Governor Nikki Haley of South Carolina announced she will tap Congressman Tim Scott for South Carolina’s vacant Senate seat. Rep. Scott’s appointment will make him the first black senator from the South since the 19th Century.

The Senate seat became vacant after Sen. Jim DeMint announced he was stepping down to take on a leadership role at the Heritage Foundation in January, causing many to wonder who Gov. Haley would pick to fill the vacancy.

After a lot of debate,  Gov. Haley ended the speculation today when she announced that she was appointing Rep. Scott.

“It is with great pleasure that I am announcing our next U.S. senator to be Congressman Tim Scott,” Gov. Haley said. “I am strongly convinced that the entire state understands that this is the right U.S. senator for our state and our country.”

Rep. Scott, who was raised in a single-parent household, credited his mother’s guidance for positively affecting his life.

“I am thankful for a strong mom that understood that love sometimes comes at the end of a switch,” Scott said.

Rep. Scott will have to defend his Senate seat in 2014 as apart of a special election, and if he wins, he’ll have to defend it again in 2016.

South Carolina’s senior Senator, Lindsay Graham, said Rep. Scott’s appointment—as well as having a black senator represent his state—was long overdue.

“This is a day that’s been long in the making in South Carolina,” Graham said. “And I’m glad to see it come.”

Rep. Scott, a staunch Conservative, was first elected to the House of Representatives in 2010. And according to the Washington Post, he will become “the seventh African-American to serve in the Senate and the first black senator from the South since the 1880s.”

  • Anthony

    SInce all of these Republicans are so colorblind and only black people play the race card, why does it matter if Tim Scott is the first US Senator from South Carolina ever?

    All I can say is that if he manages to get reelected a time or two, RGIII may have a mentor whenever he decides to run! (it’s a joke)

  • Tony

    More importantly that will make him the ONLY Black U.S. Senator in this country. Seems a though these Democrats love blacks but not enough to elect one to a state wide office. 13% of the population, 90% of your votes yet blacks have NO Democratic Senators, one Governor and a handful of other state wide elected officials out of thousands of available positions? Does that make sense? Democrats don’t love blacks. They love blacks votes!

    White liberals “dey luvs us an fight’n foe hours rights” ……… lol

  • myblackfriendsays

    Congratulations, soon-to-be Senator Scott.

  • jamesfrmphilly

    and this will help black people, how?

  • hookemhorns

    Does the fact that we have a Black President, who depended on many white votes to win(twice), mean nothing?

  • Anthony

    Illinois, the state that elected the last two black Democratic senators lost its senator to a higher office, if I recall correctly.

  • Tony

    One President out of thousands of positions? You can’t be serious.

    Obama was an aberration (created by whites splitting their vote in the Democratic primary) when first elected. White democrats will ensure that will never happen again for the next 50 years. Don’t believe me? See Democratic cities like New York, Chicago and New Orleans ect… and how those white liberal democrats reacted to stop those cities from electing a Black Democrat!

  • Tony

    What about the other 50+ states? 1 Senator out of 100? And your point? Obama’s original Republican opponent had to resign because of a sex scandal. His new opponent was a transplanted black man (Allen Keys) from another state.

  • Anthony

    The truth is that race matters and it is still hard gor blacks to get elected to state wide office from either party. Scott has been appointed. Let’s see how ones come election time. Remember, just last month, Republican poster girl Mya Love couldn’t get elected in Utah, it was not a state wide race, but I think it still proves my poin.

  • kj1986nyc

    He isn’t a black man. His mama is white. why do black women insist calling mixed people “black”? FYI Obama got somewhere around 35 percent of white votes

  • kj1986nyc

    Get a job negro!

  • ruggie

    I wonder if he’ll join the Congressional Black Caucus, or distance himself from them.

  • Anthony

    He refused to join the CBC when he was elected to the House.

  • Val

    All my skinfolk are not my kinfolk. The fact that this guy was appointed means he’s already been vetted by the Republican Party. And if he can pass the Republican smell test then he’s one of them and not one of us.

    Neither Party is perfect but the Republicans go out of their way to work against the rights of African Americans. Voter ID laws, etc.

  • nikki

    “Rep. Scott will have to defend his Senate seat in 2014 as apart of a special election…”

    *a part :)

  • anon

    The republican party is so mad about the Obama win, part of me thinks this man’s a political pawn. All of a sudden, for the first time since the 1800′s, a black person will be senator?


  • Beautiful Mic

    It’s interesting that the wholesome Republican party, that claims to be about family values and tradition has chosen a black male that has never been married.

    Perhaps, the party is drawn to the likelihood that he won’t contribute the continuation of the black parented (b/b) family foundation or the further procreation of black people.

  • Beautiful Mic


    I actually might like Tim Scott for this one:

    “In the House, Scott has cosponsored numerous pieces of legislation to expand gun rights, including bills to make concealed-carry permits valid, and to allow dealers to sell guns, across state lines. His congressional Web site says that the Second Amendment is a “cornerstone of our democracy” and the “federal government should never interfere” with the individual right to defend oneself.”

  • Anthony

    Adolph Reed wrote a good piece about Tim Scott in the NY Times today. He said appointing Tim Scott is more about appealing to whites who don’t want to see themselves as racist than any real outreach to African Americans. It is not an accident that Scott was the representative from the Charleston area, an area that sees itself as progressive in terms of white South Carolina politics.

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  • cb

    I’m from the Charleston area, since President Obama was elected(twice) the city has gone backward…but this is the first state to secede from the Union(civil war) and Charleston was the forefront of it. Please do not get it twisted this is still SC, very very deep into WHITE HERITAGE as they see it…nothing progressive about it at all

  • Anthony

    I was raised in SOuth Carolina too.. I said Charleston sees itself as progressive in terms of South Carolina politics, that means that Charleston sees itself as progressive in relation to Greenville or Bamberg, not Cal Berkeley or Ann Arbor. For these folks, electing a Clarence Thomas sort for Congress is progressive.

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