It seems ridiculous, but that’s the question Oxonian Globalist writer Alice Robb recently posed.

In the President’s victory speech Tuesday night, Mr. Obama praised his family and told his daughters, “Sasha and Malia, before our very eyes, you’re growing up to become two strong, smart, beautiful young women, just like your mom, and I’m so proud of you.”

While most people watching let out a collective, “Awwww,” Robb, a third year student at Keble College, called the President’s comments “inappropriate” and said the mention of the Obama girls’ beauty “stung.”

She explains:

Obama’s comments beg the question of why a girl’s beauty should be source of pride for her father— and why beauty should be a value lauded alongside strength and intelligence.

The President may have been directing his comments at only two people, but he had the ears of the world, and on a day that should have been a triumph for women, his remarks stung.

Robb continues:

Every evidence suggests that Obama takes his role as a figurehead seriously. On Father’s Day 2008, he famously chastised fathers who fail to engage with their children. He has made a point of going on “dates” with Michelle and spending time with his daughters in spite of his busy schedule.

It is disappointing that on Tuesday, Obama— a liberal President seen as a champion for women’s rights— conformed to the ideology that sets up beauty as something young girls should aspire to. Women are voted into office with more and more regularity and Obama has appointed women to top Cabinet positions, but girls are still praised not only for their accomplishments but for their appearance.

Here’s the thing. While women are often beat over the head about our looks, a father—and a black father (yes, this matters)—praising his daughter for their beauty is a good thing.

Our relationships with our fathers are crucial to our development as women, and one component of that relationship is affirming our inherent beauty—both inside and out. Furthermore, for two African American girls on the world stage who have been repeatedly cut down by ideological nut jobs who take shots not only at their parents, but also at them, hearing your father, the President of the most powerful nation in the world, call you beautiful matters—not only to Sasha and Malia but to young black girls everywhere.

While I’m sure Robb meant well, her narrow interpretation of President Obama’s statements speaks to her inability to parse nuance. After all, beauty is more than just a physical trait. Moreover, Robb’s knee-jerk reaction—without any examination of how black girls are not often viewed as traditionally beautiful—hints at her privilege as a white woman.

I’m sure President and Mrs. Obama have taught their daughters that there is more to life than being a pretty face, but damn if it doesn’t feel good when your dad marvels at you like you are the most precious, and yes, beautiful girl in the word.

I agree with Robb on one thing: Tuesday was a great day for women. The senate is now comprised of 20 female senators, and many anti-choice laws were beaten back by the electorate. But it was also a win for black women and girls who will have four more years of the Obamas and their beautiful girls in the White House.

  • Simone L

    Girls should often hear they’re beautiful from their father. So when they get older, and some young thundercat utters those words, hopefully it won’t shake them to the point of them doing something they’ll regret. Young men try to talk girls out of their pants;hearing you’re beautiful at a young age builds confidence, especially hearing it from the first man you ever loved.

  • Natalie B.

    She sounds like a pseudo-liberal that is looking for a reason to nitpick this Black man who is an involved father of Black daughters that he created with his Black wife, and who is still the President of the United States from atop her white woman pedestal of privilege, unwilling to acknowledge how we have a white beauty standard shoved down our throats from birth, and the importance of hearing that we are beautiful from men that look like us, who are often portrayed as not appreciating our beauty.

    Dey mad, and dey gone stay mad…

  • Samantha

    Awww her argument is BS. I’m all about feminism but she is reaching right now. His reference may not have been about physical beauty but about their inner beauty. And even if it was about physical beauty, does he not have the right to be proud of that? Do women no longer have a right to take pride in their looks? Yeah… I don’t like her.

  • LS

    White “feminists” need to take several seats. The standards for black women and the standards for white women are COMPLETELY different. It’s like the DNC all over again w/ Jessica Valenti criticizing First Lady Michelle’s “Mom-in-Chief” comment, ignoring the fact that black mothers have been always been treated like garbage in this country.

  • A

    Yea…..she’s reeeeeeaaaching.

  • soniquesonique

    my dad always told me I was the prettiest girl in the whole wide world! I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. What is wrong with being beautiful, and commenting on beauty? Some women give feminists a bad rap. Feminism is about celebrating all aspects of femininity. Robb just wanted to have something to pick at Mr. President about. Maybe her dad never complimented her? *kanye shrug*

  • Keepitreal

    Not a fan of the socialist POS but GTFO a dad can call his little girls beautiful if he damn well pleases

  • Lady P

    Wow…this is completely ridiculous. There are negatives discussions surrounded by young girls/women raised without fathers and NOW negative statements about two “beautiful” young ladies with their father in the household. This Robb character is complete out of her mind and control. I just don’t understand how this could possibly be “inappropriate” coming for their FATHER!

    This is what good Fathers do and “suppose” to do. I guess early ammunition is already being released. POTUS hasn’t been re-elected a week yet. Sasha and Malia will have so much pressure on them the older they become as expected. Nevertheless, I have enjoyed watching them (Malia is my baby :)) mature over the past four years. And mostly certainly will enjoy the next four. Now the world has the opportunity to watch NOT just ONE beautiful black woman, but THREE. These young “beautiful “ladies are already Great examples – What undeniable JOY to witness! Which signifies that Robb comment was inappropriate and not the “2nd term” POTUS’!

