Bangs like Beyoncé — How To Trim Them At Home

by Krystal Franklin

Beyoncé recently went back to her “Me, Myself and I” days with lust-worthy eyebrow-grazing bangs, and she’s not alone. The ‘bangs’ look is back with, well, a bang for Fall with celebrities such as Eve, Jennifer Hudson and more giving the look a spin.

Before you dare venture into bang terrority on your own, take heed to these tips:

-Grab a sharp, pointed pair of shears, no longer than five inches.

-Always start with dry hair. You never want to cut your bangs while wet because they’ll shrink when dry and look too short.
-Comb downward from the top of the middle section and hold the hair, at eye level, within the teeth of the comb.
-Hold the scissors vertically and begin trimming the hair across the length of the comb.
-Continue until all of the hair has been cut and the bang is formed.
-Style your hair accordingly. To achieve a wider bang, add more hair to the middle section prior to combing and trimming.

Would you cut your own bangs, Clutchettes? What do you think of the look?

  • Tallulah Belle

    What difference does it make how Beyonce’s bangs are trimmed? Isn’t that just a big ‘ol blonde wig? She can cut those bangs on a styrofoam dummy. I am confused. It’s not like her bangs are going to grow or frizz up or change in anyway. It’s a wig, folks….

  • EST. 1986

    Another Beyonce post?

  • Clutch

    Yes :)

  • Pseudonym

    hahaha! yES! I just scrolled down to type this comment:

    “You forgot Step 1: have on fake hair.”

  • Hmm?

    This article is telling you how to achieve the look, regardless of the fact that it’s a wig. We all know B wears wigs and weaves.

  • Pseudonym

    Yes…but for most people, you won’t get bangs this thick while having the part so close to the front of your head. Hence, the directions to have some filling fake hair.

  • WhatIThink

    Yes you too can rock that white girl look just like…. Beyonce!!!!


  • Kanyade


    I liked the “Me, Myself and I” era wigs, weaves, falls, bangs, layers, highlights, lowlights, etc. :)

  • Gennatay (@gennatay)

    Soo..bangs are only for White girls now?

  • Tia

    People LOVE to hate on Beyonce! lol..her bangs are fierce. get into ‘em!

  • laughing808

    I’ve trimmed my own hair in the past, so I would consider cutting my own bangs.

  • WhatIThink

    Of course anyone can wear bangs. But what group of people has to spend thousands of dollars on fake weaves and extensions or relaxers to wear them? Only black folks. And if you notice the photos Beyonce almost looks white in some of them….

    So my point is obviously are black women adopting these styles really paying attention to the not so subtle message that only white hairstyles are beautiful…..

    Not as well Beyonce is a spokesperson for Loreal who makes money off her putting out such nonsense to black women.

    And only black women go for that mess.

    You don’t see anyone selling afro textured hair to any group of people who are non African. And even Africans on the continent are adopting weaves and extensions in imitation of the Africans in America. So they are all looking down on Afro textured hair as not “beautiful” enough or somehow not “flexible” enough on its own. And who has been saying that for the past few hundred years other than the white dominated beauty industry?

    Will you buy anything they sell you just because you see it advertised by someone who looks like you whether they identify with you or not? Not to mention most of these companies don’t even employ black folks….

  • Gennatay (@gennatay)


    “So my point is obviously are black women adopting these styles really paying attention to the not so subtle message that only white hairstyles are beautiful”

    I guess the correlation of bangs and race when over my head or, its not really that serious.

  • Maria

    Beyonce! I love her!!!

    Ive wanted to try bangs but I always opt for the part down the middle with my bangs feathered back or I wear a side swept bang.

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