The media’s obsession with black women has been pretty relentless these past few years, and while many of us have been discussing, writing comments, and penning articles to counteract the stereotypes that are often trotted out, the attacks just keep coming.

While the mainstream media seems overly concerned with our dating habits and our health, many in our communities (i.e. some rappers) seem dead set on tearing us down.

Between the songs and videos that reduce women of color to a fat ass and a willing mouth, and the very real violence that confronts many women, the assault on women—both lyrically and literally—is stunning.

To fight back against the culture of misogyny that has continued to spread throughout our culture, the media literacy group FAAN MAIL, which stands for Fostering Activism and Alternatives NOW, is pushing back against the negative images that have become so pervasive today.

In a recent “Talk Back,” the ladies of FAAN MAIL take on 2 Chainz and Kanye West’s hit, “Birthday Song,” in which the pair admit that all they want is a “big booty hoe.”

FAAN MAIL explains why they took on the song, and those like Universal Music Group, who profit from such a song.

They write:

For decades, artists, fans, and scholar activists have been writing and making films about this exploitation, rallying against it, provoking dialogue, engaging community and offering alternative messages that are rarely celebrated by corporations like UMG. Even young girls are speaking up (seeSpark Summit and Watoto from the Nile). Are you listening to them?

Together we are fighting this exploitation and the internalized oppression that it reinforces in communities of color and our greater society. In your mansion, Mr. Grainge, you probably never concern yourself with the struggles of black and brown girls or something called internalized oppression. But this reality is too close for many of us to ignore.

The group recorded a “Talk Back” which riffs on the “Birthday Song” meme and makes the point that all women of color want is to be treated like human beings.

We agree.

Check out FAAN MAIL’s Birthday Song Talk Back & let us know what you think. 

  • ….

    Why when a rap artists makes a song like this people think they are talking about black women? I never understood that.

  • jamesfrmphilly

    because rap artists are too cowardly to talk abut white people….

  • Jay

    Because big booty usually refers to women with big booties. Not wide but big. Those woman tend to be brown women.

  • Alex

    Better late than never… if they get a strong following/backing I don’t see why it wouldn’t, problem is most of us are too lazy to do the work!

  • Schlonte’ McGee

    This isn’t a race issue Men objectify women in America from all races, it’s just good marketing.

  • __A

    No. Black women will always have an image problem just like black men because there are too many people willing to sell out. Folks like minstrel shows, and black folks like performing in them. How can you change producers and directors deciding to write parts that mock black folks and looking for black actors who are happy to finally find some work? How can you fight against producers looking for the trashiest rappers to sell their crap to? And then how can you combat the Shidea Lanes of the world and World Star Hip Hoppers?

  • Kelly Hawkins

    Black women have the original big booty don’t even start with that… Sure it can be found on more women of other cultures now due to injections.

  • __A

    Really? Rappers are black. For the majority of their videos since rap videos have existed, the majority of the women in these videos have been black. Big butts are something most associated with black women.

    If someone were to talk about skinny, short women, everyone would assume that we’re talking about Asian women even though there are lots of white and black women who are skinny and short.

  • __A

    The majority of rap is consumed by white male teenagers. They know they could never get away with talking about white women this way. They get to live through these rappers, and their misogyny is okay because it’s a black woman that’s the big booty hoe.

    These producers know that misogyny and objectification of women sells, but they know they can’t do something like this to the women of their group.

  • Pseudonym

    All I want for my birthday is for my (future) sons not to grow up with a radio in which all the love/lust songs sang/rapped toward black women are addressing strippers.

    Even Wale’s “Ambitious Girl” was a stripper by night in the video.

    That ‘ish is TIRED!!!!!!!!!

  • Alex

    Let me get this straight objectifying women is good for marketing?! I pray that young man in that picture with you doesn’t follow your teachings

  • Love Sosa

    I really hope this doesn’t sound sexist… but that video would benefit much more if there was a girl who looked like these video “models”. The girls in the video have a look that you’d expect them to not like the message in the music.

    But we all know someone who was a stripper in college, which is what that girl was.

    Wale to me does a good job at making black women feel like more than hoes.

    At the end of the day(my god i hate that phrase). It all comes down to what you choose to let your kids listen to and teach them.

    I grew up being able to listen to the uncle luke and eazy e songs as a young’n. But I was also exposed to the Mos Def, Common, and Rakim.

    All I want for my birthday is a big booty hoe is because that’s just something that we as black males want to have sex with.

    Let’s be honest, check the ring fingers of all these big booty hoes that fill up these videos and booty magazines. They’re barren as hell.

    Married by none, lusted by all.

  • JJ

    I’m with you sisters, let’s start a real movement .

  • The Other Jess

    You’re right! Helll, even Denzel Washingon sold out! SMDH

  • The Comment

    OK! I just saw BoyToy Souljah Boy video….you can break this fool in half. Where are the muscles…….we had beefy rappers in our day honey chile let me tell you.

