Chescaleigh, Urban Bush Babes, Taren Guy and Hey Fran Hey collaborated on a natural hair infomercial parody called “The Secret to LONG Natural Hair!”

One of the most common requests from naturals is how can I grow out my natural hair. A ton of products on the market promise miracle hair growth and fall short.

The long-haired bloggers produced this video to remind women there’s no special product that will make your hair grow overnight. The parody is hilarious, but comes with an important message that we hope will resonate.

Check it out, Clutchettes:

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  • Mademoiselle

    LOL Before she found patience she used to look like an infant. That was hilarious!

  • LaNubiana

    Lol that was funny.

    Secret to long Ethiopian hair:

    - Lather raw butter and wrap hair for two hours at least twice a month (this helps to deep moisturize without using chemically enhanced hair grease).

    - Cocoanut/Olive oil and honey (warm oil in a pan and add two tea spoon of raw honey), apply for 15m this helps restore damaged hair.

    - Mix fresh avocado and guava in blender and apply to hair as often as possible. This really helps keep hair healthy and strong as both these fruits are good for our skin and scalp.

    - Henna treatment is the best (both red and black Henna). Apply the henna mix to hair and keep for 45m. This helps strengthen hair from being easily damaged and enhances the natural shine/glow of hair.

    Eat organic fruits, veggies, and nuts. Have a healthy diet and drink water water water water!

  • Jessica

    That’s so funny! True true though! I’m transitioning and I truly need patience! Lol

  • Anne

    Was there a reason to you purposefully stating ‘Ethiopian’ hair? Why not just say long hair? Or is there something in particular about Ethiopian hair that makes in crucial for you to highlight this fact?

  • Chescaleigh

    Thanks for posting!

  • LaNubiana

    I’m Ethiopian so I shared what we do here. Is that bad?

  • Janita

    That was cute!!! Loved it!!!

  • Ms. Information

    @ LaNubiana…I noticed that many Ethiopians alreay have a “silky” type hair texture…is that because of the regiment above or is that genetic?

  • JN

    aww, cute :)

  • African Mami

    not at all sis. Keep repping ETHIO baby!

    folks are too sensitive.

  • Ms. Information

    @ African Mami….I am in Atl, Georgia and I will be trying everything that she typed…

  • LaNubiana

    @ Ms. Info

    Yes and it mostly has to do with the organic raw butter treatment. It does wonders!

  • LaNubiana

    @ African Mami

    I sometimes get confused of what people find offensive. It’s like how we Ethiopians complement someone by saying you’ve that Ghanian smile meaning you’ve a beautiful, white smile or Kenyan skin or something to suggest flawless skin. Every African nation has something unique to its own we all look up too. Like any mother, momma Afrika has given birth to all our diverse beauty!!

  • Cora

    Loved it

  • Mahogany

    I loved it! And it’s so true that patience is one of the secret to hair growth. Hair growth varies from one person to another. I’ve been natural for 3 years and yes it’s a journey.

  • binks

    Lol this was cute! Patience is the key in everyone’s journey because no hair journey is alike.

  • Nef

    @LaNubiana..Thank you Sistah. Where can raw butter be purchased? Whole Foods perhaps? I’m in NYC (Bed-Stuy to be specific).

  • Keepitreal

    I am writing this down LOL. What do you mean by raw butter? Shea? Thanks to anyone who can answer!

  • LaNubiana

    Like real organic butter (make of cow milk). I think it’s hard to find it in America as most things are processed but I’m sure you can find an international market of sort where you can get it. It really is good for hair and scalp.

  • LaNubiana

    You are welcome. I live in Addis Abeba, Ethiopia so I’m not sure :) sorry I can’t be any help.

  • Nic

    So now you’ve made a bunch of Black American believe that they’ll have the curly hair that SOME Ethiopian girls have by wrapping their heads in shea butter…that’s exactly what they don’t need to hear.
    You only have curly hair if that is what you were born with. A chick with kinky hair is not going to change her hair texture with shea butter.
    Butter, grease, oil, what works best is very much specific to the individual. I always have done fine with regular hair grease. And that’s what my Southern family used on hair that ranges from straight to kinky.
    A lot about having long hair is just genetic. It’s easier for some of us than others, and we don’t have to spend hours to get it.
    I hate the obsession with long hair, and hate all of the myths people have about how you get it.
    Wash it, condition it, moisturize it, take care of it, cut it, and your hair will be as long as it was meant to be IF that is what you want.

  • Nic

    I think it’s like people saying “mixed” hair. They have a variety of hair types and so do we, but certain groups are assumed to have curlier hair than others.

