Though Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz have been happily married for two years now, critics still slam them for how their relationship began. Many berate Alicia for dating Swizz while he was still legally married to Mashonda, the mother of his son Kaseem David Dean. Mashonda even wrote a letter detailing Alicia’s role in the dissolution of her marriage.

Alicia is finally speaking out to Jet Magazine about claims that she’s a homewrecker:

“[They] were apart for some time before we ever got together…that doesn’t matter to those who take pleasure in trying to knock others down…there’s no need to fight what’s not true…”

There are two sides to every story, and the truth. We may never know the exact timing of Mashonda and Swizz’s divorce and the start of his relationship with Alicia but as long as they can coexist peacefully for the sake of his children, that’s all that matters.

What do you think of Alicia Keys’ comments to Jet Magazine? Did you pay those “homewrecker” rumors any mind?

  • Lady Ngo

    People are way too invested in the lives of celebrities. Will never understand why that is. Either way, in general, the only person that can wreck a home is the person who took the vows in the first place. If Swizz was still playing happy house with Mashonda when he started dating Alicia Keys, then its on him, not her. Unless she had a gun to his head (and even then), it was his choice to tip-toe out of the marriage.

  • Child, Please

    I knew this was coming. I do wonder was AK a homewerecker or was she the straw that broke the camel’s back? Swiss was cheating on Mashonda for a while before AK stepped in and she admitted to knowing/ finding out about these other women, but continued to stay. I wouldn’t call AK a homewrecker as much as I would say she was just another woman Swiss got caught up with, perhaps fell in love with and married.

    I’m personally tired of the homewrecker label considering Mashonda has changed her story (she did two separate interviews with S2S mag one saying things were cool with her and AK and another bashing her that was added on after the fact) and was interested in keeping it out there with endless interviews and doing love and hip-hop (which I thought was interesting since she also said the matter was private, but not private enough for her to write a blog post about it.)

    I just wonder if she went after AK because she was famous and let the other girls off the hook when she should’ve left when he had the girl in London pregnant. Just my .02 cents.

  • Smilez_920

    +1. I think it was a kick in the face for Mashonda to see him happy with a succesuful recording artist. She use to be Swizz artist I guess she traded that in to be a mother and wife. So of course seeing him leaving her for a woman who some would think is living Mashondas “career dream” was too much to handle.

    Also people are so quick to place the majority of the blame on Alicia and not even look at Swizz . How do we know he wasn’t playing both sides of the fence with each woman? The only person who owes Mashonda any loyalty or explaination is Swizz beats.

    But idc , idk these ppl, so live and let live.

  • Val

    That is an amazing cover! Alicia is sooo beautiful. I couldn’t care less about Swiss Cheese nor his ex-wife. Alicia is only responsible for Alicia, not for other people’s failing marriages.

  • justanotheropinion

    The “truth” will never be known since we weren’t there. However, until someone is divorced, they aren’t truly free (for a start, ask them why they haven’t filed papers yet). All are to blame in this situation AK going on the defensive says more to me than most want to admit.

  • Ravi

    If he was still married when they started their relationship, then they are both wrong. I don’t like people that sleep with married people any more than cheaters.

  • jamesfrmphilly

    what goes around comes around…..

  • isolde3


    I eagerly await the estimates of her first week’s sales and whether or not her base is going to hold her down. I haven’t used an A-keys album since “Diary.” With the exception of like one single (“un-thinkable”) The Element of Freedom was a real snoozer, and she never did release that video with Beyonce. Urban seems to only be playing the “inferno” remix of Girl on Fire, so I do wonder if the song would be less than a moderate hit without Nicki’s verse.

