some of these little gutter rats don’t need to be brought into this world. RIP to Bernie Mac

  • apple

    well i’m speechless.. i really don’t know what to say

  • apple

    i laughed at gutter rats but i agree

  • billy

    why the hell should men protect women , that will screw men over or sacrifice them if needed. Men will stick up and protect women with good character, but risk taking a bullet for a hood rat that will not contribute anything to society nope , just cause I got a penis dont mean I got to fight for you if you not worth it.

  • Dee

    “The haters tryna see a mf Dwn lol Dey gotta b broke and bored wanna upload sum sh– from years ago damnn we winnin it’s 2 late…#3hunna.”

    LOL, what?!?

    I’m pretty doubtful that he ever apologized for what he did and then he calls the people who posted it haters? I don’t get it if someone asks you to get out of their house and honestly it doesn’t matter how they said it, you need to leave asap. He need to be called out for what he did that’s disgusting.

  • billy

    eh you advocate for equality , you’re going to get equality , you dont get to pick in choose. I am happy that men are starting to realize that dying to protect hood rats is not worth it. You gonna catch a bullet for jullisa , so in 2 weeks after your funeral she can be sucking tyrones penis. No thank you

  • ?!?

    Some of the men who comment here are actually respectful, but you won’t have to wait long for the victim blamers. They’ll say he acts the way he acts because his momma was a baby momma or if his mom was married, then they’ll ask but was she friends with a baby momma tho? Did she wear a weave? Does she believe in feminism? Was the other woman a baby momma?

  • Lady P

    I remember hearing about an incident whereas the woman was thrown over a bridge 16/17 years ago. This was headline news because a large number of spectators were standing around. No one helped this lady as she screamed. From what I can recall, she was screaming help b/c she had two-small kids. Fast forward to years later, I engaged in a conversation about this incident. The response was, “which one?” People being thrown over a bridge happen often. I asked, “with people watching?” The response was YES! So within their area, this has been common over the years. But it still perplexes me. I really don’t know if it perplexes me more that a man is so bold to beat down a woman and then IN FRONT of others or the men standing by laughing.

    What happened to automatic reflexes? I don’t support violence..period or black on black crime. If I see someone I love, I cannot help but jump in. So this is how we know these men are preying on women who don’t have a foundation. They do it because they know they can get away with it. I’ve been in a physical abusive relationship when I was younger. At first I didn’t tell, but as soon as I did. He packed up the same day. Women don’t have any protection. Even if a man was abuser, some will still walk-away b/c they knew if they hit her, he is promised a dirt bath six feet under. The boldness is killin’ me. You don’t respect yourself and society doesn’t respect you BW, so I have permission to treat you like trash.

    You are soo right. I agree “black communities are headed towards Rwanda civil war, Congo-like behavior and people laugh. People like Hitler probably laughed when this happened to Jewish women. The Klan probably did this kind of stuff to black women.” We know BW weren’t ever placed on a pedestal by society, but to beat us down was at least a NO-NO then. Maybe I should say it wasn’t as accepted and as prevalent. The Klan beat us and hung us too, but the BM cried out in his soul because he couldn’t protect his family. Now LOOK we have gone from a slap, to a pimp-slap, and a good ole uppercut! This is crazy and like you said—the black community is promoting this violence at home (women accepting any kind of man as long as I have a man), media —black women fight each other so I can hit you, too. In return misogyny is becoming as commonplace as opening a potato chip bag. All misogyny shouldn’t be allowed coming from a man to a woman or a woman to a woman. People attach onto what they see quicker than what they are told. Which goes to show us misogyny is becoming worse and worse. Darn shame!!!!

  • hmmmmm

    No, chivalry is dead, but there is no need to beat this woman like this. The lessons we need to teach/learn is that it’s never ok for anyone to put their hands on someone and their is no reason for anyone to be beaten like this, regardless of gender. No need for the want-to -be bully on the bus, no need for this dude. Now if we all get over our gender issues and start respecting humankind all of our worlds would evolve.

  • ?!?

    @Billy – And that is what it boils down to with men like you. Sex! You all think this kind of stuff is funny because the women you want don’t want you back and you’re bitter. You’re sick.

    What the heck is equal about a man fighting a woman? What does equality have to do with a man turning violent after being asked to leave someone’s place? You don’t make a bit of sense. So women go to work and make their own money. Now feminism whiners think that makes it okay for men to beat women. Mr. Billy, lemme ask you a question. Is it okay for men to beat other men for asking someone to leave? And his loser friends wouldn’t have died after pulling him off. That is what these women on this board are talking about. It’s loser friends standing around doing nothing but laughing when they could intervene and pull him off and leave.