    Any trick baby can be a rapper now days.

    “Don’t even know your English….your verb or noun…u just a sucka MC you sad faced clown.

    They just give you youngins old chittlin’s for entertainment and tell you to love it or STFU.

  • The Comment

    I hate this ‘hiding ur comment cause it goes against all that is good with the black women on this site’ bull chit. I mean really….you want people to speak their mind but as soon as they stray away from group think….DING DING DING….

    Clutch is reminding me of the stuck up black chicks in high school…..who live in the projects. Run tell that.

  • Chocoprncs

    Because before MTV, VH1, and BET If you heard a song you were left up to your own imagination to form the picture of who you thought the song was about but since all you see in the videos is “Big Booty Minorities” no imagination is required. The artist are pretty much telling you who their lyrics are directed toward.

  • Chocoprncs

    What do you mean by ” The girls in the video have a look that you’d expect them to not like the message in the music”? So you have to have a certain look to be offended and feel disrespected in rap videos?

  • Chocoprncs

    BTW, all of the women featured are beautiful women who just so happened to not have given into the societal norms that define beauty as having relaxed or processed hair or caked on make-up.

  • Devry?

    All know someone who was a stripper in college-what college did you go to?

  • Pseudonym

    It doesn’t sound sexist, it just sounds ignorant.

    1. Most of the girls in the video were actually very attractive, they just weren’t weaved up and painted down with makeup- probably to make the point of not wanting to be objectified.

    2. I don’t know any girls who had to strip their way through college. There’s something called work study, working over the summer, no wasting your money on expensive weaves and clothes, etc. Not to mention, more strippers drop out of college than use it to pay their way through. The stripper paying her way to graduation is a MYTH, sir.

    3. Children spend 8 hours/day at school making friends with kids who will introduce them to 2 Chainz, Lil Wayne and the like. This especially comes into play in junior high and high school when peers actually have more influence than parents.

    4. Have your big booty, but does she have to be called a “Hoe?” and- back to my point- can you find a nice big booty woman with her career on lock and not an alcohol-drenched soon-to-be-coke-snorting stripper?

  • Courtney J.

    Hey, I like 2Chainzzzz for no other reason then he makes me laugh, hard. Maybe it’s because I’m smart enough to know better. Sue me, signed young, dumb and probably dancing to this song in the club. Granted I don’t agree with the misogyny of women and I do want to preserve the beautiful minds of our girls and women but this guy truly is just comedic relief. Maybe this phase will pass after college, after the allure of bouncing, pre-games and no bras fade into distant memories.

  • paul

    Rappers seem dead set on tearing you down?


    Well most corporate rappers – ie the rappers who get the most air play – are sponsored by one of the big 6 corporations that control everything we watch, read and listen to in mainstream media.

    If you’re in mainstream media (any media that carries advertising) you’re fed by the same hand that feeds corporate rap.


    If you work for a corporation as a supplier, contractor or direct employee – or aspire to job in a corporation (as opposed to government or other non-profit) then you endorse the profit above all else values of the corporation and are therefore just as guilty of whatever crimes the corporation commits, which means you are no position to point the finger at anyone.

    They’re just tryna get paid just like you – and they’ll do whatever they’re told to do to get paid, no matter who it hurts –

    just like YOU.

    I have no problem with what these women are doing, if their anti-corporation credentials are air tight. However, if any of em have corporate jobs or other corporate connections, then they are hypocrites who would be well advised not to upset the powerful interests invested in corporate rap.

    Lest they find themselves drummed out of their jobs. A simple whisper down the good ole boy grapevine is all it takes and you are out.


  • chanela17chanela

    once again this is because as long as they are making tons of money, then most black people don’t cause cause they’re makin their paper and they respect their “hustle” it doesn’t matter who they hurt or put down in the process, at long at they’re making money they are #winning no matter what.

  • paul

    pressed report by accident

  • cabugs
  • Dave

    I’m not defending rap because its history of misogyny has been well documented but why are male rappers always blamed for promoting negative images of black females and not…well…black females? Don’t they volunteer to shake their asses in their videos? Don’t they shake their asses to their videos? So let me get this straight: its cool to blame rapper x for making exploitative big booty rap but we don’t say anything when black chicks go to the club and dance to the song they criticize? C’mon ladies, that just doesn’t make any sense.

  • Tanycha

    There’s that old adage, if you stand for nothing, you’ll fall for anything. Young women have the right to oppose insults and ridicule. It’s a great idea to provide express protest to all the raunchy and debased images. I could see if women of color were represented by an array of positive images, but that’s not the case. I applaud their efforts.

  • Ms. Vee

    Before we get upset with the crass stereotypes perpetuated by men in rap videos, shouldn’t we take issue with the hoodrats that willingly plastered their asses on camera? See, its one thing to show concern for those that are exploited without consent. Its another to willingly allow someone to exploit you. Thus, those part-time strippers should not be viewed as victims. If you want respect, act respectful.

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