During an exhibition tennis match in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Danish tennis star Caroline Wozniacki took a “playful” jab at Serena Williams’ assets during a mid-game “prank.”

Wozniacki, who has lost to Williams five out of six times this year, padded her top and her tennis skit to mimic Williams’ legendary physique, then pranced around the court to cheers from the crowd and laughs from the on-air commentators.

Pranks such as these aren’t exactly unique in the tennis world. Serbian player Novak Djokovic made a name for himself by impersonating many players from Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer, to Maria Sharapova and Williams.  But many are viewing Wozniacki’s recent stunt as more than a prank.

While Yahoo Sports called Wozniacki’s gag “hilarious” and said her portrayal of Williams was “uncanny,” others don’t quite see it that way.

Users on Tumblr and Twitter have criticized Wozniacki’s “joke,” noting that—despite our success–black women’s bodies are always up for public scrutiny. And though some mainstream publications see Wozniacki’s impersonation as interesting, many black women have compared her portrayal to Hottentot Venus.

But what do you think? Is Wozniacki’s stunt a bad joke or a racist diss? You tell us. 

  • Anthony

    Wozniacki probably wishes she had more junk in her trunk. It is also significant that she did what she did in a notoriously booty loving country, Brazil. The joke surely had some local resonance too.

  • http://twitter.com/gennatay Gina

    Its a joke, nothing more nothing less.

  • http://gravatar.com/missinformation7 Ms. Information

    It is completely unprofessional and should not have been allowed…only her stupid ass knows if it was racist…even if it isn’t, it’s mean spirited. Too bad Serena’s skill level didn’t rub off on her.

  • Sereen

    She is obivously jealous, she neither has serena’s talent nor womanly assets
    ….it kinda comes off as pathetic lol

  • Bosslady

    Extremely unprofessional and shows bad sportsmanship, I’m surprised this was allowed. One cannot conclude she is racist based on this, but I can definitely say she is ignorant

  • Anthony

    There may well be some racism in what she did, but I am seriously tired of blowing a gasket every time a white person does something dumb. What really matters is that thick Serena has crushed thin, “athletic” looking white women since the late 1990s!

  • Ash

    I wonder who gets the last laugh? The bubbleheaded, Anna Kournikova wannna be who has never won a Grand Slam event, or the winner of 28 Grand Slams + four Olympic Gold Medals. Serena is too classy to respond to this, seeing as the stats do the talking for her.

  • Pseudonym

    Not racist, but definitely disrespectful. (As a comment on another video put accurately: Serena Williams can’t c-walk after a victory, but they actually allowed THIS?!!)

    Serena works out to Olympic Athlete status with no extra body fat and is still able to keep her brick house voluptuousness, which is pretty damn awesome.

    Ultimately, her “imitation” of Serena failed b/c she loss that tennis match.
    Serena wins matches, boo! If you’re gonna play Serena, you’ve gotta win your matches!

  • Tallulah Belle

    Wait, help me out here. I don’t understand. Is Wozniacki a pro athlete? She literally has not a shred of muscle tone, and unfortunately, her calves look like milky laffy taffy. She’s wholly unremarkable. Poor thing….

  • London

    That’s what I immediately thought too…jealously. She wishes she could get Serena’s body and half of Serena’s talent on the tennis court.

    Brush the haters off Serena…next.

  • -A.

    As stated in the above article, pranks are normal in the tennis world. That being said, everyone is fair game. Being one of the few high profile African American tennis players, it was only high time until someone took the pranks to Serena. Serena is black, yes. In a predominately Caucasoid/European? profession. When these players make fun of each other, it is usually through physical caricature of their opponent. There are only so many ways you can make fun of a person. So what she stuffed her bra and bloomers? I would have been much more offended if Woznacki had come out in black face and a bad brown weave. The hypersensitivity is uncalled for. I see no injustice here.

  • P

    This is the outcome of jealousy and envy. Very disrespectful. You can’t conquer her so you attempt to do so via poor sportsmanship. Not surprised at all.

  • Blackmon

    Something about being Black in this country is that you never know how your race is coming into play in social situations.

  • apple

    no its just a bad joke..thats how serena williams is built, and even though a lot of blackwomen maybe built the same not ALL of them (and lots of others in other races have the same body)..maybe if she had made fun of her skin color or hair, or lips/nose , that would be racist

  • http://gravatar.com/lovegiraffes onegirl

    What was Serena’s response? Was she there to see it?