  • billy

    He was in the complete wrong , that poor girl did not even instigate the fight , she knew her place as a woman not to hit a boy , but he did not know his place as a man not to hit a woman. he deserves to get jumped. He probably will little punks like this usually get whats coming to him. Im pretty sure nobody going to feel bad about hitting this dude after watching this.

  • hmmmmm

    You know what, I feel like you are zeroing in for effect and your own agenda. So you dont think black men and women have a problem with unprovoked violence against each other? Take the punch out of it….you see nothing wrong with that woman spitting in that man’s face, a man old enough to be her grandfather? No harm, huh?

  • billy

    @hmmm that was the best comment I seen on this article , we do need to teach everyone to have a certain respect for humankind , not to hold one gender untouchable while the other one is up for grabs. If more parents taught their children this we would live in a better place.

  • billy

    I dont think its ok for anyone to beat anyone, I just mean that men should not be expected to throw their lives away over women who are rude evil and vindictive nobody should throw their lives away for someone that does not give a damn about you. thats what I was illustrating by my previous comment.

  • NOitAll

    It doesn’t matter what somebody’s place is to his somebody else. Get the EF outta her house. If he wanted to stay, he should pay some rent!

  • billy

    good point the main problem was that he did not leave her house, she could of shot him. But he was young , young people make mistakes if anyone went to a black highschool or middle school im pretty sure you seen boys fight girls like this. This is not a very rare occurance.

  • African Mami

    who are these people calling themselves reese’s and buttercups, chiefs and keefs, and not living up to their names?! I can’t…..there is soooooo much going on. Look at the tattoos on his neck. The other one, looks like he is allergic to water like my broda Wale. Heiiii! Reminds me of this dude that I saw on the bus stop yesterday. His whole head was covered in tattoos of dragons spitting fire, very colorful. No lick of hair. JESUS take the wheel, and heal this community!

  • ?!?

    @hmmmmm – My comments on that article were along the lines of me thinking she was disrespectful but not deserving what she got. I think she was way out of line, and I hope she learned a lesson. I don’t think it’s right for women to go around attacking men, but he went overboard just like this guy went overboard. I think the bus driver deserved to be suspended because he was excessive. He could have easily pushed her off the bus or held her down until the police came. If he had just slapped her, I wouldn’t have thought that as bad, but an uppercut and choking was excessive which is why I say these types of men go above and beyond with their violence. I feel like they are just looking for a reason to get violent.

    It’s not like I think women should be able to just walk up to men and slap them and get away with it just because they are women. I think there are better ways to handle these situations other than beating on a woman in a way that you shouldn’t even beat on a man.

  • binks

    Clearly this young lady wasn’t the only one victimize but the English language as well…WTF did he (and fans…smh) wrote? Sadly, these are the sad times we are living in people are so desensitize to violence to the point that it doesn’t faze them or go the route of “it isn’t my problem so why get involved” so occurrences like these are going to continue to happen especially towards women. But wait this MFer and his crew had the nerved to barge in her home to attend a party he wasn’t even invited too and got mad (and threaten her life more than once) when she asked them to leave? What a coward! And shame on the people for just standing around, such a shame that even with bystanders around that it is still virtually the same thing as being along. I know I joke with the switchblade and mace bit but I wholeheartedly think we as women need to be better equip and armed when it comes to defending ourselves at the drop of a dime because as this and countless other altercations shows that nobody is readily coming to our defense and there are a lot of cowards cloaked as men. I hope he gets charged ASAP.

  • ?!?

    @Billy – I don’t really expect men to jump in front of bullets for women and all that, but situations like this one can be prevented. I think even if women or men are evil and vindictive, they still should have people willing to break up unbalanced fights. This didn’t look like it would have turned into a gun fight if the fight was broken up. If some annoying guy were talking smack and three guys decided to jump him, I think other men are supposed to break that up.

  • Anthony

    He’s on video beating a Woman because she asked him to leave her house, what possible justification could the police have for not arresting him other than he is a fugitive? If he is openly walking free, Rahman Emmanuel, the local DA, and the chief of police need to be fired.

  • AlmondEBrown

    This ish is revolting and mournful. My.God. I honestly have no more words.

  • Do better

    Let me help you out…

    “Just because I have a penis doesn’t mean I have to fight for you if you’re not worth it.”

