Nicki Minaj vs. Steven Tyler

In her last Idol spat, Nicki Minaj hurled the r-word, racist, at Aerosmith front man, Steven Tyler.

After Tyler, a former American Idol judge, commented that Minaj is unable to properly judge many of the singers’ talent and would have sent folk legend Bob Dylan “to the cornfield,” Minaj took to Twitter to rebut his critique.

“You assume that I wouldn’t have liked Bob Dylan???” Minaj responded via Twitter. “Why? black? rapper? what? go fuck yourself and worry about yourself babe.”

She continued her rant:

“I understand you really wanted to keep your job [on Idol] but take that up with the producers,” she continued. “I would have sent Bob Dylan to a cornfield??? Steven, you haven’t seen me judge one single solitary contestant yet! … That’s a racist comment … Lets make [Steven] a shirt that says ‘No Coloreds Allowed’ then escort him down 2 Barbara Walters so he can tell [her] how he was threatened w/guns.”


Tyler recently responded to Nicki’s racist jab on a Canadian entertainment show:

“I apologize if it was taken wrong, Nicki,” he said. “But I am the farthest from [being a racist]. I am the last thing on this planet as far as being a racist. I don’t know where she got that out of me saying I’m not sure how she would’ve judged Bob Dylan.”

While Tyler may have been out of line for criticizing Minaj’s ability to judge other people’s talent before the show hits airwaves, I don’t think labeling him a racist bolstered her argument. Instead, it makes her look—yet again—like a hothead.

This tiff comes on the heels of Minaj’s well-publicized row with her American idol cast mate, Mariah Carey, in which Carey apparently said Minaj threatened to shoot her. Back then, Minaj also brought up race when she tweeted, “Lets just say nicki said smthn about a gun.  ppl will believe it cuz she’s a black rapper. Lmao. I’ll then hit up Barbara n milk it.”

While Minaj’s outbursts continue to keep the glossies talking, I can’t help but think this is just what the Idol producers want: controversy.

Though some wonder why American Idol is still on the air, the addition of Nicki Minaj and her willingness to speak her mind will most likely bode well for ratings.

*Photo: US Weekly magazine

  • Ms. Information

    Nicki. Go. Away.

  • Val

    Nicki has some real nerve calling someone racist. She’s the one who is a racist. Her song, “Stupid Hoe” proves that. She should keep her mouth shut about racism otherwise the mainstream media might discover that song and call her out for what she truly is.


    I’m the first one to say that I can’t believe I’d be defending Nicki Minaj, but I do believe she’s right about this.

    If you notice, Tyle didn’t bother to defend his statement about why he pre-judged Nicki. What did he base his assessment of her on?

    She was right to ask those questions: “black? rapper?” I would like to know as well, but instead we get the generic, ambiguious white response, that tosses the blame back in the other direction, instead of accepting responsibility.

  • Fiore Scott

    If we want to talk about race, we can talk about all that lightening of her skin. Just sayin….

  • Drew-Shane

    Far, far away.

  • Lorri

    She attracts drama. Funny how legends are her source of frustration. (Lil Kim, Steven Tyler, Mariah)

  • Pink Lipstick

    This! I also noticed this habit. No one is threatened by her and I do not anticipate her having longevity in her career. She should be grateful that the producers of American Idol are giving her a platform because judging from her album sales her 15 minutes are just about up.

  • jourdan

    I’m so over Nicki. I also agree that there are better people (maybe someone who can actually sing) that could judge the show rather than her.

  • Starla

    She must be on something strong..either pharmaceutical or otherwise ,because there is no reason for this beahviour especially for a brand new artist. She is burning many bridges and insulting people with a lot of influence. We have seen it all before, and we know exactly what the end is.

  • Ek

    Thank you! To think that just a short while ago she was rapping about nappy headed h** She should indeed go away.

  • Child, Please

    That is interesting! I’ve always wondered why she chooses to go after them and not her peers like say Rihanna, Katy Perry or Ke$ha. I wonder if she is intimidated?

  • MommieDearest

    This chick is a cartoon character. I don’t know how anyone can possibly take her seriously.

  • binks

    Right! And for someone who always cries racism why does she go out of her way to look like a white Barbie doll …*things that make you go hmmm…*

  • koko

    nikki shut your demonized butt up- talking about u barbie – sounds you like you’re the racist

  • EST. 1986

    Weird. I read his comment and did not perceive it to have a racial undertone.