    Keeping praising your daughters because I know I will.

  • Lady P


  • Val

    Some people just aren’t used to hearing Black girls/ women being called beautiful in a public setting and it drives them crazy. Everyone with half a brain knows that it’s very important for a girl’s self-esteem to hear positive things from their dad.

  • __A

    Thank you. Did he not mention many other positive traits that had nothing to do with physical beauty? Everyone is trying to find something to talk about. I’m kinda shocked all the silly things people are talking about after the election. This woman found one comment in his whole speech to complain about. Someone was complaining about Michelle’s dress and fashion fatigue. Ugh. People have too much time and nothing to really say.

  • Lady P

    YES! This is a real good point…great observation.

  • Blackmon

    I get it. She’s right, it kinda goes along with Charles Barkley saying a woman can’t be on television if she isn’t pretty.

    But it’s not like he only called them beautiful, he called them smart and strong as well.

  • Blackmon

    She’s saying there’s extra pressure for women to look “good” and there shouldn’t be.

  • Blue

    Good for him….Those are his daughters. He should be the first man to call them beautiful. They didn’t have anything more important to write about?

  • AM

    Listen, I’m TIRED of people intellectualizing BULLSHID!! Enough!

    The phakk?!? Urrrgh. So now, folks have to be walking on eggshells trying to be politically correct, so that they don’t step on non-existent toes?! C’mon. Urrrgh!!

  • Dee

    lol what, there’s nothing wrong with him calling his daughters beautiful.

    This is the most ridiculous thing I’ve read, no that’s a lie, but it’s still pretty ridiculous.

  • DBG

    Seriously? This is her issue?

    That one needs a hug.

  • flower

    and I bet shes ugly

  • myblackfriendsays

    I don’t think it was inappropriate, but I think we need to be honest about the fact that physical attractiveness is too important in our society. People who are good looking get things that they don’t necessarily deserve, simply because they are conventionally attractive.

    Also, fathers of every race should stress a number of positive qualities in their daughters, not just looks. Everything in moderation.

  • Alyson

    Short answer: no. He wasn’t being inappropriate. Every parent will always view their child as beautiful or handsome because……that’s their CHILD.

  • Jen

    There are going to be any number of people who try to convince those girls, for whatever reason, that they are not beautiful. It’s the nature of kids–they get hella mean at that age. The only way to survive childhood without serious issues is to have someone who matters in your corner, countering the negativity. The president is being a good dad by making sure his girls won’t have self-esteem issues.
    …And let’s be real. They ARE very attractive girls. They look like their parents!

  • theblackparacosmistmind

    Here’s the thing…people can say she’s nuancing the word ‘beautiful’ within a patriarchal, androcentrist mindset. And she is. Can’t the damn man say ‘beautiful’ to his kids and it not mean beauty in the physical sense. I didn’t take it to mean just the physical, but an overall character development, beauty outside inside type of thing. And as someone mentioned before white feminists need to take several seats. This is why I don’t think there can be intersectionality between white feminists and black womanists because our issues AREN’T the same. Our men haven’t oppressed, white men have. And because they have and we’ve integrated into they’re system-everything is a ‘learned behavior’ so to speak of white patriarchy.

    White feminists look at white men/white patriarchy as problematic. And they tend to think in the lines of all men=patriarchy. Nooooo your white men=your white patriarchy. Our men haven’t oppressed us as nearly as white men have. We were equal in the slave fields together, while your men were voting, owning slaves, and building their infrastructures off the backs of the negro.

  • Huh?

    Pretty much dead on analysis. Thumbs up times infinity!


    White people are annoying.

  • ginnie

    So..Why are we assuming that the president meant physical beauty. When I read it I immediately thought about their personalities and demeanor. Beauty does not have to equally ones apperance.=, so shame on Robb for being so shallow.

  • binks

    Exactly! This is still very much a problem of people equaling black women/girls as beautiful and goes far as to dissect them on why they are/aren’t. But Mrs. Alice Robb…sit your a$$ down (sorry had to get ignorant for a minute…lol) clearly someone who probably has unresolved “daddy issues”. I wish more dads would tell their daughter they are beautiful or they love them often because it does make a world of difference. Hell my dad and brothers told me point blank growing up I am beautiful or they love me because they didn’t want me to fall for any d*ick first using those words as a line. As long as black beauty is still undermined and marginalize in this society we need to teach black girls early on building a healthy self esteem especially fathers because they set the pace of our interaction/relationships with other men

  • The Other Jess

    Umm…why do oy’all pay white people any attention? Think you would’ve figure it out by now. And like one person said, please stop trying to “intellectualize” bullsh*t.

  • Downsouth Transplant

    Thank YOU, Thank YOU!! “white feminist” version of Feminism with all it’s good intents does not (and will never) equate to minority struggles In any patriarchal society with both social, emotional & economics disparities all around.


  • Jamie

    She needs a hug, for real. How is it that out of a 30 minute speech, you pick that one line to over analyse? I wonder if her father told her she was beautiful. It would be interesting to find out.

