Dump the myth billboard

The holiday season is in full swing, and while folks are out decking the halls, secular group American Atheists is back with yet another controversial holiday billboard.

This year, the group funded a two-story Times Square billboard in New York City that urged passersby to “Keep the Merry” of Christmas, but “Dump the Myth” of Jesus Christ.

American Atheists raised $25,000 for the billboard, which will run through the entire Holiday season. And while some wonder why the group has taken a jab at Christianity, while excluding other religions that celebrate around this time of year, a spokesman for American Atheists told Fox News that’s it’s time people to celebrate Christmas without feeling pressured to believe in Christ.

“Most Christians are really atheists who feel trapped in their family’s religion,” David Silverman, American Atheists president, told Fox News. “They need not be Christian to enjoy the holiday season.

The group’s website gives more details:

“The true beauty of the season—family, friends, and love—have nothing to do with the gods of yesteryear.  Indeed, the season is far more enjoyable without the religious baggage of guilt and judgmentalism. Dump the myth and have a happy holiday season.”

Predictably, Christians aren’t too keen on the group’s billboard. The Catholic League, one of American Atheists biggest critics, have been outspoken about the billboard.

“This year it’s different,” Bill Donohue, the Catholic League spokesman, said. “This is vile. When you depict Jesus on the cross with a crown of thorns, this is exploitative. We as Christians never harass, intimidate or insult atheists. But they can’t seem to say, ‘We simply disagree with you.’ They have to insult us.”

While American Atheists have the right to share their views, it seems a bit disingenuous that they are critical of those want to incorporate their religious view into their holiday celebrations simply because they don’t.

What do you think of the billboard?  

Source: Times Square Atheist Billboard Says ‘Dump The Myth’ With A Picture Of Jesus Christ [Inquisitr]

  • Rue

    Well, it’s that time of year again!

  • http://gravatar.com/licier innyvinny

    “We as Christians never harass, intimidate or insult atheists.”


    Controversy aside, I can’t believe someone actually said this…and meant it. Wow.


    For anyone to say that Christians never harrass, intimidate or insult anyone that is a non-Christian, is a flat out lie.

    But it’s good to see people waking up.

  • Sasha

    I am so glad to have my Catholic faith during this time of year. I absolutely respect Athiests and what they choose to believe or not to believe but I am growing increasingly disgusted and sick of Atheists constant disrespect of all religions but especially Christianity. You are well within your right to believe whatever you want however you diminish your message and credibility by attacking a religion/ system that has nothing to do with you.

    And to this quote, “Most Christians are really atheists who feel trapped in their family’s religion,” David Silverman, American Atheists president, told Fox News. “They need not be Christian to enjoy the holiday season.” I say this: No one is forcing you to convert or worship Jesus. You are free to celebrate Christmas but hey its called CHRISTmas for a reason. It may be a myth but there are facts as well. Some Atheists make me so damn sick sometimes. I am going close out of this window and finish hanging up CHRISTmas decorations and hope to put up my CHRISTmas tree tonight. Have fun with your billboard and false sense of self-righteousness.

  • http://gravatar.com/myblackfriendsays myblackfriendsays

    “We as Christians never harass, intimidate or insult atheists.”

    I interpreted that as him saying he personally doesn’t do that and neither do other members of the Catholic League–not Christians as a whole.

    I wholeheartedly support the atheist group’s right to put up the billboard. I also agree with Donohue that the use of the crucifixion imagery is insensitive. There are ways to disagree with people that increase the likelihood that your message will be well-received, and this billboard ain’t it.