Baltimore bus fight

While public transportation is overwhelmingly safe and moves millions of people each day without incident, the past month might have you thinking differently.

First, the infamous bus driver “uppercut” video went viral after a Cleveland, Ohio bus driver was caught on camera viciously beating a woman who spat on him, and now a Baltimore bus driver is making news for a similar brawl.

On Monday, a fight between a bus driver and teenage passenger broke out and quickly hit the web. The video, which does not capture the beginning of the conflict, shows the two women engaged in a serious fight. The teen is seen kicking and punching the driver several times until the older woman overpowers her and pins her down.

The bus driver repeatedly tells the teen, “You wanna fight somebody? Does it make you feel better?”

When asked why she and the teen got into a fight, the bus driver tells a passenger, “It’s about being disrespectful.”

The timing of this incident, just a month after the vicious Cleveland fight, has caused many to ask what kind of conflict-resolution training MTA workers receive. According to Terry Owens, spokesmen for the Maryland MTA, drivers are taught to simply steer clear of negative interactions with passengers.

“While they receive some conflict-resolution training, our procedure is for operators not to engage a passenger if there’s a problem on a bus,” Owens said. “Our operators are trained to call a supervisor. If there appears to be any serious threat of bodily harm, then they are expected to call radio dispatch and have a police officer come to the scene.”

The driver and the teen were both questioned by Maryland MTA officials and the police, and the driver has been suspended pending an investigation into the incident.

  • Britt

    I saw this video on another website and I wondered why it didn’t cause as much outrage like the Cleveland bus driver “uppercut” situation. We have to do better.

  • TooMuch

    That “uppercut” was so awful. I still can’t remove that image from my mind. This is not good either, though.

  • Christa

    Why can’t people get on the bus, have a seat, and get off at their stop? It should never have come to this. Bus drivers also need a plan of action when a situation is about to get physical. Call the cops, kick them off, but putting other people at risk is not ok!

  • Starla

    Ritalin kids and overworked, underpaid drivers make for a bad combination.

    Just like the last time, I did not watch this video, but those stills look funny..I feel bad for saying

  • Pink Lipstick

    I can’t really offer an opinion because I do not know how or why the fight broke out.

  • __A

    No home training.

  • Perspective

    You know she lost cause she light skin though right?!

    Sumo black woman WINS! FLAWLESS VICTORY

    Why do stereotypes have to play out in real life as much as people want to deny them?

  • Liz

    eat a d*ck.

  • Tonton Michel

    How about we address the real issue, their are a whole lot of obnoxious teenagers and ratchet women who are more than deserving of getting that jaw tapped deserving of their. No one has to put up with this yet it is growing attitude and one that seems to find pleasure in bullying people in the service type jobs.

  • Ann G

    So from now on is it safe to say that the new protocol is to film a fight on a cell phone instead of PULLING THE PEOPLE APART??? So confused!!!

  • C

    Probably because nobody got uppercutted. And also because two female people were involved instead of female and male.

    I wonder what happened before the camera started rolling. How do you start fighting with a bus driver? I mean, how hard is it to just ride along like everyone else and keep to yourself? Ridiculous that all people were doing was laughing and recording.

  • Catpopstar

    This is about being disrespectful? In all seriousness, she’s in the service industry. No one there gets respect, but you can’t just start beating on people.

  • paul



    you’re an idiot

  • sblazer227

    Umm, i didnt see a fight/brawl. I saw a bus driver subdue and woman who was hitting her. I never saw her hit back. As far as i cant tell from the tape, she was attacked.

  • D.T.

    I’m way too pretty to break up fights.

  • D.T.


  • Anthony

    What I notice3d is all of the young people who are telling the bus driver that she is wrong. There are way too many young people who have no respect and who seemed to be shocked when an older person does not take their foolishness. I am not endorsing bringing back the “board of education,” but something needs to be done to make kids understand early in life that disrespecting authority is a quick ticket to a world of hurt and headache.

