In Defense of Chris Brown

by Demetria L. Lucas

Chris Brown is an **hole. I have to say that because at some point while reading this you’re going to think I am #TeamBreezy and I’m not. As I type this, I find myself a bit baffled at this unexpected stance, one I never thought I would take: of all things, defending Chris Brown.

You might have heard that Brown quit Twitter—yes, again—yesterday after an epic social media spat with comedy writer Jenny Johnson. Brown posted a picture of himself with the caption, “I look old as f***! I’m only 23…” Johnson replied to him, “Being a worthless piece of shit can really age a person.”

And then Brown, as expected by everyone but somehow Johnson, went nuclear.

He called Johnson a” bitch,” a “hoe” [sic] and suggested uh … that she remove her dentures before performing fellatio upon him. In turn, he would pass gas during the act. Possibly later, he would defecate in her retina. That’s the cleaned up version.

So, like I said, Brown’s an **hole.

And he’s immature.

And he needs more anger management.

And while we’re on what he needs, he needs not to be on Twitter or any other social networking platform. He’s proved multiple times that he is incapable of playing nice with others.

But he’s not the bad guy here. Or better: He’s not the only bad “guy” here.

His most recent meltdown quickly made headlines, the latest chapter in his Angry Black Man escapades. The coverage has taken a weird tone, painting Johnson as a damn-near damsel, a carefree comedian who was just having fun and somehow stumbled naively into the big, bad black man’s rage.

HuffPo was one of the first to pick up this story and referred to how Johnson “found herself the target of an extended vulgar, sexist response from Brown.” The title of the article refers to Brown’s “vulgar attack.” It’s like Johnson was sitting around tweeting about the Soul Train Awards, “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” or “The Walking Dead” like everybody else Sunday night and Brown randomly singled her out.

Uh … no. We seem to be forgetting this whole thing started because Johnson went around giving a f*** when it wasn’t her turn, and called Brown “a worthless piece of shit.” This isn’t the first time she has come for Brown. In a Paper magazine interview from May, she gloats that she “harassed” him for six months. She’s on record calling Brown a “shitbag,” and once, not even during an argument with Brown, suggested he “suck a gigantic bag of  d****.”

Jenny Johnson is an **hole too.

I’m not clear how she gets to call Brown “a worthless piece of shit” and somehow there are parameters put on the level of vitriol with which the attacked party—Brown—responds. I’m also unclear what world exists where it’s OK to use social media to harass someone—celebrity or not, likeable celebrity or not—for at least six months, then become the victim when the person responds. As one Twitter follower asked rhetorically, “How is Johnson not a cyber-bully? I’ll wait.”

Despite the spin other media has given this incident, there are no victims here. I only see two people, neither of whom are funny, who talk too much $hit, don’t know when to stop and long ago should have blocked each other’s tweets.

Demetria L. Lucas is the author of A Belle in Brooklyn: The Go-to Girl for Advice on Living Your Best Single Life (Atria) in stores now. Follow her on Twitter @abelleinbk.


  • Andrea Brown

    Totally agree. There’s been so, so much bias in the coverage of this story… many headlines from mainstream news sources saying that CB “assaulted” this woman. The word choice is very telling. They were both wrong, but I’m very glad that Chris has decided to take a hiatus from Twitter, for however long it lasts.

  • Flash

    From my knowledge this Jenny woman (who I have never heard of before and dont care who she is) has been harrassing chris for years now. Granted he should not have responded too her the way he did just block her but sometimes people just get tired and eventually go off (we tend to forget celebrities are humans too with emotions). If Rihanna wants to be with Chris she can they both grown, who are we to say she is wrong for loving him or that they cant be together. Chris apologized to Rihanna (the victim in that situation) so he doesnt owe anyone else anything.Society and people need to stop worrying about other people’s business and focus on more important things like your own life. Instead of wasting your time worrying what chris and rihanna doing or going on these social websites (twitter, facebook) to harrass these celebrities or whoever, go to a childrens hospital and volunteer, help victims who got hit by sandy, feed the homeless, or do anything positive.

  • Yvette

    Why is Jenny Johnson a “victim”? Simple. She’s an attractive white woman and Brown is the @sshole who beat his girlfriend. Apparently white women can get away with anything.

  • Gennatay (@gennatay)

    I agree with everything here.

    ‘I’m not clear how she gets to call Brown “a worthless piece of shit” and somehow there are parameters put on the level of vitriol with which the attacked party— Brown— responds” <— this is because no matter what Brown says or does, he will always be labeled the villain.

    I also think that instead of responding, Brown should have made good use of the block feature on twitter.

  • baucemag

    Preaaaaaaaach! Let’s be fair and recognize the craziness on all sides in this situation.

  • dee

    well said

  • http://clutchmagazine blcknnblvuu

    I’m no fan of Chris Brown but she seems to be obsessed over this guy and also that’s look like cyber bullying

  • bk chick

    No one would be talking about this if A) Chris deleted his twitter a minute ago, B) He did not respond or C) responded to her but shaded her instead of used vulgar language to attack her. He coulda put her on blast an made her look like a fool while looking like the mature one, maybe he could’ve written a paragraph about how she had been harassing him and posting images of all her harassing tweets..all I’m saying is it could’ve been done a different way. That girl has everything to gain and Chris has too much to lose. Now she gets what she wants with headlines bashing Chris. It’s ridiculous that someone is painting this girl as some unsoiled she-ro, but hey, white media. Chris needs to start acting like someone who is still under a microscope, losing money still because of “the incident”(Guyanna) and has to walk eggshells to preserve his image. It is what it is.

