Almost a month ago, Ebony Magazine debuted their December 2012 “Power” issue which features Nene Leakes on the cover. The reality star who has a recurring role on “Glee” and a part on “The New Normal” to her credit, is pictured topless in a tub of diamonds sipping a glass of champagne.

It was immediately met with criticism. From the “tacky” photoshopped image to the fact that Nene doesn’t deserve to be on the cover of a prestigious magazine, there was no shortage of negative opinions about the cover.

In a recent interview with The Daily Beast, Nene Leakes is crying foul. She attributes the cover’s negative reception to a lack of support from the black community and questions why we support Kim Kardashian and not her:

“It’s true and I know you’ve heard it a million times, [African Americans] just don’t support one another,” she says. “But it’s OK for you to go pick up a magazine cover with Kim Kardashian. She’s my girl. We are cool. We talk. We do drinks and all of that. But her story ain’t no different than mine. You know what I mean? I might’ve worked at the strip club, but she made a sex tape.”

“I absolutely deserve to be on the cover…This cover is about money, power, and respect. And it’s about a come-up story and I’m the one that had that story this year … Not only did I come out as a reality star that was very boisterous and vivacious and outspoken and all those things. I flipped that into money and respect. And a lot of people can’t do that.

“But listen to me, definitely all of the negative feedback definitely came from my own; African Americans were the ones that were the most negative,” she continues, adding, “And it’s so funnyto me because I would call [the editor] over at Ebony and she would say ‘Girl please, glass houses. That’s all it is. They don’t want to see you on the cover, they don’t really understand the reason why you’re on the cover, they don’t know your story.’”

Nene may have a point. She has been able to flip her reality TV stardom into a budding acting career, with roles on popular, high-profile TV shows, proving she has some talent and drive. There are plenty of celebrities who are famous for a lot less, who actually deserve such harsh criticism.

What are your thoughts about Nene’s comment, Clutchettes?


    Please… Why do people who have absolutely nothing to offer, feel like Black folks are obligated to support them, simply because they are black?

    Where are the stories about the single mothers, juggling between going to school, raising their kids, & working full time?? Those are the TRUE success stories, not this idiotic, loudmouth, materialistic chick that “came up” by taking her clothes off for money, & making a coon of herself on national TV.

    Oh, & if you think you are saying something by comparing yourself to Kim K., then she is more lost than I thought she was.

    The only thing “Nene” can do for me, is point me in the direction of a beautiful, intelligent TRUE Black Goddess.

    Otherwise, get lost chick.

  • EST. 1986

    Why should I support tack sh@t?

  • Keepitreal

    I’ve had the displeasure of finding out who both (Kim and Nene) are through supposed news programs and to quote my nephew “eeewwwwwwww” no really, is this how people get famous these days? BUT she does have a point, way way way way too many black people are on the “but we’re all minorities” trip when no other ****successful*** (as a collective) race believes in that kumbaya (sp?) BS. I’ve said the following elsewhere but it bares repeating, Look at the Jews, Hasidics, specifically, hell, they won’t eat sh*% that hasn’t at least been handled by one of their own (that little kosher sign represents money going back into their people’s pocket). They have mezuzahs and will go out of their way to frequent businesses that sport one on their doors IOW their own kind. Look at the Asians, they didn’t just one day own most of the businesses in the ‘hood, they have special associations where they pool money to own and start businesses.

    As far as why so many blacks support Kim vs herself when they are pretty much the same kind of “stars”? And before anyone says her statement is false then please explain how I cannot go on onto some of the most popular black message boards without a (100 pg +) thread dedicated to the daily functions of Ms. KIm.

    I’m going to keep it real and not side step w/ “Well, I don’t have to support every black person!!!”, I believe there is a big heaping spoon of self hate and adulation of anything/anyone non black especially a woman who has rich black men salivating left and right. I really have no other explanation to offer but if anyone does, I am all ears.

  • TheBestAnonEver, Part 3

    She should go and sit down with nonsense declaration. This is the cover of Ebony we are talking about. If it wasn’t her, it would have been another black person so WTH is she on about?