  • Jeanie

    November 9, 2012 by Britni Danielle
    Not only is Oxonian Globalist writer Alice Robb a sad ass (pardon my french but no other words come to mind) YOU are one too for even putting this question in print regardless of the fact that now that the election is over you apparently have run out of intelligent questions or observations. It’s an insult to any “normal” person regardless of party, race or sex. Normally, I wouldn’t even respond to this nonsense but then YOU wouldn’t know how I and all the folks who aren’t responding for the same reason REALLY feel. I can’t believe you get paid for this crap and I hope your boss reads this.

  • ehonda

    i think harsher punishments in life should occur because of this. complaints like this are because people have too much money and time.

    Obama didnt even say anything about physical beautiful. he said BEAUTIFUL. beautiful to him couldve been inside out. regardless even if he said outside—who the eff cares!? women are BEAUTIFUL. if he didnt say they were beautiful you’d be shaming him for not praising his daughters enough.

    if we women werent beautiful werent you’d be complaining we’re not treated fairly because were not as pretty as men. someones always going to complain.

    besides that, he said SMART, STRONG, and then beautiful—but shes gonna hang on the beautiful part? how did you take all these compliments and then turn it bad? someone needs some self esteem.

  • Rose Koller

    How sad that people feel they must find fault with something. If you look for the insult, you will find it. But why? Does it make you feel superior to criticize others, to over-analyze every word for its intent, real or perceived? Any good parent thinks their children are beautiful–inside and out–whether they are or not. Leave him alone already!

  • carl

    this is one bitter chick who has issues w/ her own daddy; moreover, HERSELF!! She needs validation. . . poor cupcake!!

  • NewbieWithAttitude

    Dang…He said strong and smart FIRST, What is wrong with a father calling his daughters beautiful. They are gorgeous girls, but they are much more than that. I think this young lady wishes someone told her she was beautiful.

  • Rakel

    Sigh. It’s really a problem when white America looks at people of color in a “colorblind” way. First I’m mad she focused on that one statement when the whole speech was so incredible. He said strong and smart before he said beautiful. 2nd those are his children. He doesn’t have to answer to anybody about it. But what that Robb failed to realize is that many young girls of color don’t hear those words from positive father figures. And in turn they look for validation from young men. In her whiteness she couldn’t see how most young Black girls would see that statement. A good Black man that respects and loves his family. Praising them publicy. What she failed to realize is that for many girls of color it is not the norm unfortunately. I am pro women’s rights but it’s extremely hard to side with white feminists. They refuse to see certain barriers that we face.

  • JN

    People over-politicize every word this man says. You know how many fatherless friends I have that would love to have a father verbalize that they are beautiful?

  • Rakel

    I’m sick of white people looking at minorities “colorblind”. When they do that they ignore cultural aspects. Robb is clearly an idiot. His whole speech was incredible she focused on one aspect. He said smart strong and beautiful last. In her whiteness she ignored the reality that many Black girls grow up fatherless and don’t hear anything close to that. Often times these same girls seek validation from men. Robb completely missed what many Black girls saw at that moment. A good Black man that respects and loves his family. It’s hard to side with mainstream feminism because they ignore issues unique to women of color.

  • Britni Danielle

    I *could* get upset at this reply, but I realize reading is not your strong suit, so…..

    Have a great weekend!

  • Erin

    I absolutely love your rebuttal to her comments! Couldn’t agree more with your opinion! I hope she reads this and proceeds to shut up.

  • mEE

    wth? clearly Alice Robb needs a hobby because she is REACHING.

  • Anthony

    I agree with you 100%! There is nothing more annoying than someone who clearly has a chip on her or his shoulder and is looking for an insult. Heck I have two daughters who are about has far apart in age as the President’s kids, and I tell them they are pretty or beautiful every day! I also tell them they are smart and talented too. I tell them all of these things because they are true, and they need to know they are true. I know that is a big part of job as a Dad.

  • Salmon

    Right… because it’s not like he’s countering a racist and sexist culture that posits black women are ugly. She’s an idiot. She needs to realize her white feminism is NOT universal..

  • Pam

    That’s what’s wrong with the media today. We all need praise and especially our black children. They keep coming at our President, but it won’t work. We won!

  • Natasha

    Thank you for this rebuttal! Because it is beyond me how a father calling his two daughters beautiful is inappropriate… “While I’m sure Robb meant well, her narrow interpretation of President Obama’s statements speaks to her inability to parse nuance.” <— PERFECT WORDING! President Obama's statement shows his daughters that they don't need that reassurance from anywhere else, because their very own father can give it (and in front of a crowd of thousands!)

  • nettie

    I couldn’t have said this better. Thanks.

  • amanilovejoy

    Beautiful does not necessarily have to mean external beauty. Robb needs to have an invisible seat!

  • Tracy

    Like a group of mosquitos, I don’t know why we’re cursed with their exsistance.

  • Gail

    Uh… A good dad calls his children (and woman) beautiful all the time. That shows love and encouragement towards them. Period. It ain’t that deep.

  • seaki ashe

    typical trash that has nothing else to do but ‘divide and conquer’. It did not work with Mitt, and its NOT going to work with this weak ‘article’!