  • Sasha

    I don’t have much to add except the fact that I LOL-ed at this line, “It’s like Johnson was sitting around tweeting about the Soul Train Awards, “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” or “The Walking Dead” like everybody else Sunday night and Brown randomly singled her out.”

    Chris Brown is an asshole and I more than dislike everything about him but yeah this chick is an asshole too. They both need to grow up.

  • Luci

    Um… she called him a worthless piece of shit because HE BEAT THE LIVING DAYLIGHTS OUT OF A WOMAN. And then never showed a hint of remorse.

    He doesn’t need defending. He doesn’t deserve defending, especially not from people who happen to be black women.

    But what should happen is that other woman-beating assholes need to get the same treatment. I’m looking at Charlie Sheen (that motherfucker SHOT a woman!), Nicholas Cage, and all the other awful white men who don’t get called out for their abuse. There’s absolutely a racist bend to Brown’s treatment, but that doesn’t mean that he’s OK or in need of defense. There are just some other worthless douches who need to join him in the dunce corner.

  • Sasha

    Brown has never lost anything as a result of his actions. In my opinion he is no different than Lindsay Lohan. Both continue to be coddled and their ignorant, immature, childish encouraged while their illegal behavior seemingly have no legal ramifications because of their celebrity status. One thing that tickles me about him however is the first sentence on his Wikipedia page is “Christopher Maurice “Chris” Brown (born May 5, 1989) is an American singer, songwriter, rapper, dancer, actor, and convicted felon.”- at least the law got his conviction correct. Too bad the punishment did not fit the crime.

  • Yb

    I agree with most of the comments but just want to say: Chris looks like he’s on drugs. He is too young to look that sickly.

  • -A.

    I absolutely agree with everything said. I’m sure most will never forget Chris’s indiscretion, but does that doesn’t give excuse to bully him. Even if you think the person is an asshole, when your own actions are unprovoked, it’s still bullying. Johnson played with fire and got burned.

    You can’t move on or find penance if the assholes of the world won’t leave you alone long enough to find peace.

    That Brown needs to grow up, is clear.
    Johnson too…and she’s a grown-ass, married woman.

  • Man On Fire

    I totally agree. I would add that Brown is not just “the @sshole who beat his girlfriend,” he is “the scary Black man @sshole who beat his girlfriend.” So, it’s perfectly fine to insult him mercilessly and he shouldn’t dare respond.

    White females certainly have a free pass to do and say whatever they please to a Black man. The media coverage of this incident confirms that.

    I, also, commend Ms. Lucas for using her talent and platform to defend a brother and expose this disparity–despite the fact that Brown is definitely not the most sympathic figure.

  • mrie

    There is support for this woman, if you read her twitter, all she does is harass others. Swearing and insulting them………how is she any better than Chris Brown regardless of what he did in his personal life. And since when did the white media care so much about what happens to a black woman? i.e. caring about Rihanna so much that they cant get over Rihanna and Chris, yet totally forgets about their beloved Mel Gibson.

  • http://www.geekmommarants GeekMommaRants

    Actually he is a fool who cannot be setup or thrown behind bars, cause he can dance! This young man has decided he has no enemies and no one, I tell you, NO ONE is going to do anything to him! No human being would dare.

  • Lois

    Thank You @Luci

    F Chris Brown
    Chris Brown is a POS!

  • Sasha

    There is nothing scary about Chris Brown, I mean he looks like a deranged junkie most of the time which I guess is scary looking so ehh nevermind. I just see him as a very pathetic individual kind of how I regard a 3 year old who throws themself on the ground in a full fledged temper tantrum when his mother says he can’t have a piece of candy. Chris Brown is that pathetic child and maybe thats why he is coddled as such. Anyone is free to defend him for their own reason but I am of the opinion that this article is somewhat coddling him under the guise of defense.

    I don’t care much for the racial spin this piexce took but I’d sooner defend other more deserving Black men from the verbal “attacks” of White women such as the disgusting remarks Ann Coulter makes about our President or even Mike Vick. That Mike Vick situation pissed me off to no end- people outraged over the death of dogs when they likely treat other human beings like shit.

  • CJ

    I have 0 sympathy for Chris Brown. He is an adult and could have simply blocked Johnson on Twitter. Instead, he shows his gross immaturity and habitual poor decision-making skills by allowing himself to be egged on, to HIS detriment.

  • HowardGirl

    I’m not sure what people like you expect in the way of remorse.

    Is it pleading guilty despite having a bomb lawyer who could have gotten you off so the victim doesn’t have to go through a trial? [R.Kelly had a video of him and still got off so lets not pretend that Breezy couldn't have gotten off scot free]
    Is it apologizing multiple times via videos, news interviews, and written statements?
    Is it serving the sentence of community service and probation in such a manner that the judge found it exemplary?
    Is it donating time effort energy and money to causes for youth and DV victims?
    Is it continuing to participate in DV classes and other learning opportunities even after it is no longer required of you?
    I mean what else is a person to do to prove they’re remorseful? Should he tweet “I’m sorry” every day until you feel better? His judge and his victim have heard and accepted his apologies.

    Even “worthless douches” have rights. It is illegal to cyber bully even a “worthless douche”. And make no mistake what she did was cyber-bullying. What the media is doing by creating this B/S narrative of “angry black abuser” is cyber-bull-sh*t. I’m not here for it.

  • HowardGirl

    Demetria did not include this in here piece, but several other articles have noted that Brown did block her about a year ago.

