A new edition of the bible, called the “Queen James,” version, is causing controversy, according to The Daily Mail. Described as the “first-ever gay Bible in the world,” the Queen James edition reinterprets verses in the NIV and King James versions that condemn homosexuality.

In response to critics who believe the Queen James edition revises the Bible’s creeds in order to support homosexuality, the editors argue that they are simply preventing a “homophobic misinterpretation of God’s Word”:

“Homosexuality was first overtly mentioned in the Bible in 1946 in the Revised Standard Version. There is no mention of or reference to homosexuality in any Bible prior to this – only interpretations have been made. [...] The Queen James Bible addresses those controversial verses by editing them very slightly for interpretive clarity. The edits all confirm that the Bible does not condemn homosexuality, and therefore renders such interpretations impossible.”

The “Queen James” bible, which retails for $35 on an e-commerce site that doesn’t list the names of the publisher or editor, has its share of detractors, including Douglas J. Moo, Wessner Chair of Biblical Studies at Wheaton College and a professional Bible translator.

Moo argues that the “Queen James” interpretation of the bible is not accurate. He told The Christian Post:

“Few, if any English translations use the actual words ‘homosexuality’ or ‘homosexual.’ But the history of English translation shows that versions have consistently used other language to refer to what we would call homosexual relationships’, said Mr Moo. For instance, the King James Version of Romans 1:27 refers to ‘men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly. It would be very difficult to deny that this language, and the language found in many other places in both the OT and the NT, refers to homosexuality.”

What are your thoughts on “The Queen James” bible, Clutchettes?

  • seriously?


  • Malik Hemmans

    here come the christians in 5 4 3 2 1………

  • http://valsotherblog.wordpress.com Val

    *goes to sit in corner to sip my mocha Frappuchino and watch as all hell breaks loose on this thread*

  • TShirtQueen

    So now if someone does not like something they will rewrite it like the Bible to justify their stance. Or legitimate their cause. I’m a liberal and even for me this is too much!

  • AM

    LMAO!! I wanna get my hands on this Bible and read it!! I approve!

  • AM


  • lea

    the audacity to do such a thing, they won’t do this to the koran or to the torah.

  • http://valsotherblog.wordpress.com Val


    Hiya, AM!

  • CK Augustin

    well it is about the bible so of course christians would come . . .

  • CK Augustin

    So how is Leviticus 20:13 stated now? Serious question btw, I’m not bashing or trying to stir up anything

  • Allie

    You got popcorn in that corner?

  • http://valsotherblog.wordpress.com Val

    Yep, and I have nachos too!

  • binks

    Honestly, I’ am just confused… is it me or is anybody else getting oxymoron vibes. I’ am all for people believing in what they want to and living their lives the way they see fit but I don’t understand why you would change moot points/teachings in a religion because it doesn’t fit you or is offensive to you. What would be a point of a religion? Wouldn’t that in turn mean that religion is not for you and that you should find other sectors of your chosen faith or religions tailored to your needs? Maybe I’ am being to analytical here and overthinking it but yeah…I have to think about this and come back…lol

  • curious


    here are several different translations of the verse.

  • Gigi Young

    I’m sorry, but if you believe your lifestyle is right and correct, why worry so much over religions or belief systems that disagree with it? Why try to force these beliefs to fit YOUR worldview when you can either choose to be an atheist or agnostic, or find a religion that does agree with your lifestyle? And why are they always coming for Jesus and the Bible? Seems thou doth protest too much…

  • The Mighty Quinn

    I think they should just focus on loving one another. In truth what scholars understand about the Bible and what ordinary Christians understand about the Bible are two different things. Christians use their interpretation of Sodom and Gomorrah (which was not about homosexuality according to scholars) and a few other passages to justify, but they don’t address fornication and things like that. Women are supposed to be stoned to death if she is not a virgin before marriage. But my Christian friends like to explain this and barbaric behavior like this away because it is part of the “old testament”.

  • victoria

    They come after Jesus and the Bible (although other religions and religious books condemn homosexuality) because this is no longer about their right to be gay, but about anti Christianity. But they dont have to answer to me. We all have to answer to God. And we have to be thankful that God loves us no matter our transgressions.