  • Val

    Nene brags about becoming an actress when it isn’t that hard if you are willing to be a professional stereotype. Hell, if Nene keeps it up she’s liable to win an Academy Award. Monique won one so why not Nene. Hollywood loves a stereotype.

  • nikki

    i almost laughed out loud at the magazine cover when it came in the mail. they could have done something more tasteful and age appropriate.

    side note: her makeup looks fabulous in the picture you guys included with the article. i’m talking flawless

  • Ask_ME

    I don’t think black single mothers are success stories either. Why should we give you kudos for doing the things you are supposed to do as a parent??? Because you’re doing it alone?? 9/10 those women chose to have a child single and out of wedlock.

  • Ask_ME

    There is an element of truth to what she is saying. However, she shouldn’t have used KK as the double standard…we know different races get a pass with us for things black women cannot get away with…and no it’s not right.

    Instead she should have used a number of black rappers. If the issue is NENE is stereotypical which is why she doesn’t get any support…then the same should hold true for the vast majority of black entertainers in this day and age. She is NOT the only walking talking stereotype. She is not the only one with a shady past.

    Black women are the main consumers of Ebony magazine. I would venture to say the sexism here rest with black women. So many of us will watch and laugh at T.I.’s Family Hustle, but this man is sexist, profane and a “reformed” thug. Yet NENE who used to be a stripper and acts in a stereotypical way cannot get the same level of support.

    The bottom line is this: Don’t move the goal post on ghetto behavior and poor representation when it suites you.

  • Mademoiselle

    No one wants a “success story” to start with someone who was doing something that people don’t approve of. Nene used to be a stripper/stereotypical reality star, so she doesn’t deserve to be called a success; single mothers weren’t chaste, so they don’t deserve to be called a success… The truth is there are very few stories of people overcoming hardship that they had no hand in creating/perpetuating for themselves. So who really ever deserves to be in the spotlight, then?

  • Ask_ME


    There are plenty of success stories out here. I know a girl who was crippled in a car accident. Folks didn’t think she would ever walk again. Guess what? After three years of physically therapy she is up and walking.

    Bill Cosby is a success story. Madam C.J. Walker is a success story. Bronner Brothers is a success story. Black men and women who struggle to pay for college but finally make and succeed are success stories. Overcome poverty is a success story.

    Folks doing what they are supposed to do (i.e., PARENTING) are NOT success stories. These are people doing what they are SUPPOSED to do. They shouldn’t get cool points or kudos for it.

    It’s the exact same nonsense we hear from black men who don’t become statistics and have a decent job. These are things that one is supposed to do. Why in world would anyone declare them success stories or give them kudos for it???

    I scratch my head at black folks sometimes. We need to raise the bar for ourselves.

    If you honestly think you deserve kudos for parenting (single or otherwise) something is seriously wrong. If you believe you deserve kudos for avoiding prison, getting a job and supporting your family something is seriously wrong. Again these are things we are SUPPOSED to do. There is nothing outstanding about them.

  • beautifulmind

    Black folks stay policing each other. I’m not saying NeNe was perfect for the cover, but regardless of your feelings towards her she has been husseling her way up, from teenage mother and stripper to actress. But here’s my other issue with a lot of these comments, we complain and complain about the same people getting a cover, so they put someone new on and we just go in. I’m curious, who that isn’t a recycled Black celebrity that you may have put on the cover? I’m making the point that we don’t currently have a large pool to choose from that is out there. I would like us to start investing in our own arts and culture to support new acts, rather than getting up in arms all the time about people who we feel like don’t deserve a cover.

  • JustMe

    The majority of the comments thus far has been interestingly negative and thus proves Nene’s point. Because I do not desire to have a life full of anger and hate, I try to find the good in others and not dwell on what may be perceived as bad. My opinion of Nene Leakes was formed around her interaction with her sons and her ability to take full advantage of opportunities. She says what others are thinking and if you watch the show, you will notice, she is the most transparent. She puts on no airs. She is who she is and does not apologize about it
    I watch Atlanta Housewives for pure entertainment. I am not so dense as to believe everything I see on television. Reality shows do not portray reality. Quite a bit of it is staged for the entertainment value. Get a grip. I am so not concerned with how Nene came up and out. She did nothing illegal and did not hurt anyone. Folks need to get over themselves while they are bobbing their heads and listening to some of these rappers/ Hip Hop artists who gained their capital by polluting our communities with their drugs.