  • bk chick

    Luci: Yes he doesn’t need defending. I will say I think the reason Charlie Sheen and Nick Cage (etc.) don’t get as much flack is because they are movie stars. They are not as personally accessible as singers, and Chris Brown is arguably the biggest pop/r&b singer out right now. He’s in our face all the time, singers are marketed as personalities as well as entertainers. Actors have the privilege of remaining enigmas (not all) to most of us because their job is to play other people. If Justin Bieber beat the ish outta Selena Gomez I’m sure you’d see a similar reaction (although I won’t deny the racial disparity).

    I also think pointing out how crazy this comedian woman is too is a tacit form of defense for Chris. Like I said earlier, this wouldn’t even be a story if he never responded.

  • Sasha

    Chris Brown is not a kid. He’s a 23 year old adult. To call him a man is a title he is not worthy of. She has been following (stalking is a stretch) him since 2009 when the incident occurred. At the time he was what 19/20? Old enough to be tried in a criminal court of law for his illegal behavior. To call him a “kid” is somewhat dismissive of everything he’s done to date and again is another example of how people enable and coddle him. If a 19/20 year old killed his girlfriend in a domestic violence situation similar to the Chris Brown/ Rihanna situation, would we refer to him as a kid? I think not. My 10 year old brother who punches our sister when he’s mad is a kid; a 19 year old who punches, bites, scratches and slams his girlfriend’s head into a dashboard and continues his streak of bad behavior is not a kid- he’s an immature adult.

  • LMO85

    Thank you. Demetria are you kidding me?! FUKKKK Chris Brown this worthless piece of Shyt does NOT need defending—and as per usual, here are all the BM identifiers running around coddling this azz hole. Who gives a fukk what white media portrays this as, who doesn’t expect that to be the case? Why does this sickly, diseased-infested looking ninja keep feeding the media fire, that is the question! But we already know the answer, as long as the majority of “DBR BM-coddlers” keep supporting fools like this, they will keep acting out. We can expect Rihanna to go back to him, most abuse victims take several times before they finally get a clue to leave the situation for good. That is fact, but what about the community they both come from? What is your excuse? Nothing new to see here folks. Same story, different day.

  • B.Payne

    All of the comments that says how immature he is, he should know better blah blah blah..

    PEOPLE!! HE’S 23 Y/O!! P.R. can’t tame a young black male with access and a fiery temp when he’s ready to blow…that’s something he’s gonna have to grow out of if he wants to.

    When you were his age, did you have the maturity of a 33 y/o? I didn’t! I didn’t have nearly as much access as Chris

    Granted, I wasn’t in the limelight and didn’t go to the extreme of harming my ex (smashing windows don’t count, lol) BUT I and I’m sure most of the young ppl his age have done some immature ish in our lifetime. Chris ain’t no different from the clowns on the corner despite his status and I know of plenty woman who were slapped/mushed in the head/pushed by their S.O. and still stayed with him (RiRi)

    I’m not defending Chris but gimme a break ppl…really? Stop acting like he’s the FIRST man on earth to harm a female.

  • Gennatay (@gennatay)

    It would not be a story at all. As the story says, shes been harassing him for years. And part of the reasons Sheen and Cage did catch as much flak is because we never say the injuries, Rihanna’s battered face was plastered everywhere.

  • bk chick

    @ Gennatay good point about the pics…that’s true too

  • Reneé

    thank you! Jezebel and so many other mags are letting JJ play the victim. whatever!

  • Gennatay (@gennatay)

    No one is defending what he did, but two wrongs don’t make a right. No matter what you think of a person because of what they did, what gives you or anybody else the right to bully them?

  • Ms. Write

    Not everybody that is immature is a complete and utter douche though. Abuse and immaturity are not the same thing and if he commits a crime tomorrow the judge isn’t going to excuse him for being in his early 20s. You can only ride that “young” pass for so long.

  • Ms. Write

    I can’t with either one of them. Demetria is right. Some people just don’t need Twitter accounts.

  • Starla

    Twitter allows you to block follwers. What was so hard for him to block this woman?

  • K. Michel

    I agree with everything the author of this article has said. I’ll certainly “defend” Chris in this particular instance.

  • chicnoir

    Some of us Black women just love to play that mammy role.

    Bottom line, Chris Brown should be forgotten. We cry when the mainstream does nothing about Black girls and women being attacked then we cry when they finally do something about it. We can’t have it both ways.

    Chris Brown and Rihannia are Bobbie and Whitney 2.0

  • Jaye@Curvatude


    This is exactly how I feel. I have been saying for months now how foul it is that people think it’s ok to essentially harass famous people and not be called on it.

    And it is harassment, to constantly tweet someone and saying all kinds of things as if they aren’t human.

    I hate that he basically made a bully famous. There is no way that a person should be put on a platform for calling another worthless.

    And of course Chris went overboard with his response but I can only imagine what it is like to be barraged with this type of harassment on a regular basis.

    I only wish that, as I have said for the last year or so that he would spend some real time on the couch and address whatever is going on within him.

  • Yb

    Really? You think 23 years old is too young to have acquired some goddamn sense?

    So when is the cutoff date for when people should start actually like decent human beings and productive members of society? 25? 30? 40? Never?

    And I’m not even referring to Brown, I’m just tired of people using age to justify poor behavior, this coming from a 19 year old.

    The excuses we make for black youth……smh

  • Rue

    Thank You! You do not get to cry sexism and vulgarity when you provoked a fight.

