Not every trend that comes down the runway translates for everyday life and to be honest, we pegged grey lips as one of those sensations. Grey lips were recently introduced at the Doo.Ri Spring fashion show and now, retailers are investing in the look.

Fashionista reports that Estee Lauder has a gray lipstick coming out this Fall:

Estee Lauder’s version, while it looks scary in the tube, is actually a “luminizer” –meaning it’s meant to be layered over another lipstick. It adds a bit of shine and shimmer and can tone down a super bright color, making it more seasonally appropriate. I tried it on its own, adding it on top of a colorless lip liner in cautious swipes, and I didn’t hate what I saw. It has a bit of a dark 90s vibe but with a little shimmer to soften it up.

Glamazons Blog featured MAC Grey Friday, which went on sale today:

Our beloved friends at MAC announced that they are releasing a “Grey Friday” lipstick and nail polish set, which will be available Black Friday on MAC’s website and at the NYC MAC Times Square location.

Though celebrities like Ke$ha have embraced the look, others feel it is too odd for everyday use.

What’s your verdict, Clutchettes? Would you rock it?

  • dee


  • CeeCee

    Eh.. no not really. I’m not a fan of grey lipstick.

  • silkynaps

    Oooh. Their mouths look dirty.

  • jcross

    Looks like death.

  • Geechee Goddess (@JumpJunkieJoe)

    Lol, the comments are so funny. I like trying different colors. If MAC hadn’t sold out, I probably would have tried their grey lipstick.

  • Niki

    a lot of us have grey lips….it is not a trend O_0

  • binks

    I pass and stick to my pinks, reds and nudes

  • TheBestAnonEver, Part 3

    If it has a purpleish undertone, I might. I like purple on me.

  • monastic_one

    Sadly, the zombie gray lipstick would look better on me than the feminine orange one that is also supposed to be the fashion craze. I hate what that says about me.

  • Cari Dee

    Fine for the catwalk…in real life though? Not going to the office lookin’ like that.

  • ebony sampah

    Its new and different. Like a new tribal look! I love it! Putting a shimmer on with it sounds perfect. I can picture an outfit with this. ********Low heel, tall boots; with leggings and a blazer. Rock on!

  • Nic

    Um, they look like Tyrone Biggums from the Chapelle Show. It definitely makes them look like they are smoking things on the regular…

  • B

    Um, naaaaahhhhh!

  • Keepitreal

    Leggings aren’t pants and looking like an ashy lipped corpse is not “tribal” LOL

  • Amy

    No I’m not feeling the grey lipstick. Especially for everyday use.

  • Marina

    Yes. I think it takes a woman who likes a bit of risk and play with the correct wardrobe.

    If done right, it can be very sophisticated. It would make heads turn. That is just the idea.

    You wear it because you are confident and feel you need something updated and a little daring in a more current time.

    It’s just as if a woman colored her hair blue/black for a season and you can only see the blue when sunlight bounces off the hair.

    As for the demographic of women who are most likely to use it in my opinion, they would be 18 – 40 and confident/strong personalities.

  • Zaza

    TLC looked great rocking a silvery grey lipstick in the Creep video back in the day, but me wearing it out to a bar?; mmm no thanks!

  • saysomethinelse

    Right! We’ve been there, done that. As the bible says there is nothing new under the sun.

  • bijou

    Looks good on dark skin!

  • Laa

    Personal Opinion: Looks zombie-ish

  • Apple

    Looks good on Chanel iman but I don’t have the lips for lipstick

  • stacy


  • James

    Halloween comes once a year, and it is now officially over! Move on all you ghouls and goblins. Please, ladies. Your natural look is the best. I am dead serious.

  • resey

    Um no looks like a black version of the grudge..

  • Blue

    No…they look like they have been a chain smoker since the age of 3

  • Anabelle Whitepaws

    They look like they have frost bite *_*

  • Skye Media Group

    Nope. They look smoked out.

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