    Go back to school you illiterate brain dead beast.

  • Smilez_920

    Boys like Lik Resse haven’t been raised with any responsible , positive male role models in their life, he’s a drug slanging menace to society . I watched one of his music videos and actually felt sorry that at some point in his life he though these types of actions were ok.

    I felt sorry for this girl because she couldn’t even feel safe in her own home. And unfortunately because of where she lives , pressing charges could equal someone shooting up her house , especially now that Lil Resse is famous. Where are these boys mothers . I mean even back in the day men who did have single mothers , never had this level of disrespect for women.

    The sad thing is the violence is so normalized that , ppl think its funny , or because its ” Hood Ppl” the behavior is acceptable. That hood mentality is killing our youth.

    And you couldn’t expect his friends to stop it because their just as bad as him.

    A lot of ppl don’t jump in these types of disputes because , their worried about their own saftey, sometimes . I mean there are grown ppl in these neighborhoods scared of these kids, so if there was a guy in there who wasn’t a part of Lik Resse crew , there’s a good chance he would have got , jumped or shot. Smh

    I wish that girl’s father, uncles and cousins had walked in to beat those boys down, then called the cops for tresspassing.

  • Do better

    Exactly. These monsters are not human. I don’t care that they had horrible upbringings, etc. At this point they are nothing but succubi leaching off functional society and wreaking havoc and they shouldn’t be allowed to get away with this.

  • omfg

    yeah well so many people here thought it was okay to strike that woman on the bus.

    it’s a slippery slope when you start opening the door for men to strike women. esp. when you’re dealing with black women, who as it is, are probably the least protected of all women and the most likely to be the victims of assault.

    i didn’t even watch this video. not down for filling my head or my spirit with this crap. i damn near run away from youngish black males on the street, esp. when i see them looking at me. who know what they will do to you if you rebuff them.

  • Elegance

    This is not normal behaviour and I don’t think it translates at all to the way most people behave. This guy is gutter trash and that’s how they act. Seriously, what would one expect from a guy with neck tattoos who wants to be a rapper? I couldn’t watch the video though because the descriptions are scary enough.

    That’s why it’s best to avoid people like that and not listen to anything they have to say, especially their music. I don’t care about what someone like that has to say or about his plight because he needs to be locked up with the rest of the monsters. Stay as far away from this type of man as possible. My empathy for people like that is done and I side with their victims. If you look like you emulate or admire such people then I will lump you in with them and stay as far away from you as possible. I have ZERO tolerance for gutter trash now, they are hopeless. Lock them all up! Run from them men ladies…RUN!

  • Cocochanel31

    Theres A HUGE difference between a woman being THE AGGRESSOR ( as in the bus case) and a woman simply asking a man to leave her home….

  • ….

    Sorry this is totally unrelated… but who is that in ur pic? lol

  • African Mami

    if you are asking AM, that’s somebody’s son, brother, nephew, cuzzzzzzzin, that I don’t know, but would love to get to know, if ya know what I mean. God bless him, wherever and whoever he is.

  • apple

    UNALIVE with this comment!!!!

  • paul

    Well I hope people recognize this discussion as one about


    and judging from the pained tone in the author’s writing and in many of the comments, i’d say people -

    are deeply troubled by black on black violence.

    So the next time someone says black ‘people are apathetic about BOB’ you know what to tell em.


    So what SHOULD our response be if we want to stop incidents like this happening?

    I’d say – harsh, unequivolent and ZERO TOLERANT.

    No if ands or butts – no excuses, no exceptions or exemptions.

    Shut your mouf and keep your hands to yourself.

    Whether you are male or FEMALE.

    Being FEMALE doesn’t lessen the seriousness of an act of violence even if the person you attack is more than capable of “restraining” you.

    Violence breeds violence and it’s unrealistic and unreasonable to expect a mere “restraint” response from others when you have been unrestrained yourself.

    if you raise your hands to physically assault another black person, you are a bastard who be shunned until you can act a like decent human being.

    Also, we shouldn’t be influenced by those who want to exploit episodes like this for the opportunity it gives them to express their PERSONAL biases and hatreds,

    Nobody owns the patent on violence in the BC, it happens in every quarter of the BC and at all “levels”. in every relationship formation and in every place black people interact.

    Our first encounter with BOB violence starts in the home – with mama. And once we’ve been fully conditioned (by mamas “love”) to accept violence as way to relate to people who look like us and say they love us, we go on to replicate that “love” with other black people -

    who look just like us.


