Elmo actor Kevin Clash has resigned amid claims of underage sexual abuse, Sesame Workshop revealed today.

Kevin Clash was first accused of an inappropriate sexual relationship by aspiring model Sheldon Stephens, who has a history of arrests including allegedly robbing a former boss of a $250,000 necklace at knife point.

Stephens recanted his abuse claims but later expressed regret over signing the $125,000 deal which required him to take back the allegations.

Kevin Clash is now being sued by Cecil Singleton, who claims he met 32 year-old Kevin in a gay phone chat when he was only 15.

On the heels of both Stephens and Singleton’s claims, Clash resigned from Sesame Street. Sesame Workshop released this statement: “Unfortunately, the controversy surrounding Kevin’s personal life has become a distraction that none of us want, and he has concluded that he can no longer be effective in his job and has resigned from Sesame Street. This is a sad day for Sesame Street.”


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  • The Comment

    When people do something soo awesome…as in create a lovable character for toddlers to go nuts over….. I want them to just fix their mess and get on with it. You know?

    Were they really under-aged? Really???? You’re on a gay chat line and now you claim you were taken advantage of. Really? How does that work? So now we got to scramble to find a voice that matches the original. These blood suckers. Can’t see the bigger picture for shit. Out of all the suga daddies you got to f*ck up Mr. Clashes career.

    Now Mr. Clash…….just fix it. You are not the first married man/gay man w/kids…..to get busted. It is not that deep anymore. Just keep it moving. We all got big azz bones in the closet and thank god we ain’t famous.

    • The Other Jess

      It’s completely wrong for anyone, men or women, gay or straight, to sexually approach underage boys or girls, or even barely legal boys or girls. Child molesters and pedophiles are almost like murderers – they ruin many lives, cause psychological damage to the victim, and keep a cycle of abuse going since many of those who have been abused as youths go on to later repeat the same crime against other youths.

    • The Comment

      True. But these men are a millions miles away from being victims. Mr. Clash was probably more than gentlemanly with them. Probably the best they ever had and this is what he gets in return.

    • Mademoiselle

      They keep several muppeteers trained. I don’t think they’ll have a hard time finding an Elmo voice replacement. The only harm to the show would be if parents haven’t shielded their children from this news.

  • Where there’s smoke there is fire. There is nothing glamorous to be gained by these men for these allegations; such allegations should always be thoroughly investigated and the truth found out. I feel no sympathy for Clash.

    • Yvette

      Revenge and money are certainly things to be “gained”. Not saying that’s what happened in this situation, but they are reasons why people make false allegations.

  • RJ

    The guy who is accusing him now is 35 years old and is saying this happened 20 years ago. Why not go to he police? Why are you suing him for 5 million dollars. The guy who originally made these accusations has a felony criminal record including the robbery of $250,000 worth of jewelry at knife point. I call bullshit on all of this.

    • The Comment

      bullchit x’s 100!

    • RJ

      Oh, and another thing. This is what happens when you are famous and lead a closeted life (not saying he wasn’t out to his family). People can take advantage of you and prey on the fact that the public does not know about your sexuality. Notice how this kind of stuff never/rarely comes out about men who are openly gay.

      I honestly think that Kevin Clash is being set up by these folks who have nothing but money to gain from the situation. Sesame Street conducted their own investigation into the original allegations over a year ago and determined that there was no wrongdoing. I feel like they would have every reason to dismiss Kevin Clash if they felt like it would harm their brand. And they didn’t, which says a lot.

      I feel horrible that his legacy is being tarnished by all of this nonsense. This is a lesson for older gay men, stop messing with these emotionally volatile younger guys who have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

    • Chillyroad


      Excellent points. That’s why what happened with General Patreas was a big deal. People can be black mailed. Imagine if one of the women Patreas was involved with was an agent of a hostile government. It sounds like fiction but its not unprecedented. Every man has a weakness.

      I hope the allegations aren’t true.

    • Exactly, it looks like they are just want money. The fact that the first accuser recanted the allegation and then wanted to say he was bullied into taking $125,000 casts serious doubt over all of this. I have NEVER heard of someone accusing someone of sexual abuse and asking for money first before the criminal trial. If this is all false, Clash should definitely sue them both for defamation.

    • Purple Rain

      Right! If these were such heinous crimes, why didn’t BOTH accusers just go to the police? Why is this a civil matter at all? Especially when there is no evidence to substantiate either claim?? This is about money and nothing more!

    • The Other Jess

      Either way, Mr. Clash still admitted to being with a young man who was 17/18 years old at the time. While technically legal in New York, that is still MUCH too young for a very grown man to approach him sexually. It’s wrong and who knows? Maybe the original accuser was previously abused as a child which is why he ended up prostituting himself later in life and looking to Clash for sex.

      Child sexual abuse does horrible things to people mentally. Many act out in ways that are detrimental to themselves, including acquiescing to inappropriate relationships and turning to the streets. Child sexual abuse should never be taken lightly, and Sesame Street is all about children and young teens.

      Clash should definitey be removed from any future jobs where he has contact with children and teens. Imagine if it was your young son or daughter being approached by a 40-ish/50-ish man or woman.

      We all make mistakes and I am not one to cast the first stone.But we must protect our children, by any means possible.

  • keep your dick in your pants?

    • Yvette

      In an adult, consensual relationship? Why?

    • his victims were children….

    • AM


      Hey boo.

    • i am keeping it in my pants…..

  • kc

    It’s unfortunate that Clash was outed in this manner. No one should be forced out of the closet. Otherwise, I feel no sympathy for him. He admits that he knew Sheldon when Sheldon as 16, but did not begin the relationship until he was 18. Really?!? We’re you scoping him out and waiting for the fruit to ripen? In what situation is it appropriate for a 45 year old to have a deep emotional and/or romantic relationship with a child, even if it’s not physical? Something’s fishy here… Clash will reap what he sowed.

    • Last time I checked, an 18 year old is an adult. And the age of consent in many states is actually 16 and in NY, where this allegedly happened, the age of consent is 17. Is it the most prudent thing for anyone who is a grown ass adult to do? NO. But, I went to college with many girls who were having affairs and sleeping with professors who were more than twice their age. As far as I know, it wasn’t illegal – even though it was inappropriate. And at the end of the day, that’s what matters.

    • “Last time I checked, an 18 year old is an adult”

      sorry, you are not supposed to be fucking the young ones….