    There are several things at play here. One, of course, is sexism, but there are those other elephants in the room. One of which has to do with how much more famous Keys is than Swizz. The other reason why people have more to say about Alicia than Swizz is because of the image that Keys uses to market her music. Can you imagine how the ish would hit the fan if Taylor Swift ran off with Tim McGraw? Think of how bizarre it must have been for L-Boogie fans to find out that the “Doo-Woop: That Thing” queen had taken up with a married man with two kids? Well, in the black community, Alicia is in the same boat. In the black community (because the white mainstream doesn’t know who Swizz and Mashonda are), many people don’t expect Alicia to get caught up in that type of messiness, regardless of the alleged timeline.

  • GameChanger

    This Mashonda woman cared nothing about her marriage until it was virtually over, and then tried to prolong the divorce, Oh well too little too late, I’m personally sick of women playing all types of games then try to play the victim role. I know we have over zealous sanctified folks out there and rightly so I believe that all people including family and friends should stay out your marriage and we don’t know her side and who she let in, it’s always easier to villianize the man but happy men don’t leave their wives unhappy men do, but unless you have been through a divorce you really don’t understand the situation. The only reason AK got hit with the Home wrecker tag, is because Swizz was completely over his Ex-Wife, women do this all the time in our society and it is justified, all Swizz chose was happiness and that is a hard pill for a lot of people to swallow, because they would rather see him bitter and in misery because of our jaded perception about marriage. If Mashonda really cared about her marriage and family she would have prevented any seperation and tried to make the marriage happy and enjoyable and he wouldn’t want to leave in the first place, they would have tried to work it out, but all she did was play the “he won’t find anyone better than me game” And BOOM she is now 2nd string……LOL Good Day

  • AM

    haha Val darling!!! Your boo, AND mine too, does look good. LMAO!

  • ChillyRoad


    You just like her because she light skinned. IM KIDDING!!!!

  • Val


    Hiya, AM!

  • Val


    Lol. Stop it!

  • binks

    THIS! I’ am sick and tired of people painting these women to be single handed jezebels with the power to wreck homes in a single bound (sure they aren’t totally blameless in these situations) but the men go without a dent in their armor it seems. Swizz and Moshonda’s marriage was messy from the get go it seems especially considering that he had a whole kid by another woman during the marriage (WHY IS THIS GUY A PRIZE AGAIN?) so I agree that Alicia just seem to be the final straw though I think Alicia should have waited until everything was dry to come out about their love because it did look shady for people who wasn’t aware of the situation but still…it takes two to tango both are wrong in my book but what are you going to do about it. After all is said and done, celebs or not people have messy/interesting love lives…lol Alicia just needs to come back good music (hate the new song) regardless of who she is with…

  • khrish67

    According to the attorney, filing the papers makes you elgible for dating.

  • Beautifully Complex

    I recall very clearly when Alicia & Swizz were “rumored” to be dating and what I recall was them denying it at every turn. Adamantly stating that they just had a working relationship. So they question is, why deny it ? The reason is obviously they knew the timeline would not look good, this was back when Alicia was huge star and the consequences would not be good. Then when the papers had been officially, filed and the divorce was “in process” they admitted to dating but emphasized that he was “separated” when they started dating,so I go back the the original denial, when the rumors were flying about them dating, why was it denied ? Because they both know who and what they are were, adulterers. Alicia has won no prize and trust & believe how you get a man, is how you will lose him, not that she will lose that much.

  • Magnolia

    This whole article says alot about her and her marriage. Striking back at what?… The truth?… If it had started off on the right foot then there would be no need to be defensive of the relationship nearly 2 years on… Just keep quiet about it. Like someone said in an earlier comment, AK’s image took a major hit when she announced her engagement & 5-6 month pregnancy to a man whose divorce was final only a few weeks prior. I used to be a solid fan, buying her records but I just can’t anymore. Of course her image can be carefully crafted and constructed to suggest women’t empowerment. The whole thing just made me look at her in different light. It made me feel like she didn’t respect and love herself enough to not settle for scraps and to not become someone’s 3rd or 4th baby mother.

