man sings about biracial girls

When I peeped “singer” Sean Fury’s ode to biracial girls on Michael Arceneaux’s awesome blog, The Cynical Ones, I knew it was about to be some ish.

Let’s set aside a few facts for the moment, so you all can laugh as hard as I did:

  • The song is old. Sean Fury posted it to YouTube back in May, and for reasons you’ll see, it didn’t really get much attention.
  • I’m going to pretend like I didn’t feel some type of way that this…interesting…looking black man was singing the praises of biracial girls exclusively. But I mean if Lil’ Wayne can do it and sistas still cling to his mixtapes like Communion wine, why can’t Sean Fury?
  • The women in the video don’t appear to be biracial.

Now that that’s out of the way, let me ask you a few questions. Clutchettes:

  • Why is this grown man wearing a too-tight Cosby sweater in what appears to be summer?
  • Is he serious with those dance moves?
  • Why is he singing about the difficulties of being a biracial woman? Alicia Keys couldn’t cover that one?
  • No, really, is he serious?

Somebody help me out on this one, because I’m completely confused (but thoroughly entertained).

Oh, and just in case you were wondering what Sean thought of all of this, he has a few words for his haters: keep talking (click the link, you’ll thank me later).

  • Liyah D.

    As ridiculous as that was, I really do appreciate it. I needed a good laugh today :D

  • jessib

    WHAT WAS THAT???? He really thought he was getting it though, LOL!!!

  • A.Memphis10

    AHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA. Basic dude singing a basic song, with some old Sisqo moves with nary a bi-racial chick in the whole shindig. Dude stop it! Stop it right now.

  • LOL

    This was hilarious and sweet!!!

  • A.Memphis10

    More questions:
    Who is the choreographer for these moves? This looks oddly similar to a routine I did on Let’s Dance 4 last Christmas.
    Who is the videographer… and how did he not go into laughing convulsions from watching this video performance?

    I can’t…. I am full of cannot

  • theinfamousl

    LOL. someone send this to Keyshia Cole.

  • Jaslene

    Oh my goodness “Keep Talking” is even better the dance moves in that one are hilarious. I hope he is’t serious. One of the best articles on Clutch.

  • Jaslene

    Too funny. She does awkwardly.

  • jacquelyn

    Did he say “I want to mate with you” towards the end?!

  • Luci

    I believe Mr. Fury has already responded to this:

  • Caron J-Caronism

    OMGosh… It’s like watching OranJuice Jones’ crackhead brother.

  • Brittany Marie


  • TB

    He needs help.

  • donnadara

    I can see his manboobs through the sweater. And he dances like my ex did in the ’80s. Corny trying to pop-lock. Sad. Sad. I can’t believe this is not a joke.

  • Aja Nicole

    The dancing, the haircut, the acting . . Ohhh my

  • Ms. Information

    He should wore the red Michael Jackson jacket…it woulda completed the

  • Pseudonym

    Oh, no…Sean Fury is even more amazingly horrible than I thought. He did a song called “Jesus” a country song and the above song is from his album, “Ladies of Color” with the following track listing:

    Track 1. Big Girls (1)
    Track 2. Why Should It Matter (1)
    Track 3. Ebony Princess
    Track 4. Snow
    Track 5. Latina
    Track 6. Asian Girl
    Track 7. Indian Arabic Girl
    Track 8. Exotic Girl
    Track 9. Bi-Racial
    Track 10. Big Girls (2)
    Track 11. Why Should It Matter (2)

  • Shirl

    Clearly this gentleman is unstable…teehee

  • Jacqueline

    I wonder if he was blackmailing these women in the video or holding them hostage for them to agree to this embarassment.

    It was funny though :>

  • dee

    He really tried it. Why, just why?

  • Anthony

    Damn, that was dumb! Seriously, the internet is a great venue for people who are much more modestly talented than they realize to embarrass the hell out of themselves!

  • ManOhMan

    KORNY!!!!!!!!!! whew that was funny- the girls do look biracial tho. i know some bi-racial girls who look like that. if i was bi-racial- i’d run from that dude

  • ManOhMan

    funniest post ever!!!!

