While most hair experts discourage coloring relaxed hair, many feel going natural frees up the opportunity to experiment with color. But no matter your texture, there are several things to keep in mind when trying out a different hue.

It’s important to go about this change with your hair’s health as a top priority. Here are four tips to consider before coloring your hair.

1. Your hair will need moisture.

Color can be drying, especially in the wintertime, so remember to deep condition your tresses. Whether you use a temporary or permanent color, it’s pivotal that you give your tresses a good deep condition at least twice monthly.

2. Let your natural oils do their job.

It’s not best practice to wash your hair right before you get it colored. Yes, clean hair is a necessity, but the natural oils that your scalp produces help protect it from damage. Shampoo strips your hair of this oil, so hold-out until your dye job is finished.

3. Be conscious of the frequency of your dye jobs.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with keeping your tresses looking fresh, but too many touch ups (especially with permanent color) can weaken the hair shaft and cause breakage.

4. Your hair is more susceptible to breakage.

Since hair is weaker with chemical dye on it, be sure to do your due diligence to avoid breakage. Get your ends trimmed, avoid sleeping on cotton pillows or sheets and embrace protective styles to circumvent great damage to your strands.

What tips do you consider before dying natural hair, Clutchettes?

-Margaret Francois

  • kathleen

    I have had natural hair since last march and have dyed my hair 3 times since and its doing great! it does slightly change the texture of my curls but not drastically so. It is dryer but an extra deep conditioner or two is totally worth trying out an amazing color :)

  • C

    I am so afraid to put color in my hair. I’m afraid of the chemical effects, and I’m afraid that my hair will become damaged and fall out (my hair has never taken well to chemicals in the past). I already have some damage (I plan to chop off 2 inches in a couple of weeks), but I still have more hair than I have ever had in my life. If I wasn’t afraid, I’d go brown (my natural color is almost black).

  • http://thebrokejetsetter.com Brokejetsetter

    For some reason, coloring my hair makes it curlier. The only issue I have is that it takes SOOOOO much longer for the color to actually process and its typically never even unless I bleach it.

  • Tanycha

    What brand of hair color do you use and does it makes a difference?

  • Jessi Jess

    You should try a cellophane. They let you try a color without all the seriousness of a dye.

  • http://naysue.wordpress.com naysue

    My natural hair and current color look similar to the girl in the picture. I’ve colored my hair since high school. My mother is a retired hairstylist so it’s nice to let her use a box color at home. We’ve played around with reds, browns, and blondes, constantly changing with the seasons. One thing I’ve discovered is that you can’t just go to the beauty supply and pick up any old color. It should be a color with a moisturizing agent in it. I prefer Dark & Lovely’s shades. I’ve tried other box colors and they’ve dried out my hair terribly and there was no amount of conditioning that I could do to revive it. No matter the color type or brand, make sure you condition and use healing methods for your hair. This is regardless of whether you have color or not though.

  • C

    Would that show on my hair? I have very, very dark hair.

  • http://twitter.com/gennatay Gina

    I color my hair Jet Black and I do find that I need extra moisture. It hasn’t affect my curl pattern

  • Caramel

    Try Bigen, it has no chemicals and no ammonia.

  • Shauna-Lee

    Go ammonia free on all hair coloring products. Your hair will thank you. Castor oil seals moisture wonderfully and get a silk scarf or cap, tiger hair is now chemically treated

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