    Revaelation 22:18
    For I testify unto every man that heareth the words of the prophecy of this book, If any man shall add unto these things, God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this book:

    19 And if any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life, and out of the holy city, and from the things which are written in this book.

  • ECG

    Meh! Who cares.

    The Bible has been revised so many times, so why not once more?

    Second, it has been misused and misinterpreted by so many for ill will (slavery, bringing so-called ‘heathens’ to the light, brainwashing nations, etc.), why can’t it be used for good?

    Third, while I agree with BINKS, it would mean by default of our ancestors, most of whom worshiped african gods before christianity was forced upon them, that we should not be christians/ catholics either.

    To which I say again, who cares.

    Love and let live.

  • http://gravatar.com/missinformation7 Ms. Information

    Sacriligious and atrocious.

  • http://gravatar.com/missinformation7 Ms. Information

    I DARE them to do it to the Koran…..heads would ROLL literally and figuratively.

  • Ops

    Me too Binks.

    Btw I don’t think you are being over-analytical. This revelation is a very interesting, and in my opinion, a very saddening development. I feel it’s great to be proactive but I also feel that there are some things that should be left alone.

  • EST. 1986

    *We* don’t all have to answer to ‘God’ because not all of us believe it even exists.

  • victoria

    Est 1986
    I believe in God and I believe WE all have to answer to God. I dont belive only Christians have to go before Him and that non Christians are exempt. So I will speak according to my beliefs. So, yes, WE applies. You not believing doesnt mean I have to change my wording.

  • kelly

    the bible is clear on its stance with homsexuality it is said to be a abomination, just like murder of the inocent and adultry… If you dont agree thats fine, but lets not twist the words to make a few people feel better about the path they walk.. That the problem with America now to much walking on egg shells..

  • kelly

    Dont nick pick religion to fit your view, its rude….

  • Kema

    I am more concerned with Leviticus 19:27

  • kelly

    it all says the same thing its a abomination… I dont like how people are trying to rewrite the word… Its not right

  • Kema

    Hasn’t religion always been used that way?

  • Dave

    I think people forget that there are gay Christians in this world…and in your church.

  • Alisha

    Know your history: the King James version of the Bible exists because King James VI thought that there were translation issues — mostly because of concerns factions of the Church of England had with the existing versions. I do not doubt that King James omitted passages that he thought conflicted with his interpretation of Christianity.

    Of course, if you’ve read the Bible in its original Biblical Hebrew and Biblical Aramaic, please do enlighten us about what it says about homosexuality.

  • http://gravatar.com/missinformation7 Ms. Information

    Of course….there are adulterers who also attend services, should they take that out of the bible too….theives attend church, take thou shall not steal out too…you don’t change the rules to accomodate your issue.

  • Dave

    I understand your point but I don’t think they are changing the rules so much has changing the conversation, or at the very least forcing discussion. I am very familiar with the bible and know full well that whatever its commentary on homosexuality (mostly vague, interpretive, and written by men who were probably not gay friendly) the conduct of Christians in church towards their gay “brethren” is very much un-christian like most of the time. So discussion is at the very least necessary.

  • SpkKay

    I am the least bit homophobic by any measure. I have attended same sex weddings, baby showers, etc to support the happiness of my dearest LGBT friends. My closest confidants are LGBT as well. The love that God has consistently shown me wouldn’t dare allow my to hate, abandon, cast down, etc others due to their sexual preference. However, in all of my loved ones’ gayness, they know good and well that their actions are unpleasing in God’s sight, as do I when I fall short (Lord knows that it’s hard for me to refrain from fornicating….THE FLESH Lord). Yes, I admit that in midst of me being fully aware of my sins and feeling convicted, sometimes, I may even attempt to rationalize my actions. However, one thing that I know that I know is that even I were to take a permanent black sharpie and mark out the word FORNICATION, or rewrite/rephrase the wording God’s word to read, “If thou feeleth in thine heart that agape love, not thine flesh is the force that driveth thou sexual prowess, thou shall be free from sin,” it doesn’t change the fact that the word, as it was inspired by the Holy Spirit, proclaims that I am wrong, wrong, WRONG! Nothing we do, say, write, rationalize, etc will change the meaning of or examples of a sin in the word. As believers, we are not to alter the bible to fit us, we are to alter our lives to fit the bible.

