In a patriarchal society dominated by superficial beauty and sex, the feminine form has always been the canvas upon which men painted their whimsical desires. Thin, thick, big breasts, small breasts, slim ankles and wide hips, whatever is fodder for male wet dreams, becomes the standard for female beauty. Then the dream changes, and many women are left scrambling to change themselves to stay “in style.”

This has never been more apparent than now, “The Age of The Fat Ass.”

Sure, a curvaceous figure has been “in” since the Rubenesque period, but now it has become dangerous. Take a look at the story of Apryl Brown, which is but one example of the devastation caused by a disturbing trend. Jones was forced to get both her arms and legs amputated because of butt injections she received at a “pumping party.” Placing the blame on insecurity about her figure, she became a motivational speaker to inspire women to encourage one another:

“We don’t validate each other,” she says. “We really don’t know how our friends feel about us, unless we have very expressive friends.”

But we know how men feel about us. We know to many of them, we are nothing but sex objects and many women mis-identify that objectification as empowerment, particularly in the context of Hip-Hop. In an astonishingly sexist article, decided to examine the evolution of ass in Hip-Hop. Yes, booty has, and continues to be an integral part of the culture, but this was no scholarly dissertation or respectful appreciation of the female backside.

From Nicki Minaj and Beyoncé, to Buffy the Body and Rihanna, there is a slide show without a shred of pretense at anything other male gratification. It was merely “during this year, this male rapper decided that this ass is what women should aspire to,” slapped in a “Sexy” Issue as a bold testament to the control men have over what is considered sexy, subsequently, brainwashing women into exaggerating the body part du jour that they believe makes them beautiful.

Truth moment: Though most women will say they take pride in their big butt, imagine for one moment that it wasn’t desirable to men?

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  • Britt

    Me, too. People made comments daily. It would have been nice to have someone encourage me.

    • Gimme_it_small

      Waaaa.. I need vindication and encouragement in my life. Kill yourself already.

  • anon

    I’ve got an ass that is huge! Growing up, I never heard one good thing about it. What’s funny is that I was a shy teen but my ass spoke for me. I wished back then it was smaller but I never really hated myself for having it (buying jeans, a complete other story!). You know what? I’m glad asses are back in style. Now I don’t have to be so self conscious about it because MEN are allowed to compliment me. Before, even when they loved it, they said nothing. We have to love each other, instead of tearing each other down. Seriously, let’s tell everyone they’re beautiful. What do we have to lose?

    • Ravi

      :) yay

  • Gimme_it_small

    Blame hip hop. Before then, FAT asses were not aspired to. Re: that Armenian bitch with the TV show and the feminine looking stepfather: she is not a skinny woman with a large ass… she is a fat woman PERIOD.

  • Gell0h0h

    I have been teased for having a “white girl’s butt” simply because it is not as rotund as other female bottoms I presume and does not elongate itself from my eyebrows to my toes. Anyhoo, this guy whom I was really interested in would tease me about it and say, “You only have thighs.. no @$$” and it stopped when I told him, “The man who takes your place will have no problem with it.” He shut up. I left him and his @$$ fetish alone… Ladies, love yourself and appreciate it. Big booty, juicy booty, flat booty, no booty, maybe – a- booty. Just accept it. And I learned that squats and lunges are not the enemy as I once believed them to be. :) Toodles.

    • paul

      why are you doing squats to make your ass bigger but telling everyone else to accept what they got?

      and what was the point of leaving the guy with the “ass fetish” if you intended to give into the ass fetish craze?

      Some people are bare confused as young UK black kids say.


    • Anthony

      Paul, squats are the single best weightlifting exercise a person can do. They activated more muscles than any other excercise. Squats will definitely build muscle, but they cannot give someone a “steatopygic” rear if they don’t have that body type. Why knock a sister for working out?

    • paul




      you disrespekkin my sistas, pathologizing the fact that many black women are heavily laden in the ass area?

      I don’t think black women are “steatopygic” any more than white women are PANNICULUS-gic or FUPA-gic


      Furthermore the squat is not undisputed best compound movement, weight training excercise,

      The deadlift is perhaps even better, since it involves even more muscles than the squat, eg the biceps, traps. But yeh – squat is king for glutes.

      Wasn’t knockin the sista for working out, I was amused by her self contradictions.

    • Gell0h0h

      I actually did not give into the fetish. Rather instead of doing the same lower body exercises I would previously, I was introduced to squats and lunges. And I hated them in the beginning, but after a while I enjoyed being able to do them as I could not do a set before. You’re right I did say accept it, but for everyone who doesn’t or is in the limbo, there are other ways. Thanks for your response. Have a good one sir.

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