Judge Debra S. Nelson recently set a June 2013 date for the trial against Trayvon Martin’s killer and former Florida neighborhood watch volunteer, George Zimmerman. In the time leading up to his day in court, Zimmerman’s defense appear to be doing everything in their power to have the case dismissed, including seeking a “stand your ground” defense to get the murder charges dropped. They’ve even requested to see the unarmed teenager’s records to build a self-defense case for Zimmerman.

Judge Nelson ruled that Zimmerman’s attorneys can inspect the school records and social media postings of the 17-year-old he fatally shot in February. This information, according to Judge Nelson, will help Zimmerman’s team determine whether the slain teen had violent tendencies.

Martin’s family are reeling about the fishing exhibition, as they feel it’s an attempt to further victimize Trayvon Martin. In order to restore honor to their son’s legacy, Tracy Martin and Sybrina Fulton revealed plans to revise Stand Your Ground laws across the country and to create the Change For Trayvon Committee of Continuous Existence to actively support candidates, elected officials and causes that agree with their mission to revise these laws that originally allowed their son’s killer to walk free.

What’s your opinion on the judge’s latest ruling, Clutchettes?

  • langston

    Low ratings for your post show that many readers hear do not share your ideals of truth and justice. (Aren’t those just myths made up by colonizers anyway? Who needs them!)

    These days, “whiteness” (as some people wish to call it, foolishly casting too wide a net) is far more concerned with issues of character and fairness than “blackness” is. The average non-racial-activist in this society will cheer a black person who beats up a white thug, OR a white person who beats up a black thug. (This is not a reference to the Zimmerman case.) However the average racial activist will align with the skin color, not the individual. One can witness this phenomena ALL THE TIME on sites such as this. It is bad news for people of color who don’t like seeing a proliferation of thugs in their community.

    The good news is that as this country gets browner and browner, these racialized fundamentalists are going to find themselves fighting more of an uphill struggle to convince other Americans that their community should be given a pass for being dysfunctional.

  • http://www.facebook.com/shealawrencea.evans Shea-Lawrence A Evans

    These people are insane to over look George Zimmerman, he is or never was a law enforcement officer, He was a self appointed gunman. the only crime committed was by him ,he wore a concealed loaded gun. His, background records should be also included, from the day he was born until the day he murdered, Trayvon Martin. why do people give him the right to stop and question anybody, period. then murder them. Everyone will tell a woman to fight back for her life if attacked by a stranger, that’s standing your ground, a young teenager tried to fight back too, against a man, who stopped him and and was armed with a deadly weapon, he fought back this man, who took his life, and the law is trying to say the dead kid, was the predator and the gun carrying man, who shot him to death was the victim. the kid was a vistor and was staying at the home where his own father lived just within sight of where he was gunned down. Zimmerman was not even near where he lived and left his truck to go after the kid. A ” Black Kid ” who’s life is still being attacked even in death. Is there no justice, for Trayvon Martin?

  • Amanda

    I’m surprised this evidence could even be admissible. I don’t know much about Florida law but in New York there are evidence rules which prohibit prosecutors from using any evidence of character or bad acts to prove someone has a propensity to commit a crime. Scratching my head. Really Florida?

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