  • CanV

    Actually, I won’t be clinking. I’m not giving this fool any extra views for choosing to ignore beautiful FULLY Black women. If a fully Black woman made a song like this Black men would call her a sell out. What’s the difference here?

  • i.mean.really

    I was laughing before he opened his mouth!!!

  • Kay

    This was so painfully awkward to watch… From the weird stiff break dancing moves to the blank expressions on the women’s faces… I have nothing more to say

  • MommieDearest

    OK, you made me almost choke on my hot chocolate.

  • MommieDearest

    *rolls eyes*

    How does laughing at some clown who made a whack-azz video translate into black women being jealous of biracial women?

    *sigh* *smh*

  • LJF67

    He’s ashy…I can’t get past that…..

  • yella

    interesting…are the Asian, “snow”, Latina , Indian Arabic chicks also responding in kind with vids about black men?

  • binks

    Then why are you on this site that is geared towards black women?….worst troll ever….smh

  • binks

    Lmao…I can’t and won’t…wow

  • Disappointed

    I’m confused by these comments. Clearly this man can be serious about his dance moves and how not good this song is. That said there is no way for someone to “look biracial” just like there is no way for someone to look black or white or Asian or anything. People who identify by those designations run the spectrum. And so what if he is singing about biracial girls? He didn’t say anything bad about black girls or white girls. Other songs sing the praise of both. At least he’s not pretending he’s singing about or representing black girls and then only shows light skinned girls – that’s where the real issue is to me. And at least hes not objectifying these girls hes singing about. That is all to say I just think this post and the criticisms here are really unnecessary. He made a crappy song and video. Why does this even deserve a post? There are some seriously bigger fish to fry.

  • NotBiraciAlGirl

    This fool said and I quote

    I wanna walk with you
    I wanna talk with you
    I waNna mate with you
    You’re biracial

    Take the wheel Lordt!

  • NotBiraciAlGirl

    Most people are checking the video not the content of the song. It’s apparent by his dance moves that he sat in a separate class with other special kids. Soooo, it’s humor…..

  • Verity Reign

    Yes!! Me too! This mess is hilarious, despite some people’s sensitive comments. Learn to laugh sometimes, people. Sheesh! I’m def about to mass message this to everyone! TOO FUNNY!

  • Pseudonym

    You’re making this waaaaaaay too serious. It’s just funny! I quite enjoyed a nice physio study break cracking up to Sean Fury’s videos on his YouTube channel.

    and don’t worry, he runs the list on his album. Here’s the track listing:

    Track 1. Big Girls (1)
    Track 2. Why Should It Matter (1)
    Track 3. Ebony Princess
    Track 4. Snow
    Track 5. Latina
    Track 6. Asian Girl
    Track 7. Indian Arabic Girl
    Track 8. Exotic Girl
    Track 9. Bi-Racial
    Track 10. Big Girls (2)
    Track 11. Why Should It Matter (2)

    Black women are covered in “Ebony Princess” and, I presume, white women are covered in “Snow.”

    and you totally contradicted yourself by ranting about how one can’t look “black or white or Asian or anything” then complain that he’s not singing about black or white girls…whaaat?!

    Anywhoo, chill out. It was just for a laugh. This posting totally made my day. I was laughing so hard my abs started to hurt.

    In his song “Explain,” he starts out with,

    “What’s with you and this brand new guy?
    A stupid lookin thug likes to make you cry
    I heard he hit you like no other
    Beat you down in front of your mother…”


    How did that lyric get approved? and where did he get this from. hiLARIOUS!!!!! HAHAHA

  • Pseudonym

    Women don’t tend to make exoticizing songs. That’s more of a man thing. and there are songs by non-black men praising black women.

  • Amanda Huggenkiss

    I do feel like this could be a successful Tyler perry play though.

  • Anthony

    Please don’t give Perry anymore ideas!

  • Apple

    My friend sent this song to me one time like 4 months ago and I have played it everyday(I’m ashamed to admit) ! It reminds me of a 90s jam! If he changes the biracial part and this was like 92 lol this woulda been the jam haahahah

  • Shirl

    Thanks for the list!!! I’m going to have to check out the videos cause he is just too funny.