  • GrowUp

    such degradation to this effect is never a joke. Yeah right!

  • http://www.facebook.com/rochee.jeffrey RJ

    Sometimes I think black folks are too damn sensitive. To me this is about as much of a non-issue as Serena’s c-walk after she won her gold medal at the Olympics. Both actions don’t warrant outrage. As far as I can tell, she never said she was mocking Serena Williams. And I am very confused as to how you can make the leap that she was being racist. Sure, there is a strong possibility that she was poking fun at Serena – that’s a reasonable conjecture. But it was racist? That’s a leap.

    Sometimes people of all races are assholes. Are we going to make it illegal for white people to be assholes towards black folks? At this rate, no one should say or do anything that involves a black person because it’s racist.

    And trust me when i say, I am the first person to call white people out on their BS, but I am also the first one to realize that we are more outraged by white people doing anything that could be remotely interpreted as racist, and we let black folks (and black men, in particular) get away with doing all sorts of hateful and disrespectful things towards black women. I am more upset about the way that black men incessantly portray black women in music videos and in hip hop music than this foolishness.

    To put it plainly, we have bigger battles to fight and I am tired of the amount of energy and attention we place on these inconsequential incidents.

  • kamille

    thiiiissss x 5000000

  • http://twitter.com/JumpJunkieJoe Geechee Goddess (@JumpJunkieJoe)

    Do I think it’s a bad joke, yes. Do I think it was a racist joke, no. As it was pointed out these Tennis players poke fun at each other all the time. Is Serena even offended by this? If not, then why should I? I understand that people are coming down hard on her because she is a professional athlete and therefore should be setting a better example but it’s really just not that serious to me.

  • Anthony

    In all fairness, alot of famous white women like Dolly Parton, Pamela anderson, Sophia Vagara, and Jennifer Lopez, have been parodied about their physiques. I saw nothing overtly racist in what Wozniacki did. As I said earlier, I cannot swear that she had no racial animus, but she did not show it either. The bottom line is that Serena is built like a pinup and plays like the world class athlete she is!

  • Anthony

    As a black man, I have to agree. If you listen to some rapper talk about ho’s and booties, but you short circuit over Wozniacki, you do have a double standard.

    I understand the notion that jokes within a communities are different, but some of the stuff that black men, especially entertainers, say are much more mean spirited than Wozniacki’s stunt.

  • Penny

    If she had come out with that and covered in brown body paint, then that would have been racist. LOL.

  • http://gravatar.com/myblackfriendsays myblackfriendsays

    this is racish (kind of racist.) that’s a word I made up. Serena WIlliams doesn’t appear to have a problem with it. At the same time there is a historical legacy of black women being made into oddities because of their body shapes. It doesn’t bother me that much, but I can see how it would bother others.

  • AM

    It definitely is NOT racist. Poor taste maybe, BUT personally, I was meh over it. Whatev.

  • Shirl

    From what I’ve read her and Serena are good friends and this was just a joke. It’s not like the woman came out in black face. If Serena don’t mind then why should we be offended. I doubt very seriously if anybody would want to have a run- in with Ms. Serena. I mean the woman is nothing but pure muscle.

  • Akosua

    Knowing your history also includes being perceptive to characteristics that are genetically endemic to ones race. Round HIGH butts, small waist are aesthetically African features. (I’m not talking about over weight women here). Other races /ethnic women do not have unless they have some degree of African in their genetic mix or vicinity and it would still be a pale representation of the African prototype

    With that said, this white girl – (note: white people poor or rich are very in tune to what sets others apart from them & vice versa)- is very aware that she was mimicking with the intent of disparaging Serena Williams’ coveted body parts. So it is very racist when keeping it in context (read up on Sarah Baartman) that when white people want to dehumanize/mock blacks it returns to caricaturing what is uniquely black (butts, lips, hair, nose).

    White privilege on grand display. The audacity to do before a crowd with the expectation of exoneration.

  • victoria

    Da#m, if Serena’s body is seen as a joke, Im definitely in trouble.

  • Chillyroad

    I find your comments interesting. I’ve often heard some black women consistently use a black woman like Alek Wek as the standard for an African look. She is tall and as thin as a rail and so is everyone in her tribe. This is why I don’t like black African women being body casted because we are very diverse. We also cannot take all the “good parts” and attribute them to every African woman.

