In support of her new album, Rihanna set out on an impressive 777 tour, which consisted of seven concerts in seven cities in seven days. If that didn’t sound ambitious enough, the Bajan beauty decided to take 150 journalists and fans along for the ride. What could go wrong, right?

If you’ve been keeping an eye on the #777Tour hashtag on Twitter and Instagram, you may have gotten a little jealous of the bottle-popping, in-flight partying, swag bag gifting and international destinations, but things change.

While the majority of tweets and articles coming out about the tour remain positive (like this one from British Vogue), a vocal minority is starting to make some noise.

Recently an “Anonymous Captive Journo” wrote an article complaining about the journalists’ treatment on Gawker and a video surfaced of several journalists on the plane chanting, “Where are you?”

The anonymous journalist wrote:

At first, it all seemed like it was going to go so well. She “interacted” with us on the first day, sloppily pouring champagne into our outstretched plastic tumblers, demanding that we spend the week “partying” with her, and even challenging a sexy young English journalist to a “Zoolander”-style plane aisle walk-off.

…But after that first, coruscating appearance, Rihanna was gone. And I do mean gone.

It gets worse. After claiming that Rihanna seemed drunk or high during the excursion, he/she went on to take shots at the pop princess’ performances.

She barely does any of her own singing, which isn’t a huge pearl-clutcher, but at least Britney danced a little. For Rihanna, just licking her lips during a song constitutes a taxing, elaborate physical routine that deserves a couple of mid-performance tequila shots.

The fans who won seats on the plane from radio and Internet promotions went from feeling a little disappointed that they hadn’t seen more of the main attraction to wondering miserably when they’d be able to sleep or go home. That is not something you’re supposed to feel when you win a fabulous contest, probably.

The journalists agonized vocally and collectively about how to post anything resembling newsworthy on a daily basis. What do you file when you are rarely allowed outside of buses or planes or hotel “day stays” (read: naps, for those who can take them) except to see some visibly bored Barbadian wearing a t-shirt as a dress doing robotic, indifferent karaoke?

In case you’re just thinking this person is a hater, she/he contends she/he was initially excited to be a part of the tour. While the journalists have been on tour with other performers before, this journo says this time has been completely different.

Many of us here have gone on tour with artists before, but none of us recalls being on one where they didn’t make sure we were at least able to bathe and sleep or get a modicum of taxed-but-gracious face time with the artist. Omarion was brought up as a shining example, if that gives you some perspective.

If you resent the Rihannaplane 150 that’s fine. We understand. We would resent us if we were not here.

But please picture what it would be like going to your job if there was no toilet, kitchen, water fountain, faucet, or lunch break, and instead of going home at the end of the night, they made you wait standing up in an airport while the person responsible for determining when you go home laid around getting fucked up and wearing European money like pasties.

Rihanna is known for her wild antics and hard partying, but could this latest spate of bad press damage her brand?

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see if the Good Girl Gone Bad has gotten way out of hand.

  • Yvette

    Can we please stop using the phrase “Bajan beauty” when describing Rihanna? Yes, she is beautiful and I’m all about alliteration, but that phrase is now officially overused. (now back to read the article lol)

  • mommaused2say

    Are we surprised that she was allegedly drunk/high? She has been caught on camera and published some of her own pics smoking and/or rolling blunts. I no longer expect much from Rihanna so this news isn’t groundbreaking and I don’t that it will effect her anymore than it already has.

  • JN

    On one hand, this is absolutely horrifying. Rihanna’s people should have planned this better, and I think they are so used to planning for Rihanna that they don’t realize or anticipate for how real people deal with the same issues that Rihanna deals with on the regular. On the other hand, if this is an undesirable taste of just what celebrities go through on a daily basis (making their hectic and crappy schedules and lonely life look glamourous), that in and of itself is an interesting story.

  • Lonai

    That sounds like an issue with her management. Management should have organized the accommodations for the journalist and press better. Rihanna is only one part of the puzzle, but her management really runs the show.

  • isolde3

    Yeah, it sounds like the plane idea was poorly executed. The gossip columnist that wrote the anonymous letter has been with other artists on tour, but has that columnist been on tour with an artist while said artist was simultaneously promoting a new album? I doubt it. I haven’t been keeping up with the plane or the 777 tour, (though I bought the album, and its good) but no, it’s not going to damage the brand. Rihanna is most likely gonna get her 12th #1 this week on BB Hot 100. She may even get a #1 US album as well, and from what I’ve gleaned from my pop forum, pre sales for her tour leg in the UK sold out in like ten minutes, and it aint just arenas. She’s filling stadiums now (which kinda blew my mind, and I’m a stan). How many times have the press tried to come for her scalp only for her to rebound with another hit? As long as the music continues to smash, she’s gonna be alright.

    “She barely does any of her own singing which isn’t a huge pearl-clutcher, but at least Britney danced a little.For Rihanna, just licking her lips during a song constitutes a taxing, elaborate physical routine that deserves a couple of mid-performance tequila shots.”

    Now this why I called that anonymous “journo” a gossip columnist because this here is a blatant lie. Unlike Britney, Rihanna always sings live. This is common knowledge, or at least should be for someone passing themselves off as a music journalist. Criticizing her singing is one thing, shameless lying is something else.

  • Yb

    “picture what it would be like going to your job if there was no toilet, kitchen, water fountain, faucet, or lunch break,”

    So these journalists expect Rih Rih to feed them, wash their ass, make sure their fed, and get their hotel prepped and ready? She gave ya’ll a free plane ride, not her maternal care. The sense of entitlement these overpaid hipster bloggers (cause they definitely aren’t journalists) have. Smh

  • AM

    The Gawkers article had me in tears. Riri, please have your management team re-evaluate your promotional endeavors. You work hard, but ghatdamb, people need to soosoo too.

  • Jade Noelle

    hey AM! what happened to your blog?!

  • JaeBee

    Why anyone would want 2 go on a journo-tour with a talentless hack is beyond me.

  • Verity

    It’s sooooo funny how people will kiss someones a** because there famous……I don’t give a flying f**k if it was free I will not be made to wait while you shop for underwear and party and basically not give a f**k about your guest that YOU invited no im not asking her to mother me but if these journalist got a little time it would have been fine my.mother taught me when you have a guest you make sure your always with them and make sure they have a good time those reporters had to stay because it was a job but just speaking common sense here but if it was a lie why would all these people be saying the same thing there’s got to be some TRUTH to it.

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