I rarely give Compton rapper The Game’s utterances any serious consideration, but after appearing on the radio to discuss his upcoming VH1 reality show, “Marrying the Game,” I walked away shaking my head.

During the interview, the Game told New York’s Power 105.1 radio hosts that his on-again-off again relationship with his girlfriend Tiffney Cambridge suffered because of his infidelity, but things could have been better if she would just accept his cheating ways.

“I think that would be great man,” The Game said after being asked if polygamy should be legalized. “It would make it easier for women. The truth is every man cheats. Fat men, skinny men, basketball player, guy who can’t play, nerds, smart guy, it doesn’t matter.”

After asserting that every man cheats,  The Game quickly walked back his comments and claimed his cheating days were behind him.

“I’m not going to throw myself under the bus on this highly syndicated radio show,” he explained, “but every man cheats. A woman is better off assuming exactly what I said. You’ll be better off that way.”

Apparently, Game’s fiancé Tiffney Cambridge, a public school teacher, didn’t feel that things were “better off that way.” She supposedly called off the wedding due to his inability to keep it in his pants. Interestingly enough, The Game admitted that if Tiffney, or any other woman he was with, cheated he’d leave. Why? He’d never “understand” it.

Whenever I hear an admitted cheater say that women should just accept the fact that all mennot some, but all—will cheat, I have to call BS.

Instead of owning up to their own faults and missteps, they attempt to dupe women (and themselves) into thinking that infidelity is somehow branded into their DNA.

While the jury’s still out on whether men and women were meant to mate for life, once you make a commitment to be exclusive to your partner, you should honor it. And in the event that you can’t (or no longer want to), then it’s time to move on…no cheating necessary.

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  • A woman on Clutch actually admitted to cheating–damn!

  • Rosey

    Kinda unrelated but his girlfriend seems too nice (and smart) to be with someone with a face tat.

  • Erin Danielle Jones

    If I were his fiance, I would run away as fast as I possibly could and find a man that will be faitful to me. SMH.

  • The real problem when “people” want to push this BS that all men cheat, some women start to feel like they have to tolerate it so that they won’t always be alone. The problem with cheating is that it plays a portion into breaking up homes, transmitting STI/STD’s between several people and plays a role with children out of wedlock. A lot of women need to start having more self-pride and self-respect to not tolerate such BS and walk away when cheating comes to play. You cannot make someone take accountability for their actions if they have all this pride feeling like they’re entitled to it, but the writing will be on the wall and you can make the right choice for yourself.

  • Pseudonym

    I don’t think people from nonpolygamous societies understand what polygamy entails. It becomes practiced in societies where women cannot live independent lives and after a bad war, many many are left widows with no means to support themselves. So a man takes them as a second wife and supports her family. It’s not simply having sex with a bunch of women. If a man with one wife is cheating, he’s probably having one nite stands or f* buddies (or even mistresses who at least know their place as #2), which is easy b/c he doesn’t have to give them anything he doesn’t want to give. For a polygamous relationship with women who are able to support themselves, you’ll have to come to the table with more than her rent and grocery money. You’ll probably have to be able to physically, emotionally, financially, spirituality, sexually, etc. satisfy multiple women b/c they will each see themselves as your wife and want to be treated as such. That’s A LOT of work! I know men with ONE wife and one or two kids who tire themselves out trying to take care of everyone at home.

    That’s shoveling the snow off multiple cars at 6 am, going all across town buying random food to satisfy the cravings of multiple pregnant women, that’s playing mediator when there’s wife beef, that’s having your finances voted on by a committee as opposed to another person, and that’s a whoooooole lotta grocery and beauty shop money. …and then you factor in multiple mother and father-in-laws…

    You can forget the idea of having any time in your life for yourself.

    I think polygamy sounds good when you don’t factor in having to satisfy your wives, as can be the case when you’re destitute in a war-torn country. But in the U-S-of-A without a religious reason to share a husband, I find it difficult to believe that women in this country would make good sister wives.

    • Kay

      I think this assessment is spot on. Has he seen “Sister Wives?” Some of those women are so bitter and tired that I heard one of his wives is thinking of divorcing him. You’ve got to share resources, time, energy, etc., etc. It’s not just sleeping with random people. Oh snap, cuz that would be an OPEN marriage. But then, she could sleep with other people too so…..there’s that whole equality thing. Keeps popping up.

    • Z

      I’ve heard that many men in actual, real, polygamous societies shy away from entering into polygamous marriages due to the financial and emotional responsibilities involved. It’s not as great as it seems.