    As for the “single mothers” comment, please understand that not all single mothers had their children out of wedlock. I was a married woman with children. My husband went to Kuwait during the beginning of the war and returned a very different man. We divorced and I became a single mother of three. Clearly, I had a hand in it because it was my choice to divorce, but it was not my choice to have him put his hands on me. I’m just saying…be careful.

    Point blank, what she says is TRUE! Black people as a whole do not support each other and that mentality has crippled African Americans. At this point in history, we are our own worst enemy.

  • NCR


    Black people have been crippled because there is absolutely no self policing by other black people of black who behave badly. It is lauded and laughed and and used for “Entertainment”. While the so called conscious blacks like you sit back and watch the madness. meanwhile the image of black people as a whole can be devalued. Black people’s “worst enemy” are people like you who think that all is fair as long as black people are making money.

    She says what people want to say? There is probably a reason why other people dont say it its called having standards.thats not ” living a life of anger and hate”

    Want to know why I dont care about Kim Kardashian. Shes a white woman meaning she actually HAS a good image. Ánd white people make darn sure she isnt speaking for their whole race. Meanwhile black women have few images in the media and we are letting her have the majority of press because shes “not hurting anyone?’
    How demented is it for black women who already have a bad image to think acting like this, even for money , and even if it is fake, is okay?

    Not to mention do you realize that black Americans DONT live in a vacuum. This is pretty much what EVERYONE else sees of black women. Its a sad day when black people should but GUILTED into cosigning or okaying this.

    If you want to watch this show fine. If you wan to buy Ebony fine.Whatevs. But DONT try and tell me I need to support this sad woman to prove my black status.

    #preach somewhere else.

  • Mademoiselle

    To me, your argument could be applied in both directions. On the one hand, people who come from disability or poverty and put in effort to not remain there are successes and deserve kudos, but on the other hand, people who work at accomplishing what they set out to accomplish are doing what they’re supposed to do (working at it instead of being complacent) and don’t deserve kudos.

    The only difference between Cosby, Walker, the Bronners, and Lekes or the people who’s names we don’t know is all the famous people listed found a way to do what they’re supposed to do publicly and people approve of where they started. They’re all famous for the jobs they do, but everyone’s supposed to support themselves by doing something. So what makes them worthy of kudos? Seems to me the only difference is acceptible starting points. It’s commendable to start off poor and land in a successful career, but not if you start off stripping and get to the same point. Or it’s commendable to hustle and build a dynasty for your family, but not if you started off as a single or teenage mother. Even in the case of your disabled friend, would that friend get the same praise if the accident she was in was a result of her driving drunk? Would her hard work to overcome what she’d been through still be considered a success, or would getting past that incident be what she’s supposed to do?

  • Beautiful Mic

    Blacks, also, manipulate, deceive and mislead each other.

    I’d support her minus the altered nose, non-natural hair color and hyper-sexual, highly materialistic, diamond sapphire stereotypical image she perpetuates.

  • Beautiful Mic

    To me, she the unnatural and highly commercialized black woman species – the shit I don’t like.

  • Mommy

    Thank You. It lacks taste. And if Kim did it people would be hollering too.

    I’m not a fan of either but Kim does not behave like Nene.
    Congrats to them for doing what they enjoy and I wouldn’t purchase anything with na’an one of dem on the cover.

  • curious

    ask me, where did you get your data from? re: 9 of 10 women chose to have a child out of wedlock? that is based on what? and further, all single parents deserve a pat on the back, whether single mom or single dad. Yes, once you bring a child into the world it is your job to parent and parent well, but it is a two person job. They deserve encouragement. It can in no way be compared to an AA man that keeps a job and stays out of prison. apples & oranges.

  • EL

    I have never watched an episode of “The Real housewifes of…” and never will, I see all the gossip and controversy around on the net and I’ve seen clips of the New York and Orange County one while flicking through TV. Well, the show obviously has the same format regardless of what state it is representing; Rich, regardless of how they got rich, bitchy, egotistical, materialistic women. Those are not women I support or look up to regardless of race.