  • THe Comment

    I sooo agree! Serena is well traveled and has probably–most likely–seen some mean spirited stuff. She probably stuffed ole girls bra.

    Unlike Americans….Europeans and Russians don’t hide how they feel about you. It is a different kind of vibe over there. They don’t play this nicey nice chit they way white folks do over here.

  • Shelly

    Clutch, why must you attempt once again to raise everyone’s blood pressure by giving light to these stories? I think it is stupid what she did, but white folks will never be done with making a mockery of us. If we ignore this girl’s antics (someone who is clearly jealous of serena anyways since she has lost so many times to her), then we can focus on issues pertaining to black people that are actually relevant. Serena needs to keep beating the crap out of them in tennis, and that will be enough payback. Andy Roddick did this exact same thing a few years ago (creating a big bust and big butt to imitate Serena), and I was actually surprized no one made a big deal about it back then.

  • paul

    What really matters is that thick Serena has crushed thin, “athletic” looking white women since the late 1990s!


    yep – every time we prove em wrong by shattering yet another one of their white supremacist illusions it throws em right off balance and this is the kind of strange behaviour that always follows.

    What a hater.

  • http://britnidanielle.com/ Britni Danielle

    Hey Shelly,

    Thanks for your response. We aren’t attempting to get anyone riled up, hence the balanced tone of the article. I did not take a stance once way or the other, but instead asked CLUTCH’s astute readers to weigh in. Moreover, we didn’t pluck this story out of obscurity, it was trending & had already been covered in other major publications.

    Thanks for reading & commenting!

  • ?

    Does Serena find this funny?

  • Yawn

    Not every single thing a white person does is about “privilege” the new hot word RMFE She’s made caricatures of other players as well not just Serena, big damn deal.

  • ChiHou

    It was meant to sting, why would that have been funny at that moment. Probably wouldn’t have done it if Serena was in the audience.

  • omfg

    the best imitation woz could do of serena would be to win a grand slam championship, which she hasn’t done despite being the number one player for a time.

  • Catpopstar

    Seriously, I have a big bust and rear. She could be making fun of anyone with that…

  • paul

    I have a simple algorithm for deciding whether a “joke” is racist.

    Would the person find it funny if I mocked them or someone like them in way that evoked a stereotype associated with their class?

    So if Serena pursed her lips into a thin line, pointed her nose up with her finger, wore a t-shirt with two pancakes printed on the breast area and did a flat booty walk – would mis no-butt-ski find it funny?

    argu-a-ment done.

    This is racist.

  • Yb

    Perhaps, Woziniacki didn’t mean to be racist but what she did was cutlurally insensitive and racially charged regardless of her intentions. Given the history of black women’s bodies being on stage to be ridiculed, dissected, and mocked. (Sarah Baartman’s body in a museum, that disgusting Swedish cake.) Of all things to mock Serena why chose her body? When these Eastern European tennis players are mocked are their bodies ridiculed or their character on the court and their tennis skills?

    You don’t have to spread mud on your face to portray black people as caricatures.

  • Blue

    I bet she wouldn’t like it if Serena tied down her boobs & wore a blond wig to a match?

  • Anthony

    I don’t know. Even among black female athletes, Serena stand out because of her remarkable curves. Even her sister Venus doesn’t have a body like hers. Think about all of the women in the WNBA or in track and field, I know of no other world calss athlete with her body type, and I am a pretty big sports fan.

    As I said earlier, white or Latina women like Sophia Vergara and Jennifer Lopez are often the butt of parodies based on their physiques too. I do get the whole Hottentot Venus thing. I actually taught about her in class this semester. I am just not sure if Wozniacki’s stunt can simply be seen as a racial statement.

  • Akosua

    @ Chillyroad

    “I find your comments interesting. I’ve often heard some black women consistently use a black woman like Alek Wek as the standard for an African look”

    No. you miss understand. Her color is often used as the standard not her body type. You right about one thing, African is diverse. Vast & diverse. But this diversity does not negate that the buttock in its shape & form in question is not an African standard.
    “We also cannot take all the “good parts” and attribute them to every African woman.”

    Not clear. Elusive to me. “good parts”???????

  • http://gravatar.com/nolakiss16 binks

    This! Regardless of her inentions it was tacky, humorless, and classless. Even if it wasn’t racist I can see why it would rub people the wrong way.