    Another point that has to be stated is this; if we as proclaimed Christians refrained from identifying homosexuality as the ultimate sin, maybe those who are LGBT and believers wouldn’t feel compelled to create an alternative bible to make them feel more inclusive in the faith. This action obviously stems from the constant rejection, condemnation, and hatred that is projected from those of us who are supposed to reflect fruits of the Spirit. I presume that Christians harp on homosexuality because it’s usually more visual than the multitude of mess that heterosexuals hide. Heterosexuals have the convenience of exposing ourselves at will, which generally occurs when we feel safe and secure. Nonetheless, let us remember that Christianity is not an elitist faith nor is it one that includes a perfect people. It seems that Christians allow homosexuality to define who the individual is as if they can’t be used by God in the same manner that any other person with struggles can be used. We all have something within us that is just as heartbreaking to God. This is a faith based on a personal relationship with God and only He holds the power to change hearts, destroy yokes, and free people from bondages. I’m not in any shape, form, or fashion suggesting that homosexuality as a sin should be accepted or embraced. However, I am stating that we should do a better job of loving the individual. A Godly example is far more powerful than a self-righteous, uncompassionate, angry tongue.

  • lea

    I’m not disputing KJV version at all. In fact, as mentioned in the post, that the first time the word homosexuality was used was in the 1940s and it even was not the KJV. Leave the politics aside. However, it is the mere act of boldly changing the law of God that condemns the acts of sin whether it is homosexuality, lying, murdering, adultery, heck even beastiality to now suit your lifestyle. People get it twisted, God is love, he came to save all but you can’t enter the presence of God wreaking in sin and say “grace may abound”. No! I would like to know if this “so called” bible interpretation was actually translated from greek, aramaic, and hebrew as well. Those languages are known for having one word that can have multiple meanings. If you find out first let me know. Stay well! :)

  • chinaza

    What hypocrisy!
    If you believe that it is right and normal to be homosexual, why is there such a desperate, fearful need to ” validate it” by issuing a pathetic, inane rewriting of the Holy Bible? It will never change the historical reality or theological postulates of the Bible.
    Nor will it change the position of grounded Christians who understand that our fallible nature does not exempt us from consequences of choice just as it does not exclude us from redemption.
    You can change words, change laws and the definition of a family but you cannot change your own lack of conviction. And that is what this is really about.

  • i mean

    the end of the world is coming near

  • Pseudonym

    Umm…unless you’re reading original Greek and Latin texts, the Bible you’re using is a rewritten version created to justify the writer’s stance (most likely with things omitted and added b/c someone didn’t like something). and let’s not get on where even those original texts come from.

  • Pseudonym

    Well, I could see a religious gay person seeing the human bastardization of religion. Pretty much, it’s how any black person can be a Christian being how it was used to justify enslaving them and that’s where they got it from. They could see that as a bastardization of the message of God and want to change the anti-homosexual culture (created by HUMANS b/c that’s probably the LEAST emphasized subject in the Bible, anyway) instead of throwing out what they interpret to be God’s word altogether.

    Just a thought. I can see it.

  • Humanista

    Alisha, that is very important to note; I tell people that all the time in explaining why i prefer not to use that version. Of course, other versions were certainly created by people with agendas, but I don’t know of any that are as blatant this one….well, except for this new “Queen James” version now!

    In dealing w/ issues of faith, trying to recreate the Word w/ an agenda is dangerous, no matter who does it. It’s perfectly okay to disagree w/ things that are in the Bible; the Bible disagrees with itself. That seems to be less fishy than making a new one.

  • Humanista

    Kelly: True, but people have been selectively adding and taking away from the Bible since someone thought to create one.

  • http://gravatar.com/prxtence Get mad

    Let’s be real, the Bible’s stance is clear as day on slavery and women. How about those egg shells?


    So they have Jesus in the bible sitting between Moses lap getting his wool hair braided? Wearing pink Jesus sandals? 12 apostles going shopping at the local market for the lastest oils, flower smelling lip oil, and cute robes? If they have in there “Jesus gurrrll no you didn’t drink all of the wine, bitch you better turn more water into that Jesus juice so I can get loose. Gurrl I’m about to vogue” … I’m officially dead.

