Almost a month ago, Ebony Magazine debuted their December 2012 “Power” issue which features Nene Leakes on the cover. The reality star who has a recurring role on “Glee” and a part on “The New Normal” to her credit, is pictured topless in a tub of diamonds sipping a glass of champagne.

It was immediately met with criticism. From the “tacky” photoshopped image to the fact that Nene doesn’t deserve to be on the cover of a prestigious magazine, there was no shortage of negative opinions about the cover.

In a recent interview with The Daily Beast, Nene Leakes is crying foul. She attributes the cover’s negative reception to a lack of support from the black community and questions why we support Kim Kardashian and not her:

“It’s true and I know you’ve heard it a million times, [African Americans] just don’t support one another,” she says. “But it’s OK for you to go pick up a magazine cover with Kim Kardashian. She’s my girl. We are cool. We talk. We do drinks and all of that. But her story ain’t no different than mine. You know what I mean? I might’ve worked at the strip club, but she made a sex tape.”

“I absolutely deserve to be on the cover…This cover is about money, power, and respect. And it’s about a come-up story and I’m the one that had that story this year … Not only did I come out as a reality star that was very boisterous and vivacious and outspoken and all those things. I flipped that into money and respect. And a lot of people can’t do that.

“But listen to me, definitely all of the negative feedback definitely came from my own; African Americans were the ones that were the most negative,” she continues, adding, “And it’s so funnyto me because I would call [the editor] over at Ebony and she would say ‘Girl please, glass houses. That’s all it is. They don’t want to see you on the cover, they don’t really understand the reason why you’re on the cover, they don’t know your story.’”

Nene may have a point. She has been able to flip her reality TV stardom into a budding acting career, with roles on popular, high-profile TV shows, proving she has some talent and drive. There are plenty of celebrities who are famous for a lot less, who actually deserve such harsh criticism.

What are your thoughts about Nene’s comment, Clutchettes?


  1. ‘and questions why we support Kim Kardashian and not her:’

    who is supporting kim?

    • I”m NOT selfish BITCH don’t know WHO she wants in life & see a BROTHA is running behind her ASS not ours

  2. I don’t like reality shows in general. I’ve seen maybe two episodes of RHOA and a few of KWK.

    I support black people who support my image as a black woman. Single mothers, loud crass women, disrespectful criminal black men, and minstrel-like entertainment do not support my idea of blackness. This is why I haven’t purchased a hip-hop album in ages, stopped my Essence subscription after the Puffy/Robin (or whatever her name is) cover, and really can’t jump on the single mothers are great bandwagon. I have daughters and it’s bad enough that the world is going to paint them with these stereotypes. I refuse to contribute to it. At the end of the day media is a business. If an image doesn’t sell it will go away. If the majority of us stop supporting these images they will go away.

  3. THANK YOU@Edub.
    Everything you said. And no I do not support this woman or have ever watched her show…or any of the other reality shows.

  4. i agree 100% with Opal and i too am not a single parent. i’m shocked that so many commenters (or maybe it’s the same troll commenting w/different names) believe that the majority of single parents wanted to be that situation. That’s an opinion, not supported by any reasonable data. It’s a disadvantage to be a single parent, male or female. It takes two to make a child, it is a two person job.

  5. I don’t think that’s it Nene. I think reality tv went to your head….even your co-realty people don’t like you….hard to stand behind someone so stuck on themselves they can’t see anyone else…..Grey is an idiot and only a matter of time before the money dries up and he wants his manhood back……

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