4 Risks

2013 is all about saying “later babe” to heat styling. We’re talking about loose braids, top buns, bouncy waves and ringlets, and cropped cuts. 2012 was a big year for our continuing discovery of how the right products and styling method’s can encourage our hair’s versatility and health. Let your strands go a little wild and embrace your lovely locks. As we’re just a few days away from 2013, why not try something a little risky and frisky to show the world who’s boss, starting with your hairstyle.

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  1. Yvette

    I don’t know a ton about weave, but isn’t Beyonce’s hair just weave cut into bangs? I mean, it’s not her actual hair, so no actual commitment to the style, right?

    • No, that is her natural hair. She has been seen out more often without her weaves and wigs and her hair is considerably long and dyed blonde.

  2. African Mami

    2013 is the year of braids! I am not going to stress over this wool on my head!

    • Hey African Mami,

      I have missed you… *waves*

    • Agreed African Mami! Already planning for my next set! I love my hair but ain’t nobody got time for detangling sessions, all day wash, conditioning and deep conditioning, etc…lol

  3. Can we have articles like this on the same page, please? Or at least make these into a slideshow? It’s annoying to have to click through 5 links with barely a few sentences on each one.

    • Jaslene

      I hate doing that too. Sometimes it’s on one page.

    • Natalie

      ditto! this site is too slow to click through lol

  4. If 2013 is about saying “later” to heat styling, why recommend blow drying or other straight styles when most women of color need a little heat to attain the style? Just saying.

  5. Thank you for this comment! I hate having to click-through 5 pages for these articles.

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