  • Miss Elisa K.

    You made some very valid points. I agree. Great article!

  • Lady P

    Chris needs to grow up and develop mental toughness. As long as he remain as a public figure or not, he will always have someone who will harass him because of his past.. I do agree he needs additional anger management. At the same time, he’s needs to learn how to roll with the punches. Everybody is not going to like him, never forgive him, and make statements he doesn’t like. By now, this type of JJ’s attack/harassment shouldn’t come as a surprise.

    Chris did indeed go WAY overboard. Those insulting statements regardless of the instigator were just not of Chris’ best interest. Maybe this (yet another) experience will confirm additional behavior guidance is needed. That account should have been blocked especially with ongoing negative activity associated with it.

  • apple

    they both aint sh*t .. moving along

  • Lady P

    As a Chris B’ fan, I know he can’t change his past; but he has to do better. It is time – 23 is young, but not for this type of behavior.

  • Lady P

    Darn — LOL!

  • JJ

    Why do black women continue to defend Chris Brown? I don’t even think he likes black women. At least not any darker than a paper bag. But yet we always run to his defense like fools. That Jenny woman wouldn’t have done that to a white boy but so what. I just could less about Chris at this point. He is an asshole. There are celebs who get harassed on Twitter just as much as Chris but no one is jumping to their defense. We all laugh and go along with it. I also find it funny that black men are largely silent on this because they could care less. And I agree with them. Let this man deal with his own issues. Stop babying these black men. Then we get mad when they don’t defend us because we aren’t teaching them how to be men.

  • lee

    Is it really your place to forgive him or is that up to Rihanna you know the actual victim? do you know him personally? has he been over your house…..I am going to say no, he made a mistake and paid for it what else would u like him to do? you have every right to dislike but i am guess he doesn’t give a shit if you do or not.

  • binks

    Co-sign on this whole article Demetria and the comments! I really hate defending immature people but this lady got what she wanted a blown up response from Chris Brown so she is not the victim in any sense in the word nor is he. Let’s call a spade a spade here and move on. And Mr. Brown needs to know that despite what he do in some people’s eye he is going to public enemy number 1 despite other celebrities’ scandalous pasts. So either he bails out of Hollyweird or get a proper PR person.

  • Keepitreal

    I’m not sure what DBM means but I will agree with the coddling statement, I have never ever seen one group coddled so damn much and folks wonder why so many don’t amount to sh*t when expectations are so low. One question to these coddlers, what is not defensible? Let’s see woman biting, stomping, leaving for dead is defendable. Animal torture is of course, defendable even “a little” molestation is defendable, so what exactly won’t you all defend?

  • Britt

    The hate that this comedian has for Chris, is bigger than the situation between him and Rihanna. It’s personal and this Jenny Johnson character clearly needs to get a life of her own and not be so consumed with the lives of celebrities. I don’t understand the logic of having anger towards a person you don’t know about an incident that had no affect on your life. It’s not about defending him, because he was wrong, but I do believe it was a two-way fight between he and Rihanna. Call me what you want, but Rihanna’s actions have proven my feelings right.

    For some of you to still be mad, when Rihanna isn’t mad makes no sense. If you want to do Rihanna a favor, buy her album “Unapologetic.” Ask yourself if you would still have so much hate towards Chris if Rihanna wasn’t this pretty pop princess that she is today….I’ll wait. Chris is not the only celebrity to have avoided jail time. Plenty of celebrities have been sentenced to jail, but were released hours later due to “overcrowding.”

    If a woman in your neighborhood was getting beat up by her boyfriend or husband, most of you wouldn’t do anything besides mind your business and gossip about it. So, please don’t act like you’re doing a favor to Rihanna or women’s rights by hating Chris because you’re not. It’s so corny.

  • Angry For No Reason

    What’s with the random left-field talk on brown paper and Black men? Rest assured Mr. Brown has nothing to benefit from your existence talk less of defense. You sound like a buffoon and are clearly in no position to teach anyone anything. Better off fixing your own issues, don’t you think?

  • Daddyissues

    I would expect someone named Demetria to defend the likes of Chris Brown.

  • Gotcha

    Chris Brown needs a PR.
    Why has it become “cool” to show one ignorance to the world? A lot of People constantly brings up his past because he hasn’t grown up, he’s constantly showing anger and being out of control while screaming “he’s a man”. Sure she said something stupid but PEOPLE are always going to say stupid things and he’s in line of work where that is going to EXPECTED.
    Of course his feelings going to get hurt, hes “human” as so many people point out, but you can’t react in such a rash way just because they are. That’s being a CHILD.
    They’re both victims of their own stupidity and irrational behavior. One shouldn’t be blame more then the other. The only reason CB is getting more attention because he added another notch to his belt of out of control mannerisms.

  • Cheers

    Uh Johnson may not have used the nicest language, but if you simpletons want to sit here and make this a race thing here is the deal: Her borderline childish little tweet calling Brown out on his bull is more than what any black man has done get this crazy man-child to appreciate the seriousness of his behavior. Johnson, to me, seems to understand something that many black women refuse to grasp: Sisters (no matter her color) before Misters (no matter his color). No excuses.

  • Gennatay (@gennatay)

    No matter what she may think she understands…What givers her the right to bully him. You are missing the point of the entire article.

  • jourdan

    I agree that there is NO victim here! CB needs to stay off social media if he can’t control his temper. Also, his “f*ck you” attitude isn’t making me believe that he’s truly sorry for what he did. The writer lady needs another hobby.