  • Tracy

    The worst thing we did as bw was listen to these crazy azz white feminist & their misguided anger. We so focused on wm but ww teach them.

  • Seaki Fashion Designer / Illustrators

    Dear Ms. Alice Robb,
    Your recent article was a farce , and a minimal attempt to make that love between a proud father and his children minimal and suspect. I find it ironic that ‘your kind’ are always on the fence concerning the black community and our “many disfunctions”, but bother to slight a positive role model, a man that is NOT only a leader to his family, but our POTUS. I understand your feminist leanings when writing this misguided article, but when does enough become enough, or better yet, not enough. It is a well known fact that many fathers ARE NOT available concerning the urban black demographic, with this obvious knowledge on hand, how can you rightfully put fingers to keyboard and punch out an article that is deeply cynical and socially ‘poisonous’. As a gay man , I am familiar with the feminist movement, and MANY of its cause are VERY close to my heart, but when did a movement meant to UPLIFT the female sex, become decisively selfish and divisive in its measures. You ARE NOT a feminist, as you profess yourself to be, but instead a blatant fraud, a proverbial “wolf with a bra”, because if you WERE a true DIE-HARD feminist LIKE my mama and all the female leaders in my life, a father affirming his daughters in the eye of millions would not only be a ‘golden moment’ for all women and girls. This moment , to a TRUE FEMINIST is what is called a “DIE-HARD MOMENT”,especially to little black girls WITHOUT father figures in their lives. IF you were who you say you are, your empathy , joy and pride would have been unbounded, as you then understand that MILLIONS of little girls around the world are witnessing a moment that could affirm THEIR existence. But instead you maintain your militant, arrogant,cynical stance based on preconceived notions and innuendo. Your not a feminist, or should you be called a woman, your simply a man with a vagina.

    A god-daddy that calls his 4 female god-daughters beautiful each chance he gets

  • 2cents

    That is ridiculous. My father told me I was beautiful every day of my life, at every stage and size. My self esteem and self worth comes from how I was raised. No one, male or female can ever make me feel “less than” because I KNOW my worth.

    Furthermore, a beautiful woman is physically attractive in addition to many other things: smart, kind, caring etc.

    I wish more little girls had their fathers around at all to even tell them they were beautiful. Then maybe the little girls would grow to be adults who can get along with others because they are secure with themselves, abstain from promiscuity due to low self esteem, and engage in healthy, positive relationships with men because they know they deserve the best.


    I think every non white person agree’s with you. Wherever they go here comes hell of any type.

  • cupcakes and shiraz

    This white feminazi freak needs to sit her sad, bitter arse down!

  • Eri

    It was totally appropriate and lovely and true. He also commented on how smart they were. Fathers (and Mothers) should be the first ones who tell you that you are beautiful – that way you know that it’s true. Plus, young black girls need to hear that they are beautiful, inside and out, every chance they get. There is too, too much around us trying to tell us different.

  • Eri

    I wish I could like your comment 50 times. I agree that much.

  • Ms. I-Jay

    Thank you, Simone L. And thanks to the author of this article. The minute I read the title I thought, “No, it’s not inappropriate. So many women are messed up because they didn’t have a father who told them they were smart, strong, and beautiful”. Positive affirmations mean so much to children. If anything, the POTUS was giving the world a basic lesson on good parenting. A parent should never get tired of speaking positively to his/her children.

  • cupcakes and shiraz


  • Courtney J.

    Maybe he was referring to their inner beauty. Why so serious?

  • Joi

    Love u for this!

  • Pseudonym

    Well, hopefully from being described as “beautiful” by their father (and other loved ones), the Obama girls will grow up and not be women with low self-esteem who are easily won over by the first bum dude who calls them “pretty” or “fine.” Also, by him praising their beauty with their strength and smarts, they will know that their looks are not all they have to offer.

    Nothing at all negative about that.

  • Whatever

    Bitches Be Trippin’……

  • Whatever

    Love This!

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  • The Other Jess

    cosign cupcakes!

  • Bauce

    What kind of BS is this women talking about. Robb needs to sit down and stop hating. Beauty can be lauded as much as intelligence. Forget physical beauty – I’m sure Obama meant more by his statement then haters want to think.

  • Blackmon

    Would he have said it about a boy?

    Do you call your god-sons beautiful?

    I’m not saying he shouldn’t have said it, but she has a point! People say being called beautiful will stop Black women from turning into something negative. But if they didn’t have such a high value on being called beautiful, if society didn’t make them feel like beauty is the most important thing, if they were taught the values that some males are, that being smart and hard working is important…. then not being called beautiful wouldn’t matter.

  • Missy

    I do have a son, and yes, I do call him beautiful because he is. Not just because of his looks, but becasue he is smart, charming, and respectful. If I had a daughter, I would teach her the same values I’m teaching my son. There is no sin in being attractive, and there is absolutely no sin in complimenting someone on their looks. Stop projecting your insecurities onto other people.