  • Pink Lipstick

    Who knew that idiocy could be so astounding….

  • templet00

    Doesn’t look like the bus driver had any home training either. But according to her employer, she does have & should know the procedures for handling problem customers & this isn’t one of them. Now she’ll lose her job like the uppercut senior citizen.

  • Debbie F.


  • Leggz

    These youngens in this world are so foul mouthed because their parents can’t do ish with them but you best believe they gonna learn respect somewhere in this world! You just can’t go around bad mouthing and disrespecting grown folks and think its cool…..not!

  • JaeBee

    She didn’t start “beating on people”. The young girl started hitting her. The bus driver grabbed her, pinned her down, and prevented her from continuing to hit her. I didn’t see the bus driver throw one punch, though she did throw the girl’s body around a bit in an attempt to dodge her punches and get her in a place where she could pin her down.

  • EST. 1986

    How does one start fighting with a bus driver? It happens when a bus driver initiates the fight, which this bus driver did.

  • EST. 1986

    She’s been suspended and the police have issued a statement saying that because they did not witness the fight, they cannot arrest the bus driver.

  • EST. 1986

    Don’t be so quick to run to the bus driver’s defense. SHE was the one who initiated the altercation.

  • edub

    I hear you. It was very disturbing.

  • binks

    Sadly that sounds to much like right for some people these days. Laying your hands on someone should be THE last resort I don’t care how ratchet or disrespectful this is crazy. And the people laughing and videotaping didn’t make it any better. People are loose cannons these days especially on public transportation and the service industries

  • EST. 1986

    I provided factual information.

  • YiaYia


    nowadays, young black males are too busy shooting each other without a care in the world. why are you more scared of black girls than the former?

  • AnnBEE

    What bothers me the most is that no one was helping the bus driver it is very clear that she was restraining the young lady who was down right rude and continued to pursue attacking the driver with punches. Is this the society we live in instead of helping someone out, they stand there laughing and catching it on camera.

  • Shirl

    Didn’t see how the fight started so I can’t comment too much in it. I do know that recently my granddaughter and I had to leave the pool because of the behavior of several young people that were there that day. I can’t sit on my balcony and enjoy the evening breeze without listening to foul language coming out of the mouths of the teenagers hanging out in front of the building. I had to use public transportation when my car died and was extremely embarrassed by behavior of the kids on that bus. I don’t dare say anything to them. I tried once , I was laughed at, cussed at and called names. A lot of, not all, but a lot of young people have no respect for anything or anyone.

  • Fantastico

    @ EST. 1986 Where you there? How do you know the bus driver started it? The video does not start at the beginning of the altercation.

  • EST. 1986

    I live in Maryland, so I have seen this story get reported on every local station. A witness to the fight stated that the bus driver pulled over the bus, walked to the back of the bus where the girl was and initiated the fight.

  • EST. 1986

    The bus driver started the fight, which is probably why no one helped her.

  • hmmmmm

    This is really the issue and the timing is perfect. We talk about the violence of men and it is addressed here and in other forums. But we know there is another side to the issue and folks get real silent for some reason. Are we teaching our girls not to put their hands on people?

  • kailasmithKaila

    HAHAHAH that one person who is just sitting there continuing to play their video game!

  • Keepitreal

    WTF are parents today doing errr not doing???? Seriously, these kids are out here like wild animals. SMH

  • Kay

    What really bothers me is that people are laughing as if violence is funny. I’ve seen this happen so many times, whether people are the victim or the perpetrator, it won’t matter, people will crowd around, laugh and not try to stop the altercation. But on another note, I wonder what’s going on in these children’s homes that they feel it’s okay to hit anyone, let alone a person who is much older than them. Makes you wonder what kinds of things are going on behind closed doors.

  • Kay

    So they don’t try to help the girl by stopping the fight either? They just stand there, laugh and giggle?

