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The images pouring out of the Middle East are shocking: bloody bodies, parents holding their children’s lifeless bodies, plumes of smoke engulfing cities. As the conflict between Israel and the Palestine group Hamas rages on, many are wondering if officials will be able to secure a ceasefire before things escalate into a full-blown war.

While Israel’s iron dome continues to block many of Hamas’ rockets, Israel’s air strikes on Gaza have been extremely deadly. Over the weekend, a rocket aimed at a Hamas militant leader stuck a home, killing 10 people—including three generations of one family. The brutal attack capped the deadliest day in the conflict thus far.

The New York Times reports:

After a night of sustained Israeli strikes by air and sea and a morning of rocket attacks on Israel, the Health Ministry here said on Monday that the Palestinian death toll in six days of conflict had risen to 91 with 700 wounded, including 200 children, as the assault ground on unrelentingly despite efforts toward a cease-fire.

The casualties — 19 people reported killed since midnight local time — included Palestinians killed in strikes by warplanes and a drone attack on two men on a motorcycle. Another drone attack killed the driver of a taxi hired by journalists and displaying “Press” signs, although it was not clear which journalists hired it, Palestinian officials said.

On Sunday, Israeli forces attacked two buildings housing local broadcasters and production companies used by foreign outlets. Israeli officials denied targeting journalists, but on Monday Israeli forces again blasted the Al Sharouk block used by many local broadcasters as well as Britain’s Sky News and the Al Arabiya channel.

The attack, apparently aimed at a computer shop on the third floor of the building, sparked a blaze that sent plumes of dark smoke creeping up the sides of the building. Video footage showed clouds of gray smoke billowing from the high-rise building as the missiles struck home.

An Israeli bomb pummeled a home deep into the ground here on Sunday, killing 11 people, including nine in three generations of a single family, in the deadliest single strike in six days of cross-border conflict. Members of the family were buried Monday in a rite that turned into a gesture of defiance and became a rally supporting Gaza’s militant Hamas rulers.

Although President Obama has urged Israel to avoid a ground invasion of Gaza, he has supported the Jewish’s state right to “protect itself“. However, many argue that Israel’s advanced technology, resources, and well-trained army makes this conflict extremely one-sided, an opinion backed up by the growing Palestine death toll.

Egypt has stepped up to attempt to broker a cease-fire agreement between Israel and Hamas, but all eyes will be on the region to see if a stop to the conflict will come about soon.

  • Hmm?

    When will we realize that violence is never the answer?

  • Fa

    President Obama’s stance on this has me incredibly disappointed. It’s disturbing that he would condone Israel “protecting itself” at the cost of women and children’s lives. Shame.

  • AM

    hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!! I ain’t gon say nuttin….BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUT!

  • leelah

    i know. he’s doing pretty photo ops in cambodia. but hasn’t said anything about the sad lost of live. between this and the hurricane response, i think he needs to do more wit that, I’m starting to regret my vote for him

  • Jlyn

    President Obama is responding the way he has to since we are Israel’s ally.

    It is a shame, but his hands are tied in this situation.

  • Jlyn

    If you think Romney would’ve responded any differently you’re mistaken.

    The president’s response has to do with a lot more than his personal opinions, there are long standing foreign policy issues here out of even the presidents control.

  • Treece

    It is sad to hear of such terrible death and violence, but we must remember that everything the president does (no matter who is in the position at any given time) is a political move. They do and say what they need to in order to gain and maintain allies, keep in the good graces of other countries. Pres. Obama didn’t invent this…….its always been this way.

  • paul


    What an unrelentingly useless president this guy is turning out to be, hands always tied by somebody.

  • paul


    I wonder at the timing of this, Israel initiated this round of conflict on the eve of what was to be the signing of new ceasefire agreement with the Palestinians, which also happens to coincide with Obama’s winning his second term.

    obama’s real face is already starting to show.

    Is there any power that can save us from these mad men? .