    The reason she will hear the negativity is because it’s from the community she comes from, you are involved in that community, you are a part of that community, you’re gonna hear what they have to say. whether is is good or bad. And white people certainly aren’t going to care because making shows like this, is another way to represent Black people in a bad light. Yeah the white women on these shows are just a trashy but white people don’t care cause they are represented as being “Good people” on many other platforms throughout the media. It matters more to us when we see these stereotypical Black women and men because it’s like “Great. Here we go again, more misrepresentation”

    They’re all horrible women to me.

  • Gennatay (@gennatay)

    @ask_me and @justme
    i agree. Black people, especially black women, are more quick to vilify and berate before they give a complement.

  • SS25

    Not the ones I know!

  • Beautiful Mic

    Ok, Nene was a stripper. But was it due to the lure of the money, alone or did she come from a severely impoverished background and had fewer options than most?

    From what I gather, Nene was raised middle class. So, in her case, the fact that she started out as a stripper (did she even go to college) is not impressive at all consider the socio-economic class she started out in.

    IMO – she likely had options, other paths she could have taken, other than stripping.

  • anon

    The Kim K lure has all to do with ‘Status quo’. That’s why she’s the apple of some many eyes. I think the O.J. Simpson connection through her father also has something to do with it. The whole notion of getting away with crime, I mean immorality, and being free, I mean successful, despite it.

    If she didn’t come from ‘clout’, and if she wasn’t ‘white/near white/white raised’ she would not have gotten away with it.

    It’s that whole appeal of getting away with the impossible, as so many people, these days, are trying to do just that when it comes to getting their hands on money, power and/or fame.

  • Pondering?

    Why “stay” instead of keep?

  • geekandglamour

    When I saw the cover of the magazine, the first thing I thought about was “tacky”. You being successful had nothing to do with the photo shoot being classless. Here is a woman (Nene) brimming with pride of her success in the entertainment industry, but you decide to show the success through sitting a tub full of diamonds along with a gown made of dollar bills? Your success is not a problem for anyone. Black women, specifically, watch you all the time (statistics and ratings say so). It is the PORTRAYAL of your success. If you call a tub full of diamonds and a dress made with Benjamins a sure way enough to portray your story, then so be it. It doesn’t mean that we have to like it. If Oprah, Beyonce, Halle Berry, or anyone else would have done it, it would’ve looked just as stupid.

    Also, comparing yourself to Kim Kardashian is far reaching. Kim Kardashian’s father was a successful lawyer, her godfather was Sugar Ray Leonard, and her best friend was Paris Hilton. She grew up rich and found a way to stay rich! She stayed in the realms of wealth. You just got there.

    We support you Nene, just not that stupid ass cover.

  • OPAL

    Welp as far as this “single mothers do not deserve to be called sucess stories because they did what they had to do” BS ya’ll are supporting, I bet its a bunch of women without children who believe being a single mother is something EASY to accomplish. I have just got to shake my head at this for a moment. Do you know what it is to be a mother in the first place?

    Do you realize the sacrifice of self that it takes? Do you understand what type of WOMAN it takes to RAISE a CHILD on her own? Now factor in the fact that she’s underaged, the fact that she has few role models to guide her into the right direction, the fact that everyday she is faced with a choice to give-a-damn about this newborn baby that the father didn’t want and she probably didnt want in the first place or to give-a-damn about herself because afterall Mama gotta have a life too. Think about this for a moment. You ever had to struggle with yourself? With yourself? Not anything else. Have you ever had to look beyond YOU and set aside your WANTS and NEEDS for the good of somebody else? She has to say “im good” to the carefree teenaged life she would have been living had it not been for this pregnancy, for this baby, for this piece of her that deserves a shot at a life too.

    Thats a selfless woman.

    A teenaged girl who raises her children on her own, goes off and accomplishes something substantial for herself without the help of a man or anybody in sight deserves to be called a success story because the majority of us black young women are not succeeding at being REAL PARENTS to our children.

    You was right Nene, Black folks do not support each other. Doesn’t matter if you are on the cover of a magazine or pushing a baby through a college campus, they’ll all have something negative to say.

    Parening is very much so something we all SHOULD be doing… HOWEVER, despite the morality in the entire situation, its still a decision. Goodbye.

