• Roses


  • 253525

    I’ve always felt C Michelle is crazy talented even though I really wasn’t feeling he last album or mix tape. I like this though, even though her style switched up so much I didn’t realize it was her the first time I heard it.

  • JN

    Whatttaaa great song to play during sex…ahhhhh

  • tt

    nice !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • RenJennM


    I’m always amazed at how these singer/songwriters who I’ve never met before could take thoughts from my mind and pieces of my life, write lyrics, and create songs.

    Dope track. Explains how I view my love life and most of the dudes I’ve dated. And mannn, was she captivating in the video. She did this!

  • Amber

    I really wanted to like this but..meh. Maybe some of the other songs will tickle my fancy.

  • Treece

    Only half way through the song and I love it! Love u Chrisette : )

  • KelleyB.

    Simply amazing.

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