  • Overseas_Honeybee

    Completely out of order and disrespectful on numerous levels. The true Word of God is not to be played with. If you don’t agree or don’t believe, that’s your right but to go and altar the word of God to your liking is wrong … point blank and there will be consequences for those who involve themselves in this foolishness or as Christians stand by and say nothing. Perhaps that’s why the editor and publisher are choosing to remain nameless. If you’re bold enough to produce it, then why not be bold enough to stand behind it publically? I have nothing against homosexuality but I do take serious offense to defacing God’s word. End of days indeed …

  • Orange Starr Happy Hunting

    “I have nothing against homosexuality but I do take serious offense to defacing God’s word.”

    As do I!

  • Zan

    Can I just hug you?

    1. “Nothing we do, say, write, rationalize, etc will change the meaning of or examples of a sin in the word. As believers, we are not to alter the bible to fit us, we are to alter our lives to fit the bible.”

    2. “if we as proclaimed Christians refrained from identifying homosexuality as the ultimate sin, maybe those who are LGBT and believers wouldn’t feel compelled to create an alternative bible to make them feel more inclusive in the faith. ”

    3. ” This is a faith based on a personal relationship with God and only He holds the power to change hearts, destroy yokes, and free people from bondages.”

    The prayer of my heart is that (more) homosexuals will view their lifestyle as a struggle between their will and God’s (like I view the times I fall short of God’s will). and also that Christians address homosexuality on the same level as fornication, pregnancy in the church etc. sin is sin. sexual sin is sexual sin. and we have got to stop getting it wrong.

    Yours truly,
    -daily being transformed and conformed to the image of Christ.

  • Pastor JOHN ENOH

    If they Dont repent they will suffer eternally in hell fire

  • apple

    personally i think its a pretty weird thing to do.. just leave it as it is after all this time.. and all these people proclaiming this and that about the bible don’t even really know the bible.. don’t even know what it really says about all sorts of things like abortion (not what you think).. or how to treat women (like second class citizens)..or slavery (which is apparently okay)…or even rape(did you know you could be executed with your rapist because you didnt cry for help? well unless you marry him)…people will condemn them changing this verse but they will be having premartial sex tomorrow(which is a sin ignored ).. or celebrating their divorce (but ignored even more).. i judge no one just because they sin differently then me.

  • Rue

    Just a few points:
    The bible is not God’s word. You know that part where you open it and it says “The Book of Moses/The Letters of Paul to the Corinthians etc”. Yah. That’s what. It was written by men claiming to represent God. There are less than 100 words that can be correctly attributed to God.

    Second, this is for all those who say that the Quran/Torah is NEVER, EVER “defaced”: The Torah is basically the first part of the Bible + some other minor chapters. So criticizing the Bible is, in the most basic sense, criticizing the Torah. Also, Judaism is not a particularly populous world religion. There are a few million jews worldwide, while there are billions of Christians. Because it covers more people and is infinitely more influential, it gets more flack for its BS.As for the Quran part, this is just near-sighted. You remember that flm innocence of Muslims that was causing widespread riots? Yeah, well then ‘nough said.

    Third: Quit talking about how you love gays, have gay friends, attend gay baby showers but still think they are sinners/bad people and will FACE ETERNAL DAMNATION !!!*cue evil laugh here*. The last time I checeked the Bible so are 99.999%percent of Christians. So focus on cleaning up your own house. . The Bible said all sins are EQUAL.
    And that statement “I love gays but…” is silly, partonizing and the sexual equivalet of “I have lots of Black friends but…”

  • Rue

    Hmm. It seems Christians forget this itty-bitty part of the Bible:

    Judge not, that ye be not judged.

    For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again. Mk. 4.24

    And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother’s eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?

    Or how wilt thou say to thy brother, Let me pull out the mote out of thine eye; and, behold, a beam is in thine own eye?

    Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother’s eye.

