I rarely give Compton rapper The Game’s utterances any serious consideration, but after appearing on the radio to discuss his upcoming VH1 reality show, “Marrying the Game,” I walked away shaking my head.

During the interview, the Game told New York’s Power 105.1 radio hosts that his on-again-off again relationship with his girlfriend Tiffney Cambridge suffered because of his infidelity, but things could have been better if she would just accept his cheating ways.

“I think that would be great man,” The Game said after being asked if polygamy should be legalized. “It would make it easier for women. The truth is every man cheats. Fat men, skinny men, basketball player, guy who can’t play, nerds, smart guy, it doesn’t matter.”

After asserting that every man cheats,  The Game quickly walked back his comments and claimed his cheating days were behind him.

“I’m not going to throw myself under the bus on this highly syndicated radio show,” he explained, “but every man cheats. A woman is better off assuming exactly what I said. You’ll be better off that way.”

Apparently, Game’s fiancé Tiffney Cambridge, a public school teacher, didn’t feel that things were “better off that way.” She supposedly called off the wedding due to his inability to keep it in his pants. Interestingly enough, The Game admitted that if Tiffney, or any other woman he was with, cheated he’d leave. Why? He’d never “understand” it.

Whenever I hear an admitted cheater say that women should just accept the fact that all mennot some, but all—will cheat, I have to call BS.

Instead of owning up to their own faults and missteps, they attempt to dupe women (and themselves) into thinking that infidelity is somehow branded into their DNA.

While the jury’s still out on whether men and women were meant to mate for life, once you make a commitment to be exclusive to your partner, you should honor it. And in the event that you can’t (or no longer want to), then it’s time to move on…no cheating necessary.

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  • gmarie

    go away game..

  • Leo the Yardie Chick

    Since ‘polygamy’ is defined as ‘a marriage including more than two partners’, is he prepared to marry a woman every time he has an itch for new vagina? Otherwise, what he wants is a Wife(y) and assorted Side-Pieces. Dude…just stay single and sow your oats if commitment isn’t for you. >_<

    Also, I like how he'd bounce if his gf/wife decided to scratch her itches outside as well. <_<

    • Dangerous Negro

      I was just going to say that yea he may want to cheat but I’m sure he doesn’t want to marry all of these random women either.

    • __A

      Yea. I don’t know many women that would be okay with sharing a man if they are in love with him. If it’s just a financial thing, then it might be okay. But many women get jealous about that kind of stuff.

      I think what he wanted to say is that women shouldn’t get upset about men cheating beause every man does it. He wants to scratch his itch every time it pops up. I doubt men want to provide for every woman they sleep with.

      I really don’t get men who think they can say that but then say it’s not okay for a woman to do it. I mean I know why they think that way. They want to screw whoever they want, but they’re territorial, but why do they think women would agree with that line of thinking. It only benefits men.

  • -__- How on Earth is The Game still relevant again? Please remind me

  • Z

    Another fatherless male, clueless of the responsibilities of commitment and marriage, speaks. Just ignore.

    • ChillyRoad

      Can I just mention that our concept of both marriage and monogamy are recent Western Judeo-Christian inventions. Much of the world is polygamous while being committed. I’m not trying to be a moral relativist.

      I believe the healthiest societies and ones that grant women the most rights are monogamous ones. Meh!

    • Kam

      I think what Z is trying to say is that polygamy means MARRIAGE. Marriage to more than one person, but marriage all the same with all the responsibilities and commitments that come along with it.

    • The Patient One

      Actually, his dad was/is around.

    • Z
  • Nipzie

    I hate to say this but the lame is telling somewhat of a truth. I think monogamy is an idea pushed on us through society; just like race, gender roles, and sexual orientation. Biologically, I think men and women are not meant to be with only one partner. I consider myself a loyal person, but I must admit that even I have have been sneaky and cheated on a boyfriend that I wholeheartedly loved, and it was strictly for physical satisfaction. All that talk about leaving a woman if she cheated is him pushing his misogynistic views (asshole).To be honest I think as people we are only as faithful as our options… But that’s just my opinion. Do I think as people we can be faithful in a marriage.. Well I think anything is possible with enough dedication and hardwork. To be faith I think GOD would need to be the center of your relationship because he’s the only devine intervention that can save that marriage. Ok that’s is all for my rant …

    • __A

      Marriage, religion, social obligations, laws, morals and other such things are man made things encouraged in civilized societies to have stability. They’ve worked pretty well I guess. Some of these things cam be stifling if taken to Puritan extremes, but in my opinion they were very important in Western Civilization.

      Ditching these things requires that people are still moral enough to do the right thing. For example, look at single mothers and the lack of marriages in black neighborhoods. Maybe this system of having children oow would work if men did the right thing and took care of their children.

    • Ravi

      Never cheated and never will. It’s not from lack of options either. It’s really just not that hard to keep it in your pants. It doesn’t take divine intervention either. Just a little self control.


      Thank You! It seems as if people come up with every excuse under the sun to cheat,but on the same note they cannot take it themselves. It is really simple. Treat someone like you want to be treated.