  • bk chick

    As others have said before, she would have more credibility if she didn’t make blatant racist remarks herself. You can’t shape part (arguably most) of your image on white beauty standards on crack, make fun of “nappy” hair, then call out racism when white ppl say ish you don’t like. Her attitude reminds me of a lot of people I grew up with who are very reactionary. They feel like any and every form of shade thrown in their direction needs to be called out or that they need to check someone ALL THE TIME. There are smart ways to do this and and Nikki hasn’t learned it yet. Especially since she’s a celebrity she needs to learn quick. I don’t think she’s a dumb woman but she seems incapable of controlling her emotions…That being said I hope this signals the end of her 15 mins.

  • myblackfriendsays

    Ms. Minaj needs to chill.

  • The Artist

    Probs… I guess that’s what happens when you lack the talent to even come close to some these people.

    She should really take a step back, she could sure learn a thing or two from people who have “been there..done that”

  • isolde3

    This is the most sensible comment on this thread. Her stage persona and various singles would lead you to believe otherwise, but Nicki is really astute. Did you catch how she read Barbara Walters for repeating those fake gun rumors from Mariah without contacting Nicki for a statement? Nicki was all (I’m paraphrasing), “Why didn’t you get my side of the story, because I’m a little black girl who raps?” And you know what? That’s probably why Babs didn’t bother to call Nicki’s camp. Had it been Katy Perry who was accused of threatening to pull a gun on Mariah, please believe Katy’s people would’ve been contacted before Barbara ran her mouth on the View.

  • tt

    can she just go away already

  • JN

    Britni said it SO well: American Idol wants her there for the ratings, not because she has any inherent experience in judging other people’s singing talent. It is embarrassing because American Idol’s audience is mostly middle American, 18-24 (34?) demographic. Imagine if your first encounter with this Nicki Minaj is of all the controversies thus far. Even if she had good issues to raise, no one will listen to her because of the way she conveys her message. She’s too narrow minded to think of the broader implications this has with the audience, the future competitors and those in charge. The fact that there are White men running FOX and A.I. making money off of this one reckless Black woman makes me uncomfortable in an inexplicable way.

  • Theantifash

    I for one am happy American Idol has allowed her to show the world how ridiculous she truly is. Maybe now people will stop buying her music, and stop caring about her.


  • JN

    For Barbara, it was not about getting anyone’s side of the story. Artists contact journalists when they want to do a story. Mariah’s chosen outlet was a journalist, Nicki’s is twitter. Concerning the “fake gun rumors,” this is really something that will always remain a he said/she said sort of thing, especially since Nicki is a habitual liar/inconsistent story teller (remember when she was bisexual and stretched the truth about some of her family issues in the ABC interview?). For Tyler, it has to do with the fact that she simply is not qualified to access other people’s skills. Even T-Boz has stated this (and she went IN!) and T-Boz is a Black female.


    How dumb, ignorant, coonish, samboish, porch monkieish, self hating, disrespectful, no intelligence, no sense of history having ass Nicki Minija have HELL NO I WOULD NEVER EXPECT HER TO KNOW BOB DYLAN is or any other artist with talent. Hell do you people really expect people like her and the rest of garbage rappers like her to actually be influenced by great artist? HELL NO. How bad her “music” is and the rest of commercial rap, I would think they’re influenced from the armpits of rednecks listening to the Blood and Crips album. I think Nicki music collection consist of Gucci Mane just saying “Burr” and Diddy just saying “Take that Take that”.

  • Serene

    Where was this big outburst when Paula Adbul and Jennifer Lopez, even Randy Jackson judging? Minaj keep getting your money girl, lol.

  • EL

    Oh so now she cares about her race all of a sudden? She seriously needs a reality check when she disses her own race and puts us Black women down.

  • Mina

    Yeah her 15 mins are up. How you going to label someone racist because they don’t agree with what you say or have an unsavory opinion about you? I can’t see Nicki Minaj being a good judge of talent either because she doesn’t have much talent. She can rap ABC baby songs and occasionally sing autotuned, techno pop songs but that doesn’t take much talent at all. American Idol hasn’t been the same since Jordan Sparks won. I like she has amazing talent but all the AI’s after her just lack talent. They give me a headache. I don’t even watch that crappy show anymore. Definitely should have picked Jessica Sanchez or Joshua instead of Philip Phillips smh. I’m like so tired of some female judges on these singing shows in general. I think the Voice is ok, but I dislike Christina! The X-Factor would be better without Britney. I like Demi though but it just seems kind of unnatural when she’s judging…and I’m tired of seeing Disney stars judging singing competition shows anyway. Mariah should be on AI though but not Nicki. At least Mariah DOES have some talent. But the diva attitude of both her and Nicki is just no bueno to me.

  • FFT

    When I heard about his comment, I immediately assumed he was referring to the episode of The Twilight Zone, implying that she’s a petulant, controlling child like the boy in the episode, who sent people to the corn field whenever they disagreed with/annoyed him.

    Also, please explain to me why she has so much money but such bad looking lace wigs???

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