Jada Pinkett-Smith has published a series of deep and provocative pieces on her Facebook page, and the latest focuses on men and women in relationships. The actress doles out wisdom and insight as she tackles heavy issues like domestic violence, objectification, materialism and gender inequality. Here’s the post in its entirety:

The war on men through the degradation of woman.

How is man to recognize his full self, his full power through the eye’s of an incomplete woman? The woman who has been stripped of Goddess recognition and diminished to a big ass and full breast for physical comfort only. The woman who has been silenced so she may forget her spiritual essence because her words stir too much thought outside of the pleasure space. The woman who has been diminished to covering all that rots inside of her with weaves and red bottom shoes.

I am sure the men, who restructured our societies from cultures that honored woman, had no idea of the outcome. They had no idea that eventually, even men would render themselves empty and longing for meaning, depth and connection. There is a deep sadness when I witness a man that can’t recognize the emptiness he feels when he objectifies himself as a bank and truly believes he can buy love with things and status. It is painful to witness the betrayal when a woman takes him up on that offer. He doesn’t recognize that the create of a half woman has contributed to his repressed anger and frustration of feeling he is not enough. He then may love no woman or keep many half women as his prize. He doesn’t recognize that it’s his submersion in the imbalanced warrior culture, where violence is the means of getting respect and power, as the reason he can break the face of the woman who bore him four children.

When woman is lost, so is man. The truth is, woman is the window to a man’s heart and a man’s heart is the gateway to his soul.

Power and control will NEVER out weigh love.

May we all find our way.

What do you think of Jada Pinkett-Smith’s powerful blog post? Do you agree with her stance on relationships? Is there a war on men through the degradation of women?


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  • Some men really do believe that their peace and joy come from women. Personally, I think this idea transfers all responsibility from men to women, which is why I shy away from this belief. Love is love and not an legal obligation between a couple.

  • LemonNLime

    Is anyone else uncomfortable when people start speaking or people in terms of deities or royalty? By that I mean all of the this language of “gods and goddess” or even “kings and queen”. Considering, royalty and deities are often considered infallible using terms like this places one on a pedestal and when you are that high up and it is a long way down. That and it sounds stupid and arrogant.

    • LemonNLime

      Woof, excuse the typos in that one.

    • black people are made in the likeness of god….why not call out that higher angel?

  • kwazigirl

    i’m sort of confused w/her train of thought here…women are powerful with the same capacity of spirtitual hieghts as men and should be honored yes but I think the onus of responsibility is on the men …I believe women are messed up cuz men arent being men… like it or not but women seek security and degrade themselves based on what men say and the men are being “feminine” because instead of establishing a culture they’re receiving and reproducing a culture that is destructive to us. without leadership from divine guidance men are screwed and women try to either settle for or reject the screwed up men…either way were lost as a community.

    it was adams garden, he was supposed to follow Gods laws and protect and inform Eve. but noooo..he listening to the devils suggestions and played himself…he was supposed to say yo Devil fawk off I know better, but he didnt so they both suffered…during war they always spare women and children cuz kids follow mommy and momma follow the men in power…men get murdered enslaved and or castrated

    • Perspective

      “I think the onus of responsibility is on the men …I believe women are messed up cuz men arent being men… ”

      You are correct about the first part – but WRONG ABOUT THE SECOND PART.

      Think about what is being said here – This is the point I’ve BEEN trying to make.

      Men are to be responsible because WOMEN ARE “BETTER” = “GODDESS”


      Men are responsible because they CONTROL what they are responsible for – THEY are accountable for it.

      Once the woman says – I am you equal or I won’t follow your lead even though you are the one ultimately held accountable – what is the INCENTIVE for men to be responsible?

      If you are a GODDESS then that means that YOU RUN IT AND YOU CONTROL IT – which means that WOMEN – at this stage should bear the onus of responsibility – but THEY DO NOT.

      Not to say that we don’t have men out here who simply refuse to be responsible – but you all keep thinking that MOST of the irresponsible men out here are irresponsible JUST BECAUSE THEY ARE IRRESPONSIBLE rather than REJECTING – the CONDITIONS under which they are expected to be RESPONSIBLE – which is FEMALE LEADERSHIP – i.e. “Her GODDESS STATUS!”

      Talk about arrogance! Men are supposed to do for you simply because YOU ARE WOMEN?!

      Yea – you all can KISS BLACK MEN’S BEHINDS ON THAT ONE!

    • Trinity


      If you are a GODDESS then that means that YOU RUN IT AND YOU CONTROL IT – which means that WOMEN – at this stage should bear the onus of responsibility – but THEY DO NOT. ~ Exactly. And this piece has been forgotten because women began needed a man more than a man needed a woman.

      If a man desire you, he will do what it takes to keep you. I just think women have forgotten this piece. In return men do less.

  • paul

    This is the kind of mumbo jumbo you get when “actors” write their own lines.


  • Chandra

    I can’t get past the fact that this is coming from a woman who participates in an open marriage. How does that empower either men or women? How does that not contribute to the very dynamic she is decrying?

    • Perspective

      Go into your study. Open up the filing cabinet that labeled – “Because she’s out of her mind” – File it – and close the drawer. Then walk away.

      Its called – female inconsistency. Welcome to the world of men.