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Candy Magazine, a publication that calls itself “the first fashion magazine completely dedicated to celebrating transvestism, transexuality, crossdressing and androgyny in all their glory,” is at the center of a heated debate.

The new publication’s latest issue features Connie Fleming, a transgendered model, styled to look like First Lady Michelle Obama with the headline “The Candydate.”

The cover shows Fleming, perfectly styled to look like Mrs. Obama, down to her preppy dress, pearls, and arched eyebrows, as she is being sworn into office.

It is an image that certainly has people talking.

Candy magazine Publisher Luis Venegas told Dazed Digital that the cover was inspired by the notion that a black, transsexual woman could rise to highest office in the land one day.

He explained:

“I remember back in early 2007 when the Democratic Party’s nominees were narrowed down between two ‘controversial’ stereotypes never before seen for presidency: a black man, Barack Obama; and a woman, Hillary Rodham Clinton. At that time, I thought, ‘when will the time come when these archaic walls break down and the White House will be occupied by, for example, a black, transsexual woman?’”

But not everyone is feeling Venegas’ cover.

While some have called Fleming’s portrayal of Mrs. Obama beautiful and flattering, and have noted the long history of drag queens (and others) paying homage to notable women, others have called the image “a disgrace.”

In spite of the conflicting opinions about the image, the Candy magazine cover did exactly what it was supposed to do: get people talking.

What do you think of the Candy Magazine cover?

  • Perspective

    I don’t know how I feel about this.

    You have the – “Black women look like men” which is a blatant diss card

    Then we have the – “Black men wanting to be women now – and women co-signing that nonsense up until they are looking to date someone or until these men REALLY START THINKING THEY ARE ACTUALLY WOMEN – and start encroaching on the little bit of spot light that REAL BLACK WOMEN have.” card

    Then you have the – “Just plain making black people look like foods” card

    Also – I’m a little bothered by the gay and transgendered segment of society acting like they are mainstream or should be.

    Hey got be gay – do your thing – but at the end of the day you can’t REPRODUCE so this idea that you can be a contributing member in the COMMUNITY SENSE – as if they are passing on legacies, etc, etc… nah homie – PLEASE SIT DOWN.

    This is the MAIN reason gays have been REJECTED by society. The bible has little to do with it, or any Holy book for that matter.

    It was because GAYNESS disrupted what the heterosexual society was trying to do which was build and maintain their communities through lineages and passing on wealth and power.

    If you only child was gay – THAT WAS THE END OF YOUR LINE!

    If you notice people with only children are more devastated when their child comes out gay than those with multiple children – unless they are a BIBLE PUSHER and actually believe THAT is the root of humanity – IT IS NOT.

    All of this is a bit much. Black folks are barely getting along – and then you throw GENDER CONFUSION UP IN THERE. Oh yea – that’s ONE BIG CLUSTER F

  • politicallyincorrect

    Sounds like made up controversy. 1-Rupaul already did Michelle & Barack 2-almost all famous women have a drag imitator

  • myblackfriendsays

    I think any hating on this has to come from transphobia. The pictures are tasteful and it is clear (to me,) that there is no ill will intended. It will certainly be an accomplishment if/when a transgendered person can get elected to national office.

  • LadyP

    This is the magazine approach of recognizing our First Lady as a beautiful and noble woman. There has always been a desire for a transgender person to portray beautiful famous women as such. I don’t believe they meant any harm by it.

  • Pseudonym

    I bet you can find a Jackie O transgender model out there somewhere b/c she was pretty fly. Fact is- no shade to the recent first ladies, but…[collateral SHADE]: the last handful of first ladies weren’t very attractive. And, even if you find them attractive or cute, they weren’t FIERCE! Michelle Obama is FIERRRRRCE!!!!! and what is one of the top 5 drag queen words? FIERCE!


    ’tis all.

  • omfg

    not feelin it.

  • Annaleisha

    I was going to say something quite harsh and abrasive then I read the comments above and thought about what they said. I agree that they meant no ill will, I still however feel that transgener people and transgender representations have no place in a refined, decent society. I do feel though that they should always be free to voice their opinions without the threat or fear of violence. Thats just a basic decency. But I feel that magazines like this should be kinda “underground” (does that make me mean? lol). I feel that those with body/gender dysmorphia are not approriately treated with gender reassignment surgery. I am no expert just someone with an opinion….

  • EST. 1986

    Neither am I.

  • Nicoline

    At all!

  • Val

    I agree about the made-up controversy. Why is there no link to the people who have a problem with this and have supposedly called this a “disgrace”?

  • Amber

    I accidentally gave this a thimbs down but i agree with you. If its so heated where are some quotes? Why didnt i hear about it? And like you said its already been done lol this isnt news

  • Val

    “I’m a little bothered by the gay and transgendered segment of society acting like they are mainstream or should be.”

    And I bet there’s a bunch of White people bothered by Black people trying to be ‘mainstream’ too.

  • Val

    This comment is meant for “Perspective”.