  • SS25

    “Real face” Israel bombing and killing innocent people have nothing to do with President Obama. Israel attacked Hamas first so go after them not the president.

  • paul

    Are you for real?

    Don’t answer I don’t care

  • Don’t believe everything you hear!

    Do you think about the black children killed by ”light skin” Muslims? Black progress is nearly non existent in Muslim countries. If you want to talk about the Palestinians being killed by the Israelis, also talked about millions of black people killed in the name of Islam. Of course, Islam is not the problem. The problem is another gang of freaking racists and opportunists lowering black people esteem and forcing them to convert.
    Soudan, Mali!!!!!!! It pisses me off when I see black people taking the cause of Palestinians not even knowing about the state of other black people maltreated.
    Read ”Slave: My True Story” by Mende Nazer & Damien Lewis. Read about what is going on in Mali!

  • Don’t believe everything you hear!

    Do you think about the black children killed by light skin Muslims? Black progress is nearly non existent in Muslim countries. If you want to talk about the Palestinians being killed by the Israelis, also talked about millions of black people killed in the name of Islam. Of course, Islam is not the problem. The problem is another gang of freaking racists and opportunists lowering black people esteem and forcing them to convert.
    Soudan, Mali!!!!!!! It pisses me off when I see black people taking the cause of Palestinians not even knowing about the state of other black people maltreated.
    Read ”Slave: My True Story” by Mende Nazer & Damien Lewis. Read about what is going on in Mali!

  • Eyes Wide Shut

    People please don’t let this “little” farce fool you…….

    All of this is leading up to a war with Iran (which I pray the U.S. does not participate in).

    Israel is testing the waters – they are trying to see how far the United States will go up to bat for them. Israel wants to attack Iran but they don’t have the manpower……..

    If you remembered the debates, the moderator asked both Obama and Romney “If Israel were to to attack Iran tomorrow how will the U.S. respond?”

    Both candidates responded that the United States will stand with Israel no matter what.

    Please people start looking at the bigger picture……….

    Iran is NO Iraq, Afghanistan or Syria……….

  • paul


  • Shelly

    @Eyes Wide Shut…why would Israel want to start a war with Iran?

  • Keepitreal

    War is not pretty. When you have a group of people who routinely use women and children as detonating devices hellbent on destroying your very existence than you have no choice. You can’t reason with terrorist but I’m not shocked they have their sympathizers. SMFH

  • Tiffy

    I have friends that are jews with strong ties to Israel but what Israel is doing is wrong. Like another commentor said they are getting ready for war with Iran so this is a trial for them and I think alot of people in the international community recognize this. I dont know all the background but I know enough to say whether they had a history with the land or not it was wrong to give them that land when other people were living there it has created conflict that taken so many lives destroyed families and that could lead to nuclear war…..

  • cupcakes and shiraz

    Disgusted with Israel. The US should withdraw their support of this apartheid nation if they know what’s best for them.

  • The Other Jess

    not really.his hands aren’t tied. he could easily say that while he supports israel as a U.S. ally, he will not tolerate indiscriminate killing and aggression or unprovoked attacks which are unjust.

    besides, he should never unequivicolly support any nation, especially one as risky as israle, one that has proven time and again that it will do whatever it wants in their war, including violate human rights and commit war crimes. all counried should be held to standard. israel should be held to the same international laws as every other country.

  • The Other Jess

    You are so right, Eyes Wide Shut.

  • Rue

    I say if Israel wants a war let them…Just don’t send aid and boots when it escalates into a giant mess. They seem to forget that they are the only Jewish state in a sea of Muslims, not to mention Arabs have mad hate for them.

    They ONLY reason they are so eager to do this is cause they know the us will stand with them in the end, in large part b/c of the Jewish vote. I wonder what would be said if an African nation started a war, and American blacks decided to withhold votes in their support….