  • Shane

    Serena does wear a blonde wig !!

  • -A.

    “Of all things to mock Serena why chose her body?”

    I honestly believe that if she imitated anything else about Serena in the arena (haha) people would still find a way to cry foul and go apesh*t.

    (ex. Serena’s body language: over agressive angry black woman;
    Serena’s crip walk: gang affiliation;
    Serena’s muscle tone: overweight, built like a man)

    Not to negate that a lot of times it is, indeed racially charged, but sometimes it really is just for laughs within that community, in this sense, the tennis.

    Given the chance, people will even call mockery of Serena’s mannerisms racist. It’s a lose-lose when you can’t (or won’t) separate the race component from innocent jest.

  • Jay Cee

    How about just plain STOOPID!

  • ayomidejpw

    The joke was unnecessary. But Serene will be the one laughing when she beats her again and again and again……

  • Wiseman


    I knew a lot of anorexic chics and they weren’t black. Now those same women want curves and full lips and BLACK MEN. Backup and give me fifty feet.

    Why do I loooovvvvvveeeeeee yummy, full lips, dark skin curvy BLACK WOMEN?

    1. I love Black Women’s curves ((((((LAWD)))))) and I’ll die with last breath with her.
    2. I love Black Women’s intelligence; no competition.
    3. I love Black Women’s loyalty (Ride or Die chics).
    4. I love Black Women because I just get weak in the knees.
    5. I love Black Women because of their walk (man, my heart bout to jump oUT).
    6. I love Black Women because she raised me well (RESPECT).
    7. I love Black Women because they are the pillars of us Black men.
    8. I love Black Women because there is no other.
    9. I love Black Women because they got that ha ha ha ha.
    10. I love Black Women because I fuck with no other, Man!

    Caroline Wozniacki don’t playa hate. Nobody wants your anorexic ass. Eeeeewwwwwwwww.

  • Jointarms

    Please elaborate? I mean, what do you mean? I think Serena has a beautiful body. Just my opinion.

  • Pseudonym

    That’s what she means. If Serena’s beautiful, athletically crafted body is the butt of jokes, then any women without a six pack, zero body fat with boob and butt thickness (i.e. 99.99999% of the female population) is SCREWED (i.e. will be the butts of jokes as well).

  • Mr. Man

    She’s just mad because real women have curves and she doesn’t.

    Seriously though, as many here already stated I don’t think the joke was intended to be racist, as I understand the two are homies. The joke was just stupid..
    Actually I did laugh a little, not at who she was mocking, but at thought that she only wish she had such a blessed body.

  • Wiseman

    at Pseudonym: In-line with your characterization, I am endorsing all women with butt thickness and no six pack. In addition, I believe women can be beautiful and healthy without a six pack and boobs. In-line with my endorsement, butt thickness creates cinematic allure to the viewer. Not a bad thing if the woman finds the mate on her short list.

  • Naps!

    Thank you! She’s just salty :)

  • ANthony

    YOu know I mentioned rappers, but I also mentioned entertainers in general too. Of course, many men of no particular notariety say hateful things too, feel better now?

  • gabe

    Imitation is the BEST form of flattery!!!

  • Kema

    Argument is faulty…

  • AM

    ummm sir, I understand your comment. BUT real women do include those WITHOUT curves. There are black women without any semblance of curvature and it doesn’t make them any less real. Just pointing that out, not trying to start something.

  • Wiseman


    Caroline Wozniacki acted deliberately and premeditatedly with malice aforethought by mocking the physical features of Serena Williams at a live public tennis match. This conduct is in-line with the on-going psychological media war (mind control) meant to continue to de-humanize. Also, it enables people not of the African phenotype to neglect the visible damage acts such as this inflicts on a race meant to be portrayed as invisible.

    Sexual connotations associated with the Brazilian black man and “mulata” woman: positive images or dehumanizing stereotypes?

    In modern day Brazil, the power and economic structure is dominated primarily by men of a European phenotype or something close to it. On television, in magazines, in its halls of power and on its modeling runways, Brazil continues to present itself as a reflection of its European ancestors while almost completely ignoring its African and indigenous heritage although anyone who has visited the country is surely to come away with a different idea of what Latin America’s largest country’s citizens look like. During most of the year, save for the soccer field and the musical stage, Afro-Brazilians are largely hidden from the spotlight, at least considering its their status as numerical majority in the Brazilian population. But then comes Carnaval season when descendants of the 4-5 million African slaves that arrived in Brazil over the course of three centuries are allowed to briefly shine for a period of about a week as the ultimate symbol of Brazilian “alegria (joy)”. For that entire joyous week in February, images of these brown bodies are broadcast to a worldwide audience often promoting the country as tropical, exuberant country of endless parties, fast times and easy sex. But alas, when its all over, blacks, it’s time to go back to where you came from!