  • justanotheropinion

    Khrish67 – Until you are legally divorced, you are still ‘legally’ bound to your spouse – debts, assets, responsibilities, etc. That wasn’t what I was referring to. My comment was in reference to the emotional side. If the union has truly emotionally ended, why haven’t you filed papers and gotten the divorce? It hasn’t been done because there is some sort of emotional tie that is keeping the parties bound. In that instance, you are NOT free to give your heart to another because you are still attached to someone else.

  • Mani

    She’s a home wrecker, that’s it, that’s all!!! All respect for her is gone and her so called positive image is tarnished!! If her album does good it is because she bought the CD’s herself!!#nolongerfan

  • Eri

    “Swiss Cheese” — LOL!

  • jcross

    When we heard about Fantasia and Antwaun Cook, I remember a lot of people saying that they BOTH were wrong, not just Antwaun because he was the married one… I’m not saying that Alicia should be demonized because of this, but wrong is wrong, no matter who does it.

  • MommieDearest

    Yep. If a man will cheat WITh you, he will cheat ON you. It’s only a matter of time for Alicia.

  • Downsouth Transplant

    LOL, i dunno their bedroom affairs prior to marriage however, my disappointment in AK is rooted on Swiss cheese history & her obviously ignoring ALL that mess ( ex wives,baby mama’s & several kids & the Fed & the IRS calling) Yikes, wishing them all the best, they truly will need it!!

  • LadyH

    Putting happily or UNHAPPILY in front of the word marriage don’t change the definition. It takes 2 people to make a marriage work and 2 people to make it fail.

  • tee

    LOL! Thank You! They were separated not divorced which means if there was a slight chance of reconciliation she stood in the way, clouded his judgement. HOME WRECKER!

  • Carol Rugege

    It seems like second nature to demonize “the other woman” as if she is the SOLE wrong-doer in situations in which a husband leaves his wife. I’m a firm believer that NO ONE can fairly judge or assess this situation with objectivity because NO OF US know which battles Swiss & Mashonda were fighting before A. Keys came into the picture. We don’t know what was happening behind closed doors or exactly how long they were unhappy. If you’re an adult and you’ve been in love, in a committed relationship, you know how hard it is to accept that the relationship has reached its end…even if you never imagined it would come to end. Sometimes the couple tries to fight to hold it together…and sometimes one person decides there’s nothing left to fight for. I’m not saying that’s what happened in the Dean’s marriage…I’m simply saying we don’t know. I don’t think it’s fair to put the blame on A. Keys as if she had malicious intent to steal somebody’s husband. We don’t know what Mashonda did to push her husband away (not accusing her but maybe)…

  • Overseas_Honeybee

    There are 3 sides to every story and regardless to who did or said what, they will all have to account for the actions one way or another. Not my place to even cast judgement on her. Never met AK … been to 1 concert and bought a few cds. That’s about it.

    The IRS issues, multiple baby mommas and whatever else are obvious red flags. AK can choose to ignore them but I do believe she’s smarter than that .

    I’m a firm believer that where there’s smoke …there’s fire. A man’s outward actions reveal alot about his inward character.

  • gmaire

    Alicia..just accept your status. Stop apologizing stop the excuses and accept that you are who you are and that you aren’t changing any minds around here.We all know about your not so secret “secret” birthday bash thrown for swizz a the Guggenheim when he was still touting his wife and children around AS his wife and children. We all know you were chillin long before the separation..We don’t have to like it but we know it and accept it as fact. now it’s your turn,. Stop talking about this and give us more quality music.

  • YOUL

    i’m surprised she married swiss beaks

  • Lady P

    Amen to this!!!

  • TrueBeliver

    can i just say i really like alicia’s hair cut

  • lilkunta

    @magnolaia: very well said. hit on all points.
    how you get him is how YOU WILL LOOSE HIM.
    and YOU KNOW THIS AK. Why are you always in studio w him when he is working with ladies? For example you stayed with him when he was working with Nicki Minaj !

  • lilkunta

    gamechanger: mashonda did try to erpair the marriage. they went to counseling and had moved back in together. but AK kept calling and that took SB interest from focusing on repairing his marriage.

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