Tyler Perry is at it again. The mogul is producing, writing and directing an upcoming flick, “Single Mom’s Club,” which will feature Nia Long along with Wendi McLendon-Covey (“Bridesmaids” and “Reno:911″) and Zulay Henao.

The film, which opens in May 2014, follows single mothers with varied backgrounds and experiences who cross paths after an incident at their childrens’ school. The mothers create a support group where they help each other through the challenges of motherhood as single women. Long will star as ‘Lydia,’ McLendon-Covey will play ‘Jan’ and Henao’s character is named ‘Esperanza.’ William Levy and Tyler Perry are playing the male lead roles. The film will go into production at the end of November.

The diverse cast should draw a broad demographic, which will be great for expanding Tyler Perry’s audience. We can only hope the film celebrates the tenacity and strength of single mothers, without slamming men in the process (arguably a theme in Perry’s films).

Are you checking for “Single Mom’s Club,” Clutchettes? Will you go see it?

  • http://AirInDanYell.tumblr.com Erin

    I’ll watch anything with Nia in it. I love her.

  • AM

    Listen, I’m here to declare how PROUD I am of Tyler Perry! This man keeps our people working, that is a FACT. From the janitors that mop the floor of his studio sets to Nia and em acting. He is doing something. Yes, his scripts are LIMITED BUT, we cannot fault this man, at all. Tyler thank YOU!! I think there should be a post somewhere in the webosphere thanking this man.

  • http://valsotherblog.wordpress.com Val

    I feel so bad for Nia. It’s so hard for Black actresses to find decent roles. So she’s had to take a role in a crappy Tyler Perry film. I guess she has to pay the bills somehow.

  • ChillyRoad

    Thats wrong, Val.

  • The Other Jess

    well, it’s seems like a typical Tyler Perry movie – LOL! TP is alittle conflicted, I think, when it comes to Black women, but I can say that i honestly think that he’s trying – trying to present moralistic stories to the masses, even if overly dramatic, sometimes silly, yarns. I can’t hate on Tyler – definitely don’t see him as a Black woman-hater, but i do think he has major contempt for professional, educated Black women. Not sure why, but I think it’s due to his overl-churchy background – many “Churchy” people, both men and women, have bad attitudes towards educated women for no reason. Never understood why.

  • http://gravatar.com/khrish67 khrish67

    I’m with you. I don’t know why we as Black Folk want to deny anyone who can create and become job creators. I’m happy for Perry and I watch all that he does. I, of course, like some better than others; but I certainly am glad to see many new faces that I might not have seen were he not a job creator. I’ll see this one as well.

  • inda Craig

    Hi, I have also enjoyed Nia Long’s moives along the way, I love seeing anything she has been apart of and I look forward to seeing her in this movie when it come out.

  • Joy

    Other: Do you know Tyler personally? Have you worked with him? If not how do you know he doesn’t care for educated women?

  • Keepitreal

    I’ve never watched any of his movies, what makes you think he has something against educated black women? TIA

  • alldawg

    Dont you know this site is anti-bm…

  • http://gravatar.com/worshipandpraise JN


  • EST. 1986

    ‘Chillyroad’ is ‘anti-black woman’; why are you here if you think this site is ‘anti-BM’?

  • Hermosa

    I’ll watch as long as they don’t cast someone I don’t care for.

  • Chillyroad


    This site and the comments are very anti black women too. Just in a more insidious way.

  • Jillybean

    I agree on his contempt for professional and educated black one.

    In a number of his movies, the educated, upwardly mobile Black woman is often portrayed as cold and offputting at best (see Janet Jackson in “for colored girls”). At the worst, they’re often shown as b*tchy and conniving (Sanaa Lathan in “the family that prays”), unlovable (Gabrielle Union in “daddy’s little girls”) women need to be brought down a peg or two (the DA in “Madea goes to Jail”).

    This is just my observation, so feel free to take what you like and leave the rest. But if he doesn’t have a problem with educated BW, he has a horrible way of showing that.

    I hope that trend changes in this movie…

  • Chelle

    I’m pretty sure it’s because he’s spamming other people’s comments with the repeating posts of his. Smh. *sigh* Spam is everywhere online these days. He needs to chill

  • edub

    LOL, I was thinking the same exact thing! :)

  • Robbie

    If the movie speaks to me, I will see it if not, I will pass. The man is doing something that many are not able of doing, creating jobs and keep some folks employed. For that, I give him credit where it is due.

  • Caramel

    Tyler’s movies already reach a broad spectrum of people. Every Perry movie I have ever seen had whites and blacks in the audience. When they say they don’t know who Tyler Perry is, they are lying! As a matter of fact, every black movie I go to see has a lot of whites in the audience and they aren’t there wasting time to go to another movie, they are there for the duration.

  • Genuinesol

    Here is another question. This is perhaps the largest number of neutral to positive comments I have ever read about any tidbit related to Tyler Perry and yet anyone who dares to say something positive about him receives several “thumbs down”. How negative! Since when is at least acknowledging a person’s work ethnic at crafting their art that does allow for creative expression and employment such a horrible thing even if we do not agree with the particular medium?

    Have we forgotten how many white directions have cast blacks in roles that were truly stereotypical and outright demeaning without a shred of goodness. At least in Tyler Perry films he always has blacks that are educated, wealthy, and materially successful even if their personality leaves much to be desired. The level of negative here is appalling for a place that is suppose to be about empowerment. Here comes my barrage of “thumbs down” I am sure.

  • The Other Jess

    i’m talking about his portryal of professional Black women in his movies. Obviously I don’t know him personally. Duh

  • C


    The comments a little odd and off the wall. And most people are probably like “What in the world…?”

