Chescaleigh, Urban Bush Babes, Taren Guy and Hey Fran Hey collaborated on a natural hair infomercial parody called “The Secret to LONG Natural Hair!”

One of the most common requests from naturals is how can I grow out my natural hair. A ton of products on the market promise miracle hair growth and fall short.

The long-haired bloggers produced this video to remind women there’s no special product that will make your hair grow overnight. The parody is hilarious, but comes with an important message that we hope will resonate.

Check it out, Clutchettes:

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  • Michelle

    BRILLENT!!!!! so funny, oh yeah, do you ship to the UK? I would love to make a dozen orders. Thanks

  • Angelia

    I have been looking for a post about natural hair care. My skin is rejecting most soaps. What skin soap or care is practiced is Ethopia?

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