    Make the connections

    or shut up.

  • Real Talk

    Black women (as a group) refuse to accept responsibility for being the root of their current self inflicted (very real) relationship tragedy. This didn’t just happen. The attitudes of today’s black men is the result of decades of black women embracing The Feminist and Progressive Fundamentalist failed social engineering which devalued (the man is wanted but not NEEDED in the home) the Natural Order of the nuclear family. Now that the chickens have come home to roost, black women and emasculated black men are saying it’s primarily/exclusively the black man fault.

    I the guess white elitist, liberals, feminist and black baby mammas thought those baby mamma boys were going to learn how to be men through osmosis. If a boy growing up see’s 3+ men in and out of his mammas bed, a majority of baby mammas in his family and in the hood or BUM black men in the hood with multiple baby mammas he thinks that’s what men do and how women are to be treated. What Lill Reese did was LEARNED BEHAVIOR. You see, Uncle Sam and social programs are just not good baby daddies. Black women refuse to accept the blame for this self inflicted tragedy. I’m sorry, but I’m not going to treat grown women like kids. Keep defending, promoting and or glorifying illegitimacy. You reap what you sow.

  • FMN

    People approve of this?

  • kc

    I think this is in response to me. No, they didn’t make him do it, but by their record label turning a blind eye to Reese and Keef’s actions, they are profiting off of the distress in our community and promoting stereotypical notions of our people. By consuming GBE’s music, we allow the labels to exploit our trauma. So again, ” drug dealer buys Jordans, crackhead buys crack, and the white man gets paid off all of that.”

  • Kelly Hawkins

    Man, I’m totally exhausted from staying up all night arguing with dudes on World Star Hip Hop who were all for this. They’re so delusional with all their “women need to remember their place, that’s what happens when you don’t show respect” talk. First of all, Black men need to be leaders and prove that they are worth the worship & respect. I’m speaking for the younger generation when I say this because I’m not one to sh*t on my elders, but looking at my peers I see young men who have NOTHING to offer. They place their insecurities and lack of ambition on women and “hoes” and play the blame game. They want us to stay in our place and love them when all they do is openly hate us? This video is REALLY hard to watch. How can you laugh through all the screaming and begging and STOMPING and think that’s okay?

  • B

    Omg, stop blaming the “white man” for other people’s stupidity. It doesn’t matter what anyone tells you to do you are the ultimate decision maker. I am through with people who blame everyone but themselves. The shackles have been loosed already!

  • godivabap

    Thank you for writing about this. Something is very, very wrong with people. I haven’t watched any of these videos, because I know first hand that women get treated like trash at any random moment men decide to “put them in their place”. I personally have jumped out of my car to defend a woman being beaten on the street and experienced police officers make humorous comments and shrug it off when I tried to bring it to their attention that my friends and I were feeling harassed one night on the street.

    Not just the Black community, but really the entire world needs to take a look at how women are treated.

  • kc

    Obviously, Reese is responsible for his own actions. I just think it’s a shame that people are profiting off of concentrated, black poverty. We need to stop supporting an industry–black artists and white-owned labels included–that makes us look like goons. That’s all.

  • Z

    Those types are not worth talking to.

  • ?!?

    You argued with them? More power to you. These men think we’re just a bunch of childish feminist females who listen to too much Destiny’s Child.

    I give everyone a basic level of respect. After that based on your actions, I give more or take away. Men like that don’t know THEIR place. Why should anyone respect or submit to a man who doesn’t respect others or himself?

    He’s in her house, and she’s supposed to respect him.

    Men like his supporters are part of the reason men act like that. They know they can do it and get away with it. There’s no shame in being a woman beater anymore. There’s no shame in the BC about anything anymore. These men think they’re teaching women their place and beating the feminism out of us. Whatever.

    I can’t even really watch these videos. To stand there and just laugh is sick. It’s inhumane. These are the same types of people who will stick up for R. Kelly and Michael Vick though. The girl was fast. The dogs were just dogs. And BW are so silly. They look at these videos and laugh. Other folks don’t care what happens to us. You could at least care yourself.

  • ?!?

    @kc -I agree. You don’t have to wonder why do these record labels pick and choose the most violent and negative artists they can find.

    Rappers embrace every negative stereotype about us and then broadcast it worldwide. Could you imagine them going to the trailer park and finding some meth heads and promoting them? Folks would be outraged.