  • K. Michel

    I think it’s “inappropriate” of Robb to assume that Pres. Obama was referring to their physical beauty instead of their character…

  • Kay

    He could have been talking about inner beauty and not just what’s on the outside. My dad would always tell my sister and I that we were beautiful and not just because of aesthetics but because he thought we were kind, sweet, determined and inquisitive. Robb needs to take several seats and sit all the way down.

  • Ang

    Robb has daddy issues. Period.

  • Nic

    I agree…white women get told over and over again that they all look better than black women, and they are used to a lot of black men publicly saying it, or living it, so I think a lot of them are mad that this black man chose a black woman, and a dark-skinned one at that, and he shows us how much he loves her and thinks she is beautiful every time he mentions her.
    And a lot of people will never get over that.

  • Humanista

    Their FATHER said it…not some random dude. That’s the difference. My dad has been telling me I am beautiful my whole, life and it hasn’t made me feel like I needed to do anything to become *more* beautiful. In fact, it has done nothing but tell me that I am wonderful the way I am., that I don’t HAVE to go through changes to become attractive to anyone, that I am just fine.

    Both you and Robb are totally misunderstanding a father’s influence in a daughter’s–particularly a black daughter’s–life.

  • Stepper Sharp!

    The President of the United State of America is being question for telling, “his” daughters they are beautiful? Seriously? Whoever wrote this article is probably rather unattractive, because only an ugly person would oppose a father affirming his own children!
    -Stepper Sharp! Please feel free to google me!

  • MIRI

    The only people in the known universe I KNOW of who would pose such a STUPID question and make such an issue of black girls being proclaimed BEAUTIFUL before a GLOBAL audience would be White people and in particular a White female. I suspected it was a White woman and possibly a Racist one from the first paragraph and as i read it it is confirmed. I tell you, if you study their behavior you can smell Racist man and woman before you see them!
    I wouldn’t be surprised if the person that wrote this tries to de-feminize her own self, wearing buzz cuts and shopping in the boys section nor if she tapes her breasts down. This may not be the case, but if it were, I would NOT be surprised. I could see an issue if ALL he talked about was what they looked like but he talked about how smart they are and to me that is ESSENTIALLY part of what makes ANY GIRL BEAUTIFUL is her mind.

  • Felicia Shelton

    Yes. You hit the nail on the head.

  • wil

    That was the dumbest shit I have ever read. Just because she might not have been called beautiful by her father does not mean she needs to take it out on Obama. How about these feminist go focus on real issues such as poverty, health care and education. White feminist these days a ruining legitimate feminist causes for everyone! Those girls are beautiful and should hear that on daily basis!

  • kylies mommie

    this does not surprise me anything he does some one has something negative to say! i believe the comment he made about his daughter was what a real father is suppose to do praise his childrens! great man, great father, wonderful husband!

  • isola

    It is never ever ever inappropriate for a father to call his young daughters beautiful. Anyone who thinks otherwise has got some issues.

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  • Will Liverman Sr.

    For many decades African American children considered themselves unattractive because of remarks, negative interputation of there skin and intelligence. A famous study was done in the 1950′s where two dolls were placed in front of an African American children; One white and one that looked African American. When asked which one they would rather have they said the “white” one. This study and others things that lead to the abolishsment of separte but equal; A policy that had been endorsed in 1896 by the United States Supreme Court case of Plessy v. Ferguson . In 1951, a class action suit was filed against the Board of Education of the City of Topeka, Kansas in the United States District Court for the District of Kansas. The plaintiffs were thirteen Topeka parents on behalf of their twenty children
    The Court decided that segregation of white and colored children in public schools has a detrimental effect upon the colored children. The impact is greater when it has the sanction of the law, for the policy of separating the races is usually interpreted as denoting the inferiority of the negro group. A sense of inferiority affects the motivation of a child to learn. Segregation with the sanction of law, therefore, has a tendency to [retard] the educational and mental development of negro children and to deprive them of some of the benefits they would receive in a racial[ly] integrated school system… We conclude that, in the field of public education, the doctrine of “separate but equal” has no place. Separate educational facilities are inherently unequal. Therefore, we hold that the plaintiffs and others similarly situated for whom the actions have been brought are, by reason of the segregation complained of, deprived of the equal protection of the laws guaranteed by the Fourteenth Amendment.
    Yes all our African American children need to hear they are Beautiful, gifted, and cared about. YES, EVEN THE DAUGHTERS OF THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES.

  • Lexa

    All girls feel insecure about their looks when they are teenagers/young girls. My dad has always called me beautiful, even when I never believed him. Beauty isn’t just on the outside but the inside too. To try to make such a wonderful statement from Obama into a sexist comment is butchering the english language. Quit being so sensitive.

  • Goldie Treasure

    Ugh this is why feminists annoy the crap out of me and are not taken seriously. Always being way too extra and making issues where there are no issues.

  • Goldie Treasure

    She’s black.

  • Niesy

    It’s really sad that someone would run and make negative the fact the our President call his daughters beautiful, as if their parents have never told them such… BUT beyond that point it was very clear that he wasn’t speaking of physical beauty but the type of women their becoming… Morals and values and such… I’m so tired of the negative comments and the scrutinizing of every detail that this man does. And I do realize that he serves the highest office in the good ole U S of A but he’s human first… Get over yourself… To him and to many other Americans who have watched them grow, we agree, they are beautiful young women… Both inside and out…

  • Niesy

    And a wonderful president as well!!!