  • elle

    But did you see the fight? That’s the question. A witness’ report can sometimes be misleading. However I think incidents such as this are getting out of hand. Adults need to learn how to control their anger and be more professional and teenagers really need to respect their elders. They can’t go around cussing grown folks and not expected to be treated like crap!

  • Blue

    Agreed. But we live in a time where the parents don’t teach respect. Kids talk back to parents. I’ve seen parents sit & have a debate with kids. When I was young there was no debating. Kids are quick to say “You ain’t my mama”. And if you go to the parent saying “your kid did such & such” The parent sides with the kid & is ready to jump down you’re throat about it even if the child was in the wrong.

    You have to teach kids how to respect people that are over them. No matter how old you get, there is always going to be someone you have to answer to.

  • anmk215

    This is not Media Take Out.

  • EST. 1986


  • EST. 1986


  • lol

    hmph! lack of proper discipline and parenting i can tell you that much…

  • lol

    it’s not an issue of helping either side, it’s a matter of stopping the fight. the bus driver was trying to restrain in order to stop her.

  • Smilez_920

    2 things

    1) until I see a beginning To this video, I can’t really say the bus driver was in the wrong. It looks like the driver is trying to restrain this young lady so she can physically remove her off the bus .

    2) it’s easier to talk about breaking up a fight then actually doing it. How many of you have broken up a seroius physical fight between two adults you don’t personally know .

  • Lola

    Please every race on earth will cross the street when they see one black boy/man let only a group.

  • JaeBee

    So, according to Est1986 (and a “credible” witness) the bus driver just got up outta nowhere and decided to start a fight with a random passenger. Yeah, sure…

    That said, the video clearly shows that the passenger was the first one to hit the bus driver– “credible” witness statement be dayumed–and initiated the physical altercation.

  • EST. 1986

    “So, according to Est1986 (and a “credible” witness) the bus driver just got up outta nowhere and decided to start a fight with a random passenger. Yeah, sure…”




  • EST. 1986

    If you watch the video closely, you will see that they are fighting near the rear of the bus. If the girl started the fight, that would mean she would have had to walk up to the front of the bus, hit the bus driver and then run back to her seat. If it happened that way, the bus driver would have had time to pull over, exit the bus and call the BC police and the MTA police.

    The bus driver ended up at the back of the bus fighting the passenger, because according to the reports, she pulled over to confront the girl about playing loud music.

  • Traci

    thank goodness for the rating bar on this site, I don’t even bother reading the stupid comments anymore

  • Traci

    Well maybe 10 to 15 years ago good folks would try to de-escalate the situation and break up the fight. But nowadays you have a bunch of low-education, social media addicted nigrums (of all races) who would rather sit around and cackle at the misfortunes of others, right up until their own karma catches up with them

  • Sweetles

    But did you see the size of that woman? I wouldn’t have been trying to break up that fight either. The best I can do is call the cops. And I am with D.T. on this one, I am way too pretty to be breaking up fights.

  • chanela17

    that’s why more than one person with morals would break it up. not just one.

  • chanela17

    honey yasss!
    at a costco this lady was doing samples and had a hot stove on and this 4 year old reached over towards the stove and the mom wasn’t around. the lady said ” no no no that’s hot! be careful” (she is a mother herself so her instincts kicked in) and do you know that kid’s mama came around the corner and tore the sample lady a NEW ONE for saying no to her son? she was like ” you are not a parent. you don’t say no to my child!”

    unbelievable how silly these “parents”are.

  • Bella

    This is why I support the african method of raising children. It’s ‘one village raising a child’ for a reason. Respect if so much higher in so many other places. A child DARE hit an elder? All I can do is LAUGH out of fear for what would happen to that child. “you jumped in my face like you was retarded?” I’m so confused at how some people have the gaul to even say such things to an adult old enough to be your mother. How can an issue even esalate to such a point? It baffles me. It’s very sad especially because this wasn’t always the youth of America.

  • Ann G

    Thanks chanela17. I guess I’m ugly enough to help folks.

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