There are few hairstyles that don’t look spectacular on Halle Berry from her close-cropped cut to her long wavy locks. But it’s rare that you see the Academy Award-winning beauty with an afro. She tried the look for Interview Magazine Germany and the result is nothing short of stunning.

In the series of pictures, which range from close-up beauty shots to high fashion photographs, Halle Berry rocks an afro with flowers, sunglasses, eye-catching earrings and bold prints.

The beautiful shots are reminiscent of Diana Ross and even Solange, according to several commenters online. They are so gorgeous in fact one has to wonder if Halle would ever consider embracing the look for a movie or red carpet event.

What do you think of Halle Berry’s shoot for Interview Magazine Germany, Clutchettes?


  1. Ms. Vee

    That’s a beautiful wig. The only thing that would be better than that wig is a real black woman wearing a real Afro. Nonetheless, it’s a nice wig.

    • apple

      i don’t think her hair is capable of making a real afro..maybe a wavy fro if they pick it out?

    • Ms. Vee

      Perhaps her hair can naturally afro, perhaps it can’t. Who knows. Thus i emphasized the usage of an actual black woman. Then there would be no question. ;)

    • Daphodil

      A “real black woman?”

      Really? Who decides what constitutes a real black woman? How much black blood must one have to be considered “real?”

    • Ms. Vee

      Lets not play this tired game please. She has a white mother…shall i elaborated further? She is biracial. Face it. Nonetheless she looks great with the wig.

  2. mrsmarieyoung

    I think she look great in all her pictures, even with her ‘whiter’ looking nose. She is a woman who has the RIGHT to enhance or alter her natural beauty as she see’s fit! Thats the benefit of free will and being a strong black woman.

    Go Halle! Afro, press n’ curl or short cut… your HAWT!

  3. Living for this! It’s be be my second favorite editorial this year (closely following Yasmin Warsame, Flare Mag, Jan) I love her faux fro, and would rock one just like it in a heartbeat!

  4. HA! That first sentence was meant to read “It’s my second favorite editorial this year (closely following Yasmin Warsame, Flare Mag, Jan).”

  5. justanotheropinion

    Wig, no wig, natural hair in pixie cut or straight weave, photoshopped or not, glam clothes from a photo shoot or every day casual street clothes, mixed race or not, straight in the head or a little off, serial marry-ier or sworn to never never marry again but engaged, Halle looks good for 45/46. Why judge? Just appreciate beauty. We should all be so lucky.

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