Michigan Affirmative Action Ban Struck Down

by The Grio

On Thursday, a federal appeals court threw out Michigan’s controversial voter-approved ban on affirmative action in college admissions and public hiring. The 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Cincinnati ruled 8-7 that 2006′s “Proposal 2” is unconstitutional because it presented a burden to opponents.

“It means thousands of black and Latino students will now have the chance to go to the most selective colleges and graduate schools, including the University of Michigan,” said George Washington, a Detroit-based lawyer who argued to have the law overturned.

Michigan voters approved Proposal 2, 58 to 42 percent, in November 2006. The amendment forced Michigan State University, the University of Michigan, and other public schools to change their admissions policies to remove the affirmative action component.

This is the second time Proposal 2 has been heard by the 6th Circuit court. In July 2011, a three-judge panel ruled the ban unconstitutional and unfair to minorities. Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette appealed that decision and asked for the second rehearing before the full 15-member appeals court, which then rejected his appeal.

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  • jourdan

    I’ve heard so much bad news today.. This makes up for it all!!!!!

  • http://gravatar.com/ravsmith78 Ravi

    finally. minority enrollment at U of M as been disappearing.

  • KissTheDragon

    Yes we can! Take that!

  • justanotheropinion

    Until we truly have a legitimate seat ‘at the table’. AA will be needed.

    Since no one has ever invited or welcomed us the the party, not hard to see why we aren’t even a consideration.

    Go Michigan – but it will be rough going on this one.

  • Downsouth Transplant

    i knew there had to be another reason why i did not see only but a handful students of color during a conference there. when i casually commented on that, you would have thought i had threatened to excommunicate them form power, the look was of total discomfort from those professor’s LOL

  • JN

    Not to be the debbie downer, but I am kind of alarmed that the ruling was 8-7, and not a wider margin. They literally needed only one person to flip it in the other direction. I am also alarmed that Michigan voters even approved the appeal of Affirmative Action in 2006. I am just worried about whether Michigan will have the demographics to uphold this decision should it come around again.

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