  • The Other Jess

    I agree. Israel is like what happened in Liberia, Africa back in the day, just a million times worse. Former U.S. colonizers and enslavers “gave” Black Americans Liberia as an option against slavery, even though native Liberian already lived there. Black Americans, who definitely needed a place to go and were entitled to land in Africa, imho, still had the responsibility to work with the native people not try to subjugate them in the manner of U.S. white colonizers. Fortunately, Black people are nowhere near as racists and crazy as white people of any type, including jews and Israelis, so Liberia didn’t become as bad as the Israel.

    But i always find it ironic that those Black Americans who were put in Liberia and those Jewish people who were put in Israel fight so hard against those whose lands they unjustly occupied, but were so meek, acquiescing and forgivong of their former subjugators, in the case of Blacks, U.S. slavers and Jews, many groups of Europeans who supported Nazi-ism.

  • The Other Jess

    That’s what white people said about America and slavery too under Manifest Destiny. God gave them to right to enslave “inferior” people (Blacks) and take somebody elses land (Native Indians). Religious zealots everywhere are an absolute scary menance.

  • jamesfrmphilly

    aren’t you mixing old and new testaments?

  • jamesfrmphilly

    what else works?

  • jamesfrmphilly

    i think hamas attacked first…….

  • Eyes Wide Shut

    @ Shelly

    I have no idea as to why Israel wants to start with Iran, all I know is that Netanyahu has been talking the last couple of years of invading Iran, but Israel knows for certain that they cannot take on Iran by themselves – they need the military might of the United States, and even then I feel that the U.S. is treading in some serious waters (news around alternative media is that Obama is listening to his generals and they are all advising the president not to back Israel with this). And it’s an open secret that Saudi Arabia is working in collusion with Israel to take down Iran, but again neither country combined can do this. Even Turkey is on board, even the western European countries are on board with an Iran invasion. They are just waiting for the word from the United States, and I pray that Obama has enough sense to NOT feed into this foolish war machine……

    If you don’t believe me, start listening to the news more often, FOX, CNN,MSNBC, etc. are all turning the wheels on the war machine – I know bc the same media talk was done when the Iraq invasion was about to take place……

    Everyone pray, b/c WW III is about to hit

  • Kay

    Really? So killing in God’s name is okay? Where have I heard that before? Oh, yeah. The Crusades. which had to do more with economics and someone’s wallet more than spreading the good word. So….yeah. War is never good. I really wish they could sit down and work something out. Especially when innocents are dying.

  • The Other Jess

    hmmm Clutch, what happened to my comment?

  • paul

    Er anyone who actually knows something about israel/us relations will be aware that israel is a US ally, which gets in excess of 5 billion in US foreign aid, including military hardware, which it (israel) uses to kill palestinians and rob them of their land.

    Whatever israel does, it does with america’s and its presidents’ blessing, if not at the president’s request.

    This is another that one obama and any american president could put an end to any time he wanted. So don’t get to twisted.

    If they wanna solve this conflict why don’t they send the jews back to europe?

    Oh no they can’t/won’t do that because no european country wants jews on its soil. . Indeed jews were persecuted, and expelled from just about every country in europe, going back as far as the beginning of the fall of the roman empire.

    Oh well when the oil runs out in the mid east, let’s see how much aid israel receives to threaten it neighbours.

  • paul

    @the other jess


    you’re absolutely right and i was being sarcastic. obama’s hands are no more tied on the palestianian/israeli conflict than they are by republican obstructionism on domestic policy in the US.

  • simplyme

    But Israel DOES have every right to protect itself.

    I find the hypocrisy a little interesting…if even one measly rocket landed on U.S. soil and killed a citizen, the U.S would be in at full on war with the country responsible. Talk of hundreds of rockets over years..we wouldn’t say “lets just compromise with the attackers because our weapons are too advanced for them”. Like Israel, the U.S. doesn’t purposefully attack innocent citizens but they have been the unintentional victims of many of our own attacks over the years.

    I really wish people would see there bigger picture here. I think the loss of life in Gaza is extremely sad…and those poor people have been through a lot, but the blame does not lie with Israel. Gaza gets it weapons supplied from places like Iran. Gaza is basically being used as an attack pad to get to Israel and the people who orchestrate all of this could care less if they’re putting their women and children’s lives in danger.

