Women all over the world view President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama’s relationship as the paradigm for lasting love. Their example has inspired a new web series called “Finding My Obama.”

Written by TV sitcom writers Antonia March and Jacqueline McKinley, the series follows a young single African-American, played by Nefetari Spencer, who is tired of games and players and in search of “a man of substance.”

Watch episode 1 below and check out three more episodes here:

What do you think of “Finding My Obama,” Clutchettes?



  1. Chillyroad

    So you were looking for Jesus, then someone like our Pastor, and now Obama.

    How about a show of regular normal emotionally balanced adults looking for eachother instead of a futile quest for the Messiah?

  2. Stanley

    It’s really getting crazy.

  3. Alexa

    I think the first 4 episodes are good, the lead actress is funny and the plot is entertaining.

  4. pearlsrevealed

    Yea Nef! Cant go wrong with Robin Thede.

  5. Michele

    The trainer…the professional homeless dude…HILARIOUS!!!

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