  • Allie

    I’m so disgusted. I see comments like “men trying to women” and that trans* people have no place in “refined, decent society” and I’m seriously thinking what the f! First off trans women are women, “not men pretending to be women”, and trans people can reproduce. Not all trans people get surgery, but that shouldn’t matter. Last time I checked not all heterosexual people reproduce, actually I didn’t know that reproduction was the meaning of life for heterosexuals. Maybe I got that wrong? Second this “decent” was spoken of has been and is racist, sexist, along with other things. Things are changing but being a bigoted asshole doesn’t make you decent, it makes you repugnant, and people who think like that, and those ideologies are what need to be “underground”. I can understand not liking the pictures for stylistic reason or whatever, but to be upset because the model is transgender is just wow… need to take a seat and reevaluate yourself. God people are stupid.

  • Pe.Riche.

    “…in early 2007 when the Democratic Party’s nominees were narrowed down between two ‘controversial’ stereotypes never before seen for presidency…”

    Um, how are President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton “controversial stereotypes”?

  • Santi

    In ten years, when people see what’s really going on. The tune will change.

  • PMS

    Personally I would not want a man impersonating me as a woman. No woman, I associate with, wants a man to be able to look anything like her. The beauty of a woman comes from her having qualities and attributes that are unique to her as a female. When these lines are crossed, we begin to become self-proclaimed creators and reject what we were born into. Actually its better described as an imitators, because we can never be anything other than what we were born. I am a black woman and no matter what I can never be a white man. I can only imitate the attributes that a white man has, but even that is short lived.

    The reality is people are given their life and they can live how they please. However I personally do not have to be okay with a man dressing as a woman or wanting to be a woman. Individuals have their freedom to be them and I have my freedom not to agree or accept it for my life or encourage this in society. I will not attack or come against a person who chooses this life and I expect not to be attacked for disagreeing with in within a debate setting.

    The reality is society is what it is and we keep repeating the same cycles. We have seen the same thing in the Roman Empire. Alas Babylon.

  • Anon this time

    I don’t understand why this got a thumbs down. There is plenty of transphobia apparent in thinking of this as a disgrace, although I can understand that in the American context, black women are seen as “unfeminine” or “masculine” or some version of that, and how this plays into that negative stereotype about us. But seriously, gender roles are bullshit anyway, and that having long straight hair and wearing foundation to even out your skin and lipstick and eyeshadow and eyeliner and mascara and shaving your legs and wearing dresses and heels and waxing your vag are all things that we’re taught to do in order to control us (and yeah, I do some of that shit so I’m not saying I’m above the gender construct -altho I do a lot less of it now that I think critically about gender), so there’s nothing biologically female about doing any of those things. I say Fleming should go on with her bad self.

  • Anon this time

    It doesn’t make you “mean”. It makes you hateful bigot.

  • elyse

    I know Clutch is just trying to jump on the bandwagon with all the other media headlines calling this a portrayal of Michelle Obama, however I think they should be unique and change the headline to something like, “What the first black transgendered president would look like”, because it’s obvious that Candy was not trying to make a transgendered First lady. It says “candydate” not “first lady”.

  • whatever

    While I also disagree with Perspective’s comments, can we all please stop bringing up race when a LGBT issue is at hand. Transgenders get surgery to change their gender. Black people are born black and stay black.

  • seriously?

    How is this transgender a woman? I think that’s the only thing that gets me with statements like this.

    Concerning the pic I absolutely nothing it. Don’t hate it but don’t like it either.

  • dottie

    First ladies do not take oaths. And with “Candydate” clearly this is a portrayal of what the first Transwoman PRESIDENT could look like and not Michelle Obama. I know MO sparks a fire in most women of color, however to automatically assume that this was the publication’s intent is a) a diss at ALL women and an assumption that women are relegated to being First Ladies and b) a poor attempt of adding an unneeded layer to an already complicated debate. Do better Clutch.

  • Allie

    How is she not a woman?

  • curlycrazyblog

    My goal in life is to one day be so fiercely amazing that drag queens immitate me! I think that would be such a compliment.

    I see nothing wrong with this picture. Trans people should be able to see positive images of themselves in powerful positions too. Seriously, there aren’t too many mainstream, successful trans people outside of fashion and entertainment. So I think pictures like this are much needed!

    Why are we even judging people for things that don’t affect our lives AT ALL! I don’t care whether transvestism is a choice, upbringing, or in the DNA. If living as a woman makes someone a happier person and doesn’t infringe upon the rights of others, do the damn thing! I’ll support you all the way.

    Anyways, it’s THEIR magazine! If you don’t like it, don’t buy the damn magazine. Plain and simple.

  • kelly

    women have periods, a vagina and other different organs then man… I find it offensive when someone calls themselves a women just becuse they have a dress or makeup on… Arent you more then paint and clothes, I know i’am and to me thats not a lady…

  • Allie

    I know I’m more then paint and clothes. I also know I’m more than my anatomy and my functions. I think it’s offensive that you think that we are defined by our genitalia and bodily functions. I think it take or than that to be considered a woman. Actually I know it does, and I would think that you feel the same way.

  • Ms. Write

    What is disgraceful about it?

  • Homosexuality is wrong and immoral

    This picture is racist towards black women – it’s like it came from the KKK who hate black women.

    It’s another ugly caricature of black women.

  • Allie

    Yea. Cissexism is never ok.

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