  • Amanda Huggenkiss

    I will unsubscribe if you numb nuts start that light skinned v dark skinned debate within this light hearted post about how hilariously ridiculous the artist is!! So stupid! Nobody gives af that you are biracial !!! There is no jealousy towards anyone over here. Respond with comments that get sh!ts and giggles not bait other trolls to contribute to hateful comment about how much “better” biracial are v non biracial people. This is an environment of funnies, take yo azz somewhere else with that.

    You probably look like Shrek anyway. Toodles!

  • interior design

    It is michael jacksons Liberain girl.

    But Rappers or gangster rappers have brought shame to black people. Lil Brain Wayne is stupid enough to start talking about a red bone.

  • Anthony

    The bottom line is that we would have seen none of this if it weren’t for the internet. As I said before, the internet allows people to put their art out in the public. The problem is that some people just are not very good artists. Ten or fifteen years ago, this crap would have been on a little TEAC four track cassette, and he would have been torturing his friends with it whenever he saw them, instead of him getting dogged by the entire world!

  • __A

    I think shawty the sweetie is either very young and attention seeking or has some problems. Either way you shouldn’t pay too much attention to her comments.

  • Liz

    I just spit out my water.

  • Ola

    I flatlined at that lyrics!!!

  • T.

    “I don’t have to wear weave or bleach my skin”

    Okay. Me neither, and I’m not biracial.

  • P

    The first chance I have, I will view the rest of his videos. I can’t speak for the rest of y’all, but laughing is good for oursoul.

    Thanks for the list!

  • Pseudonym

    Do it! He even does a country track WITH him doing a line dance/pop lock dance combo and then goes a little gospel with his song “Jesus.” and then the “Star Spangled Banner.” oH, the list goes on and on…Here’s the link to his YouTube channel:

  • Ms. Write

    I can’t play audio at work but I was able to look at these dance moves and…..ROFL! Can’t wait to go home and listen to the audio

  • Guulo

    The “they keep talking video” is so hilarious.

  • lulu

    shaddap troll…

  • SpinTheWheel

    Admit it, you’re mad that you weren’t in the video

  • kent

    that was shawty the sweetie in the middle of that tug of war.

  • cookiechica

    I don’t know what was more hilarious, the singing, dancing(?), or the “critic” quotes from the comments section! I have to thank Mr. Fury for giving me some laughs to end 2012 on a high–and badly sung–note.

    I know everyone keeps saying he’s trying to be Michael Jackson, but it’s really more of an 1988 Al B. Sure! vibe I’m getting from the dancing and singing

  • LJ

    I don’t think you can write that the women in the video “don’t appear to be biracial.” Two parents of different race have a child … there’s no one look that child is supposed to have.

  • Pseudonym

    True…I’m thinking the girl in the video is Mexican and black, which might be what’s throwing people off (who expect her to be black and white).

  • Tamara

    Lol, it’s about time Mr. Perry grabbbed a couple seats….

  • MOmoney

    it gets better.. here’s his hit single: jesus

  • MOmoney

    its gets better- here’s his hit single jesus

  • Pseudonym

    Did you see the country songs WITH bastardized line dancing?

  • chanela17

    omg ya’ll need to go ahead and look at this dude in his man panties. LMAOOOOO HOT MESS!

  • MoMoJOE

    you know what his songs are quite catchy. if someone with a better voice sung them it would good- maybe he should go into song writing with the exception of that racism song- that was crap

  • Pseudonym

    oH no!

    Can we not?….I was waiting for him to stop accidentally singing and then realized that was actually part of the plan.

    and the sneakers…

    and the multiple half naked posters of himself in his own bedroom…he must not bring women into this room.

    BUT: nice job on the body and fitness.

  • Akeia

    I can’t with y’all right now! I refuse to accept this as reality. I am unable to believe that this could be real. This is a perfect example of friends/family setting someone up to fail. Listen…did I say that I can’t? This is too much.

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