Lala Anthony has successfully expanded her empire to include a reality television show and her Motives makeup line. Her latest venture is a clothing line called “5th & Mercer,” which she designed alongside her stylist, Jason Bolden.

The only piece currently available from the collection is a $330 jumpsuit, being sold exclusively on Shopbop as a part of their ONE by collection. The jumpsuit boasts wide legs, a plunging neckline and trendy pleats and cap sleeves.

In support, Kelly Rowland, Gabrielle Union and Tamar Braxton have all been photographed in the jumpsuit. Gabrielle Union rocked hers with bold blue earrings, Kelly Rowland kept things simple with a pair of pointy pumps and her TW Steel watch and Tamar Braxton accessorized with a gold Hermes belt, gold jewelry and red lipstick.

While jumpsuits are difficult to pull off at times, Lala’s first design comes off sophisticated, flattering and elegant.

What do you think of Lala’s 5th & Mercer jumpsuit, Clutchettes? Would you wear it?

  • Okay

    Not feeling it. Looks boring and plain. The polyester is NOT helping the matter.

  • omfg

    it’s a viscose and polyester blend.

    a lot of mid to upscale designers are actually using polyester more and more. i think it’s awful. they are charging high prices for polyester. in some cases, higher than natural fabrics like silk.

    bcbg (whose clothes i don’t like much actually) charges upwards of $300 for 100% polyester dresses.

  • Kay

    My mom would moan and wail about fashion’s two dreaded sisters: Polly and Esther. LOL! When I was coming up, anything designer was as from from polyester as you could get. All the older women I knew would scoff at anything that even LOOKED like it was polyester. I’m sorry, but it’s a cute jumpsuit, but if I’m paying $300 it’d better be made from nymph hair, sewn with threads of gold and resists stains and wrinkles like a mutha.

  • Pseudonym

    See, this is my one issue with the majority of black and African designers: I feel like they go straight to the gouge with the prices! $300 jumpsuit from a woman who has absolutely no clothing design experience or qualifications? And polyester blend?!!! I can get a 100% silk jumpsuit that will lay better and look better for that price. C’mooooon!

    Plus, I think a lot of black and African designers only kill themselves in the long run b/c they are unable to get wide distribution (see: the success of Micheal Kors) and their clothing lines usually have very short lifetimes. They don’t have to make $15 pants for Old Navy, but the most successful fashion houses (see: Ralph Lauren) survive so long b/c they appeal to wider audiences. You can’t come out with no name in fashion charging $300 for a polyester jumpsuit. (Then again, if the hood rich is your audience, perhaps…)

    (Though I will say ShopBop’s prices are outrageous for most of their clothing- especially considering how extremely casual a lot of it is.)

  • DownSouth Transplant

    LOL, exactly, your last sentence is what I’m talking about!

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