    The image of poor, hard-working but sexy black body is one of the tools that elites use to attract millions of tourists to the country every year. The virile “negão (big, black man)” and the hypersexual “mulata”. According to the stereotypes, the mental capacity of these people leaves much to be desired, but the bodies are the sources of unbridled sensuality and boundless sexual pleasure. The funny thing about Brazil is that while it promotes the figure of the mulata as a sex symbol and the ultimate sexual experience, this same woman is mostly invisible on the cover of the magazine most often considered to be the bible of female beauty, sensuality and sexuality: Playboy (Brasil) magazine. To be sure, no one likes to be stereotyped, but being considered a source of considerable sexual expertise, adventure and fantasy are compliments that one should proudly wear as if it were an “S” on the chest, right? Let me just confirm that I’ve had this discussion about the image of the viril, well-endowed black man with both Brazilian black men as well as American black men and I have yet to meet anyone who has a problem with this stereotype. This discussion of black men is common on online forums, social networking sites and websites. Here are just a few comments of the hundred or so that I saw at the website Bolsa de Mulher.

    The title of the discussion was: “homens negros…fazem seu tipo…? (black men…are they your type?)”

    White woman 1. “Wow !!! (This is) too much. The majority of my girlfriends like black men, they say that they were good in bed, well-hung. I always preferred white guys and they (girlfriends) would tell me: “The day that you try one, you will not want white guys.” Now I am with a black man and I say IT’S ALL GOOD!!! He’s strong passion, good in bed and I really don’t want white men. I recommend, whoever never tried (a black man) you don’t know what you’re missing.”

    White woman 2. “Hahahaha….they say that his “id (member)” is enormous…but they’re not my style…”

    Black woman 3. “I am a black woman married to a black man. Black men are handsome, really. And this thing about black men being more sexually potent is folklore. My husband is wonderful, but this goes beyond his skin color. There is involvement, chemistry, passion and desire. I believe that this history came up partially to compensate for the shameful stain in the history of this country, which was slavery of Africans. And this girl that posted that nonsense, my God, she is sick.”

    So in the three comments, we have a woman, presumably white, who supports the sexual stereotype of black men based on her own experience. Next we have a woman who can only speak of what’s she’s heard since black men aren’t her style. Next, we have a black woman who is married to black man and whose attraction to black men is based in other attributes that she finds pleasing. So do sexual stereotypes do a disservice to black men or black people in general or should people accept these ideals as compliments? Here’s what writer and blogger José Nunez had to say on the topic. And stay tuned for more as we delve further into the subject of sexuality through a Brazilian lens throughout the rest of the week.

  • paul

    Only if you believe that some should be able to do to others what they would not want done unto themselves.

    I don’t

    racists will be punished whenever they practice racism.

  • paul

    “If you listen to some rapper talk about ho’s and booties, but you short circuit over Wozniacki, you do have a double standard.”

    I regret co-signing you if you’re the same anthony who posted on page 1.


    Who do these fools take us for that they think they can get away with telling us that we must tolerate the hostility of outsiders on the ground that we don’t have perfect harmony among ourselves?

    Intra-race enmity and violence (tribalism) happens within every race and culture but people tend to set their TRIBAL differences aside when they are confronted with a MUTUAL threat from some outside force.


    because they are uniting to deal with the BIGGER threat to their welfare and survival, which if left unchecked will consume them all.

    . . . anyway, you’re wrong, I despise black apologists for white supremacy as much as I despise white supremacy itself, possibly more so because I can see white supremacy coming when it comes in the form of a white, not always so easy when it comes in the form of a black.(that’s assuming you’re black)

  • http://gravatar.com/ravsmith78 Ravi

    I have a problem with this stereotype of black men. So now you know one.

  • http://gravatar.com/ravsmith78 Ravi

    This one concludes that she is quite racist. Racism requires neither malice nor being conscious of the fact you are racist.