  • Apple

    Times must be hard

  • Nicole

    Im sure my compete will a few thumbs down BUT…

    Why did the show have to be called “Single Mom’s Club”.
    I know some women have no choice but to be single mom but its really nothing to brag about. I wonder if these characters are going to single moms whose marriage to the father didnt work out or if their going to be “baby mamas”. Sigh….

    Maybe the show could of been called Working Moms Club, Successful Moms Club…
    Idk anything but Single Moms Club.

  • JazzyinRwanda

    I personally don’t see Perry’s so-called contempt for professional, educated Black women but everyone is entitled to their opinion and interpretation. I once worked for a very mean spirited woman who was a combination of Janet’s character in For Colored Girls’ and Gabrielle’s character in Daddy’s Little Girls. We were a team of 8 highly educated and experienced Black women working for a historically Black owned company. She had no intentions of uplifting any of us as our leader, actually she did the opposite. Talked about herself in the 3rd person, talked about her career accolades, talked about always being the star home-run hitter on every sales team…she always put us down, made us feel worthless. People need to accept that just because a Black woman is professional, educated, successful ~ doesn’t make her a good person. There are women who are only out to help themselves…and sometimes we see the reflection of these women on the big screen…and in Perry’s movies. Does that mean he hates professional, educated Black women? Absolutely not. Maybe he had a similar experience like I did with my former boss. Film producers usually base characters on people that have encountered in real life and what’s wrong with that? I say NO ONE has a right to tell Perry he CAN NOT ever portray Black women in negative way as if we’re perfect and are higher than any criticism. His stories would become unrealistic…

    I will be looking out for his new movie! I’m not a fan of Madea but I grew with plenty of old ladies in Louisiana that we were just like her so I know she’s not a fictional character. I respect Perry and will support any future projects of his that don’t involve Madea the Maniac.

  • Perspective

    Aside from Tyler’s Obvious catering to the LESS FORTUNATE circumstances of black women and their over all insecurities brought on by many thing, not saying it’s their fault, but I do think black women like to BOND of their problems and wallow in their CHRONIC suffering – which makes them hard to deal with – BUT I do grow tired of black films recycling the SAME OLD BLACK WOMEN OVER 40 for all their leading roles –

    MEANWHILE – white media/hollywood – throw a brand new fresh faced – fresh out of HS white girl at us every 10 months.

    People want to talk about how black women are underrepresented and “THEIR TRUE BEAUTY IS NOT SHOW” – but man we just keep on recycling these same black women.

    Let me make of list of over used black women.

    Gabrielle Union
    Angela Bassett
    Nia Long
    Kerry Washington
    Loretta Devine
    Kimberly Elise
    Vivica A Fox

    I’m sure there are more I missed – but take any combination of these women in a movie – $1000 its a TP movie. All I have to hear is that white guy with the creepy voice “Coming to a theatre near you… staring Kerry Washington… Nia Long… and then the 5 brothas they love to over use… also starring Morris Chestnut, Idris Elba, Michael Jai White, and The Random Light skin ninja with green eyes, who will swoop into the rescue to save the dark skin woman from the dark skin man who doesn’t like dark skin women, because he’s self hating!” Oh oh oh – let me guess ITS A TYLER PERRY MOVIE!

    DING DING DING! – What did I win?!

    Great Actresses – BUT DAMN! As Brotha I’m saying can we get some FRESH NEW FACES – All these women are over 35 – most are at 40 and over 40.

    Uh oh – here comes white media with the SEXY – 22 year old white girl.

    Bw: “Angela Bassett is a BEAUTIFULLLLLLL WOMAN!”

    Bm: “Yea, she is. She’s also 54 years old. I’d rather see Taylor Swift naked. Sorry!”

    Bw: “You are just SELF HATING! – YOUR MOTHER’S BLACK!”

  • LOLL!!!

    Shut up you baby mama. Why are you so up in arms??? She asked an honest question, which was a very truthful one. Obviously one you couldn’t handle.

  • Nicole

    I see that your taking my comment personally!

    Im sure that majority of woman who have kids did not plan to parent them alone.

    Im aware that singledom can result from a number of things and I acknowledged that in my previous post when I said I know some woman have no choice.

    Working moms club – Any mother who works whether thats at home or outside of the home is a working mom! Duh!

    Successful Moms Club- Any Mom who has found success. Graduated from college. Owns their own business. Their kids get good grades. Those are all successes that a mother can experience.

    Theres nothing wrong with being a single mom as long as at some point both adults who made the child gave the child a fair chance at a family unit.

    Do not get me started on single parent home statistics.

  • Malik Hemmans

    Lmfao! yes the light skin brotha always saves the black woman

  • KayKay

    I completely agree with you. Being a baby mama is nothing to be proud of and shouldn’t be glorified.

  • __A

    I think he definitely has a thing against professional black women. I agree with you that these women exist. There is no problem in creating these characters. The problem is that this all he creates! If a black woman has a career in any of his movies, she always has these same old negative character flaws.

    “Film producers usually base characters on people that have encountered in real life and what’s wrong with that? I say NO ONE has a right to tell Perry he CAN NOT ever portray Black women in negative way as if we’re perfect and are higher than any criticism. His stories would become unrealistic…”

    His stories would not be realistic? Are there no professional black women in real life that are not mean? Whenever he has nice black women in his movies, they’ve been abused or something in the movie. It is about constantly portraying black women as undesirable. They’re either attractive and mean, attractive and abused, or unattractive.

  • http://gravatar.com/skyemediagroup Skye Media Group

    Of course. Everything Nia does is gold.

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