Top 5 Flat Irons For African-American Hair

by Kweli I. Wright

We all know that flat irons should be used infrequently because when they are abused, they can scorch our hair. But for those times when we want a sleek, straight style we need our irons to work. Here are five flat irons that promise the best results, which means hair protection, adjustable temperatures and long-lasting results.

Andis Professional 1-inch Titanium Flat Iron – With it’s vibrating technology, this iron retains moisture and shine and it good for all hair textures. There’s a quick 30-second heat up time for this iron with adjustable heat settings. $72,

  • Pseudonym

    I LOVE my Chi ceramic flat iron! I have natural hair and now when I straighten it, it actually looks even silkier than it did when I had a relaxer!

  • Cee Cee

    I have the Sedu but I got it for 60$ on a Groupon sale!! Love it!

  • Monique Brown

    thank you for the recommendation, I personally love the Karmin g3, it’s the best one I’ve tried and leaves my hair soft, frizz less and very straight. :D

  • MW

    I have natural hair and I swear by my baby bliss!

  • Yvette

    B-but Melanie Fiona has that good hair! (just kidding y’all, lol)

  • Amaka

    Thanks for this! I’ve been looking for a good flat iron to buy that is in my budget and I think I’ll go with the gold n hot. Thanks again:)

  • trinasobad
  • Starla

    The Maxiglide should be on the list.

  • Vivienne24 (@ViLovesBeauty)

    My friend is going natural and she uses a karmin titanium, she says it’s great on her hair.

  • S.

    What is “African American hair”?

    I think you mean ‘highly textured hair types’, no?

  • K. Moore

    Sorry,Gold N’ Hot flat irons are NOT reliable,but CHEAP!!!

  • BREE

    Yes! I love it for the random occasions for when I want straight hair. But if you straighten often its probably not for you. Lets me go from kinky curly to straight in twenty minutes!

  • AM

    what are the top five irons for African hair? C’mon! Black hair would have sufficed!

  • Nicole

    I have a FHI flat iron. I love it! I paid 80 dollars for it.

  • YB

    “purchased it at TJMaxx for $35.”


    People be sleeping on Marshalls and TJMaxx when it comes to hair products. The same Paul Mitchell, Carol’s daughter, expensive high end products people go broke for they have at Marshalls.

    I have the same flat iron you do, from the same store and its lasted 2+ years.

  • C

    Yeah, I agree. I think they just threw in what they thought were the best low-cost flat irons so the article could cover a price point for every budget. I’ve never had good quality Gold N Hot tools.

  • C

    I do not straighten my hair often, so can someone answer this: When it comes to getting your hair straight, is it more about the quality of your tools, or your technique and hair product?

  • chanela17

    what!? no remington?! i have my flat iron RIGHT HERE next to me and uhh it’s the bomb! i got it for $35 at target and it’s the best flat iron i’ve ever had!

    everything doesn’t have to cost $90 to be good!

  • black_feminist

    True. This is inappropriate use of the term “African American”.

  • Cia Bia

    Or just top five irons…black people have so many different types of hair.

  • Wong Chia Chi

    I have a chi flat iron now and I miss my remington. That was a damn good flat iron.

  • Jane

    Ehh… I guess that’s true. I had a gold n hot blow dryer that lasted 5+ years until it broke. It was pretty good minus the comb attached piece…
    Their hair dryer is of pretty good quality.

  • Vivian

    True comment about……Hair is dead protein ! The challenge is to maintain a good vibrant texture. All through my 20s I used this home texturizer called “Curl Free”. I would comb it through my hair for 40 minutes, it would last 6 months. The down side was apply mad frizzies with the slightest bit of humidity.

    I allowed my friend to talk me into a relaxer in my early 30s. I used to get touch ups every 3 months. Well in my 50s my hair started feeling like straw after the 2 day of roller set(blowed dried perhaps 5 times a years). My last perm was 3 and a half years ago. While I am blessed to have very little gray hair, I know the time will come when I will color my hair and we know that relaxed hair and hair color simply won’t work. So that is the second reason opting for going natural.

    I did not do the BC and it was a 3 year process of getting my hair trimmed every few months until all of the permed hair grew out. Last June I went to a special event and had my hair blow dried and flat ironed. I went to a place I had not carefully selected and while my hair looked great, it smelled burnt until I washed it.

    Also, finding the best styling cream and oils are quite a challenge. It took me 3 years to get my style, I used to wash and do about 13 twist and undo them in the morning. Shooooooot !

    Three weeks ago, I figured that I can do 7 twists and get the same look. I also recently figured out that when I steam my hair in the shower, it is easy to detangle, then I twist it and wash my hair in sections. Three longs years to figuring it out.

    Today, I had my hair blow dried and trimmed. I am going to research good quality flat iron and flat iron my own hair on the lowest. But for tonight, I will for the first time since going all natural wet set my hair.

    Truth be told, I am interviewing and plan to flat iron my hair when I land my next job interview. Reality is that still our corporate companies are not ready for natural hair. Although my hair as twist out natural does not look like an Afro. This weekend, my young cousin told me that when she landed her job, then went to work with her hair as wash and go…..a none african american attorney at the firm “show nuf” questioned her on the hair change. I’ll pop up with my natural hair a few weeks into landing the job. It is what it is. I discussed this with my family and they agree as do corporate friends. Viv

  • history

    Umm I see only ONE flat iron recommendation in this article. Where are the others???

  • Tiona

    What model Remington do u suggest?

  • Sure Data


  • sharde

    Thanks, but what is a good store to purchase good flat irons for black women.

  • outspokentoken

    I don’t know why, but I can only see one of the flat irons (Andis). Can someone please list the other 4?

  • RiGreene

    Same here, outspokentoken. I thought it was just my computer! LOL

  • http://lutch maxxie

    they are Hot tool, Sedu Pro Iconic ceramic, Hanna Elite, and Gold n Hot, they are individual listed after the number one when you press #2,3, 4, and 5

  • Melanie

    The karmin g3 has to be included in the list!

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