George Zimmerman truly believes he’s a victim. The former neighborhood watch volunteer, who fatally shot unarmed 17 year-old Trayvon Martin, is suing NBC for defamation. Zimmerman is alleging that the network edited his 911 call to police after he shot and killed Martin to make him appear racist.

George Zimmerman is suing NBC, claiming he was defamed when the network edited his 911 call to police after the shooting of Trayvon Martin to make it sound like he is racist.

Zimmerman, who plead not guilty to second-degree murder after following Martin into a gated community and killing him, filed the lawsuit seeking an undisclosed amount of money on Thursday in Seminole County.

Zimmerman offered an explanation for why he’s suing NBC on his website. See an excerpt below:

“What happened that night was a tragedy: a tragedy that NBC exploited, creating an opportunity for profit. I am holding NBC accountable for its actions. If NBC had not spread lies and falsifications about me, this lawsuit would not exist. This lawsuit is a product of NBC’s intentional distortion of facts. I do not know, because of my situation, how I will be able to provide for my wife and myself in the future, and so I expect NBC to be held responsible. The unjustified public persecution of me because of NBC’s actions is wrong. It shouldn’t have happened to me, and it shouldn’t happen to anyone.”

What do you think of George Zimmerman’s lawsuit and NBC’s “public persecution” of him?

  • dee

    When you approach a young black male while holding a gun solely on the basis that he is black, wearing a hoodie, and “looks suspicious”, I’m sorry I’m not sorry I can’t perceive you as anything other than a racist.

  • i.mean.really

    I can’t even say I find this surprising. George has convinced himself that killing Trayvon was justified since the two got into a fight. Of course the only reason an altercation took place is because Georgie decided to follow Trayvon around the neighborhood like a stalker.

    Anybody with some damn sense would call 911 if they saw someone dangerous lurking around. Only a racist fool would decide to follow a person they thought was dangerous.

  • LKJ

    First he blamed Trayvon, now he’s blaming NBC. When is he going to look in the mirror and hold the man staring back at him accountable.

  • dirtychai

    He says he’s worried about how he will provide for his wife when he’s potentially facing at least 16 years in prison for second degree murder? Also wifey is charged with perjury. All the media did was shine a light on all of this madness. He screwed himself every other way.

  • Sasha

    Wow….this dude is truly something else. He doesn’t know how he will provide for him and his wife? Well he’ll likely get off, they can move to another state, change their names and he can live the rest of his life in racist bastard anonymity. Or he could just set up another website and request donations for his “defense” which just went to bills and shopping sprees.

  • cassie

    Just another ploy to get some money. He is broke

  • Rue

    Way to drum up public sympathy!

  • Shirl

    3 NBC reporters were terminated for their editing of the 911 tapes. It is said that Zimmerman did not mention the race of Trayvon until the officer asked. I’m feeling some sorta way about this…. Unfortunately this idiot may go free. White folk in Florida are standing behind Zimmerman 100%. Get an all white jury and you got an acquittal. It’s guaranteed. We (Florida) just had another teen gunned down by a white man who “felt threatened”. God I worry every time my son and his friends leave the house. Must be nice to be a white parent and not have these worries. Nobody’s gunning for their kids.

  • Keisha

    The devil, I finally see you are real!

  • Mademoiselle

    That’s exactly what this is. The thing is, even if he wins the criminal case, he might hemorrhage during the civil case, so I wouldn’t be surprised if his lawyers drummed this up as a preemptive fundraiser. He doesn’t give a damn about being portrayed as a racist — he just can’t afford it.

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