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Gun regulation has long been a hotly-debated issue, but the mass shooting at Sandy Hook elementary school in Newton, Connecticut, provoked even more discourse on the topic. Following the tragedy, celebrities like Beyoncé, Jamie Foxx and John Legend used their fame to influence and affect change. They joined several other stars including Chris Rock, Carmelo Anthony, Ellen, Jessica Alba and Chris Paul, to film “Demand a Plan,” a PSA urging stricter gun control laws. The celebs name several other mass and individual shooting tragedies that have occurred in classrooms, movie theaters, street corners and even places of worship.

Organized by a campaign of approx. 800 mayors and 800,000 grassroots supporters against illegal guns, the video refers users to a website where they can sign a petition to demand that President Obama and Congress step forward with a plan to end gun violence. Demand A Plan encourages stricter gun control laws and thus directly contests the NRA’s suggestion to hire armed guards at schools.

Watch the PSA below:

What do you think of the “Demand A Plan,” campaign, Clutchettes?

  • EST. 1986

    The more popular a celebrity is, the more out of touch with reality they are. I think these celebrities just wanted something to add to their portfolio.

  • Val

    Please, Bey’s husband has made a fortune glorifying violence with guns. And Hollywood in general needs to just shut up with all of the violence they highlight in music and in films and TV.

  • Mademoiselle

    “Demand A Plan encourages stricter gun control laws and thus directly contests the NRA’s suggestion to hire armed guards at schools.”

    That’s not true. Stricter gun laws do not directly contest armed guards at schools because those guards would be hired legally, and their guns would be owned, possessed, and carried legally.

    These conversations don’t have to be so polar. Everyone wants the same thing: less unnecessary violence, fewer innocent lives lost. We’ll just keep talking in circles if we keep blindly shooting down one another’s ideas just because they don’t strictly adhere to our personal beliefs of what would/could work.

  • dirtychai

    I rolled my eyes at the entire thing.

  • Tonton Michel

    i am sorry….must of missed the psa these noble blacks made for the chicago kids who shoot it up like their in video game.

  • Beautiful Mic

    Fake conservatism, activism, negating the problems – themselves, for one.

    Doesn’t Django unchanged portray gun violence. Don’t they all have armed security guards.

    F!ck these people.

  • beautifulmind

    Yes Ma’am!

  • beautifulmind

    That’s because most celebs will only fight a battle if it’s popular and already coinciding with their base. They don’t care about poor people shooting each other up because their base doesn’t care. All about the right type of publicity.

  • kaya

    Not watching, I don’t need to see a social fad pusher tell me what they think is important because it’s the top issue of the day. Its nauseating to see people who think they’re doing something important by doing this. I also don’t understand especially the ‘Stan” family how they can be “best friends” with said president and still the only time you hear them say anything in regards to this nation is to outta lick the behinds of the Obama family and ….and…well that’s pretty much it! I didn’t see their concern At. All. For gun issues! lack of Gun restrictions was always bad! I can’t believe it took 20kids and 6adults to go derr lets make a video to show we care.
    Trayvon Martin case was more racially driven and how the police tried to dismiss the case w/o jailing the dude or doing investigation-guns was side piece but not the focus of topic. The movie theatre event got lost in politics eventually after awhile but for either I haven’t heard them say anything trying to make this something they felt needed to change. I haven’t heard celebrities coming out feeling bad for ever promoting gun violence like they’re doing now and trying to do something to get it change.
    I’ll listen to people worth a salt regarding this issue and nothing less.

  • Kacey

    I wonder how many times they had to feed Beyonce those lines. Did she even know what she was doing a commercial for?

  • Val


  • African Mami


  • Val

    I totally agree with both of you.


    All of these rich bastards making this commercial can actually put their money together and buy me some guns so I can shoot them all lmaooo. I hate when I see celebrities doing this kind of stuff and promoting their fake ass charities. I’m not even going to get into the whole charity scheme because, all of the money goes back into their pockets lol. But, ya Hollywood the land of the mentally violent, drug addicts, narcissist, pedophiles, rapist, racist, and egomaniacs decided to do a PSA muthafucka please. How about yall do a PSA of giving me some of the checks yall get lol. How about doing a PSA of defending pedophiles “Roman Polanski”. How about doing a PSA of your real feelings about those kids and anyone else killed? I can answer that fuck those kids that pass the coke. Celebrities annoy me sometimes. I know it shouldn’t but, i wish they would just promote their movies and shut the fuck up about anything else lol.


    lmaoooooo Beyonce shouldn’t be allowed to talk at all in the public eye lol. If she isn’t singing .. she needs to be silent lol. Now to the Beyonce stans go eat Baby Crip Blue shit lol. Also, she don’t give a damn about you lol. So post your typical oh shes from the south she has that southern drawl.. naw… she has that (politically incorrect word) retarded drool. I’ve been the south plenty of times and not everyone of those people sound like their brain damaged like Beyonce. NO EXCUSES

  • Eyes Wide Shut

    After watching this, I had to puke…….

    As was said earlier by some of the posters above, these celebrities have the nerve! Yes, it has been confirmed many times that they do walk around with bodyguards ARMED TO THE TEETH!

    Most of those celebrities have made a fortune from being affiliated with gun violence.

    Jamie Foxx seriously has the nerve to do this PSA, Django Unchained is a gun fetishist’s wet dream!!!

    Beyonce – while not associated with gun violence, let’s not forget her pacifist husband who made his fortune promoting gun violence in his music – didn’t he shoot one of his family members?! Lord………

    Seriously, these celebrities have this “let them eat cake/ Marie Antoinette” mentality to them. I pray for another revolution – I really do…….

    Although I think that there needs to be some changes to laws regarding owning arms, as it is harder to get a driver’s license than to own a gun, but it sounds like all these uber rich celebrities and politicians (Bloomberg) want a complete ban on bearing arms for everyone else except for the rich and wealthy……

    Food for thought…….

  • Eyes Wide Shut



  • jessib

    TRUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU…. well said and I completely agree.

  • Gary W

    Is there anyone more irrelevant than a Hollywood actor? They spend their whole life pretending to be someone else.

  • kc

    “If she isn’t singing .. she needs to be silent lol.”

    SMH. Never thought I’d see that on a women’s site…

  • Rosey

    I hate when these type of commercials where each celebrity says one word. Geez

  • Nigerian sista

    Unfortunately a campaign rarely gets peoples attention if done by ordinary people. research shows that campaigns are more successful when a celebrity is attached to it.

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