Last night, “Real Housewives of Atlanta” Season 5 premiered on Bravo. I was one of many who turned from the inspiring “Black Girls Rock” show on BET to tune into the mud-slinging, cat-fighting and ish-talking that characterizes Bravo’s hit TV show.

The first episode of the season delivered a heavy dose of drama with a series of confrontations between enemies (Kenya Moore and Cynthia Bailey’s claws were out at a casting call for Jet Magazine‘s Beauty of the Week) and frenemies (Kim Zolciak criticized Kandi Burress’ new house, ironically while the former faces eviction). Many viewers laughed, discussed and fervently watched. There was criticism of the characters for their behavior, specifically Kenya Moore, but few addressed the network airing the show.

Roland Martin raised an interesting point, tweeting:

Martin’s perspective is fascinating. When networks that serve black audiences, like TV One or BET, dip their toe in trashy reality television, audiences are quick to chide them for being morally reprehensible. Does the same standard apply to networks like Bravo, MTV and VH1?

Speak on it, Clutchettes. Is there a double standard for black television networks?

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-Jeannine R. Cole

  • Jay Cee

    Look closely. Kenya looks like a hardened man.

  • Leo the Yardie Chick

    I don’t like/watch reality shows, so it doesn’t matter to me if BBW was shown on TVONE, BET, ABC, LMNOP, whatever. If you hate shows like these, then stop feeding the beast.

  • Ms. Information

    She is a beautiful woman with an ugly heart and soul…sad

  • Blue Violet Grey

    I think, in the far off future, people are going to look back on the “wives” phenomena like we look back on Amos and Andy today. And posterity will chide us and think we were silly, just like we do to black lovers of Amos and Andy today,

  • jourdan

    I agree that there’s a double standard in there somewhere. Some Blacks feel that if White people are on board with something, that makes it less ghetto or more acceptable. I don’t feel we should need that validation. In their defense, BET does try to do better programming. And I think TVOne has good lineups. But it’s something about the “ratchetness” of today’s reality shows!

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