Iyanla Vanzant’s “Fix My Life” franchise is about to get even more real. Actress Maia Campbell is slated to appear on a special segment of the show called “Fix My Fallen Star” on November 17th. Campbell broke the news on Twitter and OWN confirmed it online. The segment will address Maia’s addiction and its impact on her life and those around her.

To call Maia a troubled star is a gross understatement. The daughter of late novelist, Bebe Moore Campbell, Maia made headlines three years ago for a viral video that showed her engaging in bizarre, unpredictable behavior. There were claims of prostitution and drug abuse.

The woman in the video was a far cry from the Maia Campbell the public remembered: a young Hollywood starlet with good looks and a promising career on the 90s popular sitcom, “In The House.”

Judging from the title of the show, it appears Maia is trying to put herself on a trajectory toward restoring her image in the public eye and getting her life in order. It should be a powerful episode.

Will you tune into see Maia Campbell on “Iyanla: Fix My Fallen Star” Clutchettes?


  • Ask_ME

    This poor girl has fell ALL the way off. She doesn’t even look like the same person. She looks healthy, but she needed an intervention 10 years ago. Sadly, I think this is a little too late. I will watch for myself though.

  • http://www.christinwebb.com Christin

    Looking forward to seeing this episode.

  • http://valsotherblog.wordpress.com Val

    I feel bad for Maia. She needs actual professional help, not being used for the benefit of TV ratings. Iyanla can barely help herself much less someone with serious mental illness.

  • ChiHou

    Will definitely watch, Didn’t know she was the late, great Bebe Moore Campbell’s daughter?!

  • Shirl

    You better Preach!!! In my personal opinion Vanzant is like a bad (very bad) actress. I feel that she’s just not genuine. I never understand why folk agree to be on these types of shows… But that’s just my opinion.

  • MzChi

    The last I checked Iyanla was neither a medical doctor or a health care professional. She’s a motivational speaker!! Maia has been diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder. Her anut and uncle spoke out about it and asked for prayers when she using crack in LA. Maia has a sex tape in which she was dancing naked for crack. My friends showed it to me back in the day. This girls life is beyond motivational speaking. She needs to take her meds and make sure she is in the care of mental health professionals. Iyanala interviewing her leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I will no longer be watching the show. She’s exploiting people for the ratings just like Shaunie Oneal. #disgusted!!

  • The Other Jess

    Mental Healthissues need to be addressed in the Black community. I think it’s greatthat Vazant will host this show – hopefully she’ll actually try to get Campbell helped, not just hyped for TV ratings.

    And yep, Bebe Campbell Moore wrote a book “72 Hour Hold” about a daughter with mental illness that was loosely based on the real life mental health struggles of her own daughter Maia.

  • Gigi

    I’m just glad someone has decided that Maia is worth the effort. Everyone under the sun has tried to help Lindsay Lohan. Hopefully Maia can get it together!

  • AM

    it is NEVER too late. It doesn’t matter if you are 90!

  • Fantastico

    I’m rooting for her!

  • Jessi Jess

    I’m torn. I consider Iyanla to be a that wise, nosy, opinionated aunt in your family. While I think she has and can provide a valuable perspective, I do not think she should be dealing with someone that has mental issues. However, if Maia has that under control (i.e takes meds, visits therapists, etc.) then I think this experience can be very beneficial.

  • Nope

    I watch Iyanla and she does a great job with finding the REAL SOURCE of what caused the addiction! She never tries to exploit anyone and she helps people with experiences from her own life! Smh, some people are WAY TOO JUDGEMENTAL!

  • http://gravatar.com/jamesfrmphilly jamesfrmphilly

    campbell needs professional help…..

  • Mr. Man

    Woooowww that is her, she looks so different. I saw this girl on the streets of LA in a very sad state and I didn’t believe it was her. Everyone told me that it was and that she always hung out in the area. Wow that really was her……

  • http://www.gallimaufry.ws T.

    Yes, and Campbell’s book 24 Hour Hold was loosely based on her own experience having a daughter (Maia) suffering from a mental illness.

  • http://www.gallimaufry.ws T.

    72 Hour Hold, sorry.

  • http://twitter.com/gennatay Gennatay (@gennatay)

    . Being Bipolar didn’t make her into a crack head. I agree that her mental health issues need to be addressed and dealt with first, Iyanla may address it on the show. But there are some deeper issues that an intervention maybe able solve for her.

  • justanotheropinion

    Didn’t realize she was Bebe Moore Campbell’s daughter. Damn. Admired her mothers’s work. Easy to chastise her mom for not being upfront about her daughters mental illness, but I can see why she didn’t. Everything we do isn’t up for public consumption. This child needs help. Professional help. I really do admire Iyanla (easy to criticize her, but it’s always easier to fix other folks than your self). At least she puts the good and bad about her personal life out there for public consumption and criticism. However, this child needs a certified MD, possibly a PhD and some meds. I wish her well. With the RIGHT help, she has a shot at a better life.

  • Shanell

    I’m glad she is doing better since getting off crack but the next celebrity Iyanla needs to help is Lark Voorhies who played Lisa Turtle on Saved by the Bell. She looks a mess!!!

  • Halimahb

    Her mother wrote 72 Hour Hold about all of her struggles dealing with her daughter’s mental illness…..

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