  • GlowBelle

    Just pure IGNORANCE and HATE. Jesus. I don’t even need to watch the video, I’m sickened to the core by just reading this account. It sickens me even more that this little THUG and his followers think this crap and that hood mentality is “cute” and thought it best to LAUGH and BRAG about it online. This isn’t “cute”, this isn’t something you should be laughing at and glorifying on the Internet. Beating up a woman doesn’t make you a man — it makes you into a ignorant ass punk. We also need to quit calling these piece of s&$^ folk “rappers”. They aren’t doing a damn thing that is “artistic” and aren’t helping anybody else, all they are doing is committing crimes and getting away with it (why isn’t this fool in jail??). These are the Black “men” I don’t take up for. These are the Black “men” who I avoid when I see them on the street or in my environment and never claim. These are the Black “men” I hate seeing young Black women go ga-ga for because they have low self-esteem and can’t get anyone better. These are the Black “men” that make me wish for a rabid zombie to come along and put an end to our societal misery.

    It literally scares me to live on the daily not just as a Black woman, but as a woman in general because there are “men” out there who just don’t give a cot damn about women and their rights. Doesn’t matter the race, the ethnicity, the shape, size, rich, or poor…women in this society are treated like second class citizens and it just makes me so ill that these asswipes get away with it. Just sickens and scares me.

    …and another irk is their damn grammar — that speaks volumes on their intelligence level. Just SMGDH in this whole situation.

  • apple

    a black woman should have aborted sad little men like reese and you

  • blknnblv

    those black girls are not good enough to play the role of loved one in their video maybe they are too dark,but good enough to be their baby mama, take advantage of and been abused.i hope she will press charges.sad situation

  • tamanig

    Chivalry is not dead. Girls need to be taught to act like ladies and boys need to be taught to act like gentlemen. And we as a society and a community need to stop giving press, love, money, etc to sewer rats like this kid.

  • A.

    Right on. Don’t watch– it just desensitizes us. More media – less empathy.– but i read this article- i am so drawn to trying to fix things.

  • yana

    why the heck do blk women keep dealing with blk men ??
    ~Good luck~

  • Mademoiselle

    Hm… maybe you’d like it if we aborted all of our black sons and only gave birth to mulatto daughters until the entire black population as we know it disappeared, since we all know our black sons will eventually grow up to be black men that black women shouldn’t dare deal with…

  • Kelly Hawkins

    Yeah, some guy kept bringing up Chris Brown in the comments and how “we” forgave him. Huh what? And of course the conversation kept turning to me needing to be quiet before I get smacked by some “nigga” and how I needed a real man. Because that’s my main concern in life and in defending the girl in this situation – finding a man.

    Exactly, it should be in their nature to care. They don’t realize that what they’re doing to us is going to hurt them in the long run. And of course you can’t tell them nothing. It’s not my duty anyways. I think what I’ve learned most from this is that I need to watch out for my fellow women. Wassup ladies.

  • Love Sosa

    these dudes are really scum. him and keef and lil mouse and fredo.

    all of them, scum.

    songs knock, though.

  • christina mallory

    Girl, i dont know….

  • Valsays

    How much you guys wanna bet if that female was any other race than black there would be outrage? especially from black men. We do put a lot of black undeservingly on pedestals and they’re the first ones to lead the pack in assaulting us verbally or otherwise. We really need to stop turning on each other and taking care of one another because no one out there will.

  • Barbara2

    @Real Talk I don’t agree that Black women were influenced by feminism as much as you seem to think. I do agree with you about having men in the home and letting them run things.

    One of my brothers once “slightly” hit my sister in the face, when we were young. My Dad whipped his butt. Lesson taught/Lesson learned: You don’t put your hands on women. None of my brothers have domestic violence in their families.

  • Pingback: Thanks to Social Networking, Lil Reese and Def Jam Records are on Notice. | Beyond Black & White

  • Keepitreal

    Ummm since when am I a man? And when have I EVER supported the mistreatment of women? If you’re going to stalk do it properly. =/ Now onto my comment:

    1st off, who? Is this one of the upcoming hot rappers? =/ This sort of behavior is unfortunately not surprising in the least bit. You can’t tell me debasing black women on the regular, calling it entertainment and turning it into a billion dollar industry has had no ill effects on the masses. In recent years, I have noticed this rise of not just physical but verbal assault on black women and want to know when will it end and how?

  • Keepitreal

    I suppose “But but but they do it too” is passee and “but but but they would have done it” is the new theme.