  • Niesy

    It’s really sad that someone would run and make negative the fact the our President call his daughters beautiful, as if their parents have never told them such… BUT beyond that point it was very clear that he wasn’t speaking of physical beauty but the type of women they are becoming… Morals and values and such… I’m so tired of the negative comments and the scrutinizing of every detail that this man does. And I do realize that he serves the highest office in the good ole U S of A but he’s human first… Get over yourself… To him and to many other Americans who have watched them grow, we agree, they are beautiful young women… Both inside and out…

  • Nehemiah53

    Black feminist like Britni Danielle are so eager to be excepted by white feminist to the point they will do anything to prove that they are down with the cause, they have given control of their minds to white feminist and let them put a ring in their nose and lead them around. Just think they black feminist have a problem with a black man calling his daughters beautiful and a black women being proud of motherhood go figure. And they think they are smart!

  • nehemiah53

    Black women quit looking for sexism where it doesn’t exist, and understand the fact that neither gender makes sense without the other.

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  • nehemiah53

    Right on point, I was born and raise in Jim Crow south, I live doing the time black women and black men march and fought together to end segregation and for us black men and women to have civil rights, now we have a generation of black female who somehow view themselves apart from and fell empowered splitting hairs, nick picking, checking, keeping scores and fighting against black males thus doing their enemy bidding.

  • Blogger X

    the author of this article is obviously young and still has quite a bit to learn about people and family. i also disagree with many of you who have extrapolated it into a cultural issue, i think it’s far simpler than that – it was a father talking to his children.

  • Kirsten

    I’m sorry…this man can say whatever he wants about his children and just as important as it is for them to know they are smart, it is as important to have your father tell you you are beautiful. When a young girl doesn’t have positive affirmation about her intellect, beauty etc., she goes looking for it in the wrong way. He is doing what a father should do so that as young impressionable women, they don’t go searching for the wrong kind of attention from the wrong men in the wrong way! Kudos to president Obama for raising such beautiful young girls!

  • urbanknitterdedeej

    Isn’t it amazing that when this man does something positive and shows some love for the women in his life we can not see beyond our own self.Remember he is a role model and we got too many young women who are with men who need to see something nice being said to daughters. I see what he did as natural and hope the men who saw it and women who saw it will imitate it. Too much, especially in the community of folks of color, is centered around abusing our women. This is where feminism gets itself in trouble. Balance and blending is the name of the game. There was balance and it blended well with the evening’s event. It did not take away for women it added a nice loving touch for 2 young women’s whose live are on display for the world. They need to hear that their sacrifice is appreciated and for the world to know it. Wasn’t nice the way Sasha directed her father to people he needed to acknowledge. Seem you girlfriend are missing something..

  • Dorothea Jones

    Should Obama have called his daughters beautiful? Yes. President Obama is not talking about the outer appearance. They are growing up to be beautiful young ladies because they are confident, self-reliant, self-secure, and self-controlled. Furthermore, Sasha and Malia are young women who arempoised, refined, unslefish, tactful and classy, patient and goal-minded. this pus being supportive is what makes a woman beautiful.

  • Jaz Favored Churrubbs

    Just Dumb, stupid, silly, prejudice, n ignorant. (The writer). How can u just dissect like that? Prayer is much needed…..

  • Starla

    How can the writer be sure he was speaking about physical beauty? Beauty can be interpreted as either internal, or external. There is nothing in his words that can be used to show that he was referring to physical beauty. Robb does not know these girls; their temperament, manners, heart, or spirit. They may very well be the dream daughters every parent wishes they had.

  • Btweenus2001

    (((Yawn))) over this. Seriously, it must be a slow day in the newsroom.

  • MoMo

    This is so dumb! Why is it even being discussed?

  • Really??!!

    What the hell?!! Is this a serious issue?! Boy these white folks mad as hell!

  • JE

    RIDICULOUS! We are becoming over sensitive. What is wrong with a father calling his daughters beautiful? How is beautiful viewed as a negative word? Plus, Obama could have been speaking of both their inner & outer beauty. You’d be surprised how many people in this world are called terrible words, like “ugly” or “stupid.” I’m sure, many daughters in this world would love for their fathers to call them beautiful just once. Because Obama called his daughters smart, intelligent, & beautiful they have self esteem & won’t have to go into promiscuity like some women do trying to find affirmation from a man.

  • amenah

    Its because white people are the most INSECURE people on the planet!! They as a whole, HATE when the world is not praising their physical beauty…(they are used to it, they literally commit suicide if things dont go their way(the men) and the women commit suicide or become ‘sucidal’ when at 40 yrs old they see a tiny (‘wrinkle’)…… many white people do not have a CLUE as to what REAL beauty is, because many of them are spiritually dead and cant function in a life where VANITY…or being VAIN(ALL about self/self worship etc) is not what is the most IMPORTANT…..So clearly this ‘robb’ broad could never understand Inner Beauty…..Thus she equated his ‘beautiful’ statement about his daughters to their outward & not inner….smdh

  • Btweenus2001

    I checked the staff of this Oxonian Global…not a Black person to be found. Iould say this article begs to an alternative agenda (he won white people, get over it!!) Change the look of your staff and/or surround yourself with intelligent Black folk and maybe, Just Maybe Ms. Robb, you won’t spend your precious time writing about such ridiculous questions about the POTUS and his daughters. And, oh by the way, they are very pretty young ladies.

