Beyoncé recently went back to her “Me, Myself and I” days with lust-worthy eyebrow-grazing bangs, and she’s not alone. The ‘bangs’ look is back with, well, a bang for Fall with celebrities such as Eve, Jennifer Hudson and more giving the look a spin.

Before you dare venture into bang terrority on your own, take heed to these tips:

-Grab a sharp, pointed pair of shears, no longer than five inches.
-Always start with dry hair. You never want to cut your bangs while wet because they’ll shrink when dry and look too short.
-Comb downward from the top of the middle section and hold the hair, at eye level, within the teeth of the comb.
-Hold the scissors vertically and begin trimming the hair across the length of the comb.
-Continue until all of the hair has been cut and the bang is formed.
-Style your hair accordingly. To achieve a wider bang, add more hair to the middle section prior to combing and trimming.

Would you cut your own bangs, Clutchettes? What do you think of the look?

  • Maria

    Beyonce! I love her!!!

    Ive wanted to try bangs but I always opt for the part down the middle with my bangs feathered back or I wear a side swept bang.