  • Mademoiselle

    I disagree that it’s the portrayal. Beyonce’s album cover to Dangerously In Love was her draped in a barely-there dress made of diamonds. Was that not a portrayal of Beyonce’s success?

  • victoria

    ”I bet its a bunch of women without children who believe being a single mother is something EASY to accomplish”

    No. There are many single women who dont want to be in those shoes. Sorry, I dont see single mothers as success stories. With most high school drop outs, those imprisoned, teenage mothers, gang members, etc coming from single homes…why do you view single motherhood as a success story?

  • geekandglamour

    Beyonce wore a garment that was made of diamonds. Wearing a garment and having a tub full of diamonds are two different things.

  • Mademoiselle

    @geekandglamour What makes them different? Beyonce may have been wearing the diamonds but Nene was the most covered up of the two. Plus you said Nene was pictured in the magazine wearing a dress made of hundred dollar bills. They’re both wearing their money. How is turning the diamonds into a dress more acceptible than lounging in a tub of them?

  • OPAL

    No. Were not celebrating ‘single mothers’ we are celebrating what they have accomplished despite their circumstances. As I said, (I am not a single mother but i am young mother) being a mom isn’t anything easy. it’s no walk in the park. there are far more women who half ass the job than there are women who throw themselves completely into their children and providing for them (really providing) and turning those very same children into success stories themselves.

    anytime any person has been able to rise above their destitute situation and come out of it on top, there is something to be celebrated.

    Being a ‘good’ parent and providing (obtaining a college degree/and or high paying job, purchasing a home [stable environment], being involved in that childs life) and truly sacrificing yourself for your children is an actual choice.

    Yea, In a perfect world we all “ought to” take care of our children but unfortunately for some (Especially women without help, women who live in poverty, uneducated women, women without positive role models) the easiest thing to do is have the government provide while the mother continues to live life as freely as one once did before giving birth to the first child.

    if the overall success (NOT THE FACT that the woman was a single mother period) of a person who statistically is expected to fail is not a celebratory situation, then what on God’s green earth is? enlighten me…

  • MySister’sKeeper

    Stopped reading after you began to argue being a single mother isn’t easy to accomplish. Actually, it’s super easy, which is why there are so many. It’s being a mother in a loving, successful and healthy marriage that is difficult to accomplish. Not that single mothers don’t have it hard, but it’s not all that hard to get there.

  • OPAL

    ok. lets just factor out the single mother part….. any person who can rise above their circumstance when statistically they are expected to fail is a success story and deserves to be praised for doing just that, rising above. the easiest choice we all have in life is to be products of our environment. anytime a person can reach far beyond their environment and strive for something much greater and actually succeed at doing what they set out to do is a success story.

    Gabby Douglas is a success story not because her mother was a single parent, not because she was 16, not because she was black but because she the odds were stacked against her (relating to life circumstances) and she proved herself, her community, her teammates, her competition, the entire world wrong when in reality she had every reason to succumb to her environment.

    this is all. :)

  • Ask_ME

    If we are pointing out the success of single mothers why do single mothers get upset when we point out the MASS failure (the other side of the coin) of single mothers??? You have to take the bitter with the sweet. It seems to me that too many want to pant themselves on the back, claim responsibility and expect praise when the kids turn out okay, but they don’t want to accept responsibility and ridicule when the kids turn out to be complete failures.

  • Ask_ME

    9 times out of 10 it IS a choice with black women….let’s be real. And by I choice I mean not married and not taking birth control properly or at all.

  • Mademoiselle

    Ask: Because that would be a backhanded compliment to both tell someone they’re doing a good job of overcoming statistics and in the same breath chide that person for the statistic s/he just overcame. The same way you shouldn’t be held responsible for the many people in your demographic that are failures, kudos shouldn’t be given with conditions. Either you’re doing something noteworthy or you’re not regardless of others actions.