  • http://gravatar.com/ravsmith78 Ravi

    There is a lot of variance with characteristics like body type. While our conceptions of African people certainly are what you are describing, the reality is that there are many women of all races that are shaped with round HIGH butts and small waists. There is no single phenotype that is representative of all Africans nor are there many traits that Africans possess exclusively. There is far more genetic variation within “races” than between them. Such conceptions of physical racial variation are based more on stereotype than on genotype.

    That being said, there doesn’t need to be any genetic or biological differences for your analysis on racism to be valid. As long as there are perceived differences in races or even a disproportionate amount of African peoples apparently exhibiting the traits in question, the affect would be the same. Making fun of or mimicking any traits that could be associated with race could be viewed as racist. Whether she meant anything by it doesn’t matter. Indeed, white privilege at its finest.

  • http://gravatar.com/ravsmith78 Ravi

    racial animus isn’t a requirement for racism, as defined by many. It’s enough that she made fun of characteristics that can be associated with her race. I can see your point about not over racism, but I would argue that contemporary racism usually is not overt. It’s pretty similar to if she were wearing black face without malice, like folks in Asia have been doing the last couple decades.

  • http://gravatar.com/ravsmith78 Ravi

    does that apply to minstrel shows?

  • Mr. Man

    Your absouletly right. I was only saying that in jest. I didn’t mean it literally, oh I know better than that.

  • Tony

    Not even a little racist!!! Who ever feels this is racist is difinitely A RACIST!!!

  • http://gravatar.com/ravsmith78 Ravi

    Or we are using a different, more consistent definition of the word racist than the one you seem to be using.

  • Wiseman

    All subjective physical act(s) with the dubious intent to incite ridicule or malicious conduct concieved in idea and acted out, and at the expense of the unsuspecting target ( a person who is of African phenotype) by-from any Caucasian person, entity or by proxy; that act or conduct must be received with extreme skepticism and rejected immediately.

    For precedent to the black apologist, please see last U.S. Presidential elections.

    Throughtout the Presidential campaigns, racial attacks were directed from the right (GOP: Republican, Tea Party, and Libeterian Party) at Mr. President Barack H. Obama.

    Public outcry later ensued, the act or verbal conduct was retracted or simply deemed a joke in the Cable News media, print newspaper, and online blogosphere.

    Please keep in mind, over 90 percent of the satellite airwaves leased by the FCC goes to Caucasian owed media conglomerates.

    How can we call this a democracy when almost all the media is controlled by Caucasians?

    Please see FCC Rule Change Media Targeted Acquisition .

    When a coward is caught, he or she will tell you don’t believe your lying eyes or you are too emotional.

    Comments made by a fashion designer about gassing the Jews did not go well in the Jewish community or in the rest of the world for that matter.

    Therefore, any Black person of African phenotype must not tolerate any stupid racial humor.

    Please expand on why Black apologist make excuses when a person of the African phenotype is the target of racialized jokes?

    coward[ kou-erd ]

    1. a person who lacks courage in facing danger, difficulty, opposition, pain, etc.; a timid or easily intimidated person.

    1. lacking courage; very fearful or timid.
    2. proceeding from or expressive of fear or timidity: a coward cry.

  • Anthonyu

    Paul, no two adults with functioning brains agree on everything. Why do you regret that you agree with me on one point and disagree with me on another? That’s how the world works. For what’s worth I am black. I would not be surprised if I am significantly older than you, and that may well explain why we see rap differently.

  • Misty_Moonsilver

    Wow. How unprofessional. She just salty because Serena whipped her!

  • Dave

    Racist? No. Funny? No.

  • http://www.facebook.com/riyyahbey Huriyyah Debra Bey

    As an African American woman who is proud to say i have both big breast and big butt. I think is was a JOKE and a good joke. I saw no harm in it. Now if someone who had negative things to say about Serena and about black people as a whole did this, then I would consider it racist. Or if the Tennis Association said Serena could’nt play because her butt was too big or her breast were too large then I would consider that racist. But this impersonation, I thought was funny and in good taste. COME ON people, come on black people. We do not have to jump at everything. We are capable of putting thing into perspective

  • kj1986nyc

    what are you smoking negro? most black women look like linebackers with wigs. Sure not all but most. Fact the majority of black men will never experience a slim attractive black woman and you know. So stop lying to yourself.

