It’s old news that Michelle Obama is a highly-regarded public figure. She was named the most Popular Democrat this year, with a higher approval rating than her husband even. Mrs. Obama’s good standing in the public eye is the result of several factors, including her strong persona, her commitment to social issues like health and rights for military families and her unwavering support of her husband. But you can’t talk about Mrs. O’s like-ability without acknowledging her prominence in the fashion industry.

Mrs. Obama wields the power to sell out a garment of clothing as soon as she wears it and countless books and articles have been written about her fashion influence. But now four years after she first became First Lady, Daily Beast writer Robin Givhan surmises that the conversation about Michelle Obama’s style has become stagnant.

She writes:

Michelle Obama is not a Barbie doll, a shape-shifting Hollywood starlet, a chameleon model or the female equivalent of Justin Bieber. And so, I have reached a saturation point on the small talk about her clothes. Fashion fatigue has set in. I cannot countenance any more breathless, fanzine-style chronicling of her attire.

Many writers, including myself, have argued that Michelle Obama’s fashion choices are significant. For example, when she chose to repeat her Michael Kors dress on Election Night, it made her appear more down-to-earth and relatable than First Ladies who would never dare wear an outfit twice on the national stage. Givhan ascertains those moments are the exception and not the norm:

Sometimes, Mrs. Obama’s clothes convey significant messages about economics, female power, and the potency of the creative spirit. Upon occasion, she has used fashion as silent support of women and minorities, and as a nonverbal rebuke to those who would see the design world as only frivolity and nothing serious. But more often, her clothes are simply lovely frocks, worth admiring in slideshows and picture books, but not worth discussing.

What are your thoughts, Clutchettes? Is Michelle Obama fashion fatigue setting in? Are you tired of talking about FLOTUS’ style?

  • Rakel

    Nope. I love what she does (Let’s move, fighting childhood obesity, etc) and her style. But then again, I don’t think I’ll grow weary any time soon talking about the Obamas.

  • LS

    No. Seeing/hearing about millions of people around the world discussing the style of and actually go out and buy the clothes a black woman is wearing brings my black behind joy.

  • Luci

    Jackie O was First Lady for like two seconds and mothafuckas STILL talkin’ about her goddam hats.

    So I say, let’s keep talking about Mrs. Obama’s outfits for at least the next four years. I never get tired of hearing nice things about black women.

  • heide

    Ok sorry just gotta say. If it’s not worth discussing then why is she discussing it. And she has been one of the main people on the Michelle Obama fashion fun boat but now she’s tired of it. Hey here’s a thought how bout we’re tired of Robin Givhan.

    And if she thinks people are going to stop discussing Michelle Obama’s fashion just because she’s tired of it she got another thing comin *in my Kevin Hart voice*.

    Hell how long has Jackie O been dead and we are still discussing her fashion so pahlease have a seat Ms. Givhan. I’m sure Anna Wintour does not share Ms. Givhan’s opinion.

  • __A

    No. It’s great to see a black woman as a style icon. Of all the silly things people talk about in the news and on the web, why does she care? She can ignore it. If you have cute kitty video fatigue, you stop watching videos of cute kitties and go on about your day without writing about how you’re sick of everyone putting cat videos on YouTube.

  • AM

    she must be a salty Republican.

  • Child, Please

    I agree with Robin; I’ve been done with the Lady O’s fashions since 2008. While most like that a black woman (much more a black first lady) is a style icon, I’d much rather it be up to the runway models and celebs for that. It just makes me wonder if folks take her seriously at this point.

  • silkynaps

    Whatever. All I care about is natural hair and Michelle Obama’s fashions. 24/7/365.

  • justanotheropinion

    Yes – Although I like some of the things she wears, it’s just clothes. Tooooo many other things going on that are much more important.

  • binks


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