Five Styles To Extend Your Salon Blowout

by Kweli I. Wright

There’s nothing quite like a salon blowout, but once you come home, sleep on it, take a shower and—God-forbid—workout, your hair probably looks like it was never touched by a stylists hands.

When it comes to keeping your tress looking salon-blessed, there are a few key things you must have: a silk scarf, of course, a conditioning pomade, and time. You can’t rush through the styling and think things are going to snap into place. Anyway, you’re worth it.

  • rando

    Bad idea to recommend using heat after a blow out. Could cause heat damage.

  • Jaslene

    Also bad idea to use Gabrielle Union when all she does is rock weave.

  • b

    All i read was “apply heat. apply heat. apply more heat”

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