Flat-Iron Hair
We all know that flat irons should be used infrequently because when they are abused, they can scorch our hair. But for those times when we want a sleek, straight style we need our irons to work. Here are five flat irons that promise the best results, which means hair protection, adjustable temperatures and long-lasting results.

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  1. I don’t know why, but I can only see one of the flat irons (Andis). Can someone please list the other 4?

    • they are Hot tool, Sedu Pro Iconic ceramic, Hanna Elite, and Gold n Hot, they are individual listed after the number one when you press #2,3, 4, and 5

  2. RiGreene

    Same here, outspokentoken. I thought it was just my computer! LOL

  3. Melanie

    The karmin g3 has to be included in the list!

  4. I own a Royale and very happy with its result, its durable comes at a good price tag and works perfect , get more details about it here Royale Hair Straightener

  5. Can Clutch list the top hot combs. Really! There’s this young lady, at work, who wears her hair natural. One day she came in with it straight, bone straight; and it looked really nice. So I asked her “did you flat ironed your hair?” She said no, so I’m thinking well did she go back to the relaxer. So I asked her well what did you flat iron your hair?; And she told me that she used a hot comb. So apparently hot combs are also a way to go in addition to the flat iron.

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