Janet & Wissam via Twitter

Looks like Janet Jackson is having a very merry Christmas. According to celeb glossy, Us Weekly, Miss Jackson (if you’re nasty) is trading in her single status for a Qatari billionaire who decided to put a ring on it.

US Weekly reports that Janet’s beau, 37-year-old Wissam Al Mana, popped the question with a “huge, expensive ring” that is so big Jackson is scared to wear it for fear it’ll get lost.

Word on the street is Jackson and Al Mana are gearing up for a multi-million-dollar Spring extravaganza that will include the entire Jackson clan, Al Mana’s family, and an gourmet menu created by a top chef. Sounds divine.

When Janet and Wissam jump the broom, it’ll be the music legend’s third trip down the aisle. She was briefly married to James DeBarge in the mid-1980s and Rene Elizondo from 1991-2000.

Here’s hoping that the third times the charm for Janet!

  • Chillyroad

    So… Nothing to do with her fiancée being a nice loving guy who is super attractive and rich. She is just your run of the mill abused mule black women who was forced into the arms of her non black saviour? I’m starting to really hate Clutch. The level of pathology at this place is just too much.

  • Misty_Moonsilver

    Well said Chilly.

  • Michele

    I’m a long time Janet fan but I will wait until Miss Jackson confirms an engagement with Wissam. US Weekly is what I thumb through at the nail salon.The articles are full of quotes from “sources” and “sources close to” then little tidbits are added in to make a complete story. We all know Janet rarely divulges much about her personal life. If she is engaged then good for her. She appears very happy with Wissam and he appears to feel the same.

  • Anthony

    He may be very nice and certainly is rich. He worship the ground Janet Jackson walks on too. Still, he is not a Westerner. He is a very rich and powerful man from a country with a traditional Arab culture (although not super conservative like Saudi Arabia.) I honestly don’t know why their is such surprise at the notion he is likely a polygamist, especially since Janet Jackson is probably past the stage of easy and safe childbirth. If you look at Janet Jackson’s marriage history, none of her relationships looked “normal,” she might very well be cool with a husband with one or two younger wives that can give him children.

    I don’t know what the inside story is, but when others talk about how nice and kind he is, those statements are based on speculation just like mine.

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