  • kelly

    Look fool, never compare Afro slaves to them… Their is a differnce between the African Slave trade and this gay stuff and I’m going to tell you… The bible dose speak of slavery, but it speaks of guidelines of respecting your slave, payment and their freedom, it also speaks of the condem part with the story of Moses. Truth be told the bible describe work in a essence, aka the modern day empolyee because in that era slavery was a job that provide those with nothing, with something. See you put in amount of years and then you were set free, but you were always supposed to be treated with respect.. The bible dosent support jim crow are any other evil.. That is a lie, to drive those with the hearts of zion away from the father, The story of Moses is a great story about slavery,maybe If you read your bible you would know what it actually says, and not make such stupid comments… Heck, who am I’m kidding why dont you just watch The Prince of Egypt…

  • Ruth

    One of my best guy friends is gay and I try to support him the best way I know how. I don’t like for people to judge him because he has been better to me than they have. The bible has always been altered; if not completely distorted. This is why I believe it is more important to focus on developing a personal relationship with God (not depending on man). Yes, don’t judge others b/c you have no idea the plan God has for that person’s life.

  • http://gravatar.com/missinformation7 Ms. Information

    “And whoever subtracts from the words of the Scripture of this prophecy, God shall subtract his part from The Tree of Life and from The Holy City, those things which are written in this book.”

  • EST. 1986

    I didn’t say you had to change your wording. I just said that *We* don’t all have to answer to ‘God’.

  • mr.vicious

    SMH..all this just so they can get their freak on. Its was wrong then and its wrong now. Yes, I will judge a person, thats why I have a small circle of friend. And if one knocks on my door at 3 am, i will judge you.
    People need to judge other people, how can you tell someone that they are wrong if you cant judge them.
    Lastly it is wrong to bring to the alter a sin and say bless this sin.

    I dont want to look God in his eyes and say I lived a sinful life just to keep the company of someone I wanted to have sex with.

  • mr.vicious

    This makes no sense at all, if this were the case then why need to make a gay bible. Isnt the author judging the reason why there needs to be a different bible….shm

  • mr.vicious

    It has mary as a lesbian, satin as a hetro, all of jesus disciples are homosexual, but judas is hetro, adam and steve finally made their debut, samatha and delilah are in there as well.

    This is just a spiteful rendition of the bible..

  • mary

    Another way to pacify peoples flesh!! A person who doesn’t want to hear the truth revises the truth to comfort themselves…Last I checked if a person was completely satisfied with themself it wouldn’t matter who said what about them…smh!

  • Brandy Brown

    Sucks that our version of the bible that has become standard is KJV King James Version, comes complete with missing books and edited chapters. I believe that the Bible is God’s word through the eyes of man, which is basically looking at the sun through sunglasses, you see it but its missing details.

  • jtp

    This comment says it all.Bravo! Sin is sin. People tend to have this big debate on who’s sin is worse or committing sin and yelling out “God know’s my heart” or “Don’t judge me”…here’s the kicker..now this is my understanding of sin which I would only hope others would understand. Religion and society uses sin as a divider..the definer of good vs evil. Anyone found committing the latter feels condemed, judged, exposed etc. But I believe we misuse the term sin…i believe not committing sin is a way to preserve yourself. We are spiritual beings in a physical form. When we committ any sin over and over and become slaves to it we begin to destroy ourselves. Think about it lust may lead to sex..sex with multiple partners may lead to diease..or some sort of spirtual unfillfulment which may cause depression. It’s not the sin itself its what the sin may cause to ourselves.

    At the end of the day we all need to get back to focusing on our spiritual connection with God. I believe that the bible is a guidebook to understanding a greater power does exist..there’s a way we can connect to it…and there are ways to live a peaceable life by allowing the fruits of the spirit to manifest in our lives..love..patience..etc.

    As for the new queen james book no i do not agree with it. Like the previous commenter noted its not nessecary to change the language to appease the feelings of yourself. We all sin..no sin is greater than the other…

  • MommieDearest

    Best. comment. EVER.

    That is all.

  • [email protected]

    Thanks for having the strength to say it as it truly is.surely we all are standing in judgement already.

  • Blu

    It’s like we are living in the days of Sodom and Gomorrah now. These are definitely the last days and the Bible says days like this shall come. Homosexuality played a big part in destroying a nation back in biblical days and it’s taking place now. Jesus please come back soon!!!

  • Mr.Wright

    No man takes credit for the bible king James is just a version written that clarifies it for us,King james didn’t write the bible,God is the author.

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