  • YeahRight2011

    Anyone still wondering why more Black Women are buying guns?

  • YeahRight2011

    “Boys like Lik Resse haven’t been raised with any responsible , positive male role models in their life, he’s a drug slanging menace to society . I watched one of his music videos and actually felt sorry that at some point in his life he though these types of actions were ok.”

    He and his little hit squad know that physical pain is unpleasant and how to inflict it. They also know the role of ownership and being someplace they weren’t welcome. That is enough to prove they never thought their actions were “ok”.

    “Where are these boys mothers . I mean even back in the day men who did have single mothers , never had this level of disrespect for women.”

    Back in the day adult men didn’t make excuses for themselves and didn’t respect men who did.

    Cosign everything else.

  • Eric


    Bless you bro, cause these h*es be buggin

  • Eric


    Don’t worry, I am coming. I actually have a life tho, so I can’t pop & lock everytime a itch get her clocks cleaned.,

  • Eric

    I don’t like the vid, and I don’t stand by dude’s actions.

    Women that deserve & earn respect, get respect. The best way to get respect is to have strong men in your corner that will defend & protect you if you deal with someone who is physically more powerful than you,

    It also helps to have guns, martial arts, etc.

    I am with @Billy on this one.

    I will not throw my life away for black women who don’t find me s*xually desirable until they get old, washed baby mammas.

    I will not throw my life away for women who want to be “equals”, and they make make more money than me, and the white man is their so called “Ace In The Hole” (police, welfare & corporate jobs.)

    In order for black women to be defended & protected, they gotta choose better men, and get back in pocket.

    Otherwise you itches are on your own.

  • ebony82

    This is just another reason for non-black people to believe black men are “predisposed” to violent behavior. How can black men get upset about cops being quick to arrest/stop them on the streets when they have fools like Lil Reese justifying their quickness to arrest? Boys like him are menaces to society. They deserve to be put in jail. Out of all women, black women are the least protected. We are blamed for everything and when we can’t be blamed, people find something to blame us for. We can no longer depend on protection from black men because more and more they are proving themselves to be our worst enemies. The so called “black community” died when MLK died. I’m going to be honest and say that if a black man is not wearing a suit or is appropriately fitted clothing, I do not feel safe walking past them. For all the decent, upstanding black men, talk to your brothers because they are making things harder for you.

  • ebony82

    Well, they know better than to hit a non-black women. You see what happened to Ochocinco when he hit Evelyn: he lost contracts and everything. There is no doubt that Lil’ Reese would have been arrested with a quickness because now, you hit the “bosses” daughter.

  • ebony82

    it does not matter if black women had “mulatto” daughters or not: black men obsessed with their “mulatto” features would be chasing them down more than they would chase down pure black women anyway, so black people IN THE UNITED STATES would not disappear. Ignorance for ignorance…

  • ebony82

    I was actually considering getting a gun license so I can carry a women in case a fool decided to act a fool.

  • ebony82

    I meant carry one (not carry a women)

  • apple

    Your ultra-patriarchal, objectifying, chauvinist slobber is but sweat on the anus of society. No woman owes you anything, and you deserve even less. You owe society for having taken up so much space and so much air for so long and contributing nothing except second-hand marks on women and beliefs, both of which you’re ignorant of, and which you hold contempt to because both threaten your bullying, puppet’s way of life. Your kind and those who taught you will be less than a footnote in the shadow of the glory of human beings’ ongoing efforts towards self-improvement, self-respect, God, and the vast cosmos. Any man or woman who preaches your brand of humiliation and misery will know only obscurity and the most tragic of kingdoms. Good day.

  • Mademoiselle

    To clarify, are you saying the women who are “in pocket” are the ones who find you sexually desirable at all times, make less money than you, consider themselves lower than you, refuse public services, and choose not to pursue a career? If that’s the case, wouldn’t it have been simpler for you to start and end with your last sentence? It doesn’t sound like too many women are eligible to depend on you based on this.

  • Billy Paul

    Although I do not personally subscribe to violence against women, it is curious to see that societies where woman may be “disciplined” (for lack of a better term) divorce is low, families stick together, and birth rates are high.

    Now I may not be the brightest bulb on the tree, despite my top tier education and Fortune 500 work environment, but i need someone to walk me through how ALL violence against women is wrong. Please note, said reply must be void of all emotionally potent over simplifications.

    How is it that certain countries have have found a happy medium with which to approach the matter?