    Its in the hands of the Palestinian people, its chosen leaders, and the people they associate themselves with to put an end to it. In war, its the responsibility of a people to protect its citizens..the second there is a risk of compromising that, its time to wave the white flag. Thats how war has worked throughout history. But to Hamas and its allies the ulimate goal. superseding that of protecting its people, is the destruction of Israel. Its pretty clear when leaders explicitly state that as their ultimate goal….

    The only reason they don’t have more than what they have is because of the blockades and restrictions Israel has put on the area to prevent them from getting supplied with more potent weapons. Its unfortunate and a source of their poverty but again is a necessary evil if Israel wants to survive in the area. I remember reading during the last conflict how some weapons were purposefully stored under a daycare. Who does that? People who don’t care about the loss of their people’s lives.

    I think Israel is in a lose lose situation. The only way to end this once and for all is to address the leadership in the middle east. Till then, I think Israel will continue what they’re doing until the international pressure gets to be so much that they crumble. If they back off now and compromise, their enemies are one step closer to their ultimate goal.

  • KE

    It would be one thing if the Jews in Israel today were actually the original Hebrews, but they are not. You all need to read “The 13th Tribe,” which shows that today’s European Jews are actually the descendents of Khazars from Europe who converted to Judaism for non-spiritual reasons hundreds of years ago. They are not the Hebrews of the Bible. After all, the real Jewish people are primarily people of the Black Diaspora who have been spread across the the four corners of the world and who have fulfilled the prophecy spoken of them in the Bible. But they do not want you to know that!

  • __A

    This person is a troll that pretends to be an independent black woman on welfare with kids that worships white men. It gets some sick pleasure from writing stupid comments all over this site. Trolls like it make me laugh. I can only imaging how pathetic their real lives are that they have time to waste time pretending to be someone that they’re not on a site for a group of people that they dislike.

  • __A

    I don’t know about everything you said, but I will agree with some of it. Black people get all ready to stand up for other people of color without thinking. They are always talking brown people this and brown people that. Many of these brown skinned people don’t care about what happens to us. I’m not saying we shouldn’t care about what happens to Palestinians. I’m just saying black people need to stop thinking to jump on board with other groups of people just because they’re people of color or Muslims or oppressed. Wasn’t it in Libya that they took time from their fighting to kill black Libyans?

    Every black person is well aware of the racism and discrimination that black people have endured at the hands of white people, but I am aware that many people see a totem pole with whites at the top and blacks at the bottom. Some of them see themselves in the middle and better than us.

    Leaders of other people don’t start talking about “people of color” until they need help and support. Then they are people of color.

    Supporting other groups of people when they need help no matter who they are is fine, but let’s see some reciprocity.

  • Salmon

    Yeah, genocide is perfectly acceptable so long as the UN recognizes the land you usurped from the Palestinians as a nation-state.

    Well reasoned, simplyme. Spoken like a true American.

  • http://clutchmagazine blcknnblvuu

    I’m sick and tired of both sides

  • aziza

    O please, those “Arabs” are just as black as their counterparts. Just look up an arab sudani. The only difference between the arab sudanis, malians and the other people in their country is their language. The western media calling those people “arab” is like calling black americans “english”, because of the language you’re speaking. Don’t make it a race issue.

  • aziza

    @jamessomething. Israel killed a person of Hamas at FIRST. Hamas has won the Palestinian elections but can’t reign Palestina because Israel considers them “a terrorist group”. It’s funny how America and Israel claim to love democracy, but when they don’t agree with your political message…

  • aziza

    Wow, this site has really shocked me. Often, americans are so ignorant regarding this issue. They have no idea… People don’t understand how this angers a lot of people. Israel is the modern day South Africa!

  • Keepitreal

    I wouldn’t bother these are the some of the same people who believe we deserved 911. Typical American hating POS who side with terrorist have no logic just hatred.