  • http://gravatar.com/ravsmith78 Ravi

    Of course I’m capable of putting things into perspective. I can see it in several perspectives actually. That’s why I can see this for the racism that it was. You possessing big breasts and big butts doesn’t give you special understanding of when something is racist. Whether you see this as racist is dependent on how you define racism. Clearly, your definition doesn’t include subtle mockery of traits associated with a particular race. Others, such as myself, see this as no different than black face.

  • ImJustSaying

    I think she didn’t mean anything by it as she and Serena are friends in the tennis world. But I will say when I make fun of my friends in such a outrageous way I do it at home or in a “private” setting when the person is around to laugh WITH me. I’m not sure if Serena was at that match but I don’t think she was. The fact that Serena wasn’t there (Please let me know if it turns out she was there) make it SEEM in poor taste, not racist though.

  • Akosua

    @ Ravi

    “the reality is that there are many women of all races that are shaped with round HIGH butts and small waists. ”

    What reality? Whose reality? Who are those races of women?????? I find it interesting people tend to get very vague by saying other races of women but can never say who those women are. I am not talking about the exception; I am talking about the rule. Thus, as the rule, on average this is the physical shape of black women (not talking about over weight here). And as an exception for other races of women — I’m using it very loosely– you have to consider the influence of black genes, plastic surgery or hitting the gym to attempt imitation.

    “There is no single phenotype that is representative of all Africans nor are there many traits that Africans possess exclusively.”

    One word. “HAIR”. No where on the face of this planet will you find another race with our texture of hair that grows naturally out their follicles. Sounds like exclusivity to me. So it is within reason for the butt in question not to be far off the mark as uniquely black.

    “There is far more genetic variation within “races” than between them.”

    This is psycho & genetictologist babble. Black people and non-black people with an agenda have been condition to say this. What do you think this means? And by the way, all people stem from black so this is not unreasonable to extrapolate gene similarity with other groups. What we can say there is a propensity of genes to coalesce into producing the unique phenotypes of the races

    “Such conceptions of physical racial variation are based more on stereotype than on genotype.”

    Physical variation is based on what is observable not conceptualized.

    “That being said, there doesn’t need to be any genetic or biological differences for your analysis on racism to be valid”

    Did not assert this.

    But I am floored at the lengths people as yourself go through to denounce or argue black women’s traits as not been their traits (with phrases bw are not the only one………). Conversely, are quick to attribute or classify traits as unique to other races/ethnic groups of women. The bottom line, other races of women want what black women got and willing to go through any length to get it. Don’t believe the hype sisters we are very genetically unique.

  • http://gravatar.com/ravsmith78 Ravi

    Just normal observable reality as opposed to the fantasy world ruled by stereotypes that you seem to be living in. Every race of women has women with high butts and small waists, just as every race has women with flat butts (and every other type of butt imaginable). Your “rule” left no room for exceptions. You flat out stated that ” Other races /ethnic women do not have unless they have some degree of African in their genetic mix or vicinity and it would still be a pale representation of the African prototype,” which leaves no room for exceptions. If one such woman exists, then your initial statement was wrong. You should know better than to speak in such absolutes. As it turns out, there are many women of all races that exhibit those traits.

    There is no specific shape that black women possess, on average. Black women, as all women, are all over the spectrum when it comes to body type. Many are shaped like Monique, while others are shaped like Tiki Gelana. Millions more are somewhere between. To think that there is one body type that typifies black women is utter nonsense. It’s hilarious that you are interjecting your “understanding” of genetics to justify your view point on the subject. Of all the factors that might go into a non-black woman having a round butt and small waist, a “black gene” isn’t even a realistic consideration. Many of the factors involved in body type have little to do with genetics at all. There are numerous environmental factors (geography, diet, lifestyle differences, etc.) that produce the body types that are evident in society.

    Did you even understand the quote you posted? I said there aren’t many traits that we possess exclusively. You named one trait and it isn’t exclusive to Africans. There are non-black people that have kinky hair. Several races indigenous to Oceania have hair identical to Africans. You really should do some research before making wild claims, like you are doing.

    The butt assertion is way off the mark considering I see many non-black women with the body you described and many black women that don’t have that type of body. If what you were saying was true, I wouldn’t see any Hmong or Mexican women shaped exactly like you described above.

    Just because you didn’t understand the statement doesn’t make it babble. It’s the reason why hardly anyone actually uses race in any discussion on biology or genetics. The real question is what do you think it means? Until you can actually understand what it means, then you won’t understand why your entire argument is without basis.

