Last night, “Real Housewives of Atlanta” Season 5 premiered on Bravo. I was one of many who turned from the inspiring “Black Girls Rock” show on BET to tune into the mud-slinging, cat-fighting and ish-talking that characterizes Bravo’s hit TV show.

The first episode of the season delivered a heavy dose of drama with a series of confrontations between enemies (Kenya Moore and Cynthia Bailey’s claws were out at a casting call for Jet Magazine‘s Beauty of the Week) and frenemies (Kim Zolciak criticized Kandi Burress’ new house, ironically while the former faces eviction). Many viewers laughed, discussed and fervently watched. There was criticism of the characters for their behavior, specifically Kenya Moore, but few addressed the network airing the show.

Roland Martin raised an interesting point, tweeting:

Martin’s perspective is fascinating. When networks that serve black audiences, like TV One or BET, dip their toe in trashy reality television, audiences are quick to chide them for being morally reprehensible. Does the same standard apply to networks like Bravo, MTV and VH1?

Speak on it, Clutchettes. Is there a double standard for black television networks?

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-Jeannine R. Cole



  1. Sweetles

    The problem with this sort of” reality” programming is that it perpetuates the same stereotypes that many of us are running from. Some of the same people that claim that these shows are just entertainment are the ones getting offended when other races of people, even our men, are claiming that these depictions are indicative of how all black women act. Reality shows can “alter our universe” when people believe these caricatures to be true on a large scale, and treat you differently because of it. There are no shortage of people that believe that all black women are neck rolling, finger snapping, loud, and always ready to throw down women. These shows continue to dehumanize and demean us despite the progress we as black women think we’ve made.

  2. Love Sosa

    I saw a girl on twitter claim that she watched this show on vh1 and wouldn’t watch it on bet due to “bad lighting”.

    I was so shocked at that being the reason that all I could think was how dumb she was. Especially being a graduate film major, I was like you don’t know a thing about lighting. That answer was clearly yanked from her ass.

    I don’t care where the show airs, these shows are dumb and make not only the women, but the men in them look like trash.

    Some of the women on housewives, ballers, bad girls, all these shows are so pretty too. It’s just after seeing them on these shows, no amount of money would get me to date them. Much less put a ring on it.

  3. What made you turn from Black Girls Rock to RHOA in the first place? That’s what my inquiring mind really wants to know.

  4. Overseas_Honeybee

    Flatline ____________
    *TIME OF DEATH – 2 seconds after reading @Drew-Shane’s comment about Ro Ro and his Ascot. LOL!!!

  5. Shawnie

    I don’t feel ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’ is a representation of African Americans; just like ‘Jersey Shore’ or the ‘The Real Housewives of New Jersey’ are not representations of Italian Americans. I love to watch these shows because they are a break from reality (pun intended). I was talking about the new season of ‘RHWOA’ with my co-worker from DISH, and we are both excited for the new season. I really liked the first episode, although I think there is something strange about Kenya Moore I’m going to keep watching. I’ve already set my Hopper from DISH to record the rest of the season, and with all the DVR recording room I’m going to record my other favorite ‘Housewives’ shows without using up much space. We should just take these shows at face value, and if you don’t like it you can always change the channel.

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