  • The Taker

    I know I shouldn’t even respond to you but I.JUST.CAN’T.HELP.IT. I know your trolling, you have to be. Any freaking person with more than a few brain cells (just cause you tout a college education doesn’t mean your even remotely intelligent) who has to ask why inflicting harm and danger on a person they claim to “love” or just for the sake of it needs to seek immediate help. Women are not children and I hope to whatever God there is out there, no woman seeks an intimate/emotional relationship with you. Scumbag. Sorry, V.A.W/D.V is an emotional subject.

  • The Taker

    N***as like Lil Reese, his smarmy little gutter friends, some of the dudes in this here comment section need to be ran over with a 18-wheeler truck repeatedly until the gas runs out. This video makes me so freaking ENRAGED!!! This video is the reason I signed up earlier this year to take up M.M.A. and I would also look into how to use a gun. This video is one of the reasons why I decided to become a feminist. Tired of seeing women and girls, day in and day out just being abused just because the damn sky was blue. Every time I see stuff like this and read about, I prepare myself so I won’t become some degenerate’s victim. No I refuse!! It makes me mad that instead of people freaking taking out their bloody overpriced iphones to call 911 for help, they record the tragedy instead for sh*ts and giggles. These guys are nothing more than demons in human disguise. I never knew that I can have nothing but pure blood red hatred for someone I don’t even know. I have to leave, this sh*t is just…. UGGGHHHH!

  • YeahRight2011

    Protecting Black women isn’t something black men have or will be able to do on their own especially when the threat is internal and you guys can’t even manage to keep yourselves from getting killed. I’ve seen what happens to black boys and men who don’t conform to this dysfunctional image of manhood. They get challenged public and violently and not because black women promote it, but because black men promote it with their money. Believe when I tell you that you guys aren’t in the position to protect yourselves let alone someone else.

  • lol


    sorry not you, there is a guy that posts here quite a bit, but i think he calls himself ‘keepingitreal’ ? not quite sure, but when you started commenting it confused me for a bit.


  • J. Gail (@Author_JGail)

    Unfortunately some of their mothers teach them to hit women if provoked, then wonder why lil baby boy goes to jail later on in life for not keeping his hands to himself. Better to teach them how to properly mediate a situation or LEAVE.

  • J. Gail (@Author_JGail)

    Nignorance at its worst was displayed in this video. First you have the stereotypical angry violent black male character who reaffirms why little old ladies clutch their purses and lock their doors. Then you have the spectators and those blacks who won’t stand up for what is right — scared slaves. Then you have the black hyenas on Twitter laughing about it not realizing that they are signing the death certficate to their own destruction with each tweet. Finally you have the confused black female characters (including the girl who was beaten) willingly accepting the abuse as normal. They also participate in their own destruction. Smart black women, understand that in most cases when a violent act is committed against you you have yourself to rely on. As someone else mentioned, take fighting classes and consider getting a weapon, even if it’s just a brick in your purse. Smart upstanding black men, brothers, please get your ignorant male counterparts because they are destroying your image all around. Nignorance on display for the world to see

  • ohyeaohyea

    Please, let’s not forget this is ONE ignorant man who happens to be black that doesn’t know how to act like a real man. He probably learned about manhood from MTV rap videos and hanging on the street corner. Let’s not turn this into an ‘all black men…” argument, b/c I know a lot of decent black men who don’t act like popcorn thugs.

  • Oh Please

    Love thoise e-thugs. So what they were going to smack you through the computer?

  • Oh Please

    New this was coming……..

  • Eric


    “In Pocket”


    - that you are not physically confronting BM
    - that you are not bashing black men at every turn
    - you either want to BE EQUALS or want men to be responsible for you

    That’s about it.

  • chanela17

    this is so true! you know what? i’ve also noticed that when it comes to public transportation, i’d be waiting on the bus or train and without fail black dudes would try to “holla” and be vulgar at every black woman that passes by. yet i see white and hispanic women walking around in short short short shorts, tube tops, bandeau bras,and short skits and they don’t get bothered AT ALL! i think i would wear whatever i wanted to also if nobody ever bothered me. sadly me or other black women could be wearing a damn burka and still get “hollered” at. smh

    it shows how much respect black women get. smh

  • chanela17

    right?! yet everybody was putting him down and calling him anti blcak and saying that he was wrong for airing out dirty laundry. smh

    i can’t believe people are surprised that a rapper is being violent towards women. their entire career is based off of being violent and disrespectful (especially to women) now can we PLEASE quit supporting the ignorant mess?