  • simplyme


    Genocide is never acceptable, but ending it is in the hands of Hamas and its allies.

    I believe Israel has the right to exist peacefully as a state.
    I believe the Palestinian people have the right to exist peacefully as a state.

    There are quite a few parties ensuring that both of those things never happen and Israel isn’t one of them.

    Hamas chooses to do the things they do knowing the ramifications. They are a terrorist organization that (despite how helpless they may appear) has succeeded in backing Israel into a corner of survival mode with the help of Iran… Israel has basically been forced down to their level (killing the innocent) in an effort to exist. Israel doesn’t target their people. Hamas inbeds its weapons and terrorist leaders in family homes and high density areas. Its a lose all around and like I said the only way to truly end the situation is to change the leadership… the meantime like Obama said Israel does indeed have every right to defend itself.

    Of course, if one thinks that Israel should be destroyed and that it has no right to exist, then you’re going to think everything Israel does it wrong…so I guess thats what it comes down to.

  • The Other Jess

    sorry paul, but obama’s hands havebeen tied man times by republican ostructionismon domestic policy. when republicans and tea party-ers literally say that their entire goal is to rollback anything obama implements, that is obstructionism.

  • The Other Jess

    Um, it was Libya that funded African anti-colonialism movements all over the continent, including in South Africa. Libya also spearheaded the Organization of African Unity as one of the main founders. Those peoplein Libya who started killing Africans after the NATO and US bombs began dropping, and after Qaddafi was butchered, were mainly coming into Libya from Arab nations as mercenaries. They were the racists and stared killing of Africans,including Libyans who are Africans not Arabs, Libya had an open door policy to all countires in Africa.

  • The Other Jess

    my bad, sorry!

  • The Other Jess

    @Simplyme: Just because one doesn’t think that tactics of genocide and unprovoked violence is right, and because some think Israel is totally wrong, does not mean we wish any country to be destroyed or harmed. Please with the gult trip and goverment propaganda. if you’re going to have a converstion, please give an argument based in facts not guilting-tactics. Don’t try to turn informed dissent into something it is not.

  • The Other Jess

    Besides, there are many Jews who see the wrong in what Israel is doing too, you know.

    The people who truly love their countries and are the most patriotic will dissent againt unjust actions. Only rabid racists continue to blow the horn for injustice.

  • Fa

    I cannot deny the racism from Arabs towards darker skinned and black people. However, I believe that you can stand against racism and the Occupation of Palestine…they are not mutually exclusive.

  • jamesfrmphilly

    “I believe Israel has the right to exist peacefully as a state”

    not on stolen land….

  • jamesfrmphilly

    “…why would Israel want to start a war with Iran?”

    can you be that uninformed and yet offer a comment?

  • Anthony

    Netanyahu pulled the same stunt the last time Obama was elected, he started a war with Hamas. I think this is Netanyahu’s way of boxing in Obama and keeping him from putting pressure on conservative Israelis to stop settlements and pursue a real peace strategy.

  • obonagaamy

    Interesting theory. Netanyahhu is still pretty angry that he did not get one-on-one time with the President while he was campaigning.

  • obonagaamy

    I really appreciate that Clutch lends webpage real estate to more than just clothes and gossip. I also appreciate all those here that recognize that the IDF is well-financed by the US–more federal moeny goes to Israel than to the state of New Jersey (not counting disaster relief).

    I pray the Egyptian can broker a peace for the sake of the innocents.

  • chinaza

    The ultimate commentary by Trinidadian powerhouse, Singing Sandra- “The War Goes On”. Required listening.

  • The Other Jess

    WOW..It’s interesting that you say that – the NY Times has an article today with a headline almost quoting you exactly, titled “For Israel, Gaza Conflict Is Test for an Iran Confrontation”.

    You’re very perceptive. It’s sad that any nation would choose to unjustly kill people just to test out their weaponry for another war. That. is. crazy.

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