Towson University Student Wants A White Student Union

by Yesha Callahan

Matthew Heimbach is a Towson University student that feels white students deserve an exclusive club only for them. In the Towson University student newspaper, Heimbach says that the Black Student Union (BSU) promotes “their” heroes and he wants to do the same. Heimbach has a history of starting clubs based on white exclusivity. He previously started Youth for Western Civilization, which gained a lot of criticism because of their white pride messages written around campus in chalk.

We want to be able to promote on campus for students who want to be proud of their heritage and the foundations of this country and stand up for themselves,” Heimbach said of the Youth for Western Civilization.

Currently, the university says there is no application on file for such an organization, but if it is discriminatory, it will not be approved. “If inclusiveness is not the plan, then it will not be recognized by the Student Government Association,” Dr. Teri Hall, vice president of Student Affairs at Towson University, said.

As a member of a BSU in college, I remember it having people of all races. Just because you weren’t black, didn’t mean you couldn’t join. Heimbach’s reasoning for a White Student Union seems to be based on what he thinks a BSU is about. One photo of Heimbach used in Towson University’s school newspaper, showed him standing in front of Martin Luther King, Jr’s church in Alabama, holding a confederate flag. If that’s any indication of what his version of a White Student Union signifies, I’m sure he’ll have a hard time getting his organization approved.

Do you think students should have the option to start/ join a White Student Union?

  • RUE

    unfortunately I got to Towson University and the first meeting was yesterday…

  • Lady Ngo

    I believe that a student has the right to start/join a white student union (even though i don’t see the point of them considering the fact that white “history” and “heroes” are celebrated every where every day) so long as it is not discriminatory in its message and membership. But i’ve yet to see a proposal for an organization that excludes those two elements.

  • Patience

    As I have said many times before, White people are so used to being catered to that when something isn’t for them, it is a problem.

  • who run the world???…GOD!!

    If this student went to Morgan or another HBCU or minority university then a Caucasian Student Union would make sense in order to represent the experiences and needs of that minority population. In this case, this guy seems like he’s just trying to start controversy! Why do you need a WSU when I’m sure the majority of the faculty and student body look like you?

  • Jaslene

    You are speaking the truth.

  • Nicole

    Let them have their union. Its their right. Who cares?

  • elle

    White people never cease to amaze me!!

  • silkynaps

    Unless the student union specifically designates Black, Asian, Latino, etc., “white” is implied.

  • Patience

    It makes no sense really considering Towson has a majority White student body and is in a predominately affluent White community.

  • binks

    Agreed! But this isn’t surprising…here is supposedly post racial America for you.

  • http://[email protected] Blackgirlmd

    Meh, not really bothered. Let him do what he wants. But if wants to celebrate the “foundations” of THIS country, he needs to know that blacks and other minorities were present from the very beginning, in fact the foundation lf this country was built on their backs as well as their blood, sweat, and tears. Know your history.

  • Cocochanel31

    I graduated from Towson and this is ridicolous..the white student population at the school is what 80-90% is this dude serious?? Furthermore the BSU always promoted diversity and inclusiona and any and everyone was allowed to join. They also partner with other student organizations all the time. This guy is seeking attention to further his racist agenda. Towson don’t fall for the bait !

  • LaNubiana

    Alright then BLACK PEOPLE need a chapter in the following:

    Buildberg Group
    Rothschilds Union
    World Banking Mobs
    Skol & Bones
    Free Mason

    And I hope to God the group doesn’t use that bloody Confiderate Flag aka Dixie Reble BS!

    “The white man’s inferiority created his superiority complex.” – H.I.M Haile Selassie I

  • Dee

    I was thinking the same thing.

    and when he says culture is he talking about celebrating there respective home lands? because if he’s talking about white american culture i’m not even sure what that means.

  • Joe McCarthy

    Rothschilds was a Jewish banking family.

    Buildberg is also overrepresented by Jews.

    Jews from the Frankfurt School created Critical Theory, the anti-White academics.

    The Jewish Bolsheviks destroyed and enslaved almost all of Eastern Europe.

    In Hungry, the Communist Party was ran by Erno Gero, Bela Kun, and Matyas Rakosi — all of whom were Jews.

    Jews are more than 1000% overrepresented in American academia, and also serve as president of many of the Ivy League schools.

    Jews have institutionalized anti-White ideology and many Jewish lawyers created affirmative action — the systematic discrimination.

    Jews usually have multiple groups for themselves in college, including the Jewish student union, Hilel, and many others.

    Jews were also involved in the founding of the NAACP.

    This is why we need a White Student Union.

    People like you are brainwashed pawns.

  • Joe McCarthy

    catered to by other whites?

    don’t be jealous that your ancestors were as successful, not just in America, but also in Africa

  • LaNubiana

    Lol my bad Joe the Plumber. You totally missed the point.

  • Mstr Rick

    I think white people should be able to organize and advance their own interests just like every other group of people. Every ethnic group in America is taught to be proud of their race and ethnicity, except white people. America has black television channels, black magazines, black student organizations, black lobbying groups, black scholarships and black barber shops.

    These groups recognize that they share some common ancestry and some common interests, and they organize to assert those interests. A multicultural, multiracial, melting pot society that forbids only one ethnic group from preserving its culture and organizing to further its own interests is criminally hypocritical.

    Challenging this deeply entrenched anti-white bias is a moral imperative. I’m white, and I’m proud of my white heritage, culture, and history, as I should be.

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