    However I can’t help but notice the media constantly picks out Chris Brown as a woman-beater. Other white male celebrities who’ve done the same thing just get a little article about how “they’re going to get help for their problem”. But when it comes to Chris, he’s the scum of the Earth, etc. etc. That rubs me the wrong way!

  • Relle

    I REALLY wish that people would understand that Chris Brown only needed to apologize to 3 people; Rihanna, his mother, and God. Chris did not hit me or any member of my family so I don’t need him to apologize to me.
    Yes, I do believe that Chris needs to grow up. He’s 23 now so he needs to man up and not respond to every person who says something mean about him. That’s life, deal with it! But people need to leave him and Rihanna alone. The two of them are trying to move on so let them. Too many people are obsessed about their relationship. If your life is that dull that you have to concern yourself with their personal life, not only will I pray for Chris and Rih but I’ll pray for you too.

  • Angry For No Reason

    DBR means “damaged beyond repair,” an acronym used by, ironically, damaged black females to refer to Black men on online forums because they feel abandoned by their fathers and/or rejected by Black men, and frustrated that their white saviors are nowhere in sight.

    Hope that helps.

  • Peace

    Anyone else besides me notice that recently Chris Brown looks like a crackhead in all of his pictures?

    Okay, now I’m going to read the article.

  • TAE

    Big up Demetria. And some of these comments on here are just plain foolishness. I feel bad for both Chris Brown and Rihanna as I have always believed they were both victims’ of what happened in the car, which nobody else was riding in but them, which resulted in the dissolution of a relationship, that nobody else was involved in but them, and it was and still is borderline disgusting to watch people feel like they are justified in condemning a person for a crime that they themselves were not personally affected by and because of a situation they don’t really know the full scope of. And they are so young, and most of the people doing the bashing and judging are old enough to be their parents or at least people they could look to for guidance.Unless you were in the car, accompanied Rihanna to the hospital, read the police report, or know Rihanna and Chris personally you need to mind your business. Period. Or if you’re going to speak on it say something that makes some sense and/or moves the conversation in a positive and constructive direction. If you really cared and if you were truly knowledgeable you would understand that Rihanna and Chris, as children of domestic violence, are predisposed to certain behaviors in intimate relationships. I’m not saying that all children who have witnessed domestic violence grow up to batterer’s or the battered but that experience does have effects on an individual but to simplify matters we can just call people who are trying to live with and work through these effects worthless pieces of shit and move on right? Most people don’t really care about what happened to Rihanna or “defending” her honor or the honor of all battered women or whatever it is they think they are accomplishing when they verbally assault or degrade Chris, all they’re really doing is perpetuating a culture of hatefulness and spite and maybe projecting their own traumatic experiences onto him so they can satisfy some need for retribution. I went a little off base I know, but this whole situation really bothers me. I used to work at a domestic violence shelter and I grew up in a domestic violence situation. This issue is real and a lot of young people are suffering because of it but we don’t really want to get to the heart of the matter or try to find a solution. We just wanna talk shit.

  • Gennatay (@gennatay)


  • Relle


  • Gennatay (@gennatay)

    I honestly think in order for them to really move on from this situation, they will have to do an interview together about it. should they have to, no. But the situation was made public and they keep publicizing it they in order to further their careers and move on, they have to fully address it.

  • hmmmmm

    If Rhianna looked like Mrs Celie from the “Color Purple” no one would give a hoot about her. Not the good “gentlemen” – white and black – who have taken the time to get on him for his behavior (including hypocritical Jay-Z); not Oprah; not half the folks commenting so intensely here; and certainly not this white woman, who could pick a bevy of better-known woman beaters who looked more like her daddy. Its sort of like OJ Simpson still being vilified (despite being tried) while Ted Kennedy is remembered as the Lion of The Senate.

    Folks – white, black, and otherwise – like to see a knew-grow get what he deserves even when the law has spoken.

  • B.Payne

    No one is making excuses for the black youth believe me and no, there’ s no age limit for foolishness but I don’t expect anyone that young with access having fun to behave like WE’D expect him to.


    But you’re right, Chris needs to grow up, yeah?

  • Yawn

    White guys and their corny fantasies

  • Erin

    The block, mute, report as spam button is only one click away on Twitter. Chris Brown, when he comes back and if he decides to tweet, should use it more often.

    I agree with the article. I’m not a fan of Chris Brown’s personality, nor would I defend his angry and immature outbursts, however, I saw a list of how many tweets this so-called comedian sent him harassing him. It had to be around 100. She’s as much of a douchebag as he is. This all goes to say that, you can’t provoke someone and be surprised when they react. Everybody is not going to be the bigger person.

  • Chillyroad

    @Angry for no reason


  • Treece

    LMAO! True

  • Love Sosa

    that woman was baiting him and then got mad at his responses. she deserved it.

    rihanna got over it, but people who weren’t involved can’t. i don’t understand. ok, i’m out.

  • Treece

    Yes! I am not a fan of either one of those fools (Chris, Rihanna, and I don’t even know who this Jenny so in so character is…) But we Black women need to stop defending Black men just b/c they are black. This man beat up his girlfriend and basically admitted everything she said he did. Then, he has a series of outbursts after the fact that just confirm the violent and aggressive personality people accuse him of. Yes the so called comedian was out of order. However, his vulgar tantrum is just proof of a fact that has been stated over and over again: he’s an a**hole! Why waste our breath defending this man when there are plenty of other black men out there worthy of out defense

  • MommieDearest

    “Apparently white women can get away with anything.”

