For the first time in its history, Jet Magazine featured a gay male couple in the Weddings section. The December 10th issue celebrates the wedding of Ravi Perry, an assistant political science professor and Paris Prince, a licensed real estate broker and compliance officer, which took place in August in Worchester, Massachusetts.

GLAAD (Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) praised the magazine for featuring the gay male couple and for including a lesbian wedding (that of Nyema Vernon and Tenika Jackson) last year:

Jet magazine has an extensive legacy of covering the lives of LGBT African-Americans. This is yet another opportunity to applaud Jet magazine for continuing to highlight the diversity of the African-American community and to urge other media outlets to recognize that it’s these stories that help grow acceptance of our community and give a voice to LGBT people of color who are too often invisible in the media.”

Newlyweds Perry and Prince were just as thrilled:

“We are excited and honored to have our wedding featured in the historic yet ever-current Jet magazine. Long the hallmark in publishing news, culture, and events pertaining to the black American experience, Jet’s publishing of our union is historic.”

I’ve read Jet Magazine since I was a child and it’s great to see it progress and evolve over time. I commendJet for celebrating the diversity of black love.

What do you think of Jet Magazine’s historic feature, Clutchettes?

  • myblackfriendsays

    I think it’s a good thing.

  • Smilez_920

    Good job Jet. Hopefully they’ll get some great pics and support . I think it was Jet or ebony that did a article on a black lesbian couple that had three children . It was nice . Love is love and love don’t hurt nobody .

  • Starla

    Is this Ravi who always comments on here?

    They look happy.

  • LadyP

    Congratulations to Jet for transcending the boundaries of their tradition. It is great to witness all types of love being displayed in various publications rather than shunning it. Also, congratulations to Ravi and Paris on their wedding.

  • Ramonn

    JET, y’all doing to much. If gay marriage is illegal, this really isn’t a marriage. So post a real wedding in your December issue.

  • Ashley

    What is the purpose of marriage? What is the purpose of sex? Anyone who knows, please answer.

  • worcester

    it’s worcester

  • donnadara

    Gay marriage is legal in Massachusetts.

  • cupcakes and shiraz

    Same sex marriage is legal in MA.

  • AM

    Oh my God, I almost fainted when I saw the name “RAVI” and I was like, fah real?! I thought you was single, and here I am day in day out, pouring my heart’s content.

    Congrats to the couple. Wish them nothing but sucess, and a long lived marriage.

  • DownSouth Transplant

    Our Ravi is not that one I can gurantee that, i seen his pix before ( I promise not stalking him), he is was in grad school this year, but i would leave to for him to confirm that, Ravi say something :)

  • Santi

    Please research the Planned Parenthood agenda. The documentary “Flow” about how the world’s water is unsafe and changing male species animals into female. CONNECT the dots ladies please. This is all part of an agenda for us not to procreate and to feminize men. Don’t blindly this as being “normal.” everyone has the right to choose what they want to do. However, the gay agenda seeks to promote normalcy in homosexuality. By making everyone believe this is normal.

  • Drew-Shane

    If you don’t know, then it’s not for you.

    Congrats to the couple! Love, love.

  • Val

    Good for Jet! I look forward to seeing a lesbian married couple soon!

  • Insightful

    The marriage took place in MA where it is legal. Details! Or, be specific in your statement regarding federal recognition of marriage.

  • EST. 1986

    I live in Maryland and voted for gay marriage.

  • MurkyEarth

    I’m actually more surprised that there’s still a jet magazine. the last time I saw it, there was roughly 24-30 pages and half were adds. It’s like a pamphlet these days.

  • Rosey

    That’s such a handsome couple! Congrats!

  • Whatever

    Jet is trying to make a comeback. I’ll support them in hopes of their success. Most magazines are filled with ads by the way.

  • The Black Jane

    Congrats! Love is a beautiful thing.

  • Sharon


  • uranonfactor


  • uranonfactor

    I agree, and I will go a step further and say I do not support samesex marriage!Please dont crucify me


    I always say you pay now or pay later…… you do the math! When you stand before God on judgement day. THIS IS A SIN

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