Last night, I had a good laugh while watching “Real Housewives of Atlanta.” Kenya Moore, one of the newer castmates on the Bravo show, prepared for a dinner date with her beau, Walter. Kenya has been very vocal on the show about wanting to get married and in pursuit of a proposal, she purchased a pre-cooked dinner from Whole Foods and pretended as if she cooked it herself. The former Miss USA even went so far as to spoon some of the pasta dish into a pan to give the impression that she spent all evening slaving over a hot stove. All in the name of being claimed.

Kenya is on a mission to get Walter to put a ring on it by any means necessary, and the first step on her task list is to offer him a homecooked meal with the promise that “every night will be like this.” You may chuckle too at Kenya’s expense, but she’s not the first or the last woman to think she can work her way into a lasting marriage.

There are women who look at dating before marriage like they’re applying for a job. They do everything in their power to appear perfect during the trial period (dating) to get hired (engaged). They cook, clean, stay in shape and answer to their mate’s every command in the bedroom in an attempt to lock him down. Instead of focusing on building a relationship with substance, they fixate on hitting every mark on their man’s checklist for what makes a good wife.

The obvious problem here is that the man is falling in love with a facade. In trying to be perfect, the Kenya’s of the world are failing to be honest about who they really are. But there’s also the reality that you can’t force a man to commit if he’s not ready or interested. All the cooking and cleaning in the world won’t change that.

What are your thoughts, Clutchettes? Is it possible to “earn a ring”? Tell us!

  • Billy Paul

    Preach, my brother!

  • Billy Paul

    Interesting comment; however, may I add that your assessment is arguably reflective of delusions of grandeur. ALL (read 99.9999%) women have to compete mates.

    Be not mislead, neither youth, finances, nor physical features are, by themselves, sufficient for one to secure a mate. One must bring additional accoutrements to the bargaining table.

    Carry on, family.

  • Billy Paul

    I concur.

    The current state of affairs as per demographics show that there is an excess of women. Don’t take Billy’s word for it, go do some research for yourself. As such, no learned man in his proper mind would work for that which is in excess supply.

    We all took business/math/stats and the law of supply and demand states that (and Billy is paraphrasing here) the price of an item increases as its scarcity increases.

    Unfortunately, most of my esteemed brethren may not have received the memo as of yet.

    For example, take NYC. It’s a land where there are more educated, successful, and attractive women than there are men of similar qualities. It’s a buyer’s market, ladies.

  • Velma

    Sadly she needs to be in therapy with someone other than a family member. I agree she is fooling herself, and no he is not in love with her. But I suspect that this is what she has been doing for years.

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