  • http://TheRoot C. Hayes

    I wish I had a Father growing up to tell me I was beautiful. I am 64 years old and I still miss a Fathers Love and respect. Mr. President continue to tell your daughters everyday they are beautiful.

  • Ms. Write

    Wow. Really? Every father considers his daughters beautiful, and there are more ways to be beautiful than just physical. I’m gonna need the hyper-sensitive critics to have a seat. SMH

  • Ebony

    As a developmentalist, i couldn’t agree with you and the author of this article more. I applaud the President for being so vocal about how much he cherishes his two girls and his wife. As another commenter stated, his comment about beauty was reflective oh his pride in their inner AND outer beauty. Robb is definitely speaking from a very staunch, feminist stance which is definitely skewed.

  • justmerod

    This is a “so-what” thing. She should know better than to hold on to bitter feelings for her candidate having lost the election. Tsk, tsk, tsk.

  • Pseudonym

    The black women on this site are all disagreeing with the sexist claim and the writer of that article, Alice Robb, is white: Quit looking for a problem with black women where it doesn’t exist.

  • nehemiah53

    I hope you are right, however it seems that our black women are falling for it in a effort to be empowered and to prove that they are progressive, liberal and down for the feminist cause.

  • Lunden
  • ljack001

    I agree with you JE I think a father has a responsibility to his daughters to let them know on a regular basis how beautiful they are or else they will try to get that validation in the wrong places.

  • Lunden
  • Viviane

    I’m 22 soon to be 23 and I’ve went my whole life without a strong loving father figure to uplift me and support me. Up until I got in my 20′s, never did it really affect me until now. It’s taking a huge toll on my self esteem and how I view an interact with men. I’m sure this writer grew up with her father praising her beauty night and day so for her to say its inappropriate makes her seem extremely RACIST AND MISERABLE! Before we step out into this world of crazies, it’s important that you receive all the love and compliments you deserve AT HOME! This in turns makes out who you become in the future. I don’t know the President personally but politics aside, this is one stand up, family orientated guy and for him to say his daughters are beautiful in front of millions of people is such a momentous thing. Find you a real story to write lady!

  • JAM

    Robb, if you are a man. you must not have any daughters because, every father thinks their daughters are beautiful. What is wrong with you? Your parents must have never given you a complement when you were younger to help boost your confidence, every parent does that

  • To be continued… (@JaiDaveon)

    I haven’t read the other comment but my initial thought around beauty is that it is far more than physical. Yes we know that it the primary way our society views beauty but even those who do not fit magazine cover and hollywood versions of beauty can be some of the most beautiful women on the planet and the is worth complimenting. Far too often do we try to do away with something because it rubs us the wrong way or hits our sensitive spot. It should be more often the case that we look at ourselves and see whether or not something like beauty is important and what is truly means. Find me the person who has not seen the beauty of nature, of sacrifice, or service and I’ll show you a person who’s idea of beauty will one day be a noose around their own neck.

  • Loretta Fauntleroy

    I also think he was speaking of their inside beautiful. However, why did the article not
    mention the other attributes he mentioned.

  • redboneafropuff

    Britni Danielle, you hit the nail on the head with this one. Alice Robb’s comments are an example of why I think feminism sometimes just doesn’t appeal to black women, and your response is why it can. Thanks for seeing nuance where the privileged PC police can’t.

  • ~E.Wilson~
  • hyacinth

    you lady is a very dumb and stupid person.. you are an educated can you find something wrong with a father referring to his daughters as beautiful. find something constructive ti write sbout lady.

  • venom750I

    Alice Robb is definitely a racist idiot with issues that stem from being an ugly piece of crap with a father that never called her beautiful. How many white politicians have called their kids beautiful? Many! And I never heard any remarks about them being criticized about that. She bury herself in the hole she dug.

  • cherie

    Ok….. geesh… dont’ you have anything better to do. clearly you are not an upwardly mobile woman because you waste your time with this. He said his daughters were pretty and smart you twit. Black women, maybe you don’t know this, need to hear that from their fathers because the world damn sure is not going to tell them. Get a life!! Go figure some things out bedore you decide to blog

  • Abdi

    To the educated oxymoron lady blogger, just hush with it

  • Nona B.

    Do people here NOT know how to read blogs? Britni Danielle did not make this statement. A writer from another site, Alice Robb, took issue with the president; Britni just posed a question to us readers on here, basically asking if we agree or not with Alice Robb.

  • garnerstyle

    Another reason white people do not understand the black experience, nor will they ever understand it. The world cuts down black women everyday, the only way to combat that is through the parents support.

  • AJ

    Wow…really…the things people report…this has nothing to do with his love of his daughters, but the hatred of President O….since when is it harmful to call your children beautiful….it sux because so many parents dont even acknowledge their children beautiful spirit, beautiful face, character, just everything about them…its truly sad.