  • Pseudonym

    Honestly, I think the real “secret” to long Ethiopian hair is genetics. They have African and Arab genes- as do many Caribbean people (Afro- and Indo-Carib mixes)- and you’ll notice that women from those places all have the same kind of hair, whether they have a thought out hair care regimen or not. I’ve done both, had to improvise in other countries, and my hair basically looks the same no matter what.

  • Patience

    Are you in Ethiopian where it is like 2009?

  • Patience

    Why is Ethiopia three years behind?

  • LaNubiana

    @ patience

    Actually, our calendar is 7 years and 9 months behind the Roman calendar. This is due to the fact that the ancient kingdom of Axsumawit/Abyssinian (now known as Horn and North East Africa) didn’t receive the news of the birth of Jesus Christ until almost 8 years later.

    The Ethiopian ancient Calendar has more in common with the Coptic Egyptian Calendar. The Ethiopic and Coptic calendars have 13 months, 12 of 30 days each and an intercalary month at the end of the year of 5 or 6 days (which are called Puagme) depending whether the year is a leap year or not. The Ethiopian calendar is much more similar to the Egyptian Coptic calendar having a year of 13 months, 365 days and 366 days in a leap year (every fourth year) and it is much influenced by the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church, which follows its ancient calendar rules and beliefs. The year starts on 11 September.

    Our culture has been isolated for a long time and I think that partly help maintain this ancient calendar, own bible, as well as remaining the only Black nation in the world with own alphabets and numerals (ge’ez). Lots of history!

  • chanela17

    i thought the lady on the far right was shima. LMAOO

  • grow black hair long

    LOL. A well done video too

  • ruggie

    I know the video supposed to be funny but it makes me sad. Black people still crave that long hair that for many of us (aside from those wearing locs) will always be beyond reach. Patience plus all kids of regimens will work for some but for others it will still be relatively short. You can wait a lifetime. The shame of short hair/desire for long hair is hard to shake and the natural hair movement hasn’t helped.

  • Patience

    Why hasn’t my comment from a few hours ago shown up yet? This site is annoying!

  • Chescaleigh

    There’s nothing wrong with short hair. Myliek (one of our “testimonials”) rocks a beautiful short natural do’. This video was more of a silly answer to those common questions of “how’d you get your hair so long?” and “what can I do to make my hair loc faster?”

  • B

    OMG, loved it!

  • Kalhu

    I loved this video when I first so it. They are preachin’ the truth. But for all of the ladies asking where you can find raw butters for you hair, here area couple of sites that sell them: The first one is a black owned business: And here’s the second:

  • The Other Jess

    this video was cute! i know all of these people with beautiful, full, long healthy natural hair but all them took between 5 and 10 years to get there. hilarious! so true!

  • Nic

    That’s really not true. I’m Black American and definitely know and see Ethiopian and Somalian girls who have the same kind of afro hair as me. Genetics are way more complex than a lot of people understand, and there is a lot of genetic diversity in Black people from ALL parts of the diaspora whether they have white or Arab ancestry or not.
    If your hair grows quickly, that IS genetics. Some black women have hair that grows quickly. Some do not. If you retain the length, that is about whether or not your hair habits are best for YOUR hair. But I’ve known many white and Asian women who did not have hair that grew quickly and could not manage much more than shoulder length b/c their hair was thin and weak.
    There is way too much ignorance about how this all works. I just can’t. If people spent half the time studying that they do obsessing over how long or curly their hair is, they’d perhaps understand this. Ugh on so many levels.

  • Barbara

    No one has a terminal length of earlobe SMH do some research. Secondly, long hair is achievable with TLC, & yes for black girls too! There are 100s if not 1000s of testimonials from black girls who have never had long hair who do now w/ education-get some.

  • Patience

    Okay, LaNubiana. I had an Ethiopian coworker and I remember her telling me that Ethiopia was behind in years and I thought it was kind of fascinating.

  • Sarah

    @ La Nubiana…..

    Thank you for sharing that too I am going to try your regimen!!

  • LaNubiana

    @ Pseudonym

    I disagree. First, SOME Ethiopians have Semitic blood not Arabic. Secondly, your statement of ALL having similar hair is also incorrect as we Ethiopians have hair that vary from the most coarse texture to weavy. This also goes for the skin colors as we vary from the Alek Wek skin tone (the likes of the Hamar people) to the Halle Berry type light skinned who in fact have Semitic blood.

    Lastly, is African history lessons offered in America? I mean there is so much preconceived notions. I mean Black history (African/African American/European Black/Caribbean/Aboriginal) studies are offered here starting from secondary school level.

  • Love

    That was sooo funny!!! Very cute.

  • Michelle

    BRILLENT!!!!! so funny, oh yeah, do you ship to the UK? I would love to make a dozen orders. Thanks

  • Angelia

    I have been looking for a post about natural hair care. My skin is rejecting most soaps. What skin soap or care is practiced is Ethopia?

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