  • chanela17

    apparently you and your friend didn’t help either….

  • chanela17

    funny how the same people that are upset at this video applauded the bus driver who uppercut and THREW a women out of a bus……


  • chanela17

    also a lot of black women think that it’s not right to snitch on black men since so many are already the majority in jails -_ – SMH

  • chanela17

    i HATE when people let preventable things happen because “it’s none of my business” um but you’re still standing there watching!

    i’m so tired of self centered people standing around while bad things happen to other people (when the event can easily be stopped) just so their sorry asses can get some entertainment. SMH

  • J. Gail (@Author_JGail)

    It is not about hanging around women who you so endearingly call “low hanging fruit.” It’s about being a positive influence to the confused young males that some of you keep company with who have the perception that it is okay to beat on women and display nignorance publicly, shaming the entire black community. If you do not agree with providing a more positive influence to the ignorants in your life in the greater interest of the black community then I don’t have anything more to say to you, good day.

  • CeeCee

    You spew the same rhetoric all of the time. Nothing new here, keep it moving people.

  • Leena

    Certain countries have found a happy medium? Do you honestly think that women who live in countries that allow men to “punish” their wives like the way they are treated? Divorce rates are low because in a lot of those places women aren’t allowed to ask for them. Additionallty, in places where women can get divorced, women are left without any ways to be able to support themselves. Kids? Forget about seeing them. Once women choose to leave their home their kids are forfeit. Birth rates are high? In many of the societies you speak of female babies are considered a burden. A lot of those countries have dowries for their daughters. This means that in order to arrange a “suitable” marriage for young women fathers have to give the husbands-to-be money to take the woman, or girl in many cases, off of their hands. If you have more than one daughter this practice ends up costing a lot of money. As a result, in many places women who find out they are pregnant with girls are forced by their husbands to have abortions. When the wife is forced too many times into abortions and finds she can no longer bear any children she’s left in the dust, because the husband can ask for divorce.

  • K. Moore

    What does Mike Vick have anything to to with this situation? Stay on topic and stop talking about people who have nothing to do with this. Why didn’t you use Chris Brown as an example? Get a life,dummy. Mike Vick paid his debt to society,but who are you????

  • Pink Lipstick

    Agreed! I hate when these stories turn into a black men bashing free for all. Lil’ Reese’s actions were undoubtedly wrong; however, he doesn’t represent all young black men. We should be discussing the circumstances that allowed such a horrendous act to take place.

  • Zakiya

    This foolishness is exactly why domestic violence is silently permissible in our society. This is why it is important to encourage our young ladies to choose men of boys.
    Sick of it!

  • Thick_Lee

    Watching this video sickens me. I am a survivor of domestic abuse. To any man that feels the need to put his hands on a woman is a punk. I don’t care where or how he was raised since that is the crutch that is being used. Then for stupid people to post that she deserved it. What she deserved was to be treated like a woman. I promise that if he treats this women like this that he has NO RESPECT FOR ANY WOMEN INCLUDING HIS OWN MOTHER!

  • The Other Jess

    Naw, KC is right. The reason these violent little beasts can continue to act out violently and ignorantly with impudence is becaue they know there are no consequences for their actions – not only that, but they will be promoted as the ish in the media and paid royally by these corrupt music companies. Thus, the cycle of ignorance continues.

    Yes, I do think large, entertainment corporations are exacerbating the problem and making it seem as if this is how these kids should act. No, white people didn’t literally make them do it, but they are using the power and influence of money and media to continue terrible trends, and cloe the door to effective protest.

  • ?!?

    @Michael Vick defending loser –

    The idea is that folks like them like to make excuses for people who do evil things by blaming the victims or downplaying the crime. I’m saying that men who support Lil Reese are these types of people. Got it?

    See that’s how this relates and it’s not off topic. Read between the lines. Mr. Moore. Child molesters and murderers go to jail, but that doesn’t change who they are.

  • Perspective

    I thought the whole thing was totally uncalled for – that shit should have ended with her telling them to leave. Its her crib bottom line.


    “A man who fights females is one himself.”

    Ok – so what does that say about females.

    And then how she called him female genitalia (scratching my head) and then women come later with arguments of EQUALITY –

    Yea, that’s intellectually consistent (NOT!)

  • australiangirl

    ghetto trashbags. wow american culture is so violent and disgusting. including all the cheering male commentators

  • Merano300

    Because actually their records company signed them because they are criminals !

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