    Indeed. White priviledge, gotta love it!

  • Smilez_920

    Yes. That woman is a troll but Chris makes it easy for the public to put him in a bad light. Yes he is young, but he is also an adult and he has to start making better choices . He could have ignored her , or his response should have been a little more witty than angry ( crusing etc..).

    We’re all human and of course all of our buttons get pushed, but you have to handle things in the proper manner. His career is partially based on public opinion , he has to understand that and cut the bad boy act out. Hopefully he gets some help for his anger issues, and a new PR team that can give him some much needed media training .

    As far as ppl still being mad at him , I think it’s pretty silly. You don’t have to like him, but he doesn’t owe you an apology, he hit One woman, that one woman has moved passed the situation. That’s the only person he owes and apology too.


    I agree completely with this post. I am not a supporter of Chris Brown, I don’t pardon anything he’s done or said. But I also do not think he should be subjected to verbal harassment/bullying because of past mistakes. Unfortunately, he’ll have to live with this for the rest of his life. Instead of insulting him, how about we recognize that he needs help.

    Don’t place judgement on someone because they made a different mistake than you. We have all done some pretty messed up things to others in our lifetimes. And if you haven’t, keep living.

  • Rosey

    I REALLY dislike Chris Brown but I wholeheartedly agree with this article. That woman can’t be both the aggressor and the victim in this situation.

  • Chic Noir

    Is this about light-skin versus dark-skin or good-looking women get better treatment? If it ‘s about the former, the media was all over Bobby Brown when he allegedly beat Whitney .

  • Joy May-Harris


  • Kat

    The quality of the articles in this online magazine have really declined over the past year. This article is a prime example. It’s irresponsible and dangerous for website geared towards young black woman to play apologist for a man that brutalized a young black woman and hasn’t atoned for it and continues to exhibit vile behavior in public. Shame on you Clutch! You’ve finally earned your place in garbage dump with World Star Hip Hop, Bossip, Sandra Rose etc

  • Violet Innocence

    Chris Brown is a sad soul. I think that his PR people should have made him shut down his twitter page a long time ago. This Jenny Johnson woman put her foot in her mouth.

  • binks

    Um…who is being an apologist towards Chris Brown here? Most people are calling him an a$$hole, immature, over the top, etc. nor are people excusing his actions of how he responded. Nobody is trying to be a champion here for this guy’s image but BEING OBJECTIVE and UNBIAS by calling a spade a spade in this situation which MOST people who gotten a word of this situation in the media didn’t do and completely disregarded this Jenny Johnson’s character. Shockingly, even criminals, unlikeable celebrities and a$$holes have a right to a fair assessment in which the author provided. That doesn’t mean people are holding him on a pedestal or condoning and pacifying his behavior.

  • alldawg

    As opposed to living in lala land in which you only read article that make you feel good on the inside. I think you came here not to know things, but to feel things, thats why this article dosent impress you. No one magazine can make everybody happy, no one person can make everybody happy “CB included” so why should this magazine be any different…

  • Kiki

    I really wish people would stop saying Brown made a mistake, like he took a wrong turn on a highway. He made choice, he choose to hit that woman and he choose to respond to this woman.

  • Michelle

    I couldn’t have said it better!

  • Anthony

    The Jenny Johnson/Chris Brown situation is a good example of how a blackface gets attached to a societal ill. Jenny Johnson is probably legitimately upset at the notion of violence against women, but instead of doing something meaningful to stop the situation, she focuses her anger on the convenient black boogeyman. Brown responds, and he affirms her black boogeyman notions.

    As for Chris Brown, he committed a crime, but he was arrested and served his sentence. Apparently he and his victim, Rhianna are cool, so as others have said, what goes on now is none of my concern. The rest of us need to let it go, whether we like him or not.

  • ang lukk

    maybe, just maybe, the media made a big deal out of this is because it is UNACCEPTABLE and DISGUSTING for a woman to have her face bashed in. no matter if the woman is black, white, orange, purple…..

  • Shepherd

    *sigh* yeah it’s possible that Chris Brown is being singled out as a woman beater because he’s black but what people also need to understand when they look at how vilified he is in comparison to his white counterparts are these facts: he hit a woman who is more famous and successful than he is, said woman is one of the most famous in the world, the police report detailing his violent acts was released, the pictures of the damage to her face was released, he was convicted and served a paltry sentence. Now just those points alone mean that he cannot reasonably expect the public to just forget it and move on. The fact that Rihanna has apparently forgiven him means nothing to me, beaten women are known to forgive their abusers easily. That being said, a man can change but based on Chris Browns behaviour, part of me doubts he’s reformed and I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if he hit someone again. I like his music but I don’t feel comfortable to buy it or go to his concerts, same goes for Rihanna. This comedian baiting him on twitter is indeed an instigator and probably attention hungry but Chris should know the drill by now. No sympathy for either party

  • kOOLA


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  • hmmmmm

    Whitney like Rhianna was coveted by white men.I was referring more to the latter but the former applies as well.

  • c-me

    Sigh…. I of course do not condone with what Chris did. Not in 2009 and not this latest Twitter foolishness. However, Chris was 19 in 2009 when the Rihanna incident occured. Must he be condemned for the rest of his life? Why? Do you want to be reminded of all the bad things and mistakes you made when you were young? While i’m not saying everyone needs to run out an buy Chris’s albums. I also don’t think he should be subjected to attacks by grown (ass) women WITH kids. Why is she following his twitter?

