It’s been a long week, Clutchettes, but we made it. As we do every Friday, we’re going to take a little time to shine a light on sisters around the globe who are doing some fabulous things.

While the media continues to perpetuate negative images of black women, we’re here to give sisters a shout out for all of the fabulous things we’ve done this week.

  • Rue

    1. That’s fantastic! Hope she is looking for employees (re:me!!!)

    • Downsouth Transplant

      LOL, go on now Rue, send your resume you never know, keep us updated when you hit it big.** waving pom poms **

  • binks

    These women better werk! And co-sign Heggins’ comment I don’t know why people assume that black women aren’t into sci-fi.

  • Jessica Simien

    Great post, thanks for the info about Tammy Williams, very interesting!

  • Hmm?

    Love Some Girls!