    “Physical variation is based on what is observable not conceptualized.”

    so you feel you have observed enough to make the generalizations you have? What’s your sample size? You feel you have made enough observations to warrant making generalizations about 7 billion people? No, your ideas are based on anecdotal evidence which confirms long-held stereotypes.

    And that last quote was my assertion, not yours.

    I am floored by the lengths people with no understanding of science or genetics will go to attempt to justify their own stereotypes. I’m also floored by your ability to make generalizations that make absolutely no sense. Case in point, “people like me” rarely attribute traits to any racial group exclusively because of the reasoning from above. Race as it is known now, is not biologically generalizable. It is a social construct and a failed attempt at biological classification. No population of people with hundreds of millions of people living across the face of the planet is genetically unique. The amount of genetic variance between races is almost non-existent. Please do yourself a favor and enroll in some science classes or maybe just go to wikipedia. The arguments you are putting out here are embarrassingly devoid of any scientific rationale or logical basis. Google is our friend.

  • Jointarms

    @ kj1986nyc. I am happily married to a loving black woman. 

    She is an exemplary human being. 

    If you are lack morals, ideals, values and principles, “bunnies” will seek to hump.  

    It is a high for bunnies. 

    There is more to life than raving savage sex.

    Perhaps, you made a calculus to bail for a life you didn’t earn but wish to be a member of. Oh, I know, you fell in love. No, you made a calculated move. 

    So mr. man (notice the small caps-yes pun intended), you must be the one lost or corrupt or filled with shame that you have to go elsewhere to pander. 

    What a loser. Perhaps, you are at the liberty to date whomever you like, it is a free country. 

    Although, I don’t see a bunch of non black men going around bragging about a black women. 

  • Barbara2

    If indeed you are a Black person making this “linebacker” comment and not a White person, I say this to you…..

    I feel sorry for the Black woman who gave birth to you. I’m sure she must have loved and had aspiration that you would grow up with courage to face the racist community we had to deal with. Instead, you have turned your vitriolic self hatred towards her and her and Black women in general. Despite what we did our own children are brainwashed in White supremacy and self hatred.

    I hope you will find a White person to marry and breed yourself out of existance. Good riddance.

  • Beri

    “Are we going to make it illegal for white people to be assholes towards black folks?”.
    Why not ? We earned that right through History.

    ” I am more upset about the way that black men incessantly portray black women in music videos and in hip hop music than this foolishness”
    Ok with that, but I would like to point out that it’s a consequence of white people’s early BS which is the ultimate cause.
    Don’t mix the two.

  • paul

    No, but agreement on some issues is more imperative than on others. Disagreement over the “big stuff”, eg – what we do in response to racism – reveals a gaping divide between us that shouldn’t be there since we both suffer racism.

    You seem to be equating foul mouthed rap with misogyny and racism. But rap is what it is, no different to any other entertainment genre that trades on shock content. In other circles it’s called artistic license.

    Yet here we have a clear cut case of racism and MISOGYNY by a white woman directed at a black woman and by extension all black women, and all you want to raise are irrelevancies about rap.

    That’s a fundamental difference between us in how we perceive an attack on the collective and how to deal with it. That’s why I regret co-signing you – not because you don’t agree with me on everything, which is a silly thing to suggest.


    I’ll thank you not to patronize me – if you’re older than me, then all you are is older.

  • ed

    If 4.5 Million Africans immigrated to Brazil, how come they’re the majority??? Do you know how many Europeans not to count Asians entered the country?! Do a little research and you’ll find that your figures are very inaccurate. Yes there is the fact that great portion of the population (not the majority) have mixture with blacks. That however does not make them blacks! (Why do people decide to ignore other ethnicities of mixed people?! Also being everyday in the sun makes you very dark skinned but not necessarily black as far as race goes. Lastly, you must have only visited Rio, Sao Paulo and Salvador to come up with such conclusions. Brazil is a big country and there is a LOT more to it than these megalopolis.

  • http://gravatar.com/deechagirl Dee

    no she doesn’t, stupid…

  • http://gravatar.com/deechagirl Dee


    sounds like you have the small dick syndrome. LOL!

  • Josh

    It sounds like Wozniacki is being a sore loser. She can’t win on the court so she tries to hurt Williams another way. It’s time for Wozniacki to grow up.

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