We all know that flat irons should be used infrequently because when they are abused, they can scorch our hair. But for those times when we want a sleek, straight style we need our irons to work. Here are five flat irons that promise the best results, which means hair protection, adjustable temperatures and long-lasting results.

Andis Professional 1-inch Titanium Flat Iron – With it’s vibrating technology, this iron retains moisture and shine and it good for all hair textures. There’s a quick 30-second heat up time for this iron with adjustable heat settings. $72, andis.com

  • Melanie

    The karmin g3 has to be included in the list!

  • PSH

    I own a Royale and very happy with its result, its durable comes at a good price tag and works perfect , get more details about it here Royale Hair Straightener

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