  • binks


  • geekandglamour

    Your logic would be the same as wearing $5,000.00 on your hand rather than buying a diamond ring. Everyone wears their money. Wearing clothes, shoes, jewelry, is a lot different than a tub of it. Wealth is shown everywhere. I have no problem with someone indulging in luxury. I do find it to be obnoxious when someone has a gown made of money. The cover is crass. A tub full of diamonds to show your “Money, Power, and Respect” is over the top. Ebony and the artistic director sold a cover that people didn’t like. I bought into Beyonce’s cover, I didn’t with Nene. One was attractive and one was not. Nothing more, Nothing less.

    And Nene stated that black people don’t support her. Black people do support her. Nene on the cover is not the problem. The cover just wasn’t cute! It’s not an attack on her success.

  • Mademoiselle

    It kinda sounds like you’re looking for a reason to not like Nene’s cover. She and Beyonce used the exact same object to cover their bodies: a bunch of diamonds. Beyonce wasn’t wearing an outfit bought with diamonds or accented with diamonds — it was a dress made completely of diamonds. So you’re basically saying you don’t like Nene’s use of the diamonds to portray her success because the diamonds weren’t strung together to make a garment the way Beyonce used hers, but then what about when Nene applies that same creativity to dollar bills — that’s not ok either because she didn’t use diamonds like Beyonce did? You may not have a problem with Nene’s success, but I’d wager you have a problem with Nene to some degree because you’re applying a double standard towards her in this instance.

  • Pseudonym

    It’s a [rather new] colloquialism.

    (eg. “Hoes stay winning!”)

    This isn’t a formal essay, it’s an online mag/blog comment section.

  • geekandglamour

    Mademoiselle: The cover is tacky and obnoxious. Period.

  • curious

    @ask me: and that’s your proof? that’s your argument?

  • Mademoiselle

    I hear you. It was tacky and obnoxious because Nene did it.

    Oprah, by the way (your other beacon of tact), wore a revealing diamond dress WHILE sitting on a pile of money for the cover TV Guide did of her first $250MM, but that pales in comparison with sitting fully covered in a tub of diamonds because it was Oprah, not Nene.

  • geekandglamour

    Oprah looked just as stupid as when Nene did it.

  • Rochelle

    No one,including my self cares about how “hard” it is to be a single mom because most of the time they CHOOSE to be in that position. So no, no pats on the back or the like for you or anyone else. That is like strapping a sack of potatoes to my back before running the big race and then being so angry that no one gave me my props when I crossed the finish line in last place. Would you congratulate me? Of course not, because I caused my own obstacles. No bueno and have a few seats.

  • Rochelle

    @ Opal
    No one,including my self cares about how “hard” it is to be a single mom because most of the time they CHOOSE to be in that position. So no, no pats on the back or the like for you or anyone else. That is like strapping a sack of potatoes to my back before running the big race and then being so angry that no one gave me my props when I crossed the finish line in last place. Would you congratulate me? Of course not, because I caused my own obstacles. No bueno and have a few seats.

  • Rochelle

    No one,including my self cares about how “hard” it is to be a single mom because most of the time they CHOOSE to be in that position. So no, no pats on the back or the like for you or anyone else. That is like strapping a sack of potatoes to my back before running the big race and then being so angry that no one gave me my props when I crossed the finish line in last place. Would you congratulate me? Of course not, because I caused my own obstacles. No bueno and have a few seats.

  • Tonton Michel

    ‘and questions why we support Kim Kardashian and not her:’

    who is supporting kim?

  • http://facebook SMJ

    U know that’s the problem u can’t see what WHITES have always seen & I really could care LESS & I’m sure she cares less as well…ALL of us need to stop being HATERS when BLACKS advance to the next level…That’s why u are still where u are…NENE Leakes has done what she has on the housewives and it’s staged anyway…Take the PLANK out of your OWN eye before being a CRAB & taken it out on OUT OWN color…GET A life I’m BLACK but ALL of us need to support 1 another…That’s Y she went to the WHITES for further support because of us STUPID BLACK people like yourself…GET A LIFE EL and anyone else who feels this way….HATERS MAKE US GREATER….THAT’S why she’s doing her thing…AMEN

  • SMJ

    U sound just like your speak…It doesn’t matter what she was sitting in,on,$ dress…U will always be a BLACK HATER & I can’t stand ANY of you CRABS it’s ashame we so STUPID of our own race…It takes some of us unlike KIM KARDASHIN & FAMILY to get to success…U need to get a life and know that being BLACK it will take time for success unless u have WHITE people like KIM that already had it…HATERS make us GREATER….Stupidity of our OWN…

