Donald Trump slams President Obama over Hurricane Sandy

While many along the Eastern part of the U.S. are struggling to put their lives back together after Hurricane Sandy rolled through the region earlier this week, Donald Trump is still attempting to be relevant.

After making a “big announcement” last week that asked President Obama to hand over his college transcripts in exchange for a $5 million donation to a charity of the President’s choice, Trump extended his Halloween deadline to his asinine request.

Trump tweeted:

The real estate magnate’s offer was roundly criticized by Twitter users, many questioning why he isn’t handing over the $5 million to charity for storm relief efforts. One very vocal critic, Solange Knowles, asked ‘The Donald’ to plainly have a seat.

She continued:

Donald Trump's insensitive hurricane tweets

Make this reason # 497 why we love Solo.

After being verbally smacked down by several people, Trump continues his tirade against the President. But after the storm, it appears folks have really had enough of his foolishness.

  • Anthony

    Even certified Obama haters should be embarrassed by the self-centered inanity of Donald Trump, let alone run of the mill Republicans. Everything is not a chance for self promotion.

  • Echi

    I kind of feel bad for Republicans. Their party is overrun with loud, obnoxious, nut jobs like Trump.
    Thanks Solo and other Tweeter for calling out this foolishness.

  • Anthony

    I know it’s irrelevant, but Solange is so pretty!
    Not that there is a competition, but Solange is even prettier than her big sister!

  • Dalili

    OOO this man!! Other than a comedic response, am glad the president doesn’t humour this fellow. How presumptuous, arrogant and self absorbed can one man be to imagine the presidential vetting committee somehow missed all these discrepancies or that the President would stop looking into the welfare of citizens to oblige such folly?!!!

    Trump seems to have extra money to waste on frivolous challenges, he should perhaps rise to the occasion and donate those monies where they are most needed: to the resettling of those hard hit by Sandy.

    **Better to be thought a fool than to open one’s mouth and remove all doubt.** Foolish man!

  • JN

    So…my family is without power back in NYC, I’ve got friends with no way of getting gas, and I am hearing reports of people who have died. And the most salient issue for this dude are still Obama’s transcripts. And he has $5 million to spend any way he wants. Two suggestions immediately come to mind as to where he could put the money…the first obviously is actually to donate that money to Red Cross or any institution directly assisting in Sandy recovery efforts. The other is a place where the sun don’t shine.

  • I-

    You’re right…..your entire comment is irrelevant!

  • Blue

    Doesn’t this guy own half of New York real estate? why would he say something so dumb. Money doesn’t buy you common sense or empathy.

  • cocopuffs

    trump please everyone is wishing hoping and praying that you learn not to be bitter sir you are not young your quite up in age we dont want you to die bitter thats just sad shut up and go to a distant island and chill the hell out!

  • teachermrw

    Trump needs to spend that money on himself, and buy some hair.

  • Anthony

    That five million is probably spare change saved from sixty years of doing his own comb over/haircut!

  • bornliberian

    that man or lack there of,doesn’t deserve the time or day. he is the embodiment of narcissism. with his ugly mouth looking like pu$$y in distress.

  • Shirl

    Maybe Trump’s obsession with the President is because his wife has revealed to him that she has inappropriate fantasies about the President.. It’s President Obamas face she sees while Trump is a pumping and a sweating that disgusting spray tan all over her…

  • __A

    Should be. But they aren’t. They’re just like him. It’s funny how Republicans accuse him of being divisive when they were the ones who vowed to work against him, when they send around racist emails, when they write book after book full of all these crazy conspiracies and encouraging hatred of the president.

  • binks

    Trump is like those old men in the neighborhood who has something negative to say and always complaining about something…it’s best to ignored them.

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