    Let me say. Although I do think he is talented I am not a Chris Brown fan, mainly because i’m in my 40′s. I just think it’s time for everyone to let it go. Especially since Rihanna has.

  • Azaria

    Great Article! I felt exactly the same way .. They both are foolish and immature ( had to figure out who Jenny was at first lol) But seriously, he is silly for falling back into the same trap ( over and over) of looking like an idiot. Ms. Johnson seems to just want to be relevant amonst her peers. Very dumb dumb situation and a yawn if you ask me! The comments posted make very valid points. My only concern is for the young adults watching this behavior. And of course why people care so much about rich people and their downward spiral. let them destroy themselves or let them evolve . But worry more so about your miserable life! they are quite content with all this attention and record sells that will not stop. There are so many people who are hypocrites- i had to check myself at one point while judging some of these so called “celebrities” Been then i woke up and saw my bills that they are not paying . Wake up people !!

  • Anthony

    You are 100% correct! Brown needs to realize that he simply is playing out every possible stereotype when curses out a woman and tells her to fellate him or something else equally stupid on his part. As another poster said, Brown is young, but he is grown. He needs to take a break tatoos and dying his hair to learn some sense.

  • John W.

    Let’s take Chris Brown (the man) out of it for a second and look at the dynamics of the interaction. The bottom line is that Black men in general have to simply TAKE IT when others accost them. So often, we are made to make the “better decisions” because if we respond in a manner that ANY OTHER HUMAN WOULD, then we get worse consequences. This happens in the law, this happens in schools with suspensions, this happens with female passengers spitting on and hitting a bus driver, this happens with Jan Brewer wagging her finger in the President’s face. No matter what the situation, we are to always internalize it, ignore it, and move on to show maturity. Think about that for a second…Black men can’t even have human emotions in many cases because the outcome will not be the same.

    Now put Chris Brown back into it. He is immature, and he is a felon for beating Rihanna brutally. For this, he deserves a LOT of the flack that he catches, and that is a decision that SHOULD haunt him for the rest of his life. He, honestly, needs better people around him to tell him that his decisions will not end well for him if he takes the low road. It doesn’t work for Black men with spotless records, so it definitely won’t work for him.

  • mg

    We like Chris Brown and we especially love it when he does this kind of stuff. We want him to behave in a manner that makes our days fuller, vicariously of course. How else could we write articles and posts about him and others were it no so. This is a true love hate relationship. The media and bloggers love Chris, they buy his music, talk about his music, they report on what he is wearing, who is he working with, who he is sleeping with, or not, for views of course. Then they take anything he does and slant it one way or another, for more views of course.
    Just put a celebrities name in the headline never acknowledging their role in it all.

  • Child, Please

    For me, this article has the same line of logic used to defend this a$$ every time: she did it first so it makes it okay for him to do it right back. Folks used the excuse with Rihanna and and are now using it here. If he’s been ignoring it this long, why even pay it attention now?

  • Orange Starr Happy Hunting

    I appreciate most of this comment minus the bus incident.

  • bob

    so women should not take accountability for their actions, just men should be responsible for their actions. I dont think thats equality feminist fought for. :0)

  • T

    You know, I’m impressed with this article. It’s nice to know that the world hasn’t turned a blind eye to sympathy and compassion. Not that CB deserves any of that, but he IS human. No one is ever defined by one past mistake, and while wretched, he and his victim is on a path towards finding peace- the more others try to chime in and throw their 2 cents in about how he’s the world biggest jerk- why don’t people understand that they’re perpetuating the cycle of viscousness from him. I see a scared and immature boy who had to grow up in front of the world’s eyes and try to remake himself and become a man in front of a world that refuses to forgive him. People are mean and harsh, and those that hurt the most are the ones who are really hurting. he needs therapy, he needs a social media break (for a long long time) and he needs to learn how to not try to defend himself but do like the Bible says and turn the other cheek. If people keep thrusting this bad boy image on him, he will become it- self-fufilling prophesy. Support, encouragement, and proper help will solve this problem or a violent CB for EVERYONE!

  • T

    “i hope these drugs will be the end of him” – reflect and reevaluate please. that was disturbing

  • Child, Please

    I didn’t say that. However, regardless of the situation, the eye-for-an-eye attitude isn’t helpful, especially for CB. Since when is owning up to one’s actions resulting in twitter match with someone who’ve you ignored for this long and hurling nasty insults at them (mind you he does this specifically to women who attack them). Furthermore, since when does owning up to ones actions mean beating your girlfriend to death. Some seem to be calling payback and spite “owning up to one’s actions,” when (in this situation at least). CB should have maintained restraint as he has been and learn to control his temper as opposed to having folks constantly coddlenand defend him which this article does. CB has been defended endlessly this piece only allows him to think he can get off scot free. He seems to be one of those peopl who if you give them an inch, they’ll takes mile and an acre.

  • Child, Please

    Sorry for the errors; I’m using my iTouch.

  • alldawg

    I will buy his music, but what I wont do is blame all BW for my short coming with one BW…

    Why should I live as a victim when the grass is greener on the side of “self cleansing” one-self of bitterness…

  • alldawg

    DL Hugley was right, bw are angry…Years after an event, they just cant stand to see a BM happy, w/o some bitter person looking to strip him of his happiness…

  • nikki

    before reading the article i thought “not another chris brown story” *eye roll*

    …i’m sooooo glad i kept reading. thanks for offering a fresh perspective.