  • SM

    GEEKANDGLAMOUR but u r still BLACK & very UGLY your name, ways, your face…GET A LIFE BLACK HEFFA…Don’t NOBODY need to be reading your STUPID HATER notes on NENE…look in the mirror before make another STATEMENT…OOOOppps u BLACK WANCH…

  • SM


  • SM

    I”m NOT selfish BITCH don’t know WHO she wants in life & see a BROTHA is running behind her ASS not ours

  • Pema

    I don’t like reality shows in general. I’ve seen maybe two episodes of RHOA and a few of KWK.

    I support black people who support my image as a black woman. Single mothers, loud crass women, disrespectful criminal black men, and minstrel-like entertainment do not support my idea of blackness. This is why I haven’t purchased a hip-hop album in ages, stopped my Essence subscription after the Puffy/Robin (or whatever her name is) cover, and really can’t jump on the single mothers are great bandwagon. I have daughters and it’s bad enough that the world is going to paint them with these stereotypes. I refuse to contribute to it. At the end of the day media is a business. If an image doesn’t sell it will go away. If the majority of us stop supporting these images they will go away.

  • edub

    Nene’s comments (and some on the ones on this blog) illustrate why I just can’t with black people. Black people do support NeNe. She’s on the cover of a historical black magazine. That’s the pinnacle of black support. However, she wants more. She wants us to blindly accept her actions and portrayal as success–even if that success is to the detriment of our existence. Let’s not act like Nene is making it better for the overall image of black women. And let’s not act like something is wrong when black women don’t accept that.

    Besides, I find it funny because Nene is the BIGGEST hater out there.

  • pat

    THANK YOU@Edub.
    Everything you said. And no I do not support this woman or have ever watched her show…or any of the other reality shows.

  • Mademoiselle

    Agreed. I personally don’t care for Nene’s “success” because there are just some mountaintops that shouldn’t be climbed no matter how high it’ll get you. Even if she’s literally rolling in money from all of her newfound opportunities, it all feels dirty. That said, she is absolutely tripping if she thinks the majority of black women aren’t already supporting her. She’s responding to the vocal few (the ultra-minority subsection of black women) who expect more from public figures, and ignoring the fact that the majority of viewers who tune in every week and follow her every move are black women. I don’t feel obligated to toot a horn for her just because she’s on Ebony, BUT taking the cover by itself (without regard to her life’s journey), her photo is no more deplorable than some other highly regarded celebrities’ photos IMO.

  • OPAL

    Hey Rochelle, I’m not a single mother, lets just get that clear. I’m not sure if you can read but if you didn’t let me summarize for you, the statement is hardly about being a single parent and NOT SUCCEEDING, its about being a single mom and still reaching for the stars despite having a full sack of potatoes strapped to your back and being asked to finish a 10 mile race, non stop, no breaks.

    The comment was about single moms who will give birth to a baby out of wedlock and still walk across the stage at somebodys prestigious University and go on to make something substantial of themselves for their bastard child.

    The comment was about ANYBODY who has ever been given a unfortunate situation (whether voluntary or involuntary) and despite the odds stacked against them ROSE TO THE OCCASSION and beat the hell out of the statistics.

    I doubt any woman walked up to a man and said, “Hey sir, I’d just love to struggle with a child on my own for the rest of my life please impregnate me.” Girl, get real. This is REAL life not a fairytale and in REAL life, shit doesn’t go as planned people change and some men don’t follow through…

    Bye, boo.

  • toni

    i agree 100% with Opal and i too am not a single parent. i’m shocked that so many commenters (or maybe it’s the same troll commenting w/different names) believe that the majority of single parents wanted to be that situation. That’s an opinion, not supported by any reasonable data. It’s a disadvantage to be a single parent, male or female. It takes two to make a child, it is a two person job.

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  • Lou

    I don’t think that’s it Nene. I think reality tv went to your head….even your co-realty people don’t like you….hard to stand behind someone so stuck on themselves they can’t see anyone else…..Grey is an idiot and only a matter of time before the money dries up and he wants his manhood back……

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