Look We Love: The Two-Tone Afro

by Clutch

Leave it to Kelis to rock the look we’re loving right now: the two-tone afro. Blonde is not the easiest color to pull off, and a full head can wash out brown skin. The happy medium? A two-tone afro.

A splash of blonde in the front frames the face while the brown around the sides and toward the nape of the neck adds a warm and complimentary touch.

Kelis rocked the look to shop with son Knight in Beverly Hills, and we fell in love as soon as we spotted it.

Kelis’ patch of blonde adds an interesting flair to her natural hair color and doesn’t require that she commit to a new hue altogether.

No, the two-tone afro is not necessarily a new phenomenon (Beyoncé was once a fan of the style) but it is fun and refreshing after a long season of ombre hair and bleached blonde ‘dos.

What do you think of the two-tone afro, Clutchettes? Would you rock it?

  • Caramel

    I love it, this is the best she’s ever looked to me. She’s actually cute! I love the natural hair it makes them appear younger looking and it is much more flattering than straight hair!!!!!

  • http://gabandgraffiti.wordpress.com marloweovershakespeare

    Totally off topic and I apologize beforehand, but WHY do I see too many parents today holding kids that are ABLE to walk on their long, developed limbs??? IJS & SMH

  • http://Www.stacyaustraliabrice.blogspot.com StacyAustralia

    I love Kelis, I’ve been coveting that look in the “I hate you so much right now” video. I haven’t been able to get it for ‘ professional reasons.

  • http://www.jessicasimien.com Jessica

    I love this look on her, I want to try something like this with my natural hair but I don’t know if it will look as cute on me LOL!

  • http://www.jessicasimien.com Jessica

    Sometimes it’s easier to just hold them when you’re walking fast or in a hurry. I’m not a parent but I take my niece places with me and she just moves too slow sometimes lol.

  • http://gabandgraffiti.wordpress.com marloweovershakespeare

    That’s why you say “Come on girl! We gotta go! She can move those legs…

  • Jeni

    I like that you highlighted this look. I dislike that some opportunist invaded her personal time with her child to get this shot.

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