Dr. Mehemet Oz, daytime television host of Dr. Oz and the man behind bringing medicine and health to the masses, has found himself in a bit of hot water with the green food community after calling organic food consumers “elitists” “snooty” and “snobs” in a recent article for TIME magazine (you can only read this article if you are a current subscriber).

Oz argues that the organic lifestyle is not only unconventional and undemocratic but also only reserved for the nation’s “1%”.

But before we throw the scrubs clad doctor to the wolves, let’s dissect these notions on the basis that maybe, just maybe, there’s a little truth to his tirade. How often have we heard from friends, family and complete strangers online that eating organic is expensive, not practical and outside of their budget? We’ve all witnessed the single mom at the grocery store filling her cart up with conventional canned vegetables, sugary snacks and chips instead of opting for the healthier foods all in an attempt to stretch her budget and man her household.

Damn right that organic food is elitist. There’s an entire culture centered on the green movement that involves yuppies, yogis, and the occasional hippie.

Socioeconomically disadvantaged communities are riddled with fast-food restaurants, “soul food” hot spots, and junk food galore — with the occasional Farmer’s Market coming far and few between. Food deserts aren’t a myth. They are a true reality for millions of Americans living in disadvantaged communities. But guess who can afford to eat well ALL THE TIME? That 1% everyone is always talking about.

Sure there are ways people can go organic and fresh on a budget, but that takes planning and time. And who has time if you’re a family of four or more working several jobs to pay the rent and have no car to make it to the grocery store every week? There’s no Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s making it to a location near you anytime soon.

There is a national food crisis happening and we can’t ignore its link to obesity, sickness and poor health. For example, Newark, New Jersey just opened a neighborhood Food Depot after 25 years of not having access to a local market with fresh foods.

What Doctor Oz said may not have been politically correct but he wasn’t lying. These realities, however, don’t give us an excuse to stop trying to eat non-gmo, pesticide-free food. We’ll just have to keep fighting.


  1. Jerry Clark

    I have eaten organic foode which I feel are far superior to non organic for 25 years and I certainly don’t feel like I am elitist in any way. I am saddened that Dr Oz would change his position and make an absurd statement that just is false.

  2. Karen

    Inorganic meat is horrible. We are not speaking about fat content, rather the antibiotics, growth hormones, pesticides, and arsenic that is fed to the animal. Also eating a stressed animal can cause an inflammatory response in the consumer which can lead to a flare up of an autoimmune disorder. If you saw what the animal looked like before it was butchered, you’d vomit

  3. Karen

    It’s not about taste , it’s about not eating pesticides, arsenic, growth hormones, and such. It’s terrible what they allow in food. Please research further.

  4. I totally agree Molly. Anti-organic people shout “what about poor people that can’t afford it?” But advocates for organic are not asking the poorest people to buy organic. We’re talking about people with the means, which is honestly most people. I don’t feel sorry for people who don’t take the time to plan.

  5. notajoke

    Fuck organic. DUMPSTER DIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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