  • Tina Fama

    these people need to get over it…. once bush did wat he did now its obama time to shine and make this world a better place…….those girls are beautiful and they need it like EVERY woman needs to hear…. these people have nuthin better to do then to hate on a man that show pride in his family

  • Jenny

    President Obama mentioned that his girls were smart and strong as well. Why should intelligence be so highly valued? Won’t dumb girls feel the sting from this slight? Ooops, I think one of them did.

  • Claudia

    Are black women going to ever be allowed to be beautiful?
    According to this white woman, no because we need to focus on her agenda.

  • nehemiah53

    Right on, you are smart and wise.

  • Yvette

    Where in the world can you come up with calling your own daughters beautiful, by there farther,is wrong .more fathers need to tell there daughters there beautiful in public places, at home,at school ,they wouldn’t feel the need for the approval ,of men to be happy with them self.

  • Jasmine

    The President is a man black at that, he sees’ his daughters as his little princesses pride to be the father that isn’t a statement expressing oh their fair skinned, it’s about the president of the United States thanking them for their support and understanding for not being at home.
    Let’s think about it how many black or even white man we/you know would publicly say that. I would say not very much trust me, on this one. The answer is simple men just wouldn’t mind you not all, as to express your feeling beyond closed doors that’s not being a man.
    Also let me be clear about this I am not saying all black and white men are unable to express their inner most feelings publically. Good luck Mr President, I hope this shows how real people who have worked hard and has come into power to make a difference to all black or white, and to show especially the black race anything is possible but we need to build the foundation which is family commitment, team work and the upmost respect for each other. If you’re not prepared to do so sit down and don’t condemn a man who has properly in his life growing up struggled to understand who he was.
    Finally, Obama I salute you as your actions are for the disadvantage, and not for just one race!

  • Darryl Harris

    No it is not inappropriate to call your own daughters beautiful and they are beautiful young women. What is inappropriate is calling them out of their names.

  • JacobaT

    It’s so sad that everyone keeps missing the point. She doesn’t take issue with him calling his daughters beautiful. She takes issue with him doing on a world-stage, on a day where people had voted him for his progressive policies regarding women. He wasn’t just speaking as a father, but as a re-elected voice of a nation, and unfortunately his choice of language demonstrates that women are still valued for their looks as much as their intelligence. Alice never uses the word ‘sexist’ because she knows he isn’t, she points out simply (maybe not so simply since you all seem to miss the point so direly) that he put across the wrong message.

  • Niesy

    There really is no point here and what’s sad is you think that there is… Now however there is a problem here… The problem being that people can take a night where it is only right to thank your support system… (People thank their family members ALL the time) he was right and justified in his statement… And he also thanked all of those who helped him secure a second term as well… There is absolutely nothing wrong with publicly acknowledging the beautiful character of his family… I’m still baffled at the fact that someone ( including you) could possibly think that there is anything wrong with him expressing his feelings on a stage where it was and should have been ok to do so. All the persecuting and the innuendos towards our president needs to stop… There are so many more important issues that the writer of this article could have used on this platform to discuss and bring people together. She’s concerned about something as trivial as this when people on the eastern coast are still without power… How about the people who were displaced by an explosion in an Indianapolis neighborhood… Ooh or all the homeless people who need food and clothing for the winter… He said they were beautiful and they are, character and spirit as well as physically.

  • Cindy

    What is sad is that you are the one taking beautiful & making it a shallow comment. He compares them to Michelle who he said is smart & beautiful & that he is proud of them. Does beautiful only refer to outer beauty? Can he not be referring to their personalities? The fact that looks is what you first though says alot about yourself.

  • Everett

    Seriously? Black women can’t be beautiful anymore? He just happens to think his daughters are beautiful! Can’t any father say that? If you get offended about this it’s probably because you have your own father issues.

  • Jashanda

    I was on Facebook and I saw this and I am so aggravated people are so mad that Obama won the election that he can’t even speak his mine that dumby rob he’s such a self minded a hole like most people in this f up country this is the reason why I don’t say I’m an American and claim my parents nationality like please his president black people are that smart but will never be smart or up to high as some white people because they don’t want to accept it I’m sick and tired of it it’s disgusting and retarted

  • tony kuykendall

    I so disagree with removing more money from the economey and the agenda in which oboma has planed for this nation. BUT, the fact he loves his daughters is not a complaint in which one should endevor to hold against him. True, somehow he managed to win, bully for him, but to complement his family wheather in public or private is not up for discussion. EVER BEEN KISSED IN PUBLIC? Same thhing.

  • Rissa (@iamnotablogger)

    Oh, so we’re just going to gloss over “smart” and “strong” to complain about “beautiful?”
    Ma’am, your petty is showing.

  • NOitAll

    We understand Alice Robb’s point. We just don’t agree. There is a difference.

  • SDL

    Obviously, this writer’s education is failing her because she is focused on one definition of beauty and beautiful. She also does a very good job of displaying her own insecurity about her “beauty”.

  • Renee

    When a world leader includes in the list of their male childrens’ achievements “handsome” then I might agree.

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