Fashion blogs run by women are pretty pervasive, but there are just as many exceptional menswear blogs on the internet. From sites that offer priceless style advice to those that feature beautiful, eye-catching, quality images, menswear blogs present a wide spectrum of content that is compelling and fashion-forward. Whether you’re a fan of menswear street style or into more stylized editorials, there’s a great selection of menswear blogs that offer it all.

Here are three we love:

1. Fresher Than Chris

Run by celebrity fashion stylist, Chris Law, Fresher Than Chris offers expert style advice, hilarious pop culture commentary and cutting-edge high-fashion photography.

2. The Urban Gent

The Urban Gent is the stylish man’s go-to for fashion tips. The site breaks down trends on celebrities and street style stars in a way that’s approachable and applicable to the everyday man.

3. Street Etiquette

Street Etiquette is famous for its beautiful, visually stimulating street style photography, and it’s easy to see why. Shots from Brazil, Angola and even New York Fashion Week are brilliant and captivating.

What menswear style blogs do you love, Clutchettes?


  1. Overseas_Honeybee

    Yes please. Street Etiquette is dope. Still crushin’ over their college editorial (from pic above). Nothing like a well-dressed man. Personal style is always sexy.

  2. *Disclaimer this is a friend of mine but I’m not unduly biased*

    One to watch is LessGentleMen/Ikire Jones. Not so much a “style blog” in ways the above-mentioned are, but definitely worth a look for style curated from a man’s POV. The brain behind LessGentleMen is soon launching a menswear line called Ikire Jones which, if judging by his eye, promises to be fiyah.,,

    • THIS!! Just checked them ourr, and their style is impeccable. Thanks.

  3. The Well Dressed section on has lots of great tips and is very. informative

  4. Congrats to my bff Chris Law. I feel like a proud mama. Lol. Keep up the good work babe!

  5. Smartyskirts is another great menswear style blog. The photographer/blogger Guerre also has impeccable style.

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