4 Hair Risks to Take in 2013

by Kweli I. Wright

4 Risks

2013 is all about saying “later babe” to heat styling. We’re talking about loose braids, top buns, bouncy waves and ringlets, and cropped cuts. 2012 was a big year for our continuing discovery of how the right products and styling method’s can encourage our hair’s versatility and health. Let your strands go a little wild and embrace your lovely locks. As we’re just a few days away from 2013, why not try something a little risky and frisky to show the world who’s boss, starting with your hairstyle.

  • Yvette

    I don’t know a ton about weave, but isn’t Beyonce’s hair just weave cut into bangs? I mean, it’s not her actual hair, so no actual commitment to the style, right?

  • African Mami

    2013 is the year of braids! I am not going to stress over this wool on my head!

  • A.

    Can we have articles like this on the same page, please? Or at least make these into a slideshow? It’s annoying to have to click through 5 links with barely a few sentences on each one.

  • Jaslene

    I hate doing that too. Sometimes it’s on one page.

  • Natalie

    ditto! this site is too slow to click through lol

  • May

    Hey African Mami,

    I have missed you… *waves*

  • http://gravatar.com/nolakiss16 binks

    Agreed African Mami! Already planning for my next set! I love my hair but ain’t nobody got time for detangling sessions, all day wash, conditioning and deep conditioning, etc…lol

  • Jess

    No, that is her natural hair. She has been seen out more often without her weaves and wigs and her hair is considerably long and dyed blonde.

  • GiaB

    If 2013 is about saying “later” to heat styling, why recommend blow drying or other straight styles when most women of color need a little heat to attain the style? Just saying.

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  • http://www.shelikestoread.com Debra

    Thank you for this comment! I hate having to click-through 5 pages for these articles.

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