  • solfresh

    I actually agree with this entire piece and share the exact same view. Although how Brown reacts to situations are completely wrong, I don’t blame him for this one. I just wish he would stand by his IDGAF attitude. If you’re not gonna give a flying f*ck, then why throw twitter tantrums and delete your stuff every time you go on a rant? Although it is quite possible his people deleted his twitter, still pick a side or better yet just stay off Twitter.

    I only wish Chris would have had better, funnier, classier comebacks than his original ones. Smh.

    Brown can definitely do better, but this whole let’s “crucify him every chance we get in the name of feminism” needs to end. I’ve noticed it’s been mainly white women who can’t seem to let this nearly 4 year old mistake go. Which is IRONIC, the women who harass him for abuse are in fact abusing him.

  • Patti

    Hurt people hurt people. Has anyone noticed that Chris is looking older and gaunt, maybe the stress of the world is takig it;’s toll, and bad judgement is a factor in his apparent decline. Where are the people that truly love him and will help him to get better, to grow stronger and gain insight into the world, his behavior and a better way? Where is his Mom? Last i checked she was on twitter swearing and acting like a kid herself. Someojne just stop their own opinion long enough to see he needs help, and tyhough you guys don’t like it, je is human, he has made mistakes and no one is helping him to get past it. We keep demonizing our men and their bad behavior but no one’s advocating healing, counseling or any other road to his own personal redemption

  • Jive Turkish

    I am reminded of an incident with a colleague who made a point to harass me (because I wasn’t interested in dating him). I dealt with it internally because it was ‘my word against his”. Well one day in front of my boss and another colleague, he made a racially disparaging remark targeted at me (I’m the only black person in the group). Internally I was raging but I said calmly, “Why don’t turn around and stop talking to me”. He started whining and said some mess about no one caring about him and threatened to kill himself. My boss and the other woman started to coddle him, “there, there, don’t say such things…” It was as if he said nothing to me. I was invisible. He’d become the victim.

    I don’t care about Chris Brown but I’m amazed that one can actively hate another person so damn hard that you have to follow them on twitter? Folks I don’t like, ‘I ain’t studyin’em’. I absolutely agree with the writer there is no victim here.

  • Carol Cotrone

    Way too much analysis here, overkill. Chris Brown = yuck, get away from it … and that’s all.

  • elena

    Good article, however, the media thinks it’s ok to highlight the mistake of black men and leave other alone. They need to be fair to all.

  • Lola

    Chris Brown had the same choice he had that night in the car with Rihanna: Walk Away. And he didn’t do it. He’s learned nothing. Until he exhibits some self-awareness, self-control, or growth I see no need to do anything but ignore him.

  • Perspective

    I LIKE DEMETRIA – She’s not ridiculous as some women who explode into an emotional nuclear bomb. My favorite Clutchess.

  • Christine

    Yeah except for the fact that he’s a public figure who influences millions of people, many of them young women who are defending him to the death. Also, he may have said “sorry” but he got her battered face tattooed on his neck. He hasn’t shown any true remorse and his verbal assault on Jenny Johnson has shown that. The affects of this kind of publicized behavior are real and you can’t deny it.

  • Christine

    If you think he’s in need of defending then you clearly have a poor image of what a black man can be.

  • CenterLeft

    Did Rihanna walk away? She had choices as well?

  • CenterLeft

    Why should he feel sorry? There are millions of young black males just like him that black women love to f**k and date!

  • CenterLeft


  • CenterLeft

    “You are ok with men abusing women I see!”

    I see you have a LOW IQ and must respond with ad hominems!


  • Lola

    That reminds me of a lesson my mother taught me as a child. “We do not use other people’s bad behavior to justify our own.”

  • Cia

    Chris Brown doesn’t need defending, asshole or not. We don’t need to feed the beast that is our obbsesson with this young man and his mistakes. He obviously needs help and is not getting it. Unfortuneatley this has happend to him while he a young man and will never leave him. PR folks have their job cut out for them and so does Chris Brown.

  • Danny

    This article stinks of codependency!
    Black women harangued him, He attacked Black women, Black women and men attacked him, as result of this now everyone has the license to attack him! Now Black woman defends him. Welcome home Chris.

  • Mina

    Can you stop talking about CB please? Nobody cares unless Rihanna gets beat up again really. And that was her choice to get back with him anyway so it’s whatever with that. Otherwise, who gives a crap if he and some unfunny, craptastic white wannabe comedienne go at it? They’re both immature and if he didn’t want his feelings hurt if she’s harrassed him for 6 months, he should have blocked her, reported her, did all kinds of things or taken her to court instead of blowing up! Sheesh! At least he could have made some money (millions) off of it instead of more negative publicity that’s not going to help him pay the bills. Real talk. SMH. But for real, I’m tired of hearing stories about dumbasses. Please be done with it!

  • Me

    That whole “role model” argument is so tired and dated. Its the age of the INTERNET. Kids and teens are shielded from NOTHING. Absolutely NOTHING. Now more than ever parents need to step in and explain how life works(or is supposed to work). There are no role models anymore. Even singers who start off with their clothes on eventually take them off(ie Brandy). Even if these people ruled their personal lives based on what other people think, their “entertainment” is hideous. Listen to their lyrics. Watch their videos. Parents to step up. Kids are more responsive to parents than parents seem to understand…

  • chrissy

    So TIRED of how people still give Chris more than 5 minutes of attention.

    So what?

    There are many other things to talk about then him going bananas on Johnson.


  • seritatheresa

    Why are you an asshole